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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Jak 3

This is the Script of Jak II.

NOTE: The order of missions in Jak II is non-linear to an extent. This script represents one possible play-through.

Act 1

Strange New World

Speaker Dialogue
Samos (voice) For every age there is a time of trial. The rocks faced such a fire before they were the strength beneath our feet. The plants braved vast winds before their roots could give us life. As a sage of considerable years, I have known only one such great ordeal. Yet the hero it created was a champion of all time.
The scene then shows up outside a hut in Sandover village, one of the locations in the previous game, where Jak, his ottsel friend Daxter, his female companion Keira, and her father Samos, the green sage, were seen near a large machine.
Samos Today’s the big day, Jak. I hope you are prepared, for whatever happens.
Keira I think I figured out most of this machine. It interacts somehow with that large Precursor Ring. I just hope we didn’t break anything moving it here to the lab.
Daxter Easy for you to say! We did all the heavy lifting!
He goes towards the control panel, and tried to touch a part of the machine, but…
Samos Daxter! Don’t touch anything! Though the Precursors vanished long ago, the artifacts they left behind can still do great harm.
Keira Or great good! If you figure out how to use them.
Samos I’ve had some experience with such things. I know you can make it work.
Jak brings his hand out, and touches a red ruby in the machine. Then, next to him, a square-based device next to him opens up and shows a bright light with spinning symbols inside the gap created.

Daxter: Looks like Jak’s still got the mojo!

Keira: Interesting... it appears to be reading out some preset coordinates.

Then, something started to shake, and the ring starts to spin before some of the bridge leading to the hut starts to break away, and the skies turn purple.

Daxter: Wow, look at that!

Unknown Voice: Finally! The last Rift Gate has been opened!

From out of the ring, flying creatures flew out and swarmed the hut.

Daxter: Aaaaargh! What are those things?!

Samos: So THIS is how it happened...

An unknown monster's head shows up from inside the portal.

Unknown Monster: You cannot hide from me boy!

Keira: Do something, Jak!

Daxter: (starts pointing at the buttons) What's this do? Or that! How 'bout this thing! Everybody, press all the buttons!

Jak hits a red button with his thumb, sending the rift rider into the rift gate. Now, they are moving quite fast from a purple spiral.

Keira: What was that thing?!

Samos: Hang on everyone!

Daxter: YYAAAAAAHHHHHH! I want off this thing!!!!!

Then... the machine explodes, branching Samos and Keira, and Jak and Daxter, far apart from each other.


Samos: Find yourself, Jak!

The pair then find their way out of the portal, and down towards a city, with a crash landing for the pair. They looked around, and see metallic structures everywhere. This left an angry face shown on Daxter, whom tossed a lead pipe he was holding on his hand down to the ground.

Daxter: Okay, I swear that's the last time I ever, EVER, touch any stupid Precursor crap!

Then, from in front of them, a bunch of soldiers show up, lead by Erol, a sleek man with spiked hair only just hidden by his armor.

Soldier: There he is. Move in.

They stop in front of them both.

Soldier: Step away from the animal!

Daxter: YYAAAAHHHH!!!!!

He runs between Erol`s legs, and scurries far away from them all.

Erol: Forget the rat. The Baron wants him! We've been waiting for you!

One of the soldiers brings his gun back, and slamms it into Jak's head, causing the screen to turn black.

Daxter: Don't worry Jak! I'll save you before you know it!



The scene then changes to a prison-like area, and this is where we see a completely reformed Jak with sleeker hair and a goatee on him, strapped to a torturing chair, where a Dark Eco Injection System is seen injecting him with the last doesage of Dark Eco. Surrounding him are two figures - Erol again, and the ruler of the city and game villain, Baron Praxis.

Computer voice: Dark Eco injection cycle complete. Bio readings nominal and unchanged.

Praxis: Hhhppp. Nothing! I was informed that this one might be different!

Erol: He is surprisingly resistant to your 'experiments' Baron Praxis. I fear the Dark Warrior program has failed.

Praxis: Aaaagh! You should at least be dead with all the Dark Eco I've pumped into you!

Erol: What now? Metal Head armies are pressing their attacks. Without a new weapon, my men cannot hold them off forever!

Praxis: Aaggh, I will not be remembered as the man who lost this city to those vile creatures! Move forward with the final plan! And finish off this 'thing' tonight!

Erol: As you wish. (leans towards Jak) I'll be back later...

The pair leaves the scene. Then... a small platform rises from down below, showing Daxter standing on it.

Daxter: Ding, ding... Third floor... Body chains, roach food, torture devices.

He jumps onto Jak, landing on both feet.

Daxter: Hey buddy... you seen any heroes around here? (shocked by Jak's look) WHOA! What'd they do to you? Jak, it's me... Daxter!

Jak takes a look at him with gazing eyes.

Daxter: That's a fine hello! I've been crawling around in this place risking my tail, literally, to save you! I've been looking for you for two years! Say something! Just this once!!

Jak: I'm gonna kill Praxis!

Daxter: Shhhhhh! Right now, we gotta get you outta here.

He jumps towards Jak's left hand, looking down at his strapped position.

Daxter: Just let me figure out how to open the security locks for your chair so...


He changes into a dark looking form, to be known later as Dark Jak, and brakes himself out of the chair.

Daxter: Or aaah... you could do it.

Jak then starts approaching Daxter with vileness brought on his face.

Daxter: Jak? Easy now. Easy buddy. It's, it's your old pal Daxter remember?


He tries to attack, but... he came to a stop.

Jak: Daxter?

Then, he changed back to his normal form.

Daxter: What the heck was that?! Sheesh, remind me not to piss you off! Come on tall, dark and gruesome. We're outta here!

The pair leave the platform together.

Daxter: I, uh, brought you some new threads. Put 'em on.

And so he does.

Meeting Kor and the Kid

Before long, the pair escape from the prison and out an opening. As soon as they are out, they end up coming across an old man with a young child.

Man: Hello strangers. My name is Kor. May I help...

Jak: You look like a reasonably smart man. I want information! Where the Hell am I?

Daxter: (looks at the child) Aaah... sorry! He's new to the whole conversation thing.

Kor: Well, my angry young friend, you are a 'guest' of his 'majesty' Baron Praxis, the ruler of 'glorious' Haven City.

Jak: I was just a 'guest' in the good Baron's prison.

Kor: Inside a cell or inside the city... walls surround us both. We are all his prisoners.

When he stops speaking, the sound of armored footsteps are heard.

Kor: Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'd move on if I were you.

They look ahead, and see a bunch of red armored guards coming towards them.

Guard: By order of his eminence, the Grand Protector of Haven City, Baron Praxis, everyone in this section is hereby under arrest for suspicion of harboring underground fugitives. Surrender and die!

Daxter: Aaah, excuse me sir, don't you mean surrender, OR DIE!?

Kor: Not in this city! Protect us from these guards, and I'll introduce you to someone who could help you!

The Underground

Jak goes to fight the guards off and halfway through the fight, he ends up transforming to his Dark Jak form. After all the guards are gone, he changes back.

Daxter: That was cool! Do it again!

Jak: Something's happening to me... Something he did... I can't... control it.

Kor: Very impressive.

Daxter: Ehh, you okay Jak?

Kor: What you just did was very brave. This child is important.

Daxter: This kid? He looks kinda... scruffy.

From nearby, a guard flew towards them in a hovering vehicle.

Guard: You are in a restricted zone. Move along.

And then he flies away.

Kor: Thank you for your help, but I must get this boy to safety.

Daxter: Hey! What about us?

Kor: There is an underground group raging war against Baron Praxis. Its leader, the Shadow, could use fighters like you! Go to the slums. Find a dead-end alley near the city wall. Ask for Torn. He can help you.

They went over to the underground area... and were instantly blocked by a blonde haired girl.

Jak: We're looking for a guy named Torn. Kor sent us... um...

A figure with sleek auburn hair, similar clothing to Jak and gray marks across his face comes into view.

Jak: Are you... Torn?

Daxter: Maybe this guy's a mute, like you used to be...

Torn: New faces make me nervous. Word is you're out to join the fight for the city. You know, picking the wrong side could be... unhealthy.

Jak: We want to see the Shadow.

Torn: Huh, huh, huh. Not likely. If you want to join something, why don't you and your pet go join the circus? Heh. Unless you got the fur for a really tough task?

He brings his hand behind his back, and pulls out a short but wide blade in the shape of a crescent.

Torn: Steal the Baron's banner from the top of the Ruined Tower and bring it back to me. Then maybe we'll talk.

The Banner

They leave and retrieve the banner from Dead Town. But upon removing it, the floor crumbles underneath them and they fall down the tower.


He rebounds off a fabric shelter.


At this point, Jak starts grinding down a rope, while Daxter lands on it with his crotch.


He bounces off while Jak lands safely and shows the banner to Torn. Daxter lands on his stomach to the right of Jak. Behind them, the tower crumbles apart.

Torn: Yeah. I guess you guys are in

Daxter Gets a Mouthful

The two return to the underground, looking refreshed.

Daxter: Whew... being a big hero sure makes ya thirsty!

He takes a hold of a lever, pulls it, opens his mouth to begin drinking from a nearby pipe.

Daxter: Grrrrrhhhh...

But... in an instant, he spits out the contents of the pipe, which isn't water but brown sludge.

Torn: The Baron turned off all water to the slums. He's willing to sacrifice innocent lives just to destroy the underground. I shouldn't be surprised. I've seen his evil before, while serving in the Krimzon Guard. That's why I quit.

Jak: You were a Krimzon Guard? Huh. Oh, that explains your... charming sense of humor.

Torn: My friend in the Guard tells me the valve to turn the water back on is located outside the city, at the Pumping Station.

Jak: Outside the city? What about the security walls?

Daxter: What about the Metal Heads?! It ain't no petting zoo out there... peeps be getting deep-sixed!

Torn: Find the large drain pipe in the north wall. It'll take you outside the city to the Pumping Station. Get to the main valve and open it. If you survive, the slums will be indebted to you. If not, maybe we'll have a touching moment of silence in your honor.

Daxter: I'd like to give him a 'touching moment'.

He gives out a smirk, before he and Jak head to the Pumping Station.

Daxter Rides the Pipe

After traversing the Pumping Station, duo reach the valve.

Daxter: Aaah, the valve. Allow me.

He struggles tremendously to turn the valve, while Jak, after watching; gives it a quick hammer turning the valve easily. Daxter is sucked up the pipe and screams as he continues to make progress to the other side of the path set for him... which was shown by a hose blocking his way out.

Daxter (stuck): Jak, help... Jak, help... Jak... please... help...

Jak then reaches the hose and turns the valve there. Leaving Daxter to gradually pull himself out, before being forced to the ground by a flow of water. Jak can't help but grin.

Daxter: Don't say it. Don't even chuckle! Next time, YOU turn the valve.

Torn and the Ammo Dump

They return to the underground, going downstairs at a lighter pace this time. Once there, they see Torn again standing over a table.

Torn: The slum's water is back on! I'd love to see the heads roll when the Baron finds out!

Jak: Yeah, I'm sure he's losing lots of sleep over this 'arm-pit' of the city. We've done what you've asked. Now, when do we see the Shadow?

Torn: When I say so, IF I say so! But before I even think about it, I want you to take care of an ammo dump we've I.D'd in the Fortress. Lots of Krimzon Guards, constant patrols. We know it's vulnerable, and the Underground needs YOU to blow up all the ammo you find inside.

As he speaks, he knocks Daxter across the table.

Torn: Get ALL of it, and we'll deal a body blow to the Baron.

Daxter: You're sending US in, tough guy! So what's with this "we'll deal a body blow" stuff?

Jak: That's fine. I want the Baron to know that it's ME who's hurting him.

Metal Heads in the City?

They reach the fortress and are chased by a security tank. Sooner or later, they reach a large room filled with crates - The Ammo Dump. Over there, a card is found near the entrance.

Daxter: Cool! That's a security pass. We need those to get through city check points!

Then... the sound of a clank and a bunch of footsteps are heard.

Daxter: Shhh.

They go towards a grate, and look down to see two guards coming towards a pair of Metal Heads on the floor beneath.

Guard: These barrels are the latest shipment of eco. The Baron says take them and get out!

The creatures growl at them, but the guards bring out their guns and aim at them.

Jak: Metal Heads in the city? Why are the guards giving them Eco?

Before an answer came... the sound of a whirr is heard. The security tank comes back into view. They dodge the shots, which hit the cooling tower, and run towards the exit of the building.

Fire in the Hole!

 The action goes into a slow motion matrix, showing them lead their way out while the explosion occurred behind them. due to the blast, they are sent into a roof and then to the ground. Almost immediately, Jak sits up from his position and Daxter pops his head out from underneath him.

Daxter: This place has too much excitement. We need to move back to the country!

They bring themselves fully up and head back to the hideout, where Torn is waiting.

Torn's Delivery

The duo return and explain to Torn what they saw.

Daxter: The 'demolition duo' has returned! One barbecued ammo dump served up hot!

Jak: We saw something odd while torching that ammo. The Baron's guards were giving barrels filled with eco to a group of Metal Heads!

Torn: Really! The Shadow will be interested to hear that.

Daxter: You know, so far your gigs have been easier than stealin' grass from a sleeping yakow.

Torn: Hee hee hee... You and the rodent want to start proving yourselves? One of our 'suppliers' needs his payment delivered - a bag of Eco ore. Take the zoomer parked out back and drive it to the Hip Hog Heaven saloon in South Town. Ask for Krew - he'll be there. And don't let the Baron's patrols stop you. By the way, when you get there, pump Krew for information. He's wired into the city and may know what the Baron is up to.

As he speaks, he turns his back to the pair.

Daxter: You can count on us!

Torn: Are you still here?

Meeting Krew and Sig

They take the package to the saloon, and head inside.

Daxter: Let me handle this, Jak. Watch my finesse and style!

Jak: Don't forget to ask about...

Daxter: Everything's cool. Nobody panic.

He head towards a muscular figure wearing lots of clothing and with black skin.

Daxter: Hey, big guy!

Then... into his view, an obese figure flying on a green cushion-like machine comes down towards him.

Daxter: You Krew? Well we shook the heat, and your shipment's in primo condition.

Krew: That's good 'ey, because a cargo of rare eco ore is worth more than ten of your lives, mmmm and of course, I'd be forced to collect... ah slowly. Heh heh. The Underground will take anyone with a pulse these days.

His attention is brought to Jak as he speaks, and then it is brought back to Daxter.

Krew: And what do we have here? The Shadow's mascot of the month?

He then starts to stroke him.

Krew: Oooh, soft... Sig, this fur would go well with my silk suits, ey?

Daxter: Listen, ah, tons of fun, anyone can see that you, uh, and I have the real juice in this burg. We're both players, right? We're both looking for a piece of the action, right? I think we can do business, right?

Jak: We did you a favor, now it's our turn. Why is the Baron giving Eco to Metal Heads?

Krew: Questions like that could get a person killed 'ey! Sig, pay 'el Capitan' here and his friends a bonus.

The man, being Sig, gives Jak the Scatter Gun.

Krew: If you want to see what that baby can do, try the Gun Course outside. Show me some skill with that hardware, and I'll hire you for a job or two 'ey.

They leave, beat the course, and then come back.

The Job Offer

Krew: Excellent shooting, Jak! Ever thought about being a wastelander, mmmmm?

Jak: Can't say that I have.

Krew: Wastelanders find items for me outside the city walls, 'ey. Any artifact or weapon worth having comes through MY hands. Work for me, and I'll throw you some of the sweeter items your way, hmmm.

Jak: Kill Metal Heads. Get toys? Sounds good to me.

Daxter: Slow down, Jak and the fat man; you two had better run that by me again, 'cause there's NO WAY I'm going outside the city to face more Metal Heads!

Krew: Sig will show you the ropes.

He flies away to the side, leaving Sig to approach them both.

Sig: So YOU wanna be wastelanders, huh doughboys? Well we'll see what you're made of when we get out in the thick. Krew wants some new trophies to put butts in chairs at the Hip Hog. So I'm gonna bag him five nasty Metal Heads at the Pumping Station.

Daxter gulps at this point.

Sig: Don't wet your fur, chili pepper, cause we're rollin' with the Peace Maker!

He shows a staff-like weapon to the pair, with a bright yellow light on top of it.

Daxter: Woooooh, I need one of those! Where'd you get it?

Krew: Don't ask. Sig needs someone to watch his back while he tracks the Metal Heads, 'ey?

Sig: We'll meet at the Pumping Station. Listen Cherries, don't you leave me dangling in the wind out there!

Jak: Let's do it.

It's Gonna Be Fun

They meet up again at the Pumping Station as promised.

Sig: Hello Cherries. Ready to hunt a few Metal Heads? Follow me, stick close and watch my six. It's gonna be fun!

Boom baby!

Sig aims his Peace Maker towards a tank blocking their path. He launches a shot ahead of it, causing it to explode, leaving a shocked facial expression for Daxter as he turns to his partners.

Sig launches his weapon at the first Metal-Head in sight. He brings his hand into a thumb up gesture, and as it falls off the cliff, he brings it into a thumbs down pose timed to the fall.

The second Metal-Head is shot down and as it falls, Sig waves at it with his index and middle fingers.

The third Metal-Head is hit and falls towards a metal platform. Once it gets there, it rebounds and hits the water.

The fourth Metal-Head is struck down and it falls towards the camera, blackening the screen.

The final Metal-Head is down for the count.

Sig: BOOM! Home Team: 5, Metal Heads: Nothin'. That was the last one. Tell Krew we got 'em all cooked and caned. I'm gonna clean Peace Maker and pick up the trophies. Ya did good, rookie.

And so they leave the scene.

Meeting The Oracle

They stumble towards a hut in the Water Slums and inside is a bronze precursor statue, being the Oracle.

Oracle: Greetings, great warrior. I sense there is a dark rage burning within you, and in time, it'll destroy you with its madness. Only the last power of the Precursors can save you. Destroy my enemies, those creatures that you call the Metal Heads. Bring me 25 of their skull gems and I will teach you how to control these powers!

Jak Gets A Dark PowerEditThe scene then shows Jak getting zapped by a purple bolt, turning into his Dark Jak form.

Oracle: You do well to rid the world of this Metal scourge. As a reward, I grant you a dark power.

Jak Gets A Second Dark Power

Another bolt of purple energy strikes Jak, changing him back to his Dark form.

Oracle: The Metal Heads have always feared you, angry one. Even now, the Metal Head leader realizes you can destroy him and save the last chance for our race. You now have the control of another dark power!

Jak Gets A Third Dark Power

The scene shows Jak getting zapped a third time with another purple bolt.

Oracle: Now that you carry the weight of darkness on your shoulders, you alone cannot save us. Our last hope rests with one still untouched by pain, and you must protect this young soul in our moment of truth. I grant you another Dark Power!

Jak Gets A Fourth Dark Power

A fourth bolt of energy is brought towards Jak and again, that makes him transform into his Dark form.

Oracle: The forces of evil are converging. Only by destroying their leader will we ever know true peace. All will be made clearer to you, as the ending gives birth to the beginning, in the great circle of time. The last dark power is yours!

Krew's Sewer Job

They leave the scene and return to the Hip Hog with the good news.

Krew: You boys are turning out to be quite useful, ey? Mmm, I have another task for you. The Sewers used to be a fabulous smuggling route for me before the Baron installed security devices.

Daxter: And before those late night snack runs kept you from fitting out the front door.

Jak: I bet you've hatched another 'brilliant' plan in that hungry little brain of yours. So... who or what do we have to shake down, knock out, or blow up?

Krew: Well, I need someone to go down and shoot every Sentry Gun in the Sewers, and I'd give you a sweet weapon upgrade if you succeed.

Daxter: Let me guess... Dank, murky water? Reeks worse than your breath at an oyster fest? Fuller o' Metal Heads than your plate at a one pass buffet? And of course, weapons more lethal than your 'ever so tighty whiteys' on a hot summer day? Look, donut hole, why don't WE float around here looking hot and heavy, and YOU go roto-root the pipes?

Jak: We're not doing anything until you tell us why Metal Heads are trading with the Baron's forces!

Krew: I should have had you both knee-capped, ey? All I know is that the Baron cut a desperate deal with the Metal Head leader. Mmmmm, Metal Heads need Eco, so the Baron supplies them with regular shipments. In return, the Metal Heads agreed to attack the city just enough to satisfy the Baron's continued rule.

Jak: Yeah, but how long can that deal last?

Krew: Well, the Baron is running short on eco, 'ey? And the Metal Heads are short on patience. Baron Praxis NEEDS this war to keep in power. Otherwise, the city would put the true ruler on the throne, wherever that little brat is.

Jak: Daxter and I will clear your sewers. And, we haven't forgotten about that weapons upgrade you promised in return.

Krew: Bloodsuckers!

What is That Smell?

They head to the sewers and blow up all the guns, before returning to the saloon. Once there, they carefully approach Krew from behind.

Krew: What IS that horrible smell?

He starts sniffing around from his spot.

Daxter: Oohh, great, we do YOUR dirty work in the sewers, and come back smelling worse than a wet hip hog in a warm barn.

Krew gives out a couple of sniffs, before leaning towards Jak's direction.

Daxter: This could have a serious impact on the lady factor!

Krew: No, uh, I think it was my lunch, actually.

They look at him with shock.

Krew: Nice work in the sewers, 'ey, I guess you're looking for that weapon upgrade, mmm? Well, there's a Blaster mod stashed in some crates at the Port. Find it, and it's yours... hehhehhahahaha.

Getting the Yellow Gun

They find the gun on the floor. Jak loads it in and looks at it, with Daxter switching standing positions onto his other shoulder and giving out a peace sign with his right hand. Jak then aims with it with his partner behind him rubbing his hands in anticipation.

Vin Needs Help

They beat the course and once done, they return to Torn in the Underground.

Torn: One of the Baron's mining operations is under attack by the Metal Heads.

Jak: That's not OUR problem.

Torn: It IS our problem when the foreman's one of the Underground's best informants! His name is Vin, and he's just valuable enough to save. Find the warp gate at the Power Station and use it to travel to the Strip Mine so you can rescue Vin's pathetic hide.

Daxter: Hey, Tattooed Wonder, how come we get all the crappy missions?!

Torn: Because I... DON'T... LIKE... YOU!

He pushes Daxter to the floor.

Daxter: Fair enough...

Torn: Whatever deal the Baron made with the Metal Heads, the city's Eco is almost gone, and his time is running out. If we don't get the kid back on the throne soon, there may not be a city left to defend

Meeting Vin

They leave for the Strip Mine, and it isn't long until they find a building with a red button on it. Jak presses it, to open a door to a small laboratory. And inside it, is a nervous scientist.

Scientist: Aaagghh! Stay back!

He draws out a small pistol, and started shooting outside, leaving them to hide from them.

Daxter: Do something, Jak! This guy's crazy!

Jak: Hey, are you Vin? We're here to help. Torn sent us.

Vin: Stay back!

Jak: Look, if we were here to kill you, you wouldn't be talking right now!

Vin stops and looks on at the pair.

Vin: Oh, friendlies? Oh thank goodness! We... so... whe... where's the army?

Daxter: Ah... we're it.

Vin: What? Just you two?! What do they think I'm worth?!

Jak: I'm beginning to wonder that myself! If you want, you can stay here and be Metal meat, but Daxter and I are leaving before those monsters get back.

Vin leaves the lab, and the three go through a Warp gate one by one. Jak and Daxter get in safely, while Vin trips up inside it.

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