Elmo: Hot-hot-hot-hot! (continues to call out hot")

[Rosita comes over, hearing Elmo call out "hot" over and over again]

Rosita: Oh, no! Elmo is yelling "Hot! Hot! Hot!" That must mean, he touched something that was hot, and hurt himself! (gasps) Like, maybe, he touched a hot pot on a stove, or a hot iron! or maybe, he ate something that was still hot and he burned his poor little mouth! Oh, no... Elmo is hurt! This is terrible! Elmo, are you alright?! Elmo! Elmo..

[Elmo runs over to Rosita, finish up yelling "Hot']

Elmo: Yes, Rosita, Elmo's alright. [Continues to say "Hot" repeatedly]

Rosita: You are? You didn't hurt yourself with something hot?

Elmo: No, Rosita, Elmo's fine. [Continues to say "Hot" repeatedly]

Rosita: Then why are you jumping around yelling "Hot! Hot! Hot!"?

Elmo: Because Rosita, Elmo just learned how to read a new word.

Rosita: Really?

Elmo: You wanna see it?

[The word "Hot" appears below]

Elmo: Here it is! it says: "HOT." HOT." H-O-T

Elmo & Rosita: HOT.

Rosita: OH...

Elmo: And Elmo doesn't want to forget it, so, Elmo is saying "HOT". Over and Over again. Like this: (continues to say "Hot", but he then gets hugged tightly by Rosita)

Rosita: Elmo, I'm so glad you are not hurt! Haha!

Elmo: (suffocating) Air!... Air!.. Air!.. Air!...

Rosita: Air? Air? Is that another word you learned how to read today?

Elmo: (choking and gagging hoarse voice) N-No Rosita, Elmo needs air! Rosita-- is hugging Elmo so tiiiigghhtt!...

Rosita: Ohhh!... (realizing that she's accidently choking Elmo and drops him who then falls unconscious) I'm sorry, Elmo! Anyway, I'm very happy you're not hurt! Adios!

[Rosita leaves, accidently trampling on Elmo. He slowly gets up with woozy eyes.]

Elmo: Adios... (sighs as he faints unconscious with his feet sticking up.]

Sesame Street - Elmo and Rosita and "HOT"

Sesame Street - Elmo and Rosita and "HOT"