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Steve: Hi out there! It’s me, Steve! Have you seen blue my puppy?!

Viewers: There she is!

Blue: Bow-bow! Bow-bow-bow-bow-bow!

Steve: Come on in!

Blue: Bow, bow, bow!

Periwinkle: (laughs)

Blue: (barking)

Steve: Oh, Hi Come on.

You’ve Got To See My New Invention.

So, I Was Sitting Here. Watching TV.

And I Thought It. You Know, I Just Can’t Get It Out Change The Channel.

So I Made This…



You See. It Changes The Channel, Thought It.



You Think It Were Here Before.

I Call It Far Away. Channel Changer.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Hehehe.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow.

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, Right, Blue. Hehehehe. It Wasn’t Easy Changing Channels.

So, What Do You Called This Invention?

Viewer: Remote Control.

Blue: [Barks Yes]

Steve: Remote Control. Right.

Okay… I'll Just… Try To Even Invented Something New.

Try, Try Again. That's My Mother.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: Remote Control. Right.

Okay, I'll just Try to even invented something new.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow!

Steve: Try, try again. That's my mother.

Blue: [barks yes]

Steve: Hey, Blue. Uh. Do you want to invented something?

Blue: [barks no] [barks happily]

Steve: Oh, did you already invented.

Blue: [barks yes]

Steve: Well, What did you want to invented?

Blue: [barking] leaving a clue on the screen.

We are gonna play blues clues cause it’s really great game Yeah.

So Remember Blue’s Pawprints will be on the clues, Blue’s Clues.

Hi, Side Table Drawer.

Sidetable Drawer: Hi, Steve.

You Need your notebook.

Steve: Thanks.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: What is so funny?

Viewer: A Clue. A Clue.

Steve: Oh. There's A Clue On Sidetable.

Viewer: No On your notebook.

Steve: What on your notebook? No way.

It is on the notebook.

You know what we need our handy dandy…

Viewer: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook. Okay, so will draw the notebook in the notebook.

To play Blue's Clues, we've gotta find a...

The Viewers: Pawprint!

Steve: Oh, a pawprint. Right. And that's our 1st...

The Viewers: Clue!

Steve: A clue?

The Viewers: A clue!

Steve: Then we put it in our...

The Viewers: Notebook!

Steve: Because they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Steve: We've gotta find another pawprint,

That's our 2nd clue!

We put it in our notebook,

'Cause they're whose clues? Blue's Clues!

We've gotta find the last pawprint,

That's the 3rd clue!

We put it in our notebook

'Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit down in our Thinking Chair

And think, think, think!

'Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time,

We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: That we want to do!

You Know I can tell i'm really gonna need your help today.

Trying to figured out What Blue invented?

You will help me right?

Great. Did you see which way Blue went?

Viewer: That way.

Steve: This way. Thanks.

I couldn't wait to find blue.

We are looking for Blue’s Clues.

We are looking for Blue’s Clues.

We are looking for Blue’s Clues.

Mrs. Pepper: Steve.

Steve: I wonder where they are.

Mr. Salt: Steve. What to do we do now?

I got bread and Peanut Butter.

Mrs. Pepper: I got bread and Jelly.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper: But we want to eat them together.

Steve: Hold on. Hold on.

I would you Invented Away.

So you can eat them together.

Uh. Okay let me think.

1st you got them to do is is you got to take the bread

with Peanut butter on it.

And you want them take the bread with jelly on it.

And You got a… 

Uh, What could should we do now?

Viewer: Stick them together.

Steve: Stick them together. Yeah.

Like just stick them together.

& the way stuck together.


& you can call this invention the jelly with bread & peanut butter all stuck together.

Steve: Hey, I just had an idea for another invention.

Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime!

Custard Cat: What Wrong Ice Cream Truck

Tweety Bird: You Have To Say Map

Custard Cat: Louder

Im The Map

Bridge Lake Play Park

Tweety Bird: Its Noisy Star

Noisy Star Inventions Morning Music And Nature

Bye. Wow. Those we’re interesting Inventions.

Viewer: A Clue. A Clue.

Oh Yeah! A Shoe. Now That's A Good Invention.

Viewer: No A Clue.

Right Exactly.

Because Without Your Shoes, You would Walk around your socks and what would you do on Rainy Days.

Viewer: Right there on the chair.

Steve: Right there on the thinking chair. Really?

There is a clue right there on the thinking chair.

You know what we need our handy dandy...

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. 

Which is also A Clue. Interesting?

1st we'll draw an arc and then 2 swirls for the arms

of the chair.

A Curved line for the legs.

And then some horizontal lines for the seat.

There. The Thinking Chair.

So our 1st clue is... A notebook.

And now our 2nd clue is the thinking chair.

So What could Blue have invented with our notebook and the thinking chair?

Good Idea. But We better find our last blue's clue.

Blue Skidoo? OK! Blue Skidoo.

Viewer: Wait! A clue!

Viewer: Blue’s Clues.

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

Because we're really smart!

Blue invented the game of Blue’s Clues

and—. That’s a really great game.

1st i need is some tape. Got it. And some cardboard. Alright.

Ooh And then stick it.

This is the no stick notebook holder.

Hey, Have you invent something with us?

Viewer: No.

Blue: [barks no]

Steve: Hey, Maybe You Have Invented. Can We Post It.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Thank You So Much For All Your Help Today.

Now It's Time For So Long,

But We'll Sing Just One More Song!

Thanks For Doing Your Part!

You Sure Are Smart!

You Know, With Me And You And My Dog Blue

We Can Do Anything That We Wanna Do!

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Bye-Bye! See Ya, Let Me Know What You Invent.

Blue: (Barking) (Barks ”Bye-Bye!)

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