Steve: Hi It’s Me Steve. It’s That You? It is! Great! Can you help me find Blue?

Viewers: There she is.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Ooh. Hey, Come on.

Shovel and Pail: Hi Blue!

Blue: (barking hello)

(Periwinkle giggling)

Blue: Bow.

Magenta: Bow.

Blue: Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow.

Steve: Hi. Come on in to my igloo.

Oh and careful so we don’t get ice so slippery.

Ah there is my Igloo.

Can you imagine it?

See I I took 2 chairs and put blanket over it.

I’m Imagining That it's an igloo.

See my igloo has big white blocks of ice and tunnel all through the shape.

Can you imagine it? Oh And there’s a circle in the ice. 

Where you can go a swim their yard. 

Look it the fish.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: There you are Blue. 

I wanted to show you what I make. 

Do you see it? 

Blue: Bow, bow. (barks no)

Steve: Wait a Second. 

Blue: Bow.

Steve: Blue?

Blue: Bow.

Steve: We playing an igloo?

Blue: (barks no)

Steve: No? Cuz I was imagining that this shape is an igloo and in my head

that i can see the white slice it was really cold. 

You don’t see an igloo. 

Do you?

Blue: (barks no)

Steve: Well what are you imagining this shape something else to be in your head?

Blue: (barks yes)

Steve: Oh Well what are you imagining this shape to be?

Blue: (barking) leaving a clue on the screen.

Steve: We have to play blue’s clues to figured out what blue is imagining this shape to be?

We are gonna play blues clues

cause it’s really great game Yeah.

So Remember Blue’s Pawprints will be on the clues, Blue’s Clues.

Hey look at this what do you see but you might see a pawprint?

Pawprint is something else like— 

like —like a big turtle with four toes. 

Yeah there you go. Bye.

Hey you know what we need for Blue’s Clues

our handy dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook Right.

Side table drawer: I got had the notebook.

Steve: Let's go.

Side table drawer: I was imagining that a tropical ice.

See my palm tree.

Can you hear the ocean.

Steve: An island.

Do you see it?

Viewer: Yes.

Steve: Oh Yeah. I see it too. And now i’m swimming in the ocean?

Side table drawer: (laughs) Steve you’re so funny.

Here’s your notebook.

Steve: Ah Thanks.

To play Blue's Clues, we've gotta find a...

The Viewers: Pawprint!

Steve: Oh, a pawprint. Right. And that's our 1st...

The Viewers: Clue!

Steve: A clue?

The Viewers: A clue!

Steve: Then we put it in our...

The Viewers: Notebook!

Steve: Because they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Steve: We've gotta find another pawprint,

That's our 2nd clue!

We put it in our notebook,

'Cause they're whose clues? Blue's Clues!

We've gotta find the last pawprint,

That's the 3rd clue!

We put it in our notebook

'Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit down in our Thinking Chair

And think, think, think!

'Cause when we use our minds,

And take a step at a time,

We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-bow!

Steve: That we want to do! Okay we are ready to go look for clues

So we can figure out what blue is imagining this shape to be? Will you help right?


Mr. Salt: (talking)

Steve: Oh you mean my it's right there.

Mr. Salt: Really That shape Is this just 2 chairs and a blanket. 

Steve: Well yeah but I'm imagining that is an igloo.

Do you see it?

Mr. Salt: An igloo. Ah. No no I don't see it.

Mrs. Pepper: Ooh la loves steve. Nice Igloo.

I see a fish pole.

Steve: Exactly. 

Hey maybe mr. salt just isn't used them. 

Hey We're gonna need those clues. Uh let's skate across the ice to find them.

We are looking for blue’s clues

I wonder where they are.

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yeah I know Mr. Salt could only see to 2 chairs.

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: Yeah and a blanket. You’re Right.

Viewer: There's A Clue.

Steve: Oh! There’s a Clue on this white circle. 

You know what we need now our handy-dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. 

You Know I think I'll use this white crayon draw this white circle. 

So let's draw a circle and color it in.

There. A White Circle.

So what could blue be imagining that shape could be with a big white circle?

What do you think? Really. Well maybe we should find two more clues just to be sure.

Slippery Soap: Whoa! I pictures made up for you.

Steve: Hey that sounds like slippery.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: And blue too. 

Come on.

Slippery Soap: Hey Steve. Did you found a clue.

Steve: Yeah. We did we found our 1st clue.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Tickety Tock: Really. We’re making pictures.

Blue: (barks yes)

Steve: What kind of pictures?

Slippery Soap: Wow, The pictures are going to tell story, 

Steve: Story, That's very imaginative. 

That are pictures are gonna tell to be. 

Slippery Soap: Here’s mine, 

The story is one day we all wanted to take a trip so 1st we—

Hey Steve can you see what i see?

Steve: Um I’m Not Quite Sure Slippery. 

What do you think Slippery is imagining in his picture?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: A Bus.

Blue: Bow, bow. Bow, bow.

Steve: A— A Bus. 

Slippery: Yeah A Big Bubble Bus. And when i used bubbles instead of gas.

(imagines bus)

Steve: Did you see the bubble bus. Cool.

Slippery: So the story goes, A Big City Bubble Bus, 

Took Slippery, Tickety, and Blue on arrive,

Blue: Bow, bow. 

Slippery: Your Turn Tickety. 

Steve: So where did you take you on arrive to?

Tickety Tock: I'll tell you. If you can see when I'm imagining in my picture going to be.

Steve: Ah, I’m Looking But I Don’t think I see it yet.

Do you see What Tickety Sees in her picture?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: An Ice Cream Cone.

Steve: Oh An Ice-Cream cone.

Tickety Tock: Yeah! See my ice-cream cone.

So, The story goes, 

A Big City Bubble Bus took slippery tickety and blue on arrive, 

To find ice cream cones, 

But they could only find them in the sky 


(whispers) Your turn Blue.

Steve: Yeah. Then what happened Blue?

Blue: (barking picture of button) 

Steve: What do you think blue sees in her picture?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: A Hot Air Balloon.

Steve: A Hot Air Balloon.

Slippery: Yeah good one blue.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Slippery: So the story goes, 

A Big City Bubble Bus took Slippery, Tickety and Blue on Arrive,

Tickety Tock: To find ice cream cones, But they could only find them in the sky, So

Slippery and Tickety: Even We can got them on a hot air balloon.

Blue: (Barks) “Even we can got them on a hot air balloon”.

(barks Ta-dah!) 

Steve: Ice cream cones and hot air balloons.

Mr. Salt: Hot Air Balloons. Ice Crean? I see Uh.

Uh. Buttons. Just Buttons.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Well you're right I mean these are just buttons but we’re imaginative.

Pictures made for buttons. 

Watch. I'll make you a picture.

Steve: Okay, Do you see what I see?

A Pig's nose profile.

Yeah! Cause the pig is hiding behind a blanket.

Mr. Salt: Oh No. 

Slippery and Tickety Tock: Ah!

Tickety Tock: I see it Smily face.

Slippery: I see a stop sign.

Mr. Salt: And I see—(groans)

It’s just a button.

I just wanted.

Blue: Bow! 

Steve: Or It’s just Mr. Salt—.

Mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime, mailtime!

Steve: Hey. The Mail’s Here.

Let’s go ask mailbox what do you see this.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Here's the mail. It never fails.

It makes me want to wag my tail.

When it comes I wanna wail,


Okay Mailbox. What do you see in my picture?

Mailbox: Hmm. I see I see a smooshed grape.

Steve: What do i see? 

Mailbox: What?

Steve: A pig’s nose hiding behind a blanket of snow.

Mailbox: That's good. Very good! Here’s you letter. 

Steve: Thanks mailbox.

We Just Got A Letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

We just got a letter.

I wonder who it's from

And imagine that it’s A Letter from our friends.

It is.

All: Hi Steve. 

We're using our imagination we’re looking at the clouds.

I see our imagining our Sea is mouth wide open like he's snoring


And that looks like a Spaceship. 

And that’s to her mommy he's scary.

Look at the t-rex.

All: Bye Steve.

Steve: Bye. Wow All the friends we’re imagine so many different things.

A smooshed grape it was so funny.

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: A Clue. Yeah it is could be a clue.

Hey how did that happen you found our 2nd clue and it's on this button.

or—or a pig’s nose or kinda a smooshed grape.

You Know what we need our handy-dandy..

Viewer: Notebook. 

Steve. Notebook. Right so a button.

Let’s Make a circle with the smaller circle inside.

2 dots for the holes,

And There. A Button. 

So what was our first clue? 

Viewer: A Circle.

Steve: Oh A big white circle right.

And our second clue is this button.

So what could blue be imagining that shape could be with a big white circle and a button?

What do you think?

Oh interesting imaginative but I

think we should find our last clue.

Periwinkle: Blue There’s a dinosaur.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Hey that sounds like periwinkle from next door.

You know I think I'll take my boat to the backyard. Let’s Go.

Periwinkle: Hey Steve. What are you doing?

Steve: Oh. Hi Periwinkle. We’re in a boat. 

What are you doing?

Periwinkle: We’re in in a great big dinosaurs.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Look Periwinkle. I see a blue asaurus rex. 

Get the cave! 

Blue: Bow, bow, bow.

Mr. Salt: Where? A Dinosaur. Where? 

Blue: Bow.

Mr. Salt: Really A Dinosaur.

Periwinkle: We’re imaging that was to be a blue was a dinosaur.

Steve: Yeah kinda like I was imagine 

that is a igloo. You see it.

Mr. Salt: (sighs) I tried I really did.

Steve: Well maybe you just need to learn how to use It.  

Mr. Salt: Can you show me?

Periwinkle: Sure Let’s see.

1st my close my eyes and dream it then i swirled around 

and feel it when I open my eyes you can see it there. 

Steve: I can see it what can you see it there. 

Periwinkle: I see a sand with lost of water far away. 

I Feel some wind.

I see that's a fork or spoon far away.

What i’m imagining?

I imagine can you see it.

What is periwinkle imagining? 

Viewer: The Beach.

Steve: The Beach. Yeah.

Blue: (barking excitedly)

Steve: I love the beach. 

Mr. Salt: You can imagine I guess I don't feel it easier 

Periwinkle: Well um let me give it a try okay.

Steve: So okay that's nice.

1st my close my eyes and dream it then I swirl around feel it 

and my open my eyes you can see it there.

That’s nice and I can see it.

You see it yeah. 

I see if you can see I see lots of green leafy things and that's like green food I'm lots of green.

What am i imagine?

Viewer: The Jungle.

Steve: Oh Yeah I’m Imagining be the jungle in my imagination.

Blue: (barks yes)

Mr. Salt: 1st I dreamed it up and and— (groans)

Periwinkle: Then I felt it and I just don't you try this time.

Mr. Salt: Yeah yeah this time you had time.

1st I close my eyes and dream it then I swirl around feel it 

and my open my eyes you can see it there.

there's a night and I see it

would you see anything inside your head okay

I'm looking I'm looking she's going you can do it

it's big and cottony and pink and sticky mm tasty and sweet

and i have find for.

I'm having a taste of it right now mm mm tasty and sweet and i have find for.

Steve: Um do you know, What Mr. Salt is imagining? 

Viewer: Cotton Candy.

Steve: Mr. Salt you're doing it you are imagining cotton candy.

Mr. Salt: Really I didn't know imagining is so good.

Periwinkle: Yeah me and you are at the carnival.

Blue: (barks yes)

Periwinkle: Steve there’s a roller coaster.

Blue: Bow, bow.

Steve: Yeah and there's a ferris wheel.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: This is a great kind of Mister sod.

Mr. Salt: Thank you for imagining for help us. 

Steve: I have to go thank you 

Mr. Salt: You're welcome.

Steve: Bye. How does imagine worked.

Blue: (Barks) Bow, bow.

Steve: You See? Mr. Salt does have an imagination. I guess everyone does.

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: Yeah. You have to know how to use it. 

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: Oh You See A Clue or or you just imagine?

Viewer: No, It's A Clue.

Steve: Really. Where.

Viewer: There.

Steve: There. What is this clue?

Viewer: Triangles.

Steve: Triangles Right. Two triangles. You Know what need our handy-dandy…

Viewer: Notebook. 

Steve: Notebook. Okay. Okay So a triangle has 1, 2, 3 sides and another one. There. Triangles. Our 3rd clue. You know what that means we're ready to sit in our… 

Viewer: Thinking Chair.

Steve: Thinking chair what are we waiting for let's go.

Now that we’re our thinking chair let’s imagine so we need to figure out what blue is imagining that shape to be? 

You will help right. Great.

So, our clues are a big white circle, a button and these triangles.

So what could blue be imagining that shape could be?

Hey, Hey Maybe we need to see that shape our imagination.

Do you see it?

Okay there it is now we just need to add our clues for that shape. Well I'm seeing the button over here

and maybe the big white circle could be on the other end 

and then I'm seeing the triangles kinda up here. 

Hey What could blue be imagining that shape to be?

Viewer: A Rabbit A Bunny rabbit. 

Steve: A Rabbit is blue imagining that shape to be a rabbit.

Blue: (barks yes)

Steve: We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

We just figured out Blue's Clues,

Because we're really smart!

And Because we’re imagining A Lot. Come on Blue.

Slippery: We got a button.

Tickety Tock: Sure.

Steve: Hi Slippery. Hi Tickety.

Remember she showing imagine pictures we made with those buttons. 

Periwinkle: 1st my close my eyes and dream it. 

Steve: Then i swirled around and feel it.

Periwinkle: When I open my eyes you can see it there. 

I See A Rabbit.

Steve: Me Too! Cool Imagining Blue! A Giant Rabbit.

Mr. Salt: A Rabbit. Hmm. I don't see it. 

I see mounds of coconut ice cream with triangular shaped cookies.

Steve: Great. Hey let's never ask you what do you see in my picture. 

Wow Thank you so much for all your help today.

You'll never forget that you help them find his imagination Come on.

Steve: Now it's time for so long,

But we'll sing just one more song!

Thanks for doing your part!

Mr. Salt: You sure are smart!

Steve: You know, with me and you

and my dog Blue

We can do anything that we wanna do!

Bye Bye.

Blue: (barking) 

Bow, bow.

Blue: Bow, bow.

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