Teen Titans
Homecoming - Part 2
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October 1st, 2005
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(Opening shot: the night sky in a violent thunderstorm. Lightning tears through the low-hanging clouds a couple of times before the camera tilts down several hundred yards to stop at a long overhead shot of the Titans and the Doom Patrol. They are gathered under a tarp, around a campfire near the parked T-Ship, in a clearing of the Amazon jungle in which the big throwdown of Part One took place. Cut to a close-up and zoom in on Mento.)

Mento: For as long as there has been a Doom Patrol, we have fought the Brotherhood of Evil.

(On the end of this, dissolve to a close-up of a banner identical to those that hung in the Brain's stronghold-skull atop black stylized B and E. The camera then pulls back to show the Brain, mounted in its menacing skull-face rolling pedestal, and three other figures in the shadows thrown by the wall-bracket torches. One is Monsieur Mallah, another is a stooped, nearly bald old man in a military uniform, and the third is a woman with chin-length black hair, wearing a bodysuit. The old man is General Immortus, while the woman is Madame Rouge.)

Mento: (voice over) Criminals of the worst kind, and our greatest foes.

(On the end of this, dissolve to a close-up of Immortus; liver-spotted pate, deeply hooded eyes, unpleasant sunken smile. Next is a series of dissolves that shows hand-to-hand combat through the ages: Egyptians, Romans, samurai, knights.)

Mento: (voice over) General Immortus.

(Cut to Immortus, in full armor and on horseback with broadsword raised. On the next line, the scene around him flashes the previous time sequence in reverse. He maintains the same commander's pose throughout even as his clothing changes.)

Mento: (voice over) The forever soldier. He knows the strategy of every battle in history, because he was there to see it.

(Dissolve to an extreme close-up of a briefcase whose handle is attached to the wrist of its carrier by a pair of handcuffs. The man is walking down a corridor; pull back to show two bodyguards taking point in front, the camera panning to follow the group. They stop short when an elbow in a full-length black glove comes into view, and the camera cuts to behind the trio and zooms in on the new arrival. It is Rouge, whose sleeveless red bodysuit sports a broad black belt with silver accents and disappears into a pair of thigh-high, spike-heeled black boots. A close-up reveals a high collar, narrowed ice-blue eyes, and full lips curved into a threatening half-smile.)

Mento: (voice over) Madame Rouge. (The carrier motions; the bodyguards charge.) Duplicitous, cunning, and twisted in every sense of the word.

(As he finishes, Rouge elongates her body as if it were made of Silly Putty and coils around the three men like a boa constrictor. In seconds, they have passed out from oxygen deprivation; the briefcase crashes to the floor, still manacled to the limp wrist. Rouge's foot comes down next to it, the rest of her form resuming normal proportions, and she kneels, pulls up the case, and forms one index finger into a key. Extreme close-up of one cuff as she unlocks it, then pull back. She now holds a freshly stolen blueprint and proceeds to unroll it; cut to just over her shoulder and zoom in on one portion of the electronic schematics on the paper.)

(The image dissolves to a close-up of the finished product; a circuit panel with several microchips plugged into slots. One stands vacant as Mallah reaches into view to do a bit of soldering. Next, one of the chips is removed and shifted to the open slot, and the camera cuts to a close-up of Mallah, whose eyes are protected by goggles.)

Mento: (voice over) The gorilla. (He raises the eyewear.) Monsieur Mallah.

(He picks up the product of his effort-the vacuum-tube power core of the quantum generator he and the Brain were building in Part One. Pull back slightly; he lumbers across this lab, and another camera movement reveals the lawful employees squirming against the steel beam Mallah has used to bind them to a column.)

Mento: (voice over) His strength is matched only by his intelligence.

(On the end of this, cut to an extreme close-up of an opening in the side of a machine. The power core is plugged in here, after which the camera pans to the primate's smug expression, which is soon bathed in the glow of the rig coming to life. Long shot: it is a broad towering structure, and Immortus and Rouge are on the opposite side from him. Tilt up along its height.)

Mento: (voice over) Their leader is the Brain.

(Stop on the upper portion and zoom in on a ledge where the bodiless lump of gray matter is observing. Like the generator that was destroyed in the prologue of Part One, this one is topped with a large steel hoop studded by three emitters aimed inward. The whole thing is powering up.)

Mento: (voice over) Intellect personified, (Mallah crosses behind it.) and evil incarnate.

(Pull back; Mallah works at a control panel, and the other three are gathered here now.)

Mento: (voice over) By now, he will have completed his greatest creation.

(Pull back to frame the entire system, now crackling even more frenetically with hoop spinning.)

Mento: (voice o.c.) The quantum generator.

(Close-up of a keyboard at which Mallah is typing; on the start of the next line, cut to the exterior of a large factory, under the stormy night sky.)

Mento: (voice over) Now the Brain can warp the very fabric of space-time.

(On the end of this, a cluster of bright pinpoints appears in the sky and a tiny dark spot, the same sort of black hole created by the Part One generator; forms within them. A propane tank is sucked up off its mountings, followed by assorted pieces of the building complex.)

Mento: (voice over) And the devastating power of a black hole is at his command.

(The flotsam disappears into the singularity and is swiftly followed by the rest of the structure when it disintegrates. Once nothing is left but bare Earth, the black hole winks itself out of being; pull back to show this entire scene playing itself out on a large monitor, with the Brotherhood watching intently.)

Mento: (voice over) He must be stopped... (Head-on view; zoom in slowly on the Brain.) ...or our very existence is doomed.

(Fade to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: a summit-level view of a mountain range. It is daytime, the sky a brutal and sullen yellow, and the camera begins to pan across the peaks.)

Mento: (from o.c.) There, stop.

(The pan ends in time with a blip of static-this is a recorded image, and the color fades out somewhat due to the sun shining down almost directly overhead. Pull back; it is playing on a monitor watched by Mento and Cyborg.)

Cyborg: Mento, are you sure?

(Pull back again. We are back at the nighttime jungle campfire where the prologue began.)

Cyborg: All these mountains look the same to me.

Mento: I read the Brain's mind before they got away. I know where he's hiding.

(Close-up of the monitor; a bit more static washes over it.)

Mento: (from o.c., pointing out a spot) The quantum generator is there. (Pull back to frame both.) Doom Patrol, listen up!

(Pull back again to frame the rest of the Patrol, including Beast Boy, around the fire.)

Mento: Every second we delay gives the Brotherhood of Evil a chance to use their new weapon.

(Negative Man and Robot Man get to their feet during this line, after which the camera cuts to a close-up of Beast Boy and Elasti-Girl.)

Mento: (from o.c.) It's time to move out! (Negative Man crosses behind them.)

Beast Boy: (to Elasti-Girl) Already?

Elasti-Girl: There's no time to rest, Beast Boy. We'll be fine. (She leaves him; Robot Man passes.)

Beast Boy: You don't look fine.

Cyborg: What about air defenses? We fly anywhere near that base and they're gonna start blasting.

Mento: Which is exactly why we're going on foot.

(He turns to the other four, who have gathered behind him.)

Mento: And when I say "we," I mean the Doom Patrol.

(Beast Boy is quite surprised to find his old headgear; the hood/mask he wore in the prologue of Part One while he was on the team, being held out to him. Close-up of him and the garment.)

Mento: (from o.c.) All of us. (Cut to the other Titans.)

Robin: If Beast Boy goes, then so do we.

Negative Man: I really wouldn't go there. Trust me.

Robot Man: You kids have no idea what we're up against.

Cyborg: Well, from the looks of things, you need all the help you can get. (Robot Man leans into his face.)

Robot Man: Listen up, punks! The little runt was in the Doom Patrol long before you got your paws on him! So back off!

Cyborg: (over end of previous) Excuse me, but I don't see a sign saying "Property of the Doom Patrol"!

(By the time he finishes this line, the situation has already begun to go downhill. Mento and Robin enter the argument next as Beast Boy glumly regards the old hood, keeping his distance.)

Beast Boy: I'll go.

(Now Starfire joins in, followed by Elasti-Girl.)

Beast Boy: I'll go.

(As he starts to get fed up, Negative Man and Raven eye the standoff from the other side of the campsite.)

Raven: All of this arguing is pointless. Why don't you just let him make up his own mind? Come on, you're giving me a headache. (Cut to Beast Boy on the end of this.)

Beast Boy: I said, I'll go! (The shouting stops.)

Robin: Beast Boy, (Back to him; Robin continues o.c.) you don't have to do this.

Beast Boy: (resolutely) Actually, I do. (He dons the hood.)

Mento: (crossing behind him) Then it's settled. Doom Patrol, move out!

(They do so, Beast Boy bringing up the rear; he stops short and looks back at the Titans.)

Beast Boy: Don't worry, guys. (smiles and gives them a thumbs-up) I'll be fine.

(The optimism fades in a hurry as he turns and follows the rest of the Patrol into the forest.)

Starfire: Robin, we must do something. We cannot just leave.

Robin: That's the last thing we're going to do, Starfire.

(Fade to black.)

(Fade in to a tree-branch-level view of a patch of jungle, where a large green snake is slithering along one limb. It is now the following day, and the rain has stopped. A burst of Mento's brainpower washes across the undergrowth, clearing out a wide swath, and along he comes with Elasti-Girl right behind. Once the snake has slid o.c., Negative Man crosses the screen as well; now a monkey drops into view and hangs upside down by its tail; this is Beast Boy, as was the snake, keeping watch from overhead. Here comes Robot Man, followed a moment later by the shape-shifter in human form.)

Beast Boy: (smiling) Hey, Tin Man! Shift it into gear! You're falling behind!

Robot Man: Very funny, Green Bean. Maybe if you weighed nine hundred pounds--

(He stops short, verbally and physically, and begins to sink out of sight. A camera shift reveals that both have stepped into a patch of quicksand, and he can only voice a long, shuddering gasp as the laws of gravity and hydrodynamics take their toll.)

Beast Boy: Robot Man!

(He has now gone in to the crown of his head; the bubbling cries that float up from the quicksand bring Elasti-Girl and Negative Man to a sudden halt.)

Negative Man: Quicksand. Come on, Cliff, watch where you're going.

(In an instant, his black soul is diving in after the foundering metal hero. Beast Boy becomes a toucan and has no trouble freeing himself; now Elasti-Girl's huge hand reaches down into the muck, and the camera pulls back to show that she has grown to jumbo size to help out.)

Elasti-Girl: I can't find them!

(A bit of rippling precedes the emergence of the black shape, which hauls Robot Man up to solid ground before re-entering Negative Man's prostrate body. The latter gets up, Elasti-Girl shrinks to normal size, Beast Boy resumes human form, and Mento runs back.)

Mento: What's the holdup?

Robot Man: It's nothing, Mento. We're right behind you.

Beast Boy: Nothing? We just got our butts kicked by a bunch of mud. Maybe we should call the Titans.

Mento: I said no. Now hurry up! We have a lot of ground to cover. (He moves out.)

Beast Boy: Yes, sir.

(He does likewise; once he is out of frame, the camera tilts up slightly to focus on the deeper reaches of the jungle behind him. No light penetrates this far, but one soon shines out, a small, glowing red dot. Back to the Patrol; Beast Boy stops at the rear as the others continue on.)

Beast Boy: Something's behind us. (All others stop and turn.)

Mento: (throwing a brainwave) Stand aside!

(Pan quickly to follow the shot toward its target, which has now emerged into full view: an enormous robot, standing as tall as the treetops, with a single red eye that threw the red dot. A second, larger light is set in the chest. It stumps resolutely on, plowing through Mento's assault with no visible damage, and the camera cuts to the Patrol and zooms in.)

Mento: We've been spotted. (Close-up, zooming in.) Doom Patrol, attack!

(First up to bat: Elasti-Girl, who grows until she can see the leviathan eye to eye and gets ready to deliver a mother of a left hook. Before her fist can fly, though, that single red eye fires a freezing beam that leaves her totally encased in ice. She crashes to the ground, whereupon Negative Man conjures up his soul and launches it, only to have it ensnared in a net of energy from one steel arm. The black form struggles against the bindings, cannot break free of them, and is finally forced back home; the man himself topples over, now caught up in the net.)

(Behind the incapacitated fighter, Mento charges over to try another blast of his mind powers; the shot has no effect except to make the robot very angry indeed. It opens fire with two banks of small lasers, one on either side of the chest emitter, and forces him to take cover. The blasts lace toward Robot Man and ricochet off his body.)

Robot Man: Blasters? (He charges.) You're gonna have to do better than that, Brain!

(An incredible leap carries him toward the gargantuan steel adversary, and he gets both arms up, hands clasped, to drive home a punishing hammer strike. As he is just about to reach his target, the chest produces a force field mighty enough to stop him in mid-jump and hurl him back down. It takes a fair bit of effort for him to get his face clear of the ground now.)

Robot Man: Magnetic field, huh? All right. That's pretty good.

(Cut to just behind the robot's shoulders and pan to follow its gaze as it turns away from the prone Robot Man. Beast Boy, now a tyrannosaurus rex, is coming up fast from this other direction, and his roars and bellows clearly broadcast his supreme fury for miles. The screen fills with the flash of impact and clears to show the mammoth foe tumbling gracelessly past Elasti-Girl and Negative Man. As these two finally free themselves, the former returning to normal size, Beast Boy resumes human form.)

Beast Boy: Guess the Brain never planned on a T-Rex Two-Step.

Negative Man: Next time, he will.

(All three move quickly toward the sparking, smoldering remains of the downed enemy and are joined by Mento.)

Mento: We'll be surrounded by sentries any minute. We need to move.

(They run o.c., after which the camera pans slightly to bring the head into view. It begins to rotate here and there, but no one pays any attention on the way off the battlefield. Once all have gone, the robot heaves itself up to a sitting position, the red eye facing forward; next, the head splits open and the halves slide to either side, revealing a hidden blaster within. This rotates to aim straight ahead, and the view shifts to its perspective; focused on Beast Boy, with a set of crosshairs zeroing in on him.)

Robot Man: (voice over) Look out!

(Back to the field. These words bring Beast Boy up short so he can catch a glimpse of the weapon that has him dead in its sights. Here comes Robot Man, leaping toward the head with a fresh yell in his throat; just as the blaster fires, its target wings away as a toucan and the half-ton hero land a punch against the head. Smoke and flame fill the screen, then clear to show Robot Man trading blows with the android, whose head has put itself back together. The scuffle ends when the Patroller punches out the main chest emitter, releasing a flood of sparks and knocking the thing squarely onto its back. Now, as Beast Boy runs up in human form, he strains to rip the fragments off altogether.)

Beast Boy: Cliff! What are you doing?

Robot Man: Buying you some time! Now get going!

(He succeeds in tearing the frame free of the body panels; the crackling sparks intensify into a blinding corona. On the next line, cut to a close-up of Beast Boy's wide-eyed, totally stunned expression.)

Mento: (from o.c.) Beast Boy, now! (Pull back; he and the other two are at a distance.) That's an order!

(The glare of the o.c. firestorm plays over him for a long moment as he tries to make up his mind, and then he turns to beat feet with Mento, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man. Cut to an overhead view of these three, the Titan catching up quickly, and pull back to show this image on a monitor in the Brotherhood's lair. The Brain is watching the show; cut to a head-on view. The eyes in its pedestal are glowing bright red in the near-darkness, and many other humanoid silhouettes are arrayed behind it. Each of these has a glowing red spot on its chest.)

Brain: Persistent, aren't they?

(It moves aside, revealing one more figure immediately behind-one that does not have a red light. The next voice is that of a very old man, perhaps British, very wheezy. Coupled with the center figure's near baldness and the glint of gold epaulets at the shoulders, it can only belong to Immortus.)

Immortus: Persistent, yes...

(Close-up. Now the other figures can be seen more clearly; robots built somewhat after the fashion of the one Robot Man took down, but with full, two-eyed faces. The red lights mark the blasters set in their chests. All move forward slowly while the camera zooms in.)

Immortus: ...but not immortal.

(He advances fully into the light, a diabolical grin spreading across his wizened features. Fade to black as his face fills the screen.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: one of the mountain peaks in the surveillance recording Cyborg and Mento were studying at the start of Act One. As before, it is daytime, and the camera pulls back to put more of the slope in view and tilts to the surrounding barren plains. The Patrol, save Robot Man, has gathered here. All quiet on this front, but only for a few seconds; from the thickly wooded distance behind them comes a flash of electricity, accompanied by Robot Man's agonized scream. His plan to give them a little extra time to get away has apparently gone a bit wrong, but Mento does not let it shift his demeanor a bit.)

Mento: We cross this desert to the mountains. (Cut to the others; he continues o.c.) That's where we'll find the Brotherhood of Evil's base.

Negative Man: And we'll be totally exposed when we do. (Back to Mento.)

Mento: I know, Larry, but it's the only way.

Beast Boy: What about Robot Man? Aren't we gonna go back for him? We need him for the mission.

Mento: Robot Man already did his part for the mission. (heads out) We move forward.

Beast Boy: (to Elasti-Girl, as Negative Man follows) We can't just leave him behind.

Elasti-Girl: Put it out of your mind, Beast Boy. It helps.

(She leaves him to mull this over uneasily for a second or two; finally, after a long look back toward the battle zone, he, too, sets off across the sand. Fade to black.)

(Fade in to a long overhead shot of the four Patrollers traversing the dunes and zoom in on them. Beast Boy has become a camel; dissolve to a closer shot of the group. A couple of graph readouts superimpose themselves on the corners of the screen; we are looking through some sort of viewing device.)

Immortus: (voice over) Strike while your enemy is at his weakest, when he is mired in self-doubt...

(Cut to two pairs of feet on a high ridge: his own and those of one of his robot soldiers, and tilt up. He is peering through a set if binoculars, the device that gave the perspective just seen, and the mechanical infantryman is armed with a formidable weapon.)

Immortus: ...and your victory will be assured. (He lowers the finder.) Sun-Tzu was one of my best students.

(He is referring to the Chinese philosopher/general who wrote The Art of War. Back to the travelers, still marching through the vast reaches of the desert. A sudden tremor stops everyone in their tracks; Beast Boy resumes human form to keep his balance. Cut to just behind Mento and zoom in toward the source, which seems to be somewhere closer to the mountain but is hidden in a thick cloud of dust.)

Mento: Negative Man! Take a look!

(Pan to him on the end of this; he sends out his soul as a pin-balling black burst that takes human shape after it has gained a few hundred feet of altitude. The dust has cleared, allowing a good view of the cause of the continuing tremor: an entire division of tanks rolling in from the mountain. In short order, Negative Man puts himself back together and turns to report to the boss.)

Negative Man: Tanks. Lots of 'em.

(As the mechanized advance continues, one tank grinds toward the camera, close enough to show Immortus' head and shoulders protruding from its hatch.)

Immortus: Fire at will!

(All the main guns let go with a thundering laser volley that is right on target. Mento throws up a shield to protect himself and Elasti-Girl, Negative Man runs for it, and Beast Boy takes flight as a falcon. The barrier comes down as the shots stop briefly.)

Mento: Doom Patrol! Attack!

(Negative Man runs point this time, dodging a fresh fusillade as if he were a circus acrobat on a caffeine high, and lets his soul go while forming a cage around his body. The form ricochets off tank after tank; cut to inside one of them as the head pokes in through a display screen. It floods into the robot at the controls and shorts out both it and the tank's entire system, and an exterior view shows the apparition fleeing just ahead of the explosions that tear the vehicle apart.)

(More tanks get this same visit and are blown to bits. The destruction of one fills the screen with smoke; when the view clears, it has shifted to an overhead view of Elasti-Girl, outnumbered quite badly. Her response to the unbalanced odds is to super-size herself and start stomping tanks flat as if crushing empty soda cans for recycling. Next, Mento concentrates the energy of every last neuron into his hands and lets it all go with a savage yell. The result is a sand-laden shock wave that rumbles toward a squadron of tanks; when it has passed, he is the only one left standing as Negative Man puts body and soul together and stands up nearby.)

Negative Man: I figured they'd be tougher.

Mento: It's not over. (Cut to Immortus, binoculars to his eyes.)

Immortus: (lowers the binoculars) Commence Phase Two!

(Extreme close-up of a surface covered with closed circular hatches. These hiss open, allowing a salvo of missiles to launch, and the camera pulls back to show the hatches on the upper portion of a surviving tank. The projectiles explode all around the four Patrollers; Beast Boy glances worriedly this way and that before being blasted off his feet by one of them. One of Elasti-Girl's jumbo hands swings in for a neat catch and sets him down safely.)

Negative Man: (points at a gap in the lines) Mento, an opening.

Mento: And exactly where he wants us.

Elasti-Girl: (shrinkis to normal size) Steve, we're running out of options.

Mento: Well, I'd hate to disappoint the old man. Let's go!

(All four rush toward the hole in Immortus' ranks and do not notice the tank that thunders down from a nearby incline to get after them. This time, Negative Man is in the advance position as they race along a canyon.)

Mento: Keep a sharp eye.

(They are brought up short by an o.c. beeping. Cut to a longer shot of the area and pull back; the ground here is liberally dotted with land mines, all of which have sprung to life.)

Negative Man: Oh, great. (Beams flash between them, hemming in the group.) Magnetic mines. I hate these things.

(The sound of weapons being cocked draws their attention upward, and a cut to the nearby canyon wall reveals platoon upon platoon of Immortus' heavily armed robot troops at the ready on a ledge. Pan from here, across the trapped Patrollers, and stop on an equal number of soldiers massed at a ledge on the opposite wall. To make matters considerably worse, here comes a detachment of tanks on the straightaway.)

Elasti-Girl: He's closing in! (Close-up of Immortus, still riding in front.)

Immortus: Left flank, fire!

(The robots on one ledge follow orders, but Mento gets a shield up just in time to protect his crew. Judging from the way in which the other three are ducking and covering, though, it could stand to be a few sizes bigger. As the camera pans slowly across them, one lucky shot wings Elasti-Girl and lays her out.)

Negative Man: Enough of this. I'll take care of the mines.

(His soul bursts loose and soars erratically upward over the canyon, causing the mines to dig themselves out of the ground and fly after it. This leaves the other three free of the confining beams, and Beast Boy helps Elasti-Girl up.)

Mento: Now's our chance! Move!

(Three Patrollers bug out, the uncharacteristically serious green joker helping his injured comrade along. The one left behind is Negative Man, whose body has collapsed to its knees with the exit of its life force; Beast Boy looks back at him.)

Beast Boy: Negative Man! He's running out of time!

Elasti-Girl: Keep moving, Beast Boy. Don't look back.

(The black man-shape goes higher and higher, pursued by every mine Immortus left behind, and is almost out of view before doing a sharp U-turn leading into a screaming dive toward the tanks. Suddenly, it stops short, forces all the mines away with a sudden violent effort, and takes off to stay ahead of a fresh ground-to-air offensive. Behind it, the background dissolves to a ground-level pan of the canyon; the soul begins to slow down and come in for a landing as it begins to break up a bit. Unfortunately, it comes down short of Negative Man's body and ends up sinking into the sand instead with a drained sigh.)

(Mento, Beast Boy, and Elasti-Girl continue their hasty retreat, but are stopped cold when a laser blast from o.c. strikes one end of a rock formation that arches over the canyon. Close-up of Mento, who gasps, and pan to the other two. With no warning at all, Elasti-Girl shoves Beast Boy ahead to thud against Mento's back, knocking them both down. Cut to her as she grows to giant size among the slabs that have already fallen loose from this shot.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Rita, no! (She catches the collapsing arch.)

Elasti-Girl: Beast Boy, I'll be fine! I promise!

(Pull back. As she puts every muscle fiber in her gargantuan body to the task of keeping the stone mass aloft, Mento and Beast Boy make a break for it. Slowly, chillingly, she begins to yield under the mind-boggling physical strain. Cut to behind her, a set of crosshairs roving quickly across the view before homing in on the end of the arch that is still anchored to the canyon wall, and then back to a head-on view. Another laser shot hits this end, blasting it free and filling the screen with its glare to the sound of her scream. When the view clears, we see Mento and Beast Boy, who stop for a second as the latter looks back. He is greeted with only the sight of a pile of stone rubble that collapses in on itself.)

Beast Boy: Rita!

(He starts to rush in, but is stopped by Mento's hand on his shoulder.)

Beast Boy: (struggling to pull free) Let me go! We have to help her!

Mento: (stolidly) Beast Boy, there's nothing we can do now. We must keep moving.

Beast Boy: She promised! She said she'd be okay! Please, Mento, we can't go! Don't make me leave her!

Mento: It's time to grow up, Beast Boy. The world is counting on you.

Beast Boy: So is Elasti-Girl. (He throws the hand off angrily.) I'm scouting ahead.

(A few running steps give him the room he needs to transform into a falcon and take off. Cut to a clear patch somewhere down the way, on a clifftop; he lands and resumes human form.)

Beast Boy: (softly, pulling out/activating communicator) Titans, come in. Do you read me?

(He gets no further before the device levitates out of his hand.)

Robin: (over comm) Beast Boy! Where are--?

(The transmission is cut off in a burst of sparks, culminating in an explosion that leaves only shards of circuitry and casing to rain down. Pull back; Mento is striding stonily up, having broken the line himself.)

Mento: "No matter what it takes." That was the oath the Doom Patrol swore, Beast Boy. I can't ask your friends to do the same.

(Close-up of the young ex-Patroller, who is finally starting to get the whole picture.)

Beast Boy: We're not coming back, are we?

(The camera remains on his bitterly puzzled face and narrowed eyes as the view fades to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: a long view of Mento and Beast Boy, face to face at the cliff's edge. The camera tracks slowly around them before cutting to a close-up.)

Beast Boy: You broke my communicator! How do you expect me to reach the Titans?

Mento: I don't. (moves off) Now let's go!

Beast Boy: No!

(That one word is delivered with enough steely resolve to freeze Mento's feet.)

Mento: (disbelievingly) What? (collects himself) Beast Boy, we don't have time for games.

Beast Boy: I said, I'm not going. I'm not a kid anymore. (pulls off his headwear) And I'm not wearing your stupid mask.

Mento: Don't you realize what's at stake here? The quantum generator isn't just a threat, Beast Boy, it's a promise. The Brain will use it. The Doom Patrol needs you.

Beast Boy: What Doom Patrol? You're the only one left! They're all gone!

Mento: Don't you think I know that? They were my friends, Beast Boy, my family. But I didn't have a choice.

Beast Boy: Yes, you did, but you're too stubborn to see it. And they were my family, too. (Brief pause.) Robin's always saying we gotta work smarter, not harder. We can win. (Cut to Mento; he continues o.c.) We just have to try something different.

Mento: This Robin sounds like a pretty good leader. (Back to Beast Boy.)

Beast Boy: He is. And so are you, (smiles) when you're not yelling and acting all crazy.

Mento: All right. What do you have in mind?

(Fade to black.)

(Fade in to the upper portion of an imposingly tall tower. It is nighttime, and the camera tilts down to frame a ridge overlooking the scene a short distance away. Beast Boy keeps a lookout while Mento focuses his mind with back turned; cut to a close-up and zoom in slowly as his eyes light up. The view shifts to his mental perspective, panning across the outer walls: marked with the Brotherhood's skull emblem. The two surviving heroes have found the syndicate's new headquarters, whose entrance is guarded by surveillance cameras and gun turrets, two of each.)

Mento: Neosteel door...laser turrets... (Zoom in on a camera; pan to another.) ...security camera systems...

(His mind's eye-view dissolves to a patch of ground and roves to a group of land mines nearby.)

Mento: ...and smart mines.

(Dissolve to an extreme close-up of him and pull back as he breaks off; next, he looks over his shoulder at Beast Boy.)

Mento: Guess it's too late to call your friends for a little backup.

Beast Boy: (smiling) We can take 'em.

Mento: That's my boy.

(Cut to the ledge's front face and tilt down as the teen leaps from one foothold to another, transforming into a cheetah on the way. The last jump carries him to the ground, whereupon he races straight toward the front door. Meanwhile, the latter has kept well back, and he now throws a burst of psychic energy ahead to uproot all the mines in Beast Boy's way. No sooner has this threat been removed than the turrets open up against the feline Titan, who pulls a few slick evasive maneuvers and then hurls himself ahead full force. Overhead view: the guns swivel to follow the jump, but as soon as the barrels are pointed at each other, both get blown to kingdom come.)

(Beast Boy becomes a falcon to avoid the fireworks; meanwhile, Mento has started across the mine-free perimeter. The devices float back down under his control, hovering a few feet above the ground, and are pushed ahead by a forceful brainwave to explode against the heavy door. As the smoke drifts back around his grim visage, Beast Boy wings back and resumes human form; now both move in together. Cut to an overhead view of the wrecked defenses, turrets in flames, fragments of the shattered door everywhere, and pull back slowly as they proceed into the stronghold.)

(Inside, they run to a junction of several tunnels and stop for a moment. Mento takes a quick, brain-boosted look around the area before choosing a direction.)

Mento: This way.

(Beast Boy becomes a wolf and sniffs around a bit, concentrating on a different tunnel; in a moment, he is himself again.)

Beast Boy: No. There's something down there. This way!

Mento: (sardonically) Fine. Lead on.

(He follows the sniffer's lead; after they have gone, the camera pans slightly to frame the tunnel Mento favored. Something black pours itself in from an overhead duct and advances into the light, resolving itself into a coherent form, and we the full-lipped, ice-blue-eyed face of Rouge. She taps her ear, activating a transmitter hidden under her hair, and speaks with a heavy accent from somewhere in eastern Europe.)

Rouge: Madame Rouge to Mallah. Our guests have arrived.

(Snap to black, which immediately resolves into Mento's back as he and Beast Boy run away from the camera. Soon, they find themselves in a large, high-ceilinged room decked out with the Brotherhood's banners; several doors lead away from here.)

Beast Boy: What's wrong?

Mento: The Brain must have activated some kind of psychic shielding. I don't know which way to go.

Beast Boy: This always works for me. (points from door to door) Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!

(He has obviously forgotten how much trouble this strategy got him into during "The Prophecy." Be that as it may, he confidently leads Mento toward the door he has chosen. Cut to the other side; it slides open to admit the pair, who charge in only to get a big surprise in the form of Mallah dropping in. Cut to behind them and tilt up to frame the enormous primate, putting them out of view.)

Mento: (from o.c.) Mallah. (Close-up of the latter's face as he straightens up.)

Mallah: Curious. Was it that you'd chosen wisely, or perhaps this was meant to be? (Back to the two heroes.)

Mento: (straightening his gloves) Change of plans, Beast Boy. Time to put this monkey back in his cage.

(Said monkey roars in fury as Rouge slides in from the ceiling to block the retreat.)

Rouge: It seems you have offended him, not something I would recommend.

Mento: I was wondering when the Brain would dust you off, Rouge.

Rouge: Ah. It is a special occasion.

(She lets him have it with a rubber-armed left hook that drives him back toward Mallah; as the ape starts pounding on him, Beast Boy turns into a pigeon to create a diversion. The trick gets Mallah to leave Mento alone and jump after the green avian, but as soon as the leader is back on his feet, Rouge gets after him with a new flurry of hyper-extended strikes. One finally sweeps him toward the wall, whereupon she charges off after him.)

(Cut to Mallah, whose shoulders are now pinned to the floor; the reason soon leans into view, Beast Boy has turned into an equally, massive gorilla and thrown all his weight into the job. The real McCoy breaks it up by getting a lock on the impostor's wrist and flipping him across the room. Now Mallah straightens up and throws him a very self-satisfied smirk; Beast Boy rushes back at him, only to be blinded by a blast of steam that hisses out when Mallah opens the valve on a nearby pipe. The force of the venting vapors throws the Titan backward and o.c., and as Mallah closes in, a camera shift reveals that the downed fighter is back in human form.)

Mallah: You may be just as strong, but my intelligence far exceeds yours.

(His taunt is barely complete before Beast Boy, now a triceratops, drives all three of his horns into the broad chest. Mallah hurtles across the room to crash into the wall pipe rack; pan from the impact site to put the attacker, back in human form, in view.)

Beast Boy: You look pretty stupid to me.

(He walks away. The screen flashes white and clears to show Mento being knocked off his feet by another of Rouge's devastating hits. He fetches up against a steam line, knocking it slightly loose to release a small plume, and retaliates by bringing out several other pieces of pipe and projecting them at his enemy. Rouge, seated on another line, twists and elongates her body to avoid these javelins and ends by putting herself back together, facing Mento anew. The Patroller is back on his feet and boiling mad; now he unleashes a psychic blast against Rouge herself.)

(The camera shifts to ride with the energy waves toward her forehead, and three red-lit images flash by in quick succession: the Brain in its rolling receptacle...Rouge's face distorting as if it were a rubber mask being stretched...the Brotherhood's emblem. Back to Mento, whose concentration breaks in one last burst of red light as he staggers backward with a groan.)

Rouge: Perhaps my mind is too hard to read.

Mento: No. It's just too twisted.

(Cut to Rouge and tilt up quickly to the ceiling. A large-diameter chunk of pipe is ripped loose by Mento's powers; she looks up in alarm and begins to contract herself just before it crashes vertically to the ground. While the dust slowly settles, the camera cuts to a point near the top end of the pipe, which has a grille of steel bars across it. Rouge's flattened head squeezes up into view; she managed to rearrange her anatomy enough to avoid being crushed, and Mento rushes over to grab it once it has assumed normal dimensions. He pulls her up close enough to look her square in the eye; extreme close-up of his own.)

Mento: Sleep.

(His eyes and mind blaze intensely enough to shake the camera; she can only stare helplessly straight ahead under the onslaught, and she finally passes out. When he lets go of her head, she slides bonelessly back into the pipe. Here comes Beast Boy, who tosses him a thumbs-up and gets an approving smile in return.)

(Cut to a closed door in a different corridor; it hisses open to allow the two to run into view from behind it. They stop short a few steps in, and the camera cuts to behind them and tilts up slowly to show the reason. They have reached a very large circular room that houses the completed quantum generator Mento warned about, and whose walls are adorned with the Brotherhood's standard.)

Immortus: (from o.c.) Impressive, isn't it?

(Cut to an overhead view of Mento and Beast Boy and pull back. The general's android shock troops have formed a solid ring around them, save for an opening directly behind. Floor level, the camera tracking around them; one weapon after another is primed and aimed for a point-blank kill shot. From behind the solidly built metal shoulders, Immortus' bald gray scalp makes its way into view, and in due time he reaches the front rank.)

Immortus: In my experience, this would be considered a crushing defeat. (Pause.) Battalion, fire!

(As the robots do so, Mento carries Beast Boy to the floor in one big jump and summons several floor panels to shield both. Inside the makeshift bunker, they stand up, the glare from the ricochets throwing chinks of infernal red light through the openings at the edges.)

Mento: I'm still open for suggestions.

Beast Boy: All I need is a shot, and that black hole thingie is toast.

Mento: (smiling) You know something, son? You turned out okay.

Beast Boy: Thanks to you.

(Outside again; a few panels pop loose and slide ahead to keep the laser fire off the yelling, charging changeling. Turning into a leopard during this rush, he gets additional help in the form of more panels that spring up on either side. Immortus can only watch, livid with rage, while Beast Boy closes in on the generator's base. Cut to him, stopping and resuming human form on the next line.)

Mento: (from o.c.) Beast Boy, hurry! (To Beast Boy.) I can't keep this up!

(The robots intensify their fusillade, not noticing the red glow that begins to spread across the doorway behind them. After a long moment, this gives way to a screen-filling explosion, followed by Immortus' grimace of undiluted fury. The remainder of Mento's bunker collapses around him as he stares toward the blowout and the stopped shooting; cut to the reason for it, Cyborg, now in the room and powering down his sonic cannon. He is joined by Raven and Starfire in short order, and on the next line, the camera pans from them to the rest of the Patrol and finally, Robin. Everyone is in good health and/or proper working order.)

Robin: I should've warned you, we're not so great at doing what we're told.

Mento: I'll let it slide. Let's do this!

(Elasti-Girl and Negative Man hang back as the rest of the new arrivals rush into the fray; the former grows to giant size, ready to throw down. A knot of robots fires at the heroes only to be taken down by Starfire's well-placed shots and Robot Man's crushing punches. Another has its weapon struck from its hand by Robin's birdarang; a moment later, the thrower lands a roundhouse kick with enough force to take the head clean off. Others are swiftly stomped into scrap metal by a size-200 boot; Beast Boy throws back a grateful smile before assuming pigeon form and flying up to the elevated control panel Mallah operated in the prologue. Resuming human form, he begins to type furiously; a shadow throws itself over his back, but he takes no notice of it.)

(Ground level. Starbolts flash down from above, obliterating two robots in a group of three, and Negative Man's soul bursts through the third to rip it apart. Cut to a slow pan across assorted members of both teams amid piles of smashed and sparking infantry, then cut to Starfire and Negative Man as he gets up.)

Negative Man: Did we win?

Brain: (from o.c.) On the contrary, Negative Man.

(Cut to a point some distance up the side of the generator tower and tilt up to the control panel. The Brain, Mallah, and Rouge are here, and Mallah, the source of the approaching shadow, is dangling Beast Boy over the railing.)

Brain: But I would like to congratulate you all. Reaching this stronghold is no small feat.

(The captive is summarily thrown over the edge; Elasti-Girl is first to get her feet in gear and catches him as gently as she can in her huge open palms.)

Brain: And now that you are here, I believe a demonstration is in order.

(Its fluid boils green, the skull-face eyes light up red, and the camera pans to a monitor that rises just behind the Brotherhood's mastermind. This flicks on, showing an image of Earth; labels pop up to mark several spots.)

Brain: (from o.c.) Any place I choose is mine to destroy.

(On the end of this, one location on the United States' Pacific coast goes red and the color expands until it fills the monitor.)

Brain: (from o.c.) Perhaps... (The red is replaced by a shot of Titans Tower.) ...this one.

(Ground level again.)

Cyborg: He's targeting the Tower!

Raven: Not just the Tower.

(The monitor again. Now it shows a map of Jump City Bay, with red waves emanating from the Tower's island and washing over the urban center.)

Raven: (from o.c.) He's targeting the entire city. (Ground level.)

Mento: (to Robin) Now you see why I have such a problem with this guy.

Robin: Titans!

Mento: Doom Patrol!

Robin and Mento: (in unison) Go!/Attack!

(The joint forces do so, Beast Boy turning into a wolf as he dashes forward.)

Brain: Immortus, restrain them.

(As the old soldier lifts his hand, a door opens behind him to reveal a fresh contingent of troops; his next gesture sends them forward with guns blazing. Mallah and Rouge dive over the railing to get a taste of the action while the generator warms up. On the heroes' side, Raven flies point, keeping a shield in front of herself to cover Robin and Cyborg just behind; the latter has his cannon out and is returning fire. Elasti-Girl and Robot Man are not far back, and the metal giant rips a chunk of the floor loose and hurls it ahead while Mento charges by, accompanied by Negative Man's soul and the flying Starfire.)

(The projectile crashes edge-on into several robots and instantly turns them into spare parts, while Elasti-Girl puts her foot down on a few others. Robin lands a flying kick against his opponent, Mento levitates the remains of another one out of the way, and the colossal woman delivers a karate chop to smash the next wave flat.)

(From here, cut to the sparking hoop on the generator's upper portion and pan/tilt to the Brain, still in front of the monitor showing the target area. Beast Boy, now a pigeon, wings down to the control panel and resumes human form alongside the ringleader.)

Beast Boy: (smirking) I have an idea.

(He hammers at the keypad; the string of numbers displayed on its screen changes quickly and is replaced by the message "New Coordinates." The same words flash on the big monitor, replacing the Jump City Bay map, and are accompanied by an alarm buzzer.)

Brain: You fool! What have you done?

Beast Boy: You're not the only one with a brain!

(He smacks the pedestal in precisely the right spot a person would hit if giving someone else a dope slap; the back of the head, and the whole thing tumbles to the railing. The transparent bell jar falls loose, with only a cable keeping it and the Brain from crashing to the floor for the moment. At ground level, the sound draws Rouge's attention away from the hailstorm of Cyborg's cannon shots; she wheels into a desperate sprint and makes an impossible long-arm catch of the glassed-in Brain, which has now dropped loose from its pedestal. Once she has it safely in hand, she takes one stretchy bound and is out of there.)

(Mallah, meanwhile, now has Cyborg to deal with; he blocks a punch and drives home one of his own, sending the big man flying. The buzzer distracts him from the melee, and he bugs out just in time to avoid a flurry of laser shots. Mento, Robot Man, and Robin are just finishing off the last of a squadron of robots as Beast Boy, again a pigeon, flies down and becomes himself. Cut to the monitor, which now shows an overhead view of the Brotherhood's tower-and a set of crosshairs flashing squarely on it.)

Mento: (from o.c.) Beast Boy, you reset the coordinates to this location! (Back to the group.)

Beast Boy: Well, yeah. And unless you want to see the inside of a black hole, we better get outta here.

Robot Man: Kid's got a point.

(He gets his legs working, and Beast Boy grins up at Mento before doing likewise. Grimacing angrily around the place for a second, the boss goes after them. The generator is now in full overload, electricity spewing uncontrollably in all directions, as the camera tilts slowly up to the hoop. A black hole forms at the heart of the coursing energies; this, and this alone, is enough to make Immortus abandon his "men," who keep up their offensive as all nine heroes make a beeline for the door. Beast Boy, at the rear, pauses for a smug grin back at the chaotic scene and becomes a pigeon to fly off after the others.)

(As the generator continues its fatal power surge, the emitters on the hoop blow out and the camera tilts up toward the ceiling. The vortex has shifted up here and is sucking in any random bits of debris close enough to be affected; after a moment, it disappears into itself and them re-emerges with a great flash. Cut to outside, an overhead view of the Titans and the Patrol on the ledge overlooking the tower, and tilt up along its height as the entire structure crackles with the shattering currents. Elasti-Girl has finally returned to her normal size, and Beast Boy has resumed human form.)

(The uppermost portion disintegrates into a mass of fragments, revealing the growing black hole that is pulling them in as before. After a few long, awful moments, it again disappears with a flash and the camera cuts to a long shot of the group. Nothing stands before them but a bare patch of rocky plain; the stronghold has been entirely consumed by the breakdown Beast Boy set off. Zoom in and cut to a close-up.)

Beast Boy: Let's see them rebuild that.

(Dissolve to an overhead shot of the T-Ship, right where the Titans left it. It is now the following day, and the camera pans to a second craft parked nearby. Long, white, resembling a very large jet; it can only be a rebuilt version of the Patrol's ship. The two teams stand near it, facing one another; dissolve to the upper portion of the fuselage and tilt down to them.)

Mento: You kids...you Titans...did okay.

Raven: (uncertainly) You're welcome.

Robin: So what's next? The Brotherhood of Evil got away.

Negative Man: They'll crawl back to their hole like they always do. I'm sure the Brain's already working on a new plan.

Mento: And we'll be waiting, but next time, we won't be alone.

Cyborg: Count on it.

(Elasti-Girl crosses to Beast Boy, kneels, and put her hands on his shoulders.)

Elasti-Girl: We're all very proud of you, Garfield.

(She has referred to him by his given name, Garfield Logan, and she follows it up with a warm hug.)

Elasti-Girl: Take care.

(After she has let go and stood up, the view shifts to a spot some feet above the ground; exhaust fumes drift up into view and are followed by the Patrol's takeoff. Back to the Titans.)

Cyborg: (incredulously) Garfield?

(Extreme close-up of the back of the green head; he turns around and gives the camera a very sheepish little laugh at having his true name on the record. Cut to the others, wicked smiles playing across the faces of Cyborg and Raven.)

Raven: Oh, I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one.

(Fade to black.)

(Fade in to an image of the four adult Patrollers, Elasti-Girl at giant size, somewhat washed out, and pull back to show it playing on one of several monitors. Tilt down slowly on the next line; many other screens display the individual Titans, the Titans East; Más and Menos appearing together, and a number of other characters who have shown up over the course of the series. Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Tramm, Thunder, Lightning, all are here, joined by many other, unfamiliar faces who will be introduced as necessary in future episodes.)

Brain: (from o.c., amplified) The face of our enemy has changed. No longer is the Doom Patrol our only threat. Now a new generation stands in our way.

(The camera reaches the Brain, safely reinstalled in its stand, and the other three Brotherhood members on the end of this. Cut to a close-up and track slowly around to stop behind the Brain; it faces a wall-to-wall world map, and a sizable crowd is gathered here.)

Brain: And those who rule the young will control the future.

(Tilt up to put it out of view on the end of this, then cut to a close-up of the left end of the audience and pan slowly across. If Beast Boy were here, he would quote himself from Teen Titans Go! #18 and say that he was looking at "every single villain we've ever fought!" Doctor Light, Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth, Cinderblock, Red X, Adonis, Trident, the Puppet King, Johnny Rancid, the Amazing Mumbo, Professor Chang, Plasmus, Warp as an adult rather than the baby he became at the end of "How Long is Forever?", Punk Rocket, Killer Moth, Kardiak, Katarou, Atlas, Control Freak, Wintergreen, the original H.I.V.E. Academy headmistress, Fang, Kitten, Mad Mod's younger self clad in Union Jack sportcoat, the witch from "Cyborg the Barbarian", Steamroller, Malchior in the paper human form he assumed in "Spellbound", the Master of Games, Mother Mae-Eye in her green ogre form, one of the Bobs from "Employee of the Month" with the Source in his hands, See-More, Private HIVE, Overload, and several copies of Billy Numerous scattered throughout. As with the heroes' screens, there are a number of new faces in this crowd; they will be dealt with as the situation warrants.)

Brain: (from o.c.) We have a common enemy. The Teen Titans and their friends will fall. Working together...

(Cut to a long shot of the Brotherhood and zoom in.)

Brain: ...we will destroy them... (Extreme close-up.) ...one by one.

(Fade to black.)

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