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Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Go Away Ghost Ship
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Captain: What's that? The ghost of Red Beard!
❌ Listen: "Coast Guard baffled as third freighter raided within a week." "C.
❌ L.
❌ Magnus, owner of shipping line claims it's the ghost of Red Beard the pirate seeking revenge. "Like, I'm sure glad he's not seeking my superduper sandwich! Yeah! Yeah! Lucky for him. He'd probably get indigestion.
❌ Paw please, Scooby.
❌ Now, that's what I call handy bite-size!
Scooby-Doo: Delicious!
❌ What happened? Poor Mr. Magnus! First he's going out of business, now this ghost pirate shows up. Why would a ghost pirate want revenge on a nice man like Mr. Magnus? I don't know. But maybe we can help him solve this mystery.
❌ Let's go see him! This must be the apartment. "Penthouse, C. L. Magnus." Yes? Excuse us, but we'd like to talk to Mr. Magnus. I'm afraid not. He's not to be disturbed. Well! That slams the door closed on this ghost mystery! If Mr. Magnus knew we wanted to help, he'd see us.
❌ Maybe we still can. I've got an idea. Is everybody all set?
❌ Okay! Yes? Room service! - Breakfast is served! At 11:00 at night? Sure, so you don't have to get up in the morning to eat! What's going on in here?
❌ Do you believe we're here to help? Like Good Samaritan Joes! Yeah, yeah!
❌ So, you see, it was over that Red Beard the pirate was the terror of the seven seas. When my ancestors brought him to justice he vowed to return and avenge himself. Now that he has, I'm afraid nothing can be done to stop him.
I'm not so sure, Mr. Magnus. Ghosts are our specialty.
And I have a plan that I think will work. If Red Beard sticks to a schedule, he should strike tonight!
Yeah! And we are going to be there first, and fool him.
There's the Magnus freighter, right on schedule. Good.
Now keep your eyes peeled for a mysterious fog bank!
That's where we'll find Red Beard's ghost!
You can stop looking, it's right ahead!
Let's put Operation Decoy to work! - I'll switch on the tape recorder. Now head into the fog bank, Shaggy. Let's hope that ghost thinks we're the freighter! It sure is creepy in here.
Like, the fog is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.
❌ Scooby-Doo! Wow! Look! The ghost ship!
Our plan worked too well!
It's going to ram us!
Quick, full-speed reverse!
Like, double full-speed reverse!
Start paddling! I'm paddling!
But I'm not getting anywhere!
Me, neither! Hang on!
We've been cut in half. Now what'll we do? Sink! Oh, my hairdo! Scooby-Doo! Where are you? Hey!
❌ Come on, let's get out of this water.
And there's only one place to go.
The ghost ship! Ghost ship?
Oh, boy! One more tug!
Well, we're aboard this creaking, creepy craft.
Like, let's hope the others made it too. I hope so.
❌ Do you see any ghosts? No, this spooky old ship looks deserted to me. If I know Shag and Scoob, they're already aboard. Let's find them.
Yeah, and maybe we can find some clues as well.
This must be Red Beard's cabin, Scoob.
And look at that kooky picture.
That must be Red Beard, himself! Yipe! Help! Zoinks! It's him! An unfriendly ghost sword!
❌ Zoinks! Yipe! That was close! Yeah! Now, let's figure how to get out of here! One, two, three ghosts! For a ghost ship, there sure aren't many ghosts.
❌ Maybe they're haunting for a new house.
Or out with a couple of old "ghoul friends." Our jokes weren't that funny, Freddy! I didn't laugh! Look! Red Beard!
Come on, let's follow him, but not too close. He's gone! - Maybe he went in that door.
Let's go take a look. Come on! He's not in here, that's for sure. Thank goodness.
This ghost ship is giving me chills! It's not the ship that's giving you chills. It's this dry ice.
❌ What's dry ice doing on a ghost ship?
❌ I don't know, but I think we've found a clue! The door! We're locked in! It's him! Red Beard! Stop your sniveling, or I'll make you walk the plank! What are you gonna do with us, Your Ghostliness?
❌ But if you were good for anything, I'd spare you.
❌ We're good cooks!
Good cooks, eh?
Well, get up and fix me some dinner!
And remember, it better be good, or Aye, aye, sir!
Or Well, the seawater's boiling.
❌ I wonder what ghosts like in their stew, Scoob.
Chains? Chains! Yeah!
Ghosts like chains! And, oh, yeah, some ashes from the stove!
You know, this could be real good! - Yeah, yeah! Now, what else?
❌ Cobwebs?
❌ Why didn't I think of that?
Wow! Now, did we forget anything?
❌ I hardly use it myself, but why not?
I sure hope old Red Beard likes ghost pirate stew!
Me too! Ghost pirate stew, eh?
You eat it! But we aren't hungry.
Eat it! Bubbles?
Let's bubble our way out of here!
Hey! Stop that!
❌ Come on, run! Here comes two of them.
And we gotta lose them! And the only way to lose them is to fool them! - First, a paper pirate hat! - Pirate hat? And next, my super Shaggy imitation of Red Beard.
❌ They went thattaway! Get going, you swabs!
❌ They thought I was Red Beard! Yipes! It's him again!
They'll never find us under here.
I hope! Only trouble is, I can't see where we're going!
Going down!
Oh, boy, off of one tub and into another.
❌ Shaggy! Scooby, your voice has changed. Up here! Velma! We're locked in! Don't worry, we'll save you, I think.
❌ Come on, Scoob! Follow that ghost ship! So this is where they've been hiding! A secret cove at Skull Island. Why does a ghost ship need a secret cove? I don't know. This mystery gets more mysterious by the minute! There they go!
❌ Keep paddling, Scooby! Yipes! Keep paddling! Quit clowning around! Soon you shall join my crew!
❌ What did he mean by that?
I guess he means we're going to be ghosts before he's done!
I hate to spoil his fun, but we're gonna bust out of here!
But how?
The key for the lock is way over there!
Like this.
❌ A pole from this straw, and gum is going to get us the key!
It won't quite reach.
❌ One more piece of straw ought to do it. Got it!
❌ Let's get out of these creepy caves!
You said it!
That seagoing spook might show up any minute! Four tunnels.
❌ Which one shall we take? Mo! Mo?
Eenie, meenie, minie, mo!
Mo it is! Hi, Velma. Shaggy! Scooby!
❌ Hey, Shag, I see you found us!
Yeah, now like, let's all get lost! First, get rid of that ridiculous pirate hat you're wearing.
❌ Hey! Wait a minute! Let me see that hat! This is a ship's manifest!
❌ I've heard of man-o-war, but I've never heard of man-o-fest! It's a list of the cargo the ship was carrying and how much it was worth. Is that a clue?
❌ You bet!
Look at the date!
That ship won't sail until tomorrow!
How would a ghost get this?
❌ Why would he want it?
❌ I have a hunch a little investigation will give us the answer.
❌ Come on! I was right!
❌ Truck tire tracks!
❌ Now we know the ghost drives a truck.
❌ Let's see where they go.
❌ Okay, Scooby, follow the tire tracks. Yeah, yeah! Well, lead on.
❌ A pirate's chest!
It must contain the truck because that's where the tracks end. If so, this creepy cave is creepier than I thought!
❌ Come on, let's find out what's in the chest.
Open it up!
❌ What's the password, you swabs?
A talking pirate skull!
Everybody relax, it's only a mini-microphone and speaker.
❌ What's it mean by "give the password"? I don't know, let's give it a try. "Sixteen men on a pirate's chest"?
❌ Let's see. "Yo-ho-ho, blow the man down"? How about, "Yum, yum, yum, and a liverwurst a la mode"? Wow! What a password! It worked this voice-activated secret entrance!
❌ The tire tracks go right inside! And so are we.
Come on!
So this is where Red Beard stores his stolen cargo.
And this is where Red Beard will keep his secret forever!
❌ Zoinks!
❌ It's that goony ghost again! Let's get- Lower the iron door, and after them! Quick! Behind the crates!
❌ Zoinks! It's the gay blade of the ghost set again!
Yoinks! It's trying to shish kebab us, Scoob! Scooby snacks! Scooby snacks!
Boxes of them!
Scooby-Doo! If I only had a sword!
This nightstick should do it!
❌ En garde! Wow! It's liverwurst! Liverwurst! Delicious! Gangway! Behind that barrel! Down the hatch! I should have known! Oil! Make your shots count.
❌ I hope this works on ghosts! Bull's-eye!
Two down!
I mean up!
And one Red Beard to go!
Now I'll make a pirate's stew out of you!
Hands up and stand back, partner!
An eggbeater?
❌ Yeah, an eggbeater! Hey! Let's ride! He'll never catch us on this automatic pogo stick! Pogo stick?
❌ This is a jackhammer! Shaggy! - Scooby! Look out! Look out! The tires!
❌ We did it, Scooby!
❌ Scooby-Doo! Nice going, kids.
Uncovering these phonies and their ship is a job well done! Thanks. Now, let's see whose glowing phosphorous face Red Beard really is! Mr. Magnus!
❌ I thought like, the butler always did it! - But who are the other two? - Hired henchmen, I guess. Mr. Magnus was about to lose his business unless he came up with a lot of money!
❌ What easier way than to hijack your ships and sell the cargo? They had a neat ghost setup.
❌ Down to the ghost sword operated by wires.
❌ Where did that mysterious fog come from? Simple!
Like, dry ice! Dry ice? Sure.
All they did was drop dry ice over the side of the ship.
And when dry ice mixes with water, it makes a real spooky fog.
❌ Show them, Scooby.
Scooby-Doo: Right! Scooby-Doo!
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