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This is the full script of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.


The background is a frontal vision of Dark Eco. Samos speaks while the opening credits role.

Samos: I have spent my life searching for the answers that my father and my father's fathers failed to find. Who were the Precursors? Why did they create the vast monoliths that liter our planet? How did they harness Eco, the life energy of the world? What was their purpose? And why did they vanish? I have asked the plants, but they do not remember. I have asked the rocks, but the rocks do not recall. Even the rocks do not recall. Every bone in my body tells me that the answers rest on the shoulders... of a young boy... oblivious to his destiny, uninterested in the search for truth, and rejecting of my guidance! And why would he want to listen to old Samos the sage, anyway? I'm only the master of Green Eco, one of the wisest men on the planet! So it seems the answers begin not with careful research or sensible thinking. Nay! As with many of fate's mysteries, it begins with but a small act... of disobedience.

Throughout the later parts of Samos' speech, Jak and Daxter ride a boat to Misty Island and disembark. Jak walks about without fear while Daxter is more cautious and fidgety.

Daxter: Hey! Uh, Jak? Old Green Stuff told us not to come here.

Jak and Daxter venture bravely and cautiously, respectively, further into Misty Island. Jak, sensing something is amiss, peeks over a nearby boulder. Daxter does this also, albeit landing on the boulder more painfully. Jak shushes him. They see that a congregation of Lurkers have gathered outside a door to the Precursor Silo. The only two types seen are Soldiers and Bone Guards. Then Gol and Maia appear in a flash before them.

Gol: Continue your search for artifacts and Eco. (Takes deep breath) The locals possess Precursor items. You know what to do.

Maia: Deal harshly with anybody who strays from the village. We will attack it in due time.

Jak and Daxter choose to ignore this foreshadowing of the apocalypse and go looking around the island. As they leave, a Bone Guard hears them and turns in their direction. The duo go inside the Precursor silo and find a pit filled with Dark Eco.

Daxter: What are we doin' here anyway, Jak? This place gives me the creeps.

Daxter trips over something on the floor. Jak chuckles at him.

Daxter: Huh? Oh, stupid Precursor junk.

Indeed, this particular piece of junk seems to be a cylinder-looking object with strange markings covering it. Daxter picks it up and walks over to Jak, who is staring into the pool of Dark Eco.

Daxter: Eech! What is that dark ooze? It sure don't look friendly. The sage yaps on about the Precursors who built this place all the time. 'Where did they go? Why did they build this crap? Now, I like Precursor Orbs and Power Cells as much as the next guy, but if you ask me? They must have been real losers.

Daxter tosses the Precursor item he picked up to Jak. It begins to glow red when Jak touches it.

Daxter: Wow! How did ya do that?

Jak has no idea. However, their wonderment is interrupted by the crash of a Bone Guard behind them.

Daxter: Jak, I think we're in trouble!

Jak runs towards the Lurker and throws the Precursor Bomb into him. It explodes. The resulting force of the explosion destroys the Lurker, but sends Jak crashing into Daxter. Daxter falls into the pool, screaming. Jak is rightfully concerned, but in a few seconds, Daxter comes shooting out of the Eco, landing on his back. Only now, he's an Ottsel.

Daxter: Man, that stung! I told ya we shouldn't have come here, and you listened!

Jak is glaring at Daxter's new form.

Daxter: ...Whaaaaaat?

Daxter notices his hand... is furry and orange. His pupils shrink. His mouth twitches. He then screams.

Daxter: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Okay, okay. I'm fine, I'm fine.

He looks down and sees his tail.


Sandover Village

The Quest

Sometime later, it is dawn. Jak and the now fuzzy Daxter arrive at Samos's Hut. Daxter attempts to enter unnoticed while Samos is meditating but is heard with his little rodent feet.

Samos: What in green tarnation do you two want?

Daxter: We- we- we was...! I-I was...!

Samos: Don't tell me! Instead of heeding my wisdom, the two of you went mucking around in the only place I told you not to go; Misty Island!

Daxter: That's right! And then we...

Samos: And, Daxter, you finally took a much-needed bath. But in a bath tub filled... with Dark Eco!

Daxter: Look, old man! Are you gonna keep yappin', or are you gonna help me outta this mess?!

Samos: I'm gonna keep yappin'! Because, in my professional opinion, the change is an improvement. And besides... I couldn't help you if I wanted to.

Daxter: Whaaaaaat?!

Samos: There is only one person who has studied Dark Eco long enough to have a chance at returning you to your previous form. Gol Acheron, the sage. But he lives far to the north. Far, far to the north! Nobody has spoken to him for ages. I would teleport you there, but I can't do that either. None of the three sages that maintain the other teleporter gates have seen fit to turn their ends on for quite awhile.

Samos: The only other way north is by foot on the Fire Canyon. But, its volcanic soil is hot enough to melt Precursor metal. You can't just walk through it!

Keira: But you could fly over it!

The suggestively shaped daughter of Samos whom probably resembles her mother. Jak and Daxter instantly perk up when she enters the room.

Keira: If you had a Zoomer equipped with a heat shield... I just happen to be working on that very thing this moment. All I would need was 20 Power Cells to give it enough energy to withstand the canyon's heat. Isn't that right, Daddy?

Kiera is unimpressed with Daxter's attempt at muscle-show considering he has no muscles to speak of.

Samos: Yes, Keira, that might work. But where are a boy... and a half (Samos smacks Daxter on the head)...going to get 20 Power Cells?

Keira: From the villagers! Most of them have a Power Cell or two stashed away somewhere. And even if they aren't willing to just give them away, greasing their palms with a few Precursor Orbs should do the trick. And I bet there are even more of them out in the wilds, just waiting for some brave adventurer to find.

Upon saying this, she bats her eyes at Jak. Jak smiles but Daxter does not. He, instead, points to himself.

Daxter: Well, we've got the brave adventurer, at least.

Samos: Brave adventurer? You two couldn't find your way out of the village without training! Before you do anything else, you better go through the warp gate and get some practice on Geyser Rock.

Daxter: Uh, we won't find anymore of that dark, gooey Eco stuff, will we? 'Cause I'd hate to fall in again and turn into you!!!

Samos: Get in there before I turn you both into ferns!

Jak enters the Warp Gate and Daxter, with a humorous pose, follows him in. This is where the game begins.

The Adventure begins

Jak and Daxter gather the four Power Cells on the island while also completing their training and hop back through the teleporter. Jak lands back at the Green Sage's hut without incident, while Daxter is shot out rather painfully across the floor.

Samos: Good training, boys. But that's nothing compared to the challenges that lie ahead!

Daxter: Aaaah, they're noooo problem! We got the moves, eh Jak? We'd love to stay and chat, Big Green, but we're uh, itching to get on with our adventures.

Samos: Fine, fine. "Adventure" away then. And while you're out "adventuring", why don't you make yourself useful? My darn Green Eco collectors are clogged up again. Head out to the far side of the beach and clear them out, why don't you? Follow the lamps. They'll take you right there. Now... all of you... GET OUT OF HERE!!!!

Talk again.

Samos: Some brave adventurers you two are. Back already and without clearing my blocked Eco harvesters! They're on the far side of the beach, boys. Now... GET MOVING!!

Jak and Daxter go and take care of the Eco harvesters/collectors. They return, not to find praise for a job well done, but an anxious Samos looking out the window at Misty Island.

Samos: Oh, it's the conquering heroes. Good! I wanted to talk with you two about something serious! There appears to be quite a lot of Lurker activity on Misty Island. I can see them bombarding the Precursor Silo from my lookout tower! If the Lurkers open it up and release the Dark Eco, we could all end up running around looking as ridiculous as this annoying little specimen! Jak, it's time for you to prove your worth. Get the Fisherman to let you take his boat back to Misty Island, get to the top of the Precursor Silo, and take out that cannon!

Daxter: And... what about me?

Samos: You? Why don't you mop my floors? They seem to have lost their shine lately!

Talk again.

Samos: The bombardment is getting worse! Find the Fisherman in the jungle, get permission to use his boat, and get over to Misty Island to stop the cannon! And you, Daxter! You need to get mopping; this place is a mess!

Talk again.

So Jak... and Daxter, who apparently decided to ignore the mopping order... go and get permission to use the speed-boat, and destroy the Lurker controlling the canon on Misty Island and return once again to find no applause, but a hearty rebuttal from old Samos.

Samos: What are you two doing here?! You have Power Cells to collect! Leave me alone...UNTIL YOU HAVE THEM!

Talk again.

Samos: You two just don't understand the gravity of the situation. This is about more then a single boy gone fuzzy. This is about life as we know it. Now get out there and fulfill your destiny!

Keira 1

Without asking him to explain that cryptic message concerning the fate of all living things, Jak and Daxter head out to talk with Keira who is on the lower floor of the hut working on the ticket across Fire Canyon, the A-Grav Zoomer. But Daxter interrupts her important work with an indecent proposal.

Daxter: Hey, baby! Whadd'ya say you and I go crusin' on this A-Grav Zoomer?

Keira: Rule number one: I don't date animals.

Daxter: Awww, you don't know what you're missin'!

Daxter proceeds to make a suggestive bouncing motion causing Jak to back-hand him.

Keira: Listen, if you need something to keep you busy, my father always talked about an ancient Precursor pipeline hidden deep underground. Some of the pipes end in vents from which Eco flows freely, and some have been capped off so that the Eco is sealed back. There must be a way to turn the capped vents on. I traced part of the pipeline back to the Forbidden Temple. Maybe you should look there for some type of switch.

Talk again.

Keira: I'm sure if you looked inside the Precursor Forbbiden Temple, you'll find a way to turn on that capped Blue Eco vent on Sentinel Beach.

Talk again.

Daxter: Hey, baby! What'cha workin' on?

Keira: Be careful with that! I'm trying to figure out how to transport the Zoomer using the trans-pads the Precursors left all over the world. If you come across one of these pads, I can lock on to your communicator's location and send you the Zoomer! Keep an eye out for a trans-pad on Misty Island... and wherever else you go!

They leave and return a little while later.

Keira: I've definitely figured out how to use the trans-pads! Now, go to Misty Island and I'll send the Zoomer over to you!

Talk again.

Keira: Hey, guys! Keep collecting Power Cells. They're the key to continuing our journey north.

Jak and Daxter then go down to Sandover Village to talk with the locals.

Mayor Manac

The duo arrive at the Mayor's giant windmill-shaped house, which is not moving. Inside, the Mayor is pacing back and forth in a worried state.

Mayor: Oh, don't tell me you two have problems as well! First, I hear of monstrous sightings near the village, now this. See those gears, boys? See them? See how they're not moving? That means our village has no power! The Eco beam coming from the jungle temple has been interrupted! Boys, everyone's too frightened to go and find out what's happened!

Daxter: Did ya pay the bill?

Mayor: Yaa-hmm? Ooooh, you're funny. Now look, if you two fix the Eco beam, I'll give you a Power Cell. And if by any chance you're interested in making a contribution to my re-election campaign, I might be willing to part with yet another Power Cell. The minumum contribution is, oh, a very modest...90 Precursor Orbs.

Talk again.

Mayor: Back already? And without fixing the Eco beam? Your village needs you, boys!

Talk again.

Mayor: Here to make a contribution to my campaign? 90 Precursor Orbs buys you a Power Cell, thank you.

Jak and Daxter get 90 Precursor Orbs and return power to the village. The return of the power is addressed first.

Once Jak has fixed the Blue Eco beam.

Mayor: Oh, what a wonderful sight! I thank you! And the entire village will thank me...UHH boys, you have restored power to the village and guaranteed my re-election! And for that, my boy, you've earned a Power Cell!

Paying 90 Orbs.

Mayor: So you uh, want to make a contribution? Goooood... A sizeable one, I hope. Yoo! Yes, this is a sizeable contribution! Why, i just hope this Power Cell adequately represents my gratitude.

The two leave to another house in the village.


Jak's Uncle is a famous explorer with a strange accent and mustache.

Uncle: Well hello there, my dear boy. You've caught me at a most inopportune moment. I was to set off on my journey yesterday, but I seem to be a spot short on the ol' Precursor Orbs. But I gather that your young friend, you know, the little annoying miserably ugly one, might have just pimpiled them as a sort of a spot of fun.

Daxter growls at the insult.

Uncle: Anyway, would you be kind enough to loan your dear old uncle 90 Precursor Orbs so he can get underway? I would offer you a Power Cell in return.

If you don't have 90 Orbs yet.

Uncle: What? You don't have the full stash? Her-umph! Well, any less than 90 Precursor Orbs and I shan't have a chance to get underway, dear boy.

If you don't have 90 Orbs yet.

Uncle: Well, see here! The deal is for 90 Precursor Orbs for a Power Cell, a downright even trade!

They go and get 90 Precursor Orbs.

Uncle: I see you two are back to make the trade! Good, good, jolly good! You have the Precursor orbs that we agreed on? I hope you put this hard-earned Power Cell to good use. Cherio, ta-ta, bye-bye!


Sculptor: Hey! Little furry dude! Aww...For a moment, I thought you were my Muse.

Daxter: Your what?

Sculptor: Haven't you ever seen a Muse before? It's a little glowin' squirrel about your size, full of spunk, and crazy as a lark!

Daxter: Oh, I get it! Like a sidekick.

He points at Jak

Sculptor: As a matter of fact, without my Muse, I just can't sculpt. But with her around I see beauty in everything, you know? I think she ran away to that Misty Island. I just hope she's alright. It's worth a Power Cell if you bring her back to me!

Daxter: ...Wait a minute! We are NOT going back to Misty Island! Are we?

Talking again.

Sculptor: Oh, hey dudes! Did you find my Muse yet?

They get the Muse and return it.

Sculptor: Oh, my Muse! You saved her! Oh, you really are the best! Here, take this Power Cell. I won't need it now that I got my inspiration back!

Bird Lady

Bird Lady: Oh my, what a horribly sick little bird!

Daxter: Huh! You don't look so good yourself, lady!

Bird Lady: Oh, sorry! I thought you were a Spotted Orange Bellied Rain Fray. You know, yesterday I saw some terribly vicious creatures capture a mother Flut Flut near the beach. Now there's this poor little orphan egg sitting in a nest at the top of the cliff and I can't get to it. If you could climb up there and push it off, I've gathered some hay down at the base to catch it safely. Do an old lady a favor and I'll give you a Power Cell.

Talk Again.

Bird Lady: Oh, hello again! Did you boys find that blue egg on the cliff? Push it off the edge and I'll give you a Power Cell.

Talk Again.

Bird Lady: Are you boys still picking around here? Ha, ha, ha! I'll bet that poor little blue egg on the cliff is getting awfully cold by now. Go save it by pushing it off the edge of the cliff, and I'll give you a Power Cell.

Now at Sentinel beach, Jak indeed pushes the Egg off the cliff, once at the ground the Bird Lady commences yet another scene.

Bird Lady: Oh my, I hope the poor dear's okay. Here's a Power Cell for your valor.

The egg hatches and a Flut Flut chick hops out.

Flut Flut: *Squeaks*

Daxter: No, no! No, no, no, no!

Bird Lady: Look! Isn't that cute? It thinks you're it momma!

Daxter: Aah, I'm not your mom! Ya see any feathers here?!

Bird Lady: Ah, love at first sight! Listen boys, I'll take this little chick back to the village with me and work with the Sage to take care of her.

Farmer Zeb

Jak approaches Farmer Zeb, waking him up.

Farmer: Gotta milk those Yakows, gotta milk those Yakows...! Oh! It's you! Oh, just restin' my tired bones. I've been tryin' to get those ornery Yakows back into the pen all day! Some strange creatures tried to steal 'em earlier. You think you can help an old man and try and get 'em back into the corral?

Talk again.

Farmer: Hey! My Yakows are still on the loose! Could you bring 'em back for me, already?

Talk again.

Farmer: Those darn Yakows are still roamin' free! Ain'cha gonna chase 'em into the corral already?

After Jak has herded the Yakows into the pen, he goes to get his reward from the Farmer.

Farmer: Oh, well done, my boy! You actually got those flea-bags back into the pen! Now I can sleep in preace. Take this Power Cell for your trouble.

He takes out a Cell and gives it to Jak, before going back to sleep.

First Oracle

After jumping a few cliffs Jak and Daxter finally reach the Oracle, it immediately activates when they are in its presence.

Oracle: Who awakens the Oracle? Wait! One of you has the light within. From before time I have watched and waited for the true hero to return. Present to me 120 Precursor Orbs for each Power Cell I contain.

Talk again.

Oracle: Bring to me 120 Precursor Orbs and I will award you a Power Cell.

When bringing the 120 Orbs.

Oracle: For your gift, another Power Cell is yours.

It releases one Power Cell and it drops in front of Jak through the nose. When bringing another 120 Orbs.

Oracle: You have proven yourself worthy. Here is a Power Cell.

It releases the second Power Cell and it drops in front of Jak through the nose.

Forbidden Jungle

Ollie the Fisherman

Ollie is trying to fish in the Forbidden Jungle, the duo approaches him.

Daxter: Whaddya got in the basket?

Fisherman: Nothin' ta talk about. Damn monsters patrolin' the ocean took a bit outta my fishin' rig! Now they're goblin' up me fish! No matter what I try, I can't seem to catch a single fish in this river!

Daxter: Whoo! Maybe... it's your breath!

Fisherman: Ya think ya can do better?! Try skoopin' up river fish with a tiny net! I'll give ya a Power Cell if you can catch 200 lbs. o' 'dem critters! And I'll let you and shrimp here use my speedboat to get to Misty Island. Ya's want to try the challenge?

Answer "No."

Fisherman: Well, if ya want ta try for the Power Cell sometime, you know where to find me.

Talk again.

Fisherman: Want to try an' beat the river, do ya?

Answer "Yes."

The minigame begins and Jak indeed catches the needed quota of fish.

Fisherman: Ya did it! You caught 200 lbs. of fish! Not bad for a couple of land lubbers! Here's the Power Cell I promised, and you can use the boat at the village dock whenever ya like!

For the rest of the game, Ollie the Fisherman is laughing in the Jungle with a full basket of fish.

Fire Canyon

Keira 2 (Fire Canyon)

Jak approaches Keira at the start of Fire Canyon.

Keira: Great! You have the 20 cells needed to power my Heat Shield! Now be careful! The shield will only protect your Zoomer until it reaches 500 degrees, so try to keep her cool. Flying over open lava will definitely heat you up fast! Hit 500 degrees and it's all over!

Daxter: OVER?! You mean like burning molten metal over?!

Keira: The Fire Canyon gets pretty hot, so keep a look out for jumps to keep you off the hot ground. I've also released several blue cooling balloons you can use to drop the shield's temperature quickly. Oh! And when you get across, don't forget to activate the Teleport Gate in the Blue Sage's Lab! Then we'll be able to teleport over and meet you! Good luck!

Jak hops onto the A-Grav Zoomer and safely crosses the canyon.

Rock Village

Intro of Rock Village

Jak and Daxter safely reach the Blue Sage's hut near Rock Village. They turn on the Teleport Gate in the Blue Sage's lab, which is in bad shape... books and plans for inventions are ripped and strewn about... And out pops Samos, Keira, and the Flut Flut out of the Gate.

Samos: Woah! I don't think I'll ever get used to that teleporter tingling sensation. Hey! It looks like the Blue Sage threw a party!

Keira: Oh my! Rock Village is on fire!!

Samos: One HECK of a party!

Samos swings his staff around, forcing Jak to duck.

Keira: No, no! I mean Rock Village is being bombarded with flaming boulders! Oh! But it looks like the Blue Sage is working on a levitation machine to move them! Assuming it's operational, we're gonna need Power Cells to fuel it! I guess you two will have to find some more.

During the conversation Keira is looking through a telescope, while Jak is looking at her behind.

Samos: We'd better take a look at his notes. Jak, go check on the villagers, then come back and give us an update. And take the fur ball with you!

Samos 2

Samos: Well, the situation here stinks worse than a Lurker's armpit! Before Blue Sage's disappearance, he journaled trouble in all the surrounding areas. Of particular interest to me is the Dark Eco infection of some innocent plants in the Precursor Basin. Keira will transport your A-Grav Zoomer to the nearest Trans Pad. Ride the Zoomer to a Green Eco vent and then carry the Green Eco to the corrupted plants. That should heal them. Don't miss a single plant, or the infested ones will slowly re-infect the healthy ones. And Daxter... Start cleaning up in here! And don't forget the corners!

Talk again.

Samos: My eyes MUST be deceiving me, because I KNOW that the two of you are deep in the Precursor Basin saving the Dark Eco infested plants!

Jak has cured the plants and Samos gives him another task.

Samos: Well, I hope you've packed a lunch, 'cause we're just getting started! According to the Blue Sage's notes, Lurkers have infested the swamp across the bay. Apparently, they're planning to use a dirigible to lift an important Precursor artifact from the muck! You're going to have to get over there and dislodge their tethers! Who knows what they might want with the artifact? Butlike Orange-Stuff here's breath, it just can't be good!

Talk again.

Samos: What are you doing back here already?! I can see from the balcony that the Lurker dirigible is still floating above the swamp! You obviously haven't completed your task. GET MOVING!!

Jak indeeds destroys the Tether and the Zeppelin drifts away, the Precursor Robot sinks in the mud, never to be seen again.

Keira 3

Keira: Apparently, the Precursor structure just off the coast leads to an underwater lost city! The Blue Sage has been trying to figure out how we can bring one of the chambers to the surface, but he was never successful. You should check it out!

Daxter: Uh, aren't there a lot of um, Lurker Sharks in that water?

Keira: Why? Are you scaaared?

Daxter: Me?! Of course not! Just... lookin' out for Jak here. You uh, know what a chicken he can be.

Keira: Well, if you swim out over the coral reef I doubt the Lurker Sharks will bother you. They don't like shallow water.

Talk again.

Keira: Did you swim out to the lost Precursor City yet? You should really try and raise the room the Blue Sage was after!

Jak actually manages to raise the Chamber, after a dangerous trip throughout the underwater city and returns to Keira for more quests on Power Cells.

Keira: Back again, boys?

Daxter: Boy?! Hey babe, I'm a full grown... somethin'... somthin' fuzzy.

Keira: Oh, guess what! With permission from our village birdwatcher, I've outfitted our baby Flut-Flut with our riding saddle! It appears there's a Precursor trans-pad in the Boggy Swamp. If you can find it, I'll send the Flut-Flut to you in full riding regalia! Her long jump might come in handy when you're crossing the tar.

Talk again and Keira reveals another Cell location.

Keira: Hey you two! I know where you can find another Power Cell! According to his notes, a couple days ago flying Lurkers stole one of the Blue Sage's Power Cells and flew off into the Precursor Basin! I'll bet you could run those Lurkers down with your Zoomer until you find the one with the Power Cell! You'll find the Zoomer on the trans-pad near the entrance to the Precursor Basin.

Talk again.

Keira: I'll teleport your Zoomer to you by the Precursor Basin so you can chase down those flying Lurkers we were talking about!

Talk again.

Keira: I'm sure the Flut Flut could be of use to you in the swamp. Find the trans-pad and I'll teleport her to you.