Mike: And now here's the mouse that we're all thankful for he's Mickey Mouse.

Mickey: Hear ye hear ye pilgrims! I give thee welcome to the House of Mouse Thanksgiving! Today we've got a cornucopia of cartoons and our special guest the turkey.

Big Bad Wolf: Bring on the bird!

Practical Pig: Thank goodness for the turkey.

Donald Duck: Hey! Thanks for coming! Whoa!

Daisy Duck: Pocahontas, John Smith and the Colors of the Wind check.

Mickey: Right now though let's give thanks for the music of Plymouth Rock. Aw it's good to see you again pal gee we're really thankful that you chose with us on Thanksgiving.

Turkey: No it's me who must give thanks to you for allowing me to show the world that I am more than a big fat bird who gets chased around once a year and goes gobble.

Daisy: Oh look it's the gobble gobble guy come on do the gobble gobble thing.

Turkey: Sorry I do not do that anymore I am here to sing.

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