SpongeBob, get back here!}}

  • SpongeBob: [screams] This is really fun.
  • Patrick: [screams] I know. We should do this... [screams] ...more often. [they run into Bikini Bottom, screaming, when Squidward is chasing them]
  • Nancy: [screams] A monster! [grabs Monroe's arm and begins tugging it twice as if to start a segway, and runs away, riding Monroe like a segway]
  • Harold, Nat, Shubie, Sally, Nazz and Sadie: [watch SpongeBob and Patrick running away, still screaming, Squidward's feet appears. A car drives out of the way] Monster!


  • [all gasp]
  • Nazz: He hurt the little one's feelings.
  • Shubie: Why, that's not very nice at all.
  • Lifeguard yells: Take him down boys! [Following the lifeguard fish, the mob uses a giant rake slingshot to hit his foot.]

{{L|Squidward|Ow! [Harold, Scooter, Nazz, and Fred set up a giant rake behind him. Squidward steps on it,

Squidward: [gasps: You cut it down!

spongebob: we used our kelp to make a kelp msuchaed clarinet.

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