• Raven: Raven calling anyone.
    Beast Boy: Raven!
    Raven: Anyone OTHER than Beast Boy?!
  • Melvin: You don't babysit much, do you?
    Raven: You can tell?
  • Raven: Last year on my birthday, my friends got me a cake and some balloons.
    [Kids listen intently]
    Raven: ...But I couldn't enjoy it because my dad Trigon, the scary red demon with horns, took over the world, and there was fire everywhere and then some guy named Slade with a skeleton for a face came after me and ...
    [Kids whimper in fear]
    Raven: [quickly] ... My friends saved me and we all ate cake. The end.
  • Raven: Bobby's real?
    Melvin: Told ya so.
  • Timmy: Monkey man!
    Raven: What's a "monkey man"? [eyes widen in frightened realization] Mallah...
  • Raven: Good idea, Robin. Put Raven in charge of the kids.
  • Melvin & Timmy: Do it again! Do it again!
    Raven: No again.
  • Raven: Robin!
    Beast Boy: Robin's communicator! May I...
    Raven: Put Robin on, NOW!!
    Beast Boy: Uh, he's kinda in the middle of something.
    Raven: Well, tell him I don't do babysitting.
    Beast Boy: Raven told me to tell you she doesn't babysit! [silence] Robin says you have to.
    Raven: Can't someone else do it? Starfire likes people. Or Cyborg?
    Beast Boy: Everyone else is on other missions. You're gonna have to... [communicator shuts off]
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