• Von Drake: Well, this club needs is a big fat upgrade. So for you I got my new House of Mouse version 2.0.
  • Mickey: Well, that's so, Professor. But, uh, what's it do?
  • Von Drake: Or it does everything. And today we're gonna use it.

  • Horace: Now that's an invention.

  • Daisy: Their all better than us.
  • Minnie: (Sighs) Who needs us anyway.
  • Donald: Yeah!

  • Mushu: Hey, what was that?

  • Mickey: Okay, you know what to do. (Donald grabs a mallet and mashes Von Drake's House of Mouse version 2.0. Goofy does the same and the two mash it until it's broken and flatten) Guys, all you had to do was turn off the machine.
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