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Inspector Gadget (film)

[incomplete & unfixed/messed]

Hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. A-ha. Wowsers, it's quiet. Too quiet. And when it's this quiet… You know what that means, Brain? [Whimpers] Evil's afoot. [Snoring]
Inspector Gadget: We're on a stakeout, Gadgetmobile.
Gadgetmobile: No, you on a stakeout. I'm on a sleep-in. So keep it down, a'ight?
Inspector Gadget: At least you could do is stay alert.
Gadgetmobile: Alert for what? Face it, Inspector G, since we got Claw locked up, all the bad guys are too afraid to show their faces in Riverton. One thing I've learned in all my years… of crime fighting, GADGET-MOBILE… is that it's always the most quiet… right before the criminal strike! And speaking of crime… [Boing] [Humming] Potential law-breaker at 12 o'clock! Who? Grandma over there? Go, Go, Gadget Radar Gun! [Whirring] No, No, No… Go, Go, Gadget Radar Gun! [Bubbling] Oops! There go those glitches again. No, Radar Gun! Radar Gun! [Jingling] Ah… The speed limit is clearly posted at 25 miles per hour… But, she's going at exactly 25.3 miles per hour. Prepare for high-speed chase! [Clunk] [Sirens Wailing] [Ratcheting] Hang onto your pockets, 'cause here come the rockets. [Hums] [Gasps] Oh, my! Stop in the name of the… Law. That went well. Go, Go, Gadget Parachute! [Screeching] GADGET-MOBILE: Whoa. Now. How is that for disc brakes? OK… Go, Go, Gadget Parachute, Back in the thing! Oh… Ahem. [Brakes Squeak] Ma'am, do you know that drag racing… on public roads is illegal? But, officer, I… GADGET: There are no buts when it comes to the law. I'm afraid I'm gonna need to see your driver's license. I'm sorry, Officer. I must've left it at home. Yeah, A likely story. Go, Go, Gadget Handcuffs! [Boing] Aah! You have the right to remain… silent! If you give up… Coming through… that's right… Unh!|[Boing] My man really needs to switch to decaf. [Some Back Ground Sounds Going On…] Video File Properties|: About 697 MB & DVD-Rip. XviD. MP3 I. I.N. I.N.S. I.N.S.P. I.N.S.P.E. I.N.S.P.E.C. I.N.S.P.E.C.T. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G.A. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G.A.D. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G.A.D.G. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G.A.D.G. E I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G.A.D.G.E.T. I.N.S.P.E.C.T.O.R. G.A.D.G.E.T. 2. GADGET-MOBILE: OK. One sweet granny… packaged and ready for delivery. Drag racing indeed. I've seen your type before. You've got a need for speed. Yeah… I know.

Penny: Hey, Uncle Gadget! Hi, Brain!
Inspector Gadget: Penny, I thought we agree to call me "Inspector" in front of the harden criminal.
Penny: She's a harden criminal?
Inspector Gadget: Don't be fooled by appearances, Penny. Look what I found under her purse. (shows false teeth) Probably from one of her victims. And look at this. (shows prune juice) Liquid evil.
Mrs. Quimby: But, Inspector…
Inspector Gadget: Save it for the judge, perp. Yeah, "but, but, but." Everybody's got a big "but".

Hey! What are you doing here? Isn't today a school day? Well, there aren't any good cases to solve at school. I want to solve real cases with you. Penny, I told you before… you're too young to be chasing criminals. You should be in school. But, uncle Gadget, if you'd just give me a chance, I… Look, I have to go. I'm in the middle of a big arrest. Now you get back to school… and I'll see you tonight. And you, I hope you like prison food. Mm, mm, mm. BAXTER: Now. Let's see how your physiobiometric… febble fitzer is functioning. [Beeping] Oh… Diagnostics check out fine. What seems to be the problem, Gadget? Baxter. I'm still having gadgets with my glitches. I mean… glitches with my glitches

Inspector Gadget: I'm all messed up!
Baxter: I'm sorry, Gadget, but I don't see what the problem is.
Inspector Gadget: Watch. Go Go Gadget Toothbrush. (Gadget Bubble gum shoots Baxter) See? Bubble gum.
Baxter: I see what the problem is.
Inspector Gadget: Isn't there something you can do for me, Baxter?
Baxter: You're the prototype Gadget, Gadget, misbound to have a few glitches but I'm happy to know we've been working. I'll let in a little secret. Soon, we'll be unveiling something… (top secret door closes) Soon, I'll solve all this glitches for good. Soon.

Wowsers. Thanks, Baxter. Well, better go check in with the chief. Ooh… I wouldn't bother the chief right now. I heard some idiot arrested his mother this afternoon. CHIEF: Where is he? Gadget! BAXTER: Oh… You put my mother in jail for drag racing? And driving without a license. You've always said, Chief, no one is above the law. This is what you also said last week when you arrested… that troop of Girl Rangers for selling cookies! [FlashBulbs Popping] Those cookies were three days past expiration date! [Squish] CHIEF: Ugh… What… Ugh. You are this close to being put on probation, Gadget. Now, let's get my mother out. Heaven knows what's happening to her down there with all those low lifes. And then, when his guard is down, his kidneys are exposed… and that's when the marathon of pain begins. - Oh!|- Who's your grandma now? Take some of this! How'd you like this? GADGET: Wowsers, that's gotta hurt. [Clang] Unh!

Chief Quimby: Mom's tough love. This your last warning, Gadget: Stick to solving real crimes!
Inspector Gadget: Chief, there are no criminals left. They're all in Riverton prison.

[Thunder] [Telephone Rings] [Ring Ring] Gadget here. [Indistinct Chatter] What? Ah… Ha… Wowsers! [Crash] You'll never guess what happened. Claw escaped! Claw escaped? Police have put out an all-points bulletin… and are setting up a dragnet… in hopes of finding the fugitive. Citizens are advised that if they see… an evil genius with a claw not to approach him. Dial 911 immediately. He's extremely dangerous and really, really mean. And I'm on the case. Bye-bye, Penny! PENNY: Wait, Uncle Gadget! You've got let me come with you. I mean… I can help look for clues… I told you before, Penny, you're too young. How old do you have to be to be a detective? I don't know. But older than you are now. Look… I've got work to do. I'll see you tomorrow. Don't forget to brush your teeth. [Kisses Rapidly] I could do so well… if he would just give me a chance. [Whimpers, Barks] My finely honed instincts are telling me… that he probably escaped through here. Oh, really? Gadget, take a look at this. We found this in Claw's cell. Wowsers. You don't think he's still holding a grudge, do you? Gadget, listen. The whole city is counting on you. Go out there and catch Claw. Oh, I'll catch him. Caught him before, catch him again. Don't worry, Chief. I'll have Claw back behind bars before you can say… CHIEF: Gadget… Ooh! [Ominous Music Playing]

Dr. Claw: Brick, retrieve my darts! McKibble, serve my tea!
McKibble: I don't see why we gotta retrieve your darts and serve your tea.
Brick: Yeah!
McKibble: We're vicious minions, not valets.
(Dr. Claw pinches McKibble's nose. McKibble groans in pain, and chuckles)
McKibble: One sugar, or two?
Dr. Claw: Two.
(Dr. Claw lets go)
Brick: Here, boss. Dr. Claw, the place is a dump. What happened to your multi-million evil high-rising headquarters?
Dr. Claw: What do you think happened to it?!
(Brick and McKibble duck, while Dr. Claw throws his darts at the picture of Inspector Gadget)
Dr. Claw: When Gadget arrested me, the police confiscated all my assets. But after we've pulled out the crime of the century, I'll be back on top again.
McKibble: Great. Another crime of the century. I'm still on parole for the last one.
Brick: What's the plan this time?
Dr. Claw: Watch and see.
TV Anchor: The Federal Reserve Bank with a deposit of over five trillion dollars in pure gold was build two years ago after Riverton declared statistically the safest City in America. Utilizing the latest in security technology and a squadron of armed guards, the bank is considered impregnable.
Dr. Claw: Not for long.
Brick: We're gonna rob the Federal Reserve, right?
Dr. Claw: Right. Before Riverton's eyes, and there won't be a thing Inspector Gadget can do about it.
Brick: How we gonna do that? They said the bank was impen-- impreg-- Really hard to get into.
McKibble: Yeah. I don't see how.
Dr. Claw: That's why you're just minions, and I'm an evil genius.
Brick: He's got a point.
McKibble: Yeah.
Dr. Claw: We are going to build the ultimate super weapon! But we haven't much time. We need to be ready in ten days, because next Thursday at exactly 9:23 AM, the X-Force One Satellite would be directly over Riverton. And by then, we need to steal ion fuel cells, a protoid laser, and a ruby. Plus, a few miscellaneous knick knacks.
Brick: Yum. (smacks lips) I love knick knacks. (McKibble groans)

[McKible groans] [Reporters Shouting Questions] Any news on Claw's escape? The city's in a panic! The people want to know. What are you doing to capture Claw? Ladies and gentlemen, this is a momentous day for us. [Glass Breaks] OFFICER: Huh? MAYOR: The Gadget program has helped make Riverton… OFFICER: Thanks a lot. Hmph! …the safest city in America! [Applause] Bob! Thank you, Mayor. We weren't going to unveil this until next year… but in light of Claw's escape… we decided to move up our timetable. [Dramatic Music Playing] CHIEF: Baxter… This is Gadget Model 2… or "G2" for short. The latest, most newest generation… in the Gadget program. [Beeping] [Crowd Gasps] [Beeping] [Applause] [Techno Music Playing] G2 reporting for duty. Sir! [Chuckles] Wowsers. BAXTER: She's similar to the original Gadget… But she's completely, entirely all robot. [Dreamlike Music Playing] Not to worry, G2… I've got everything under control. Oh, Inspector, you're everything… I ever wanted in a crime fighter. [Prisoners Groan] Mmm. [Romantic Music Playing] [Sucking] CHIEF: Gadget! Gadget! [Music Stops] Gadget, could you give me a hand, please? Certainly, Chief. I want to give a little demonstration of what G2 can do. Pleasure to meet you, Miss… 2. [Electricity Crackles] G2: Hmm. Must be a loose wire something else. I'll speak to Baxter… about that. G2 will now show us how she would apprehend the suspect. Gadget, I want you to take this stolen money… and hide it on your person. Stolen money! Stop this felonious and unlawful act… or I shall have to use force. Well, she has got a very commanding voice. [Whirring] [Beeping] COMPUTER VOICE: Alert! Suspect! Suspect! Very well. You were warned. [Fluttering] [Groaning] Whoa! …Whoa! Oh! Unh! Huh. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right, anything you say… can and will be held against you. All right, G2, I think we get the picture. MAYOR: Bravo! Bravo! Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen… GADGET: Well… she is very good. I noticed that she didn't say "Go, Go, Gadget!" That's one of the many improvements I've made to G2.0. Like it? You might say that G2 is you without the glitches. I'm putting her on the Claw case right away. Fantastic! I always wanted a partner. And when we interrogate criminals… I'll play good Gadget, and you can play bad Gadget. I don't think so. OK, then you play good Gadget, and I'll be bad Gadget. I appreciate the ofference, Inspector… but I work… alone. But, chief had cloaked my case. There's a new sheriff in town. Hmm? PENNY: Uncle Gadget? Uncle Gadget! is this true they're giving the Claw case to this G2 character? Well… for the time being, but don't worry, Penny… I'm being reassigned to another high-profile case. What could be more high-profile than Claw? Oh… it's a top secret, Penny. That's so top secret that they haven't even told me yet, huh? PENNY: Hmm. So, what are you making there? I'm just making your favorite dessert. Apple crumb cake with raisin cinnamon icing… and coconut sprinkles? OK, I'm making your second favorite dessert… Lemon pudding. So, ah… since from case we guess, you wouldn't want to see this clue that I found about Claw. Clue claw? I mean… a Claw clue? Is it a clue about Claw? Take a look at today's classifieds. "Wanted"… "Apply 7 P.M. tonight." "Call 555-0139 for appointment." I've already got a job, Penny, but thanks. No, I checked the number… and it's for a bar called "The Blue Monkey." You know what this means right? Hmm. Uncle Gadget, if you go to The Blue Monkey… I bet it will lead you right to Claw. You can get back on the case and get a jump on G2. You know, Penny, if I went to The Blue Monkey… it might just lead me to Claw. Then, I could get back on the case and get the jump on G2. That's what I was just saying. Oh… did you? I guess great minds think alike. So, we'll make it right afternoon, right? No. Nope. I'm sorry, Penny… but this is official police business only. You gotta let me come with you. I mean I can help you. Penny, this is no place for a kid. I'm not just a kid, Uncle Gadget! Of course not. You're a very special kid. But there's more to being a detective than just being smart. It takes a sharp eye… for every detail, every little nuance. A good detective never lets anything get… Uncle Gadget, the pudding! Ooh! [Squirting] Go. Go. Gadget. Stop Beater! OK! Heh Heh Heh. Everything's fine! [Mixer Stops] [Gadget Sighs] Ugh. It's a good thing I wore an apron. [Music Playing]

Gadget Mobile: Okay, Here we are.
Inspector Gadget: Wish me luck. I'm going undercover. (Enters the bar)
Tough Guys: (Stares at Inspector Gadget)
Inspector Gadget: Hi there, Fellas.
Penny: Okay, Brain. The coast is clear. Come on, Let's run the out back.
Monkey: (Chattering)
Bartender: (Spits out a germ and clean a cup then sees Inspector Gadget) What do you want?
Inspector Gadget: Well, I just got out of slammer. And I look for my whistle.
Bartender: What do you have?
Inspector Gadget: A glass tall of milk.
Bartender: Milk?
Inspector Gadget: I mean, Chocolate milk. Make it a double.
Penny: Hey, brain. This way.
McKibble: Okay, then. Let's see what applicans we have here. Squint. Jungle Bob. And you must be the one they call "The Ninja".
Brick: Ninja? Why did they call you that?
Ninja: Hi-ya.
Brick: I think I see why now.
McKibble: Okay, then. Judging by this. You guys are prime minion material.
Bartender: (Gives Inspector Gadget a chocolate milk)
Inspector Gadget drinks chocolate milk
Monkey: [chattering]
Inspector Gadget: (After drinking a chocolate milk) Ho. (The bartender looks at the disguise moustache) I Have History of Hair loss in my family.
Bartender: Anything Else I Can Get You.
Inspector Gadget: Yes. I'm Looking for…(making a claw with his hands)
Bartender: Sorry, We don't serve lobster here.
Inspector Gadget: What? No. Dr. Claw.
Bartender: Claw? Well, if you want to find him, you're gonna have to grease a few palms, if you get my drift.
Inspector Gadget: Well, whatever you say. Here you go. (squirts axle grease into the bartender's hand) Top-grade axle grease.
Bartender: (Grabs the grease in his fist and gets angry) WHY YOU?!?
Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget, Duck! (sinks his head like a turtles into his collar and the Bartender punches the man behind him; that man falls against an arm wrestler and a lady, who bumps into pool player, causing the cue ball go flying towards a tough guy, who ducks, and the cue ball hits a bald dart player's head, and the man falls, destroying a card game table and thuds onto the floor, unconscious. Gadget sees the angry patrons advancing on him) Check, please. Just a check.
(A furious tough guy roars as they got into a bar brawl)
Squint: So, Where do we Start Working for Dr. Claw.
McKibble: Immediately.
Penny: Did You Hear That, Brain.
Inspector Gadget: (Screaming) Come on, Guys. Let's Talk About It. (The Tough Guys Angrily Pull Inspector Gadget) Oh, Man. Aaah, You're Stretching My Sweater. Gadget Mobile. HELLLLLLLLP!!!
Gadget Mobile: (Snoring)
McKibble: (Sees the Cops coming) The Cops. Come on, This Way.
Squint: Let's Get Out of Here
Minions: (Shouting)
Brick: We Can Hide in My Mom's House.
Inspector Gadget: (Getting Punched by Tough Guys) Oh, I Can See You're Upset.
Bartender: Hey, Look. I'm Knocking His Block off.
Tough Guys: (Laughing then Punch Inspector Gadget)
Inspector Gadget: Oh, My Head.
G2: (Walks in the bar and Confronts the Tough Guys) Stop This Felonious and Unlawful act or I Shall Have to Use Force.
Bartender: Ooh, Look, Boys. Malibu Barbie is going to Get Rough with Us.
G2: Very Well, You Were Warned. (Throws the nets at the Tough Guys)
Inspector Gadget: Wowsers, She's Good.
Monkey: (Chattering)
Tough Guys: (Got Arrested and Screaming as They got Defeated)

[Chattering] [Shouting] [Shouting] [Tap Tap] GADGET-MOBILE: Man… lucky for them. I wasn't in there. 'cause, I would have been on them like ugly on a mini-van. GADGET: Well… thanks for the backup, G2… although everything was under control. I had those toughs right where I wanted them. Inspector, what were you doing in that bar dressed as… What exactly are you supposed to be dressed as? I'm a hooligan. Huh? When I'm under cover to follow up on a valuable lead… concerning Where's claw abouts… I mean, Claw's where abouts. I'm in charge of the Crime Investigation now, remember? GADGET: Look, G2, maybe we've just thought of got off on the wrong foot. Ooh! Oh. Perhaps we could have dinner sometime… You know? just to discuss crime fighting strategies. Imagine how great we could be as a team. We could call ourselves "The G-Force"… or "The G-Team" or "The 2 Gs". Inspector Gadget!|Gadget: What's up, G? Even though I'm not programmed for such emotions… I admit I find you strangely… likable. Hmm.|Gadget 2: But, as I already told you, I work alone. And so do I. I'm just saying that maybe we could work alone together. PENNY: You don't even know who I am. Think about it. No, really. You can't arrest me. I'm one of the good guys. Really, I am. Hold on. She's with me. Penny! What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to stay home? Oh! Never mind that. Look what I found about Claw. McKIBLE: Dr. Claw's pulling a little heist tomorrow night… at the Concentrated Industries Warehouse. Wowsers! We'll have to have a stakeout.|Gadget 2: You mean, I'll have to have a stakeout. Penny: Hey! This is our case, lady. Penny. I know. You told me to stay out of it… but Look I did find you this clue. Look! Penny, I know you want to be a detective. OK. But this following me around all the time… just isn't going to fly. Oh! Uh… Gadget! Hi, Chief. Gadget… what are you doing in a barroom brawl? Looking for Clue claws. Claw clues… clue about Claw. And I was right. We got a valuable lead. Yeah, a very valuable lead. We have evidence of a possible heist|at Concentrated Industries Warehouse tomorrow night. Great work, G2! You can stake it out and catch him red-handed. GADGET: Fantastic. I'll bring the doughnuts. I already told you. You're off this case. Both you and Nancy Drew here. Hey! Pbbt! And you're off the force, too, if you get within as a hundred yards of that stakeout. Alrigt fine, but if Claw gets away with his plan for world domination.|Don't come and cry on us. GADGET: 99, 100… 101 yards away. I'm at the stakeout… but I haven't violated the chief's orders. See? At the stakeout… not at the stakeout. Stakeout… not at the stakeout. I don't think the chief will see it that way. Go, Go, Gadget Binoculars! [Boing] [Beeping] My! she certainly is well-equipped, isn't she? GADGET-MOBILE: Ooh, Gadget's got a girl friend.|Ooh, Gadget's got a girl friend. Don't be silly, GADGE-MOBILE. Our relationship is strictly professional. [Heartbeat] Besides, she's state of the art. I'm last year's model. A few extra miles look good on a player… and you are a player, G. You're tricked out with more extras than the Batmobile. Just show her that it's all good under the hood, a'ight? I have no idea what you just said… but I'm sure that if I were a car… it would have been very helpful. All I'm saying is, you got to show her… you got what it takes, man. You're right. You're right! Thanks, GADGET-MOBILE. Well… I'm just gonna go up to the roof|and scope out the situation. GADGET-MOBILE: You go ahead on with your bad self… Ha! I don't know what that man would do without me. GUARD: Hold on, there. What do you want? We got a delivery. This ain't no food warehouse. I'm gonna need some authorization. [Bam] [Thud] Will that do? [McKible and Brick Laugh] We're in, Your Clawfulness. CLAW: Good. Now bring me the ion fuel cells. Yes, sir. Halt! SQUINT: Oh! It's the mechanical meter maid! I'm real scared! Ha Ha Ha! Good one, Squint. Uh-oh. Looks like G2 could use some backup. Stop this felonious and unlawful act… or I shall have to use force. No problem, Love. Catch! [Grunting] Huh? [Shouting] Ooh… Aah! Ooh! She got the kung fu. Aah! Oh… Aah! I'm gonna give them a little bit of the what for, that's right! Go, Go, Gadget Helicopter Hat. [Bell Ringing] Stupid glitches! JUNGLE BOB: Come on! Come on, you! Rrr! [Clang] Aah-ha-ha! Whoa! Ohh. Hyah! Whoa! Aah! [Gong Rings] Wowsers, she sure is limber. Huh? Huh? What is that? I don't know. Oh, I don't like this. [Whooshing] Oh, no! McKIBLE: Hurry it up. bonehead! Go, Go, Gadget Something to get me down there. [Boing] [Whoosh, Flutter] Wowsers. I never knew I had one of these. G2: Stop this felonious and unlawful act… or I shall have to use force. Oh… Aah! You imbecile! COMPUTER VOICE: Suspect. Suspect. G2: Very well. You were warned. Gadget to the rescue! Ooh… Unh! No! No! [Crash] What are you doing here? Well, it looked like…|Claw's Dominions: Quick, Grab the fuel cells! Let's get out of here! Come on! G2: They're getting away. Not to worry, G2. I'll get us out of this. Go, Go, Gadget Scissors [Pop]

Chief Quimby: GADGET! I told you specifically not to go to the stakeout!
Inspector Gadget: That's not truly accurate, chief. You told me not to get within a 100 yards of the stakeout and I posted myself exactly 101 yards away.
G2: Then how did you manage to tangle up with me inside the warehouse?

You gave me backup at the bar I thought I'd give you backup at the warehouse. I never need backup. Until we find out what Claw needs the fuel cells for… all of Riverton is at risk. Chief, you have to put me back on the case. The department needs me! [Splat] That's right, Gadget. The department does need you. And I've got just the assignment… to take advantage of your unique abilities. [Chuckling] Go, Go, Gadget Power Brush! [Whirring] [Brush Stops] [Brush Starts And Stops] Come on, come on. I'm stuck. Go, Go, Gadget Turbo Speed! Aah! [Bubbly]|Go, Go, Gadget Stop! Stop! Aah! [Crash] Ah… ah… oh… oh… oh… ow. Be careful in there. That toilet's got quite a flush. [Claw Laughing] Looks like Gadget has finally found his true calling… Roto-rooter man. Ha ha ha! Hey, Dr. Claw, check this out… an unlimited supply of bowling shirts. And shoes! [Screeching] [Minions Scream] CLAW: Silence! Everyone, pay attention! Who can tell me what we need next… to build my super weapon? Uh… CLAW: The laser.! A new experimental protoid laser… that's being unveiled at the Riverton Science Convention. But to take it, we are going to need a little divulsion.|[Beeping] Hey, Uncle Gadget. Penny? shouldn't you be in school? Uncle Gadget, school was over an hour ago. Oh. I'm sorry, Penny. Oh. hey! This came for you in the mail today. Looks kind of strange. "Inspector Gadget…" Wowsers! He must have really bad hand-writing… to go to all that trouble. Or maybe he doesn't want you to identify his hand-writing. And, look, it's signed "Anonymous Concerned Citizen." Well, it's good to know we still have a concerned citizen who's willing to get involved. This is supposed to Claw. [Sniffs] No. Why would Claw want me there? I don't know. Uncle Gadget, this might be a trap. You know Penny, I'm thinking that this might be a trap. That's what I just said. You gotta let me come with you this time. Sorry, Penny. No can do. This is work for a serious law enforcement professional. You mean like a bathroom attendant? Exactly. Don't stay up for me, Penny. I'm on the case. [Tires Screech] No. I need you to keep a sharp eye out, GADGET-MOBILE. If you see anything suspicious, you let me know. GADGET-MOBILE: Like a Trekkie with a girlfriend? GADGET: Exactly. CLAW: The goose has arrived ready to be cooked. [Chuckling] [Beeping] MAN: Here we go. How's that? Yeah. now. I'll just… Even at this level? Wow! [Machine Whirring] Round and round. RADIO: In sports. the National Hockey League… GADGET: Hmm… Keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious, Brain. Come on. BAXTER: Inspector. Gadget! Hey, Baxter! What are you doing here? I'm showing off my latest gizmo… the bark translator. It's going to give a whole new meaning… to the term "police dog." Watch. Speak, Pedro. [Barks] [Cow Moos] Very impressive. Now Pedro can talk to cows. No, No, No, No. It's supposed to translate into English… once I've got all the bugs out. [Elephant Trumpets], [Sheep Bleats] [Rooster Crows] MAN: Attention. the unveiling of the new protoid laser… is about to begin. I'll see you around, Baxter. Bye Bye, Pedro. Good luck! Pedro. [Yodels, Roars] Well, better have myself a little look around. Go, Go, Gadget Binoculars! [Boing] [Exhales] Inspector Gadget!|Inspector Gadget! Inspector Gadget! Excuse me, Inspector. I'm your biggest fan. BRICK: I thought I was his biggest fan. No. I'm definitely his biggest fan. No. I'm his biggest fan. Will you excuse me for one minute? [Screams Gibberish] Sorry. Would you mind if we took a picture? Oh, No, No. I'm always happy to oblige my fans. Ready? Say cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Heh Heh Heh. Thank you, Inspector. You'll never know how much that means to me. Well, it's my pleasure. And remember, crime doesn't pay. CLAW: Wrong, Gadget. Crime always pays. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Thank you, thank you. Distinguished guests… and, of course, all members. It is my great pleasure to welcome you… to my… whoops… our science convention. The chip is in position, Your Clawfulness, Yeah! Watch as I play with my new toy… the Gadget puppet. Guess that letter must've been a prank. Everything seems OK. Oh. I've never had glitches like that before. MAYOR: And to introduce you to the eminent… Nobel-prize winning scientist, Dr. Theodore Von Sprokenwich. Thank you very much. Thank you. thank you. It's so nice to be here in Riverton. Ah… ah… ah. …his new experimental protoid laser. [Whirring] Think positive, no-glitch… thoughts. All right, Gadget, let's party! Ha ha. [Squirting] Whoa… whoa… whoa. [Mumbling] I'm sorry! Should come out with a little soda water. Inspector Gadget, what do you think you're doing? Aah! I didn't say "Go, Go, Gadget" anything. Huh… unh… oh. Oh, no, Uncle Gadget, what now? Oh… Whoa… Whoa! What's wrong, Inspector? I think I'm having a glitch attack. Ha Ha Ha! Hyah! Sorry! Unh! Hyah! Excuse me. Whoa… Mickey. Woof! Woof! "Woof"? Let's go! GADGET-MOBILE, help! [Snoring] [Gadget Yelling] I was right! Claw's men are stealing the laser! [Machine Powers Down] Don't let them get away. Hurry! [Barks] [Giggling] We got away with it. [Barks] BRICK: You know what… this thing's heavy. [Growling] Hey! Aah! These are my favorite shoes! Get in the car! [Chuckling] [Gadget shouting] Gadget, I said stop it this instant! I've got everything under control. Ooh! [Screaming] Oh! GADGET: Relax! Mayor, Wilson! It's only toothpaste. Remember, kids. Brushing is twice a day… Aah! Aah… Aah! [Boing] …Aah! …Aah! Whoa! Ooh. Easy. Ew. Not to worry. I'm all right. You! [Growling] Oof! He's got my shoe! Bad doggy! Let's go. [Tires Screech] [Snoring] First ion fuel cells and now a protoid laser? What is Claw up to? GADGET-MOBILE: Huh? What'd I miss this time? PENNY: Thanks for all your help. GADGET-MOBILE: Hey! I've been working nights, OK? I need to recharge my battery. [Brain Barks] Brain? What you got there, boy? From the bad guys? [Barks] Hey, now this might be an important clue. [Barks] [Siren] I hope Uncle Gadget's not in too much trouble.

Inspector Gadget: Fired? You can't fire me. I quit! (Quimby scoffs) Wait a second, I don't want to quit. Besides, Chief, it's not my fault. Look what Baxter found on me: a circuit override chip.
Chief Quimby: I don't care! Claw stole the laser, and you tarred and feathered the mayor in toothpaste, and caused $100,000 in damages! Turn in your badge, Gadget.
Inspector Gadget: Oh, but Chief, all I ever wanted to be my entire life, was a crime fighter.
Chief Quimby: (sternly) Your badge. (Gadget pulls out his badge from his coat pocket, and slides it in front of Chief Quimby)
Chief Quimby: That would be all… Mr. Gadget.

[Sighs] CLAW: Gadget's goose is cooked… more like deep-fried and burnt to a crisp. Ha Ha Ha…! Silence! Now, with Gadget out of the way… it should be smooth sailing from here on. Ha Ha Ha! GADGET: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Hmm. [Machine Grinding] Uncle Gadget? What are you still doing in bed? And, why is your trench coat and hat in the trash can? I'm no longer a policeman, Penny. [Blows] I'm a… Well… There are a lot of things that I could be. Window washer, huh? Dog catcher… Ooh, parking valet. Sky's the limit. But, Uncle Gadget, you can't give up now. Here! look what we've got. It's a bowling shoe. One of Claw's men dropped it at the Science Convention. What were you doing at the Science Convention? Never mind that. Look! We can solve this together. We can track down Claw and get you your job back. No. I'm through. All right then, I'll track down Claw myself. No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No… You are to stay out of this completely. Do you understand? This is a grown-up problem. Uncle Gadget, just give me a chance. One chance. But, the fact is that there is nothing that you or anyone else can do for me. I'll never be a crime fighter. Never again. PENNY: You don't believe in me. [Crying] [Whimpering] Go away, Brain! Brain, go away! [Whines] [Barks] OK, OK, I get the message. It's up to us now, Brain. We have to help Uncle Gadget. [Barks] Come on, let's get to work. [Music Playing] [Sniffs] [Sneezes] [Coughs] Go, Go, Gadget Hammer! [Thwack] [Crash] That's lunch, people. [Laughing] [Scissors Snipping], [Hair Dryer Blowing] [Saw Cuts], Blow Torch Blasts] All finished! Voila. [Hair Sizzling] WOMAN: Aah! What's this? A patent number. Aha. CLAW: Faster… minions… faster… Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Thud] [Whistles] G2, are you any closer to capturing Claw? Yes. I'm on the case. Hmm. [Muffled] Oh, No. [Beeps] Keep your paws crossed. Brain. This might be exactly what we're looking for. [Bowling Ball Strikes Pins] Look. It's the same shoe. The shoe was made by the Bowl-Rite Company… in the 1950s and 1960s. I wonder where their factory was. Let's see… 1959… Bingo! Ah, here it is. The Bowl-Rite Bowling Equipment Company… down on Old Mill Road. It must've gone out of business,|because it's not in any of the directories after 1960. I wonder what's there now, Brain.

Dr. Claw: Now, the third item that we need… (sees a drawing of himself) Huh? "I'm so evil! Blah, blah, blah!" As I was saying, the third item to complete my superweapon…(taps on the chalkboard with a stick)
Brick: I know this one. The ruby.
Dr. Claw: Yes, but a big ruby, say, about 50,000 karats. (chuckles)
McKibble: Your Clawsomeness, where we gonna find a rock that big?
Dr. Claw: The Riverton Museum. The ruby will be unloaded by the Rajah of India Wednesday night at the Mayor's fundraising. We are going to stop by and do a little fundraising of our own. (laughs)

[Laughs] [Laughs] GADGET: Good evening. Ladies and Gentlemen… and welcome to Mayor. Wilson's Fund-Raiser, orama… MAYOR: Oh. CHIEF: Ow! Ohh. Gadget. Don't worry, Chief. No need to tip me. We better be getting inside. Yeah. It's nice in there. MAYOR: I'm here. Good evening. Good evening, Everyone. Yes. it's me. Ha! Break out the cameras. [Sitar Music Playing] Ooh, another photo-op. [Quimby Humming] G2, notice anything suspicious about those musicians? Aside from the fact the music doesn't match|the instruments they're playing? Come on, Brain. Yep. This is definitely the place. At least the building's still here. [Wood Clatters] [Wind Blowing] [Brain Whimpers] I don't know, Brain. Spread is creepy. Welcome, sir|Welcome Lady Campbell, how wonderful you could come. Lovely to see you, sir. Oh! Claw! Aah! [Screaming] CLAW: Greetings. Mayor… Hope you don't mind if we drop in on your little party. Everybody stop right where you are. The festivities have just begun… and I can promise it's going to be a gas… Laughing gas, that is. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ho ho ho ho! That's right. Laugh it up, Riverton… because I am having the last laugh now. [Laughing] Rah ha ha ha ha ha! [People Laughing] [Sighs]|It must be quite a party.

[everyone in the party are sprayed by laughing gas, except Claw and his henchmen]
Mayor Wilson: Do something to stop him, Chief Quimby.
Chief Quimby: You'll never get away with this, Claw.
Dr. Claw: We'll see.
Chief Quimby: [still laughing] G2, see!
G2: Very funny, Claw, but you forget. I am unaffected by laughing gas. Now… (prepares her net guns) stop this felonious and unlawful act, or I shall have to use force.

Ah, the lady Gadget. I've so looked forward to meeting you. I hope you don't fall victim tonight… to my magnetic charm. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! [Whirring] Ha Ha Ha Oh! [Metal Clanking] [Laughing] Hee Hee Hee! Aah! [Metal Pinging] Oh! Oh! Mmm! Unh! [Whoosh] [Clang] [Laughing] Now if you'll excuse me, G2… I have some shop lifting to do. Ha Ha Ha! [Glass Shatters] [Whimpers] It looks like someone's been here… and recently, too. Aah! [Barks] Thanks, Brain. [Growls] Do you see that? Brain, look! It's a perfect match. [Band Laughing] GADGET: Done so soon? McKIBLE: Yeah. We were playing the "Unfinished Symphony." BRICK: Yeah. And then we took this giant ruby. Yeah. That was the name of our last song. You know "We took this giant ruby"? "Took this giant ruby" "Stole this giant ruby" Just a minute, there. Huh? [Whimpers] Let me get that for you. CLAW: Thank you, Inspector. GADGET: That's it. Everybody in. Thank you. Nice to carpool, isn't it? Yeah. There. [Tires Squeal] No tip. They stiffed me again. I live on tips! Brain, take a look at this.|Fuel cells… that's what Claw stole from the warehouse. Laser… that's what Claw took from the Science Convention. "Ruby" [Barks] What would Claw want with a ruby? "QUANTUM PHYSICS FOR DIMWITES" OK, Claw's definitely up to something big. Wait a minute. I know what Claw's up to. He's going to build… [Door Opens] Come on, Brain! [Men Laughing] We're rich! Hey, Hey! Hey! How much do you think this thing would fetch on E-bay? About $1.98. CLAW: No, nitwits. Once we've robbed the Federal Reserve… we can buy hundreds of these baubles. With my secret weapon, Riverton will be defenseless… as will the rest of the world! [All Laughing] I've got to tell Uncle Gadget. Come on. [Metal Clanks, Laughter Stops] [Gasps] [Balls Clatter] Well, it's an agent mini-Gadget. Get her! JUNGLE BOB: Come on. Let's go! SQUINT: This way! Come on! Whoa! Ahh! McKIBLE: She's getting away!|I'll cut her off at the pass. Come here! Aah! Gotcha! Whoa! Ohh! Uhh… Yeah! Get back here. Get her! Aah!|[Gasps] [Men Snicker] Hey, isn't this the place to get new bowling shoes? MEN: No! Uh-uh. [Barks] I assure you, Ms. Mayor. We'll do everything in our power to apprehend Claw. G2 will be… G2 is finished… along with the whole Gadget program. It's time we reinvested… in some good old-fashioned policemen and women… not these mechanical clowns. Ms. Mayor, if you just give me another chance… You had your chance. It's bad enough they stole the ruby… but what's worse… no one gave any money to my campaign. [Sobs] I should've learned my lesson with Gadget. This whole program is a total waste of time. Come on, G2. We're taking you to the precinct for immediate deactivation. Deactivation? That's right. Deactivation. [Dramatic Music Playing] Hmm. GADGET: I'm sorry. G2. [Pop] Thank you… but there's nothing you can do. [Whoosh] Now, G2. [Car Engine Starts] Nothing I can do. Hmm. [Ding] Or is there? [Liquid Bubbling] OK. Now, where's that light switch? Aah! Aah! Aah! Ow! Ohh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! [Blows] Wrong switch. [Click]|Ah… [Dramatic Music Playing] [Machinery Whirring] [Hissing] [Beeping]

G2: What happened?
Inspector Gadget: I reactivated you.
G2: Inspector Gadget, why you'd do that?
Inspector Gadget: Well, I hate to see a good detective being recycled and I always have great admiration for your investigating abilities.
G2: Inspector, are you saying you like me? (Gadget drinks some blue substance but spits it out)
Inspector Gadget: Well, I suppose, in a man of speaking. Strictly professional.
(Inspector Gadget tap his hat to stop the heart icon)
G2: Thank you.
Inspector Gadget: You're welcome.

[Brain Barking] [Barks] Brain, What are you doing here? Where's Penny? [Barking] Ooh~ He's trying to tell me something. It's too bad I don't speak dog. If only dogs could talk like people. That would be good… Wait a second. I have an idea. [Static] All right, Brain. Now speak! [Static, Rooster Crows] [Dolphin Chirps] [Elephant Trumpets] [Tarzan Yell] [Frog Croaks] Heh heh. [Man Speaking French] Bowwow. Brain… speak something else. BRAIN: Check. Testing 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. Penny has been kidnapped by Claw. Amazing! isn't it? what modern technology can do? Wowsers! Penny's been kidnapped by Claw? Yeah, and Claw's had some sort of giant laser and|He's going to fire at Riverton and rob the Federal Reserve. He's holding Penny captive at the old Bowl-Rite Bowling Factory on the outskirts of town. The bowling factory? Of course. The bowling shoe. Penny was right. I should've listened to her. She tried to tell me, and I didn't listen to her.|BRAIN: Speaking of listening… I'm getting a little tired of liver-flavored kibble over time. Would it kill you to shell out for a pork roast or prime rib? Look, G2! My niece's in trouble.|I know that you don't ever work with a partner but… I really need your help. Are you sure you want my help? I can't think of a better person to go after a supervillain with. [Brain Barks] All right, let's do it! Let's kick some Claw tail. [Upbeat Music Playing] [Click] [Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh] [Squirting] [Whirs, Clicks] [Bell Rings] Ready? …Ready. Let's go. [Boing] McKIBLE: We're here. Your Clawsomeness.

Penny: Claw, you'll never get away with this.
Dr. Claw: Penny, my dear, prepare to witness a great historical moment.
Penny: Of your demise?
Dr. Claw: I do enjoy your sense of humor.

Now, it's almost 9:23. McKible! Activate the ray. [Car Alarm Chirp] Why can't evil geniuses ever say "please"? He's a very busy man. I'm a busy man, too. [Tone Buzzes] Whoa… Behold! The greatest super weapon of the 21st Century. A bowling pin? CLAW: No. you dimwitted peabrain. Watch and see. [Whirring] Whoa. Double whoa. Meet the time displacement laser… my crowning achievement in a lifetime of evil. Riverton doesn't stand a chance. Hurry, GADGET-MOBILE, before they fire the giant laser. Can't you make this jalopy go any faster? Jalopy? Oh, yeah? Well, bring on the noise and bring on the funk|'cause I'm bringing out what's in my trunk. [Flesh Flapping] [Pops, Whimpers] And just wait until I get into second gear. CLAW: Time for. Riverton to take a little snooze. Ha Ha! [Crash] Fire away! Ah Ha Ha! [Boom] [Whoosh] [Screaming] [Screaming Stops] [Whirring] [Barks] [Echoes] Awesome! [Echoes] Bomb's away! REPORTER: Over, here! Mayor. Wilson. Whoo ooh! It's gaining on us. Faster, Faster. [Birds Chirp] GADGET: Wowsers! That was close.

McKibble: Riverton is in a deep freeze, Your Clawcity
Brick: That means thime has stopped.
McKibble: That's what I said.
Dr. Claw: Good, Now we won't have any trouble with traffic.
Penny: Uncle Gadget.

[Tires Squeal] The rail looks like it's stopped. You think it's safe to go back? There's no time to waste. We got to stop Claw and rescue Penny. Then to the Federal Reserve and step on it. It's time to kick some bad guy booty. [Tires Squeal] We're just here to pick up a few hundred billion in bullion. Hope you don't mind. I don't think he minds… a bit. [Brick Laughs] [Beep] Time to show me the money. [Both Laugh] [Motor Whirs] [Whirring Stops] [Suspension Music Playing then, Dramatic One Playing] It'll take weeks to crack this thing. Not if you know the right people. Thank you. Mr. Bank Director… Your services are no longer required. [Unlocks] [All Laughing] McKIBLE: We're rich! Rich! CLAW: OK. underlings… Iooks like the Federal Reserve is having a 100% off sale!|Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! GADGET-MOBILE: Out of my way, G Team coming through. I'm going to need a really big piggy bank. McKIBLE: Come on, Brick! Faster! Faster!|CLAW: Now, let's see. Tomorrow we rob for N.O. X, then on Tuesday, the Louvre. So much to steal, so little time|Wait! I've got all the time in the world. [Men Laugh] [Tires Squeal] GADGET-MOBILE: The cavalry has arrived. Huh? Gadget again. Uncle Gadget, you're all right? Aah! Come here, you. Oh! GADGET: The jig is up. Claw.|You're under arrest for kidnapping, bank robbery, breaking out of prison… and general all-around evil. The jig is most certainly not up. In fact, the jig is just about to destory it. You want me to play dentist with your niece? PENNY: Uncle Gadget! Help! Help! Brick! McKible! PENNY: Help! Get in there, you. Aah! Dr. Claw, what about us? Yeah man… You're minions, aren't you? Get the good guys! PENNY: Uncle Gadget. help! help! Help! Help me! I'll take care of these clowns.|You go after Claw. Good call, G2.|Go, Go, Gadget Helicopter Hat! [Pop] Stupid glitches. I hate being last year's model. Here! let me give you something from this year's model. Take one of my chips. G2, but… then you might get the glitches. I'll manage. [Clicks] [Beeps] [Whirs] OK. Better stand back. Go, Go, Gadget Helicopter Hat! [Whirs] Whoa. It works. It works! It works! [Dramatic Music Playing] GADGET-MOBILE: You go get 'em. G. Whoa! This shouldn't take long. GADGET-MOBILE: Time to take out the trash. G-girl and don't bother to recycle. [Engine Whirring] [Tires Squeal] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [Whirs] [Squeaks]

Brick: Dr. Claw, it's Gadget.
Dr. Claw: Not again.
Penny: Oh, Uncle Gadget.
Dr. Claw: Not to worry. Time for Gadget to go out with a bang.

[Beep, Click] Help! [Ricochets] Ow! [Laughs] Sorry. Oh~~ No!|Ooh!

Brick: He's still after us!
Dr. Claw: McKibble! Lose him!

[Tires Squeal] Hyah! Grr. [Whooshing] Go, Go, Gadget Boomerang Gun! [Boing] [Pop, Clang] [Boing] Ouch. Oh, well. I guess when you have lemons, make lemonade. CLAW: Care for a smoke, Gadget? [Hissing] [Coughing] Aah! Ow… ow… ow… ow! Aah! [Crash] Ow… ow… ow… Unh! Puhh! PENNY: Uncle Gadget! Help! Go, Go, Gadget scooter! [Whirring] [Horn Honks, Bell Rings] [Minions Yelling] Go, Go, Gadget Net guns! [Fluttering] BOTH: Whoa! Oh. Huh? What is this? I can't move! I guess glitches sometimes do have their benefits. Let me out! Hey! Get me out of here! Looks like this case is about wrapped up. Hey, I just made a joke. [Scooter Rewing] Unh! Hey, hey, hey! Huh! Huh! Huh! Gangway! Whoop… Look out! Police emergency. Coming through. [Imitating Police Siren] Go, Go, Turbo Speed! [Boom] Whoop… Excuse me. GADGET-MOBILE, we have to find Inspector Gadget. No problem. Gadget homing device activated. [Beeping] Coming to get you, Claw. Go, Go, Gadget Eject! [Boing] [Thud] [Blows] Huh!

Brick: (He sees Gadget making a funny face at the telescope screen) He's on the roof!
McKibble: On the roof?
Penny: Uncle Gadget, help!
Dr. Claw: McKibble! Get him off!
McKibble: Take some of this, Gadget! (He swerves the car around but Gadget is holding on to the telescope to avoid falling off)
Dr Claw: Time to switch to plan B!! (He grabs Penny and puts her in something)
Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadget can opener…hahaha! (He cuts out a hole in the roof and glares at Dr. Claw) Claw, stop the truck and come out with your claw up!
Dr. Claw: You know, Gadget, there's one true detective in your family and it isn't you. Too bad you didn't listen to her when you had the chance.
Inspector Gadget: Penny? Penny?
Dr. Claw: Now it's time to say goodbye to me and to your partner.
(Dr. Claw drops Penny off the truck inside a go kart filled with explosives and chains)

[Beep] [Claw Laughing] PENNY: Aah! Aah! Aah! [Beeping] Uncle Gadget, help! She has 60 seconds! Ha ha ha ha! [Screaming] PENNY: Help me! Don't worry, Penny! I'm coming! [Clang] Unh. [Thud] Uh… Who put that there? PENNY: Uncle Gadget. help! Penny? Aah!

Penny: Uncle Gadget!
Inspector Gadget: Penny, you okay?
Penny: Claw is getting away.
Inspector Gadget: That's not important right now. Penny, you are the only thing that matters to me.

[Timer Beeping] Uncle Gadget, the bomb… It's gonna explode! Hurry! Go, Go, Gadget Bolt Cutter! [Snapping] [Beeping] Hurry! [Beep Beep] Got it! Let's go! [Beeping] [Boom] Whoa! [Screech] Oh, no. CLAW: Ha ha ha ha! I always like my Gadget well done. I got here too late. GADGET-MOBILE: They're gone forever… It's the closest I've ever come to being a family car. Why? [Penny Coughing] [Barks] Uncle Gadget? Uncle Gadget? [Whistle, Thud] Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. [Groans]

[G2 and the Gadgetmobile are mourning the deaths of Gadget and Penny]
Penny: (Coughing in the smoke) Uncle Gadget? Uncle Gadget? [Gadget falls onto the car's hood]
Inspector Gadget: Not to worry. I only landed on my head.
G2: They're alive!
Gadgetmobile: They're alive! They're alive!
G2: They're alive!
Penny: Uncle Gadget!
(Inspector Gadget and Penny hug)
Penny: You saved my life!
Inspector Gadget: I'm so worried about you.
G2: Good work, Penny.
Penny: Thanks to you, too.

Thanks, G2. [Brain Barks] Brain! Glad to see you still fully functioning, Gadget. Well, thank you, G2. Oh. No time to celebrate now. We have to catch Claw. Let's go. Ooh. Ow. I'll go this way. GADGET-MOBILE: Hang on. I know a shortcut. [Tires Squeal] [Chasing Music Playing] [Tires Squealing] Don't worry. I'll handle this.

Dr. Claw: WHAAT??? It's Gadget again! There's only one way to deal with a pest. McKibble, run him over.
McKibble: One order of road kill coming right up!

[Engine Rewing] [Claw Laughs] Go, Go, Gadget Bubble Gum! Bubble gum? Bubble gum? Bubble gum? [Clicks, Whirs] [Pow] CLAW: Ha ha ha! Missed us! Looks like Gadget just blew his last bubble. Ha Ha Ha! [Ascending Steel Guitar Chord Plays] I can't look. Hmm. [Whimpers] Huh?|Huh? [Gum Squeaks] Here comes the good part. ALL: Aah! Ha ha ha ha! [All Yelling] Uhh! Let's get out of here! [Squish] [Squish] BOTH: Whoa! [Groaning] Now, that's what I call as sticky situation. What do we do now?|What we always do. BOTH: We surrender! Claw! come out with your hand and your claw up! [Tone Buzzes] Whoa.|What is that? McKIBLE: I never knew we had one of those. CLAW: You may have won this round… But, I'll get you next time, Gadget. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Dramatic Music Playing] [Claw Laughing] GADGET: Come on.|It's not responding. PENNY: He must've put in|his own security code. Then we'll just destroy it.|No! Then everyone will be frozen forever. We just have to think like Claw. What kind of a code would a supervillain put in? [Snaps]|I got it. And I just lost it. Hey! wait a minute. I know. Let's try "Crime always pays." [Ding] Not always, Claw. [Whoosh] Hmm. BOY: Oh. yeah! [Laughs] [Laughs] And for heroically foiling Dr. Claw and saving Riverton… I would like to award Inspectors Gadget and G2… these distinguished conduct medals for their service to this city. Yay! Congratulations, Gadget. CHIEF: I'd like to announce that we are going to double… the Gadget Unit's budget for next year… so that if Claw ever tries to show his face in Riverton again… we'll be ready for him. Excuse me, Chief. If I just can do possibly… Even just for a second. The real secret to our success has always been teamwork… but there's one member of our team… who hasn't been acknowledged yet. And so, for providing key support to members of the Gadget team… I would like to award this Junior Inspector medal… to Penny for her meritorious conduct. [Applause, Dramatic Music playing] I couldn't have done it without you, Penny. You are one special kid… and I'm proud to have you as a partner. Thanks, Uncle Gadget. [Barks] Yes, Brain. You're special, too|[Barks] GADGET-MOBILE: Hello? Anybody remember… the internal combustion member of the team? What am I scrap metal? I helped. too. Where's my citation? What are you doing, man? Ooh! not that kind of citation.

Baxter: Good night, Gadget. See you on Monday.
Inspector Gadget: Good night, Baxter.
Penny: 'Night, Baxter. Come on, Brain.
G2: Inspector, I just wanted to say I may have been a bit premature in my eariler evauluation of your abilities.
Inspector Gadget: Well, that's very bit of you, G2.
G2: I was wrong to think of you as inept, clumsy, imbecilic…
Inspector Gadget: Don't mention it.
G2: Obsolete, simple-minded, malfunctioning…
Inspector Gadget: Yes, yes, I get the picture.
G2: Anyway, I look forward to more teamwork in the future.
(Inspector Gadget and G2 shake hands and they have glowing hearts in their hats. They kiss and Inspector Gadget's hat is shooting fireworks)

[Electricity Crackles] [Heartbeat] [Beeping] Oh. [Dramatic Music Playing] [Whizzing] [Popping] [Laughs] I just love happy endings. It must be a loose wire or something else. I'll speak to Baxter about that. Don't bother. [Whistling, Popping] [Chimes Tinkle] CHIEF: Huh? Oh. [Both Gasp] Oh.|Oh. [Squeak, Bam] [Both Cough]

(A Firework blasts near Chief Quimby and Mayor Wilson)

[Clang] "Get ready or not. 'cause here I come" "Dance. dance. dance. Have some fun" "6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1" "Get up. get up" "Oh. no. never. ever. gonna stop" "Try and find a different drum" "Not gonna quit. get up. get up. get up" "Stand up. gonna make some noise" "Sing until they hear. my voice" "Can't keep me down. get up. get up" "Get ready or not. 'cause here I come" "Dance. dance. dance. have some fun" "6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1" "Get up. get up" "Get up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up" "Rain falls down on my parade" "Lemons into lemonade" "Can't slow me down. no way. no way. no way" "Yesterday is in the past" "Dream on. tomorrow's comin' fast" "All you got is now. get up. get up" "Get ready or not. 'cause here I come" "Dance. dance. dance. Have some fun" "6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1" "Get up. get up" "Get up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up" "Get up" "Get up" "Get up" "Get up" "Get up" "Get up" "Hey. you. don't let 'em see you frown" "Come on. turn it upside down" "Don't ever. quit. get up. get up" "When life puts you to the test" "There's nothing better than your best" "Show 'em what you got" "You got a lot" "Show 'em what you got" "Get up. get up" "Get up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. higher… higher." "Up. up. up. Hearts on Fire" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up" "Get ready or not. 'cause here I come" "Dance. dance. dance. Have some fun" "6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1" "Get up. get up" "Get up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up. oh. whoa" "Up. up. up" [Inspector Gadget Theme Music Playing] [Pop, Quack, Quack, Quack] [Pop] [Whoosh] [Boing]