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[Shot on a family house in a quiet neighborhood. Pouring rain. Hand of Bill Denbrough ripps off a piece of paper from a notebook. He starts to making a paper boat from it. Hand of his brother, Georgie makes a smiling face on a fogged window.]

GEORGIE: "Sure I won't get into trouble, Bill?"

BILL: "Don't be a wu-wu-wuss. I'd come with you if I weren't [coughs]... dying."

GEORGIE: "You're not dying!"

BILL: " You didn't see the v-v-vomit coming out of my nose this morning?"

GEORGIE: "That's disgusting."

BILL: "Okay, go get the wax."

[Georgie looks terrified.]

GEORGIE: "In the cellar?"

BILL: "You want it to fl-fl-float, don't you?"

GEORGIE: "Fine."

[Georgie takes his walkie-talkie and walks out of Bill's room. Bill writes "S.S. Georgie" on the boat. The face on a fogged window disappears.]

[October 1988. Georgie walks downstairs passing the room where his mother is playing on the piano. He stops in front of the door leading to the dark cellar. Georgie looks at it very undecided. Then he opens the door. He stops on the edge of the stairs, he is very scared and terrified. Then Bill uses his walkie-talkie to contact with Georgie.]

BILL: "Hurry up."

[Georgie wants to turn on the lights but the electricity was gone. He slowly walks downstairs.]

GEORGIE: "I'm brave...I'm brave..."

[Georgie starts to searching for the wax on one of the shells.]

GEORGIE: "Where is the wax? There it is."

[He reaches his hand for the wax. He takes it but he looks at one of those creepy faces carved in the wood. He looks at the other direction and he saw a two little light dots that reminds him someone's eyes. The dots were looking at him. Georgie takes the flashlight and lights it on the dots. Fortunately, that were some lightbulbs which were reflecting a light. Then a great thunder strikes. Georgie runs away from the cellar.]

GEORGIE: "What was that? What is that?"

[In Bill's room, Bill is spreading the wax on boat's surface. Then he gives the boat to Georgie.]

BILL: "All right. There you go. Sh-sh-she is all ready, captain."


BILL:" You always call a b-boat, "she."

[Georgie looks at the boat.]

GEORGIE: "She. Thanks, Billy."

[Georgie hugs him. Very happy Georgie takes his walkie-talkie and runs away from the room.]

GEORGIE: "See you later! Bye!"

[Billy saw through the window how Georgie runs away from the house in his yellow coat. Georgie waves his hand to Bill. Bill talks to him through walkie-talkie.]

BILL: "Be careful."

[Georgie puts the boat on the water running down the street. Georgie runs after it, smiling and laughing. Georgie avoids one of the barriers but when he didn't noticed another barrier he hits it and falls on the ground. Georgie goes after boat which reaches corner of Jackson Street. The boat falls into the sewers.]

GEORGIE: "No! No!"

[Georgie looks into the dark sewer.]

GEORGIE: "Bill's gonna kill me!"

[Then two very hard glowing eyes appears in the dark. Georgie freaks out. It's Pennywise. Pennywise is holding his paper boat.]

PENNYWISE: "Hiya, Georgie. What a nice boat. Do you want it back?"

GEORGIE: "Yes please."

PENNYWISE: "You look like a nice boy. I bet you have a lot of friends."

GEORGIE: "Three, but my brother's my best-best."

PENNYWISE: "Where is he?"

GEORGIE: "In bed. Sick."

PENNYWISE: "I bet I can cheer him up. I'll give him a balloon Do you wanna a balloon too, Georgie?"

GEORGIE: "I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers."

PENNYWISE: "Oh, well, I'm Pennywise the Dancing Clown. "Pennywise?"-"Yes?- "Meet Georgie."-"Georgie meets Pennywise."

[Georgie laughs.]

PENNYWISE: "Now we aren't strangers, are we?"

[An old lady comes out of her house. She saw Georgie crouching above the sewer.]

GEORGIE: "What are you doing in the sewers?"

PENNYWISE: "Storm blew me away. Blew the whole circus away. Can you smell the circus, Georgie? There are peanuts, cotton candy, hot dogs...and...?"

GEORGIE: "Popcorn?"

PENNYWISE:" Popcorn! Is that your favourite?"

GEORGIE:" Uh-huh."

PENNYWISE:" Mine too! Because they pop! Pop, pop, pop. Pop, pop, pop. Pop!"

[They both starts laughing. Then Pennywise's faces takes a very uncanny grin.]

GEORGIE:" I should get going now."

PENNYWISE:" Oh, without your boat? You don't wanna lose it, Georgie. Bill's gonna kill you."

[Georgie is undecided to take the boat.]

PENNYWISE:" Here. Take it."

[Georgie slowly reaches his hand for paper boat.]

PENNYWISE:" Take it, Georgie."

[Georgie's hand is very close to take the boat. Then Pennywise grabs his arm, shows his very sharpened teeth and bites them into Georgie's arm ripping it off from his body. Georgie starts screaming and bleeding out. He wants to crawls but it's very hard for him. Then a long Pennywise's arm comes out of the sewer, grabs Georgie and drags him into the sewer.]

GEORGIE:" Billy!"

[An old lady comes from the house just to see a lot of blood washing away with the rain]


JUNE 1989

[Farm. One of the farmers let sheeps out from their farms. Farmer get them into the line. Mike Hanlon is aiming at the sheeps with his pistol. Mike points the gun at one of sheep's head. Mike don't want to pull the trigger. His grandfather is forcing him to do it.]

MIKE'S GRANDFATHER:" Pull it, Mike. Go on now, pull it."

[Mike is not doing this. Then his grandfather comes to him, takes the gun and shot the sheep by himself. He throws the clip into the bucket and gives the gun to his assistant.]

MIKE'S GRANDFATHER:"Here, reload it...You need to start takin' more responsibility around here, Mike. Your dad was younger than you when..."

MIKE:" I'm not my dad, okay?"

MIKE'S GRANDFATHER:" Yeah. Look at me, son. Look at me! There are two places you can be in this world. You can be here like us or you can be them."

[He points at herd of sheeps.]

MIKE'S GRANDFATHER:" If you waste your time hemmind and hawling, then someone else is gonna make that choice for you. Except you won't know it until you feel that bolt between your eyes."

[An assistant let another sheeps go from the farm.]

[School. Scholl bell. Eddie Kapsbrak, Bill and Richie Tozzier comes out of the classroom.]

EDDIE:" There is a church full of Jews. And Stan has to take Jew-y test."

BILL:" But how does it work?"

EDDIE:" They slice the top of his dick off."

RICHIE:" But then you'll have nothing left!"

[Stan Uris runs to them.]

STAN:" Guys!"

BILL:" Hey, Stan, what happens at Bar Mitzvah anyways? Ed says you slice the top of the d-d-d-dick off."

RICHIE:" Yes, Rabbi's gonna pull down your pants. And he will tell the crowd: "Where's the beef?"

[They laughs.]

STAN:" At the Bar Mitzvah I read from Torah...and then I make a speech, and suddenly I become a man."

RICHIE:" There's more funner ways to become a man."

STAN:" More fun ways", you mean."

[Bill, Eddie, Richie and Stan passes by the group of school hooligans- Henry Bowers, Patrick Hockstetter, Victor Criss and Belch Huggins. Hooligans looks at them with hostility. Bill, Eddie, Richie and Stan quickly turns their sights from them.]

RICHIE:" Do you think they'll sign my yearbook? "Dear Richie...sorry for taking a hot, steaming dump in your backpack last month. Have a great summer."

[One of the girls, Greta, makes her way through the hall to the toilet for the girls. Greta kicks the door to the cabin where Beverly Marsh is smoking a cigarette.]

GRETA:" Are you in there by yourself, Beaver-ly? Or do you have half the guys in the school with you, slut?"

[Beverly puts out the cigarette.]

GRETA:' I know you're in there, you little shit, I smell you. No wonder you don't have any friends."

[One of the girls is filling the trash bag with the water from the sink.]

BEVERLY:" Which is it, Greta? Am I a slut or a little shit. Make up your mind."

GRETA:" You're a trash."

[The girl carries the filled trash bag to the next cabin.]

GRETA:" We just wanted to remind you."

GIRL: "Such a loser."

[The girl pour out the water and the garbage from the bag straight on Beverly but she cover herself with her backpack.]

GRETA: "At least now you'll smell better."

GIRL: "Oh gross."

GRETA: "Let's go, girls. Have a nice summer, Beaver-ly."

[Kids are walking out from the school. Two policeman are standing in front of the school. Before the school there is a statement made by Derry Police Department: "Remember the curefew. 7 pm." Eddie, Bill, Richie and Stan throws the books into the trash bin.]

STAN: "The best feeling ever."

RICHIE: "Yeah? Try tickling your pickle for the first time."

EDDIE: "What do you guys wanna do tomorrow?"

RICHIE: "I start my training."

EDDIE: "What training?"

RICHIE: "Street Fighter."

EDDIE: "Is that how you wanna spend your summer, stuck in an arcade."

RICHIE: "Better than inside your mother."

[Richie wants to make high five with Stan but he didn't do it.]

STAN: "What if we go to the quarry?"

BILL: "Guys, we can g-go the barrens."

STAN: "Right."

[Eddie noticed a very nervous woman standing in front of the school.]

EDDIE: "Betty Ripsom's mum."

STAN: "Does she really expecting to see her coming out of the school?"

EDDIE: "I don't know. As if Betty Ripsom's been hiding in HomeEc for the last few weeks."

STAN: "Do you think they'll actually find her?"

RICHIE: "Sure in a ditch all decomposed, covered in worms and maggots, smelling like Eddie's mom's underwear."

EDDIE: "Shut up! that's so fucking disgusting."

BILL: "She's not dead. She's m-m-m-missing."

RICHIE: "Sorry Bill, she's missing."

[The group starts walking]

RICHIE: "You know the barrens aren't that bad. Who doesn't love splashing around in shitty water."

[Henry grabs Richie's backpack and swings him back into Stan both of them tumble to the ground. Patrick grabs Stan's hat. Bending over him he says,]

PATRICK: "Nice frisbee, flamer."

STAN: "Give it back."

[ Patrick tosses it as a bus passes by and it flies through the window.]

PATRICK: "Fuckin' losers."

[Belch burps in Eddie's face, who soon tumbles. Bowers group starts to walk away]

BILL: "You s-s-s-suck, Bowers."

EDDIE: "Shut up, Bill."

HENRY: "Did you s-s-s-say something, B-b-b-b-Billy. You got a free ride this year cuz of your little brother. Ride's over, Denbrough."

[Henry notices his father, a cop, who takes off his sunglasses and looks at him.]

HENRY: "This summer its gonna be a hurt-train, for you and your faggot friends."

[he licks his hand and wipes it on Bill's face. The Bowers group leaves]

RICHIE: "I wish he'd go missing."

EDDIE: "He's probably the one doing it."

[Cut to Beverly outside trying to get past a boy, Ben Hanscom who's holding a project with his headphones on.]