(Screen shows Warner Bros Pictures.)

(The great city of Paris is shown.)

Narrator: "Ah, my friends, this is Paree; gay, beautiful, wonderful, magnificent Paree; Paree, the tender mother of romance, of love, of amor. Oh, but not all the love stories of France begin in Paree. Oh, no, no, no, no. There was one, for example, a quite unusual one that began in the hot, sun-drenched region in the south of France in the province known as Provence. The time is around the turn of the century. You call it the Gay Nineties, no? But, that is beside the point. This is the story of a little female citizen of France... who is as beautiful and as innocent as her name. And her name is Mewsette. No last name. Just Mewsette."

(The scene switches from Paris to the beautiful, sunny countryside of Provence, where a blue butterfly flies overhead and lands on the head of Mewsette, a beautiful white Angora cat who enjoys the butterfly's company and looks at her reflection in a small pond. She admires her reflection, until she hears the sound of her boyfriend, Jaune-Tom, singing a love song devoted to her.)

(Song: Mewsette)

Jaune-Tom: (singing) "Mewsette,


My heart for you is one big throb.



My love for you is formidable.

Your smile starts the day,

with a bright and gay "bonjour".

Your laugh is allée,

and your voice is Vive L’amour.

Buds bloom and breezes blow,

love sings wherever you go.

Mewsette, Mewsette,

you will say, "Enchanté!"

Once you met my poupée,


(Robespierre, Jaune-Tom's little friend, bumps into his hind leg.)

Robespierre: "Hey!"

(Jaune-Tom and Mewsette start talking to each other.)

Mewsette: "Hello, Jaune-Tom."

Jaune-Tom: (chuckles) "Hello, Mewsette."

Mewsette: "That was a very nice song you were singing, Jaune-Tom. Please, sing some more for me."

Jaune-Tom: (bashfully) "Uh, Mewsette, you know I can't sing it when you're lookin' at me." (chuckles)

(Robespierre clicks his tongue.)

Robespierre: (mocking) "Amour, amour. Aw, mush!"

(A butterfly lands on his nose, causing Robespierre to chase after the butterfly. Robespierre misses it when he lands in a small patch of grass, scaring a small field mouse. The mouse and Robespierre stare at each other, and the mouse runs for his life.)

Robespierre: (excited) "Jaune-Tom! Jaune-Tom!"

(Mewsette rubs her head against Jaune-Tom's chest.)

Mewsette: (passionately) "Oh, Jaune-Tom, you're wonderful."

(Robespierre catches up to him.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom!" (grabs his friend's tail) "Jaune-Tom! Jaune-Tom!"

Jaune-Tom: "Huh?"

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom! A moose! A moose! I mean, a mouse! It's as big as a rose!" (stammers) "I-I-I-I-I-I mean, it's a whopper!"

Jaune-Tom: (excited) "A mouse! Where, where?!

Robespierre: "At the barn! Hurry! Hurry! Come on! Let's go!"

(Jaune-Tom and Robespierre leave, until Mewsette notices her head's lost her balance, and she falls down on the ground. She sees the boys chasing after they prey.)

Mewsette: (angrily) "Jaune-Tom, you're a clumsy, country clod! Humph!" (She turns away from Jaune-Tom out of anger and walks back to her mistress' farmhouse.)

(Meanwhile, the guys arrive at the barn, where the mouse creeps out a small crevice near the doorway and sniffs for Jaune-Tom's scent. Jaune-Tom sees the mouse, as his eyes develop loops and his whiskers straighten out tight with a boing. His lower left whisker hovers to his eye, which becomes an aiming target. The eye "locks on" the mouse, having ran into a corner of the barn and looks for a way out. He gives up, shrugging, and puts on a blindfold to accept his fate as food. He raises his chest like a man. Jaune-Tom has a psychotic look on his face, as he bares his teeth and raises his claws on his feet. Robespierre watches his friend at work, as Jaune-Tom gets on all fours and points forward. His tail sparks with its fur puffing out, and he zooms like a rocket and catches his prey!)

Robespierre: (clapping) "Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

(He spots a worm as his new prey. He does the same routine as his friend did, but he overshoots his target by accident. Jaune-Tom then marches to the farmhouse followed by Robespierre.)

Robespierre: "Hey, Jaune-Tom, what are we gonna do with our mouse?"

Jaune-Tom: "Hmmm? I'll wrap it up and give it as a gift to Mewsette!"

Robespierre: (disgusted) "Mewsette. Bah! That's all I ever hear around this place!"

(Song: Mewsette Reprise)

Chorus: "Mewsette, Mewsette," Hear them say, "Enchanté." And 'hoorah' and 'hooray', une Mois Fois Touché! Ooh la-la, olé! So we say in Francais, Vive La France! Vive La Gaie! Mewsette!"

(The camera pans left from Jaune-Tom and Robespierre to Mewsette's farmhouse, where a horse and buggy are parked outside the house. Inside the house, two human women, Jeanette and Marie, are having a conversation.)

Jeanette: "But, my dear sister, how can you continue to bury yourself on this-this farm?"

Marie: "I like it here, Jeanette, cherie. I choose to live here. And now, tell me about this brand of yours in Paris. Is he nice?"

(Mewsette slowly opens her eyes and listens to their conversation.)

Jeanette: "Oh, my dear sister, what manners! So polished! Not at all like the plebeian peasants that you would meet out here."

Marie: "The peasants, they are good, and honest, and very happy."

Jeanette: "Happy on this pile of dust?! How can you allow yourself to go to seed like a fat duck?!"

Marie: "Ducks don't go to seed, my dear sister."

Jeanette: (indignant) "Well, like a vegetable then, that's what you are, Marie: A cabbage! An artichoke!"

(Mewsette, still listening to the two sisters argue, frowns at this.)

Marie: "Too raw, Jeanette, and vegetables are happiest on farms."

Jeanette: "But darling, think of Paris! Lovely, gay Paree! Have you forgotten the sidewalk cafés, and how we sipped champagne?"

Mewsette: (thinking) "Champagne? That must be what they call catnip in Paris. How nice!"

Jeanette: "...the button champignons sautéed in butter with tiny shreds of herbs..."

Mewsette: (thinking) "Champignons... I know what they are - mushrooms! And delicious, too!"

Jeanette: "And oh, my dear, the Champs-Elysées!"

Mewsette: (thinking) "Champs-Elysées? I wonder what they taste like."

Jeanette: (strokes Mewsette's neck) "Oh, what a lovely feline. Too bad a beauty is wasted here. Now in Paris, she would be perfumed, and curled, and ever studying coiffure. We would go everywhere in style, wouldn't we, cherie? The Rivoli, Maxim's, the Place Beaugarte, boating on the Seine? With the music of Paris surrounding and caressing us. Oh, those nights, so sparkling and so clear that each style becomes the glittering point of a great, blue diamond."

(Mewsette stares into the hypnotizing beauty of Jeanette's diamond.)

(Song: Take My Hand, Paree)

Mewsette: (singing) "Take my hand, Paree.

Share your dreams with me.

Take my heart to Mad Montmartre,

or buy me the Rivoli.

(The Eiffel Tower, the city streets, the Rivoli, and Maxim's are shown with several cats shown throughout the city. Mewsette then envisions herself sitting on a bed carried by pigs and then sitting on a goldfish swimming on the Seine river. A mannequin of Mewsette also appears.)

Make me the belle of Place Pigalle.

Siren along the Seine.

Make me the ultra, ultra doll,

Modigliani can claim as his mannequin.

(Next comes a fantasy of a male cat riding a hot air balloon to the top of the Eiffel Tower where Mewsette is sitting inside a blooming flower.)

Pour your wine, Paree.

Down it with C'est la vie,

Let me hear lovers sighing,

"Quelle Mam'zelle. Ah, que belle."

(The flower shuts Mewsette inside itself and floats off the Eiffel Tower, soaring above the city. She then imagines herself at Maxim's ordering a large pile of fish for dinner. The flower reappears obscuring Mewsette and a chef cat and turns back into blue. It floats over Paris and turns into a star, which turns into a vision of Mewsette sporting necklaces, bracelets, a diamond ring on her tail, and another ring on her finger.)

Show me the way to all my dreams,

Through the Claret at Gay Maxim’s,

Set my heart free!

Let me be grand,

and be seen hand-in-hand with Paree!

(An instrumental break begins with a ferris wheel appearing on the Eiffel Tower against a background of mixed dark green and blue. It spins around faster and turns into a firework, surrounded by flashing stars. Next, the camera dips down past a red and pink patch of red flowers and stops at another area of the background, where fireworks erupt. The camera then travels back up past the patch of flowers to the area where the Eiffel Tower has disappeared. A few more fireworks erupt, and the background turns a bright shade of fiery red with sparks, as a cat-built fountain and then a burning flame under the Arc de Triomphe appear. The flame turns into another flower that blooms, revealing Mewsette.)

Let me hear lovers sighing, "Quelle Mam'zelle. Ah, que belle."

(Hundreds of hot air balloons fly above Mewsette on the flower, just as a hot air balloon picks her up and sends her on her way through the sky. The balloon turns into a star, which turns into the same vision of Mewsette sporting her jewelry.)

Show me the way to all my dreams,

through the Claret at Gay Maxim’s,

Set my heart free!

Let me be grand,

and be seen hand-in-hand with Paree!"

(The same images reappear at the end of the song, including the image of Mewsette staring at Jeanette's diamond ring. Mewsette bobs her head to the song, until she is snapped out of her daydream by Robespierre.)

Robespierre: (offscreen) "Mewsette! Hey, Mewsette!" (Jaune-Tom and Robespierre are standing below the windowsill.) "What's the matter: Are you deaf or something?"

Mewsette: (offended) "No! I am not deaf or something!" (She turns her head aside.)

Jaune-Tom: (whispering to Robespierre) "C'mon, c'mon! Read the poem."

Robespierre: "Okay, okay. You don't have to push." (He clears his throat and recites the intro to the poem, disgustedly.) "A poem, dedicated to Mewsette. "To Mewsette, the prettiest cat in all of France." Yuck!"

Jaune-Tom: (angered) "Hmmm?!"

Robespierre: "All right, all right! It's your poem." (He recites the full poem, holding up a pair of roses and a pair of violets.) ""Roses are red, violets are blue. Here is a mouse from me to you. Signed, Jaune-Tom.""

(With a toothy smile, Jaune-Tom holds up the mouse from earlier and with a bow on his tail, showing him to Mewsette. The mouse prays in French to be spared.)

Mewsette: (angry) "Jaune-Tom, you take that horrid, vulgar thing away from me at this minute! I've never been so insulted! How dare you think that I would eat such a coarse... plebeian thing!"

(The mouse smiles at this, except for Jaune-Tom.)

Jaune-Tom: (confused) "But... but, cats like mice!"

Mewsette: (continues ranting) "Perhaps, so. But, I am not a cat, I'll have you know."

Jaune-Tom: (confused) "You're not a... You're not a cat?"

Robespierre: (confused also) "Not a cat?"

Mewsette: "I am a... a... feline."

Jaune Tom: "A feline?"

Robespierre: "You're a fe... what?"

Jaune-Tom: (to Robespierre) "I think she means a female, Robespierre."

Mewsette: "And all felines really like is champagne, and champignon, and Champs-Elysées..." (chokes up) "...And all I get on this farm is mice and milk!" (starts sobbing)

(Robespierre mentally brushes it off with his paw.)

Mewsette: (choking up) "I feel like a cabbage that's gone to seed like a fat duck!"

Jaune-Tom: "Aw, gosh, Mewsette, you're not as fat as a duck!"

Mewsette: (saddened) "Oh, go away." (Tears stream down her cheek.) "You peasant, you! I never want to see you again!" (She rests her head on the windowsill and cries.) "I wish I were dead!"

Robespierre: (mocking her) "Aw, boo-hoo-hoo! So do we! Don't we, Jean Tom? Jean Tom?"

(Jaune-Tom slowly trudges away from the farm.)

Robespierre: (cont.) "Now, look what you've done, you old, old feline, you!"

Mewsette: (sobbing) "Plebeians!"

Robespierre: "Well, if you don't like us p-p-plebeians, why don't you go away with her?" (Mewsette sees Jeanette hop aboard her buggy.) "I'll be she lives on "sham-pahg-nee" and eat "sham-pig-nons" and "champs ulysses"..."

Mewsette: (misinterpreting Robespierre's insult) "Why, Robespierre, that's a wonderful idea! That's exactly what I'll do! I'll go to Paris! No more mice and milk for me!" (She leaps off the windowsill and starts her big adventure.)

Robespierre: "Well, bon voyage, Mademoiselle Feline."

(Mewsette is riding inside a wooden trunk on the back of the horse-drawn buggy.)

Mewsette: "Au revoir, Robespierre! Take good care of Jaune-Tom!"

Robespierre: (surprised amazement) "What do you know? She did it! I must have a way with felines! We're free! Yahoo! Free!" (He dances on top of a tree stump with a hatchet driven in the stump.) "Free at last! Whoa!"

(Meanwhile, Jaune-Tom is having his down time under a horse-drawn cart with the mouse in his paw.)

Jaune-Tom: (lonely) "Well, you're a mouse. You oughta know, why didn't she like you?"

Mouse: (speaking gibberishly in French)

Jaune-Tom: (puts the mouse down) "Did you have any trouble like that with your girl?"

(The mouse giggles and nods her head, "No." It isn't long when Jaune-Tom notices the bow on the mouse's tail and realizes that the mouse is actually a female mouse.)

Jaune-Tom: "Hm? Oh, you are a girl." (The girl mouse nods her head, "Yes.") "Well then, tell me something from the girl's point of view." (Shocked and embarrassed, the mouse tries to get away, until Jaune-Tom traps her with his paw.) "What's wrong with me?" (The mouse stops and shrugs.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom! Jaune-Tom! Where are you, Jaune-Tom?"

Jaune-Tom: "Over here, Robespierre."

Robespierre: "You can come on back now. Everything's okay!"

Jaune-Tom: "Oh? You mean Mewsette-You mean Mewsette will take the mouse?"

(The mouse prays once again.)

Robespierre: "She's left, Jaune-Tom! Took off! Nothin' but fun now that Mewsette's gone!"

Jaune-Tom: (confused) "What do you mean Mewsette's gone?"

Robespierre: "She just went away in a carriage."

Jaune-Tom: (stares down at Robespierre) "Carriage? What carriage?!"

Robespierre: "The one that took her to Paris."

(The mouse still tries to get away, but she runs into a barrel. She runs away from the scene this time.)

Jaune-Tom: (shocked) "Well, why did she go to Paris?!"

Robespierre: (reprimanded) "All felines go to Paris, I guess. Goodbye, Jean Tom." (He runs off.) "Let's go mouse hunting!"

(Jaune-Tom is more concerned about Mewsette's safety and runs off to find her.)

Jaune-Tom: "Mewsette? Mewsette?!"

(Robespierre stops running.)

Robespierre: "Hey, wait for me!"

(He catches up with his friend and joins him calling out for Mewsette's name.)

Jaune-Tom: (calling out) "Mewsette? Come back, Mewsette!"

(The scene fades out on Jaune-Tom and fades in on the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. The church bells are ringing as the camera pans right past the village to the local railway station where Jaune Tom is asking a station cat where Mewsette went.)

Station Cat: "For the last time, I said: If your friend arrived in that buggy, she has gone to Paris."

Jaune-Tom: "All right, I know that. I know that, but where's Paris? What is Paris?"

Station Cat: (perplexed) ""What is Paris?" Are you mad?"

Jaune-Tom: "I mean, I mean is it a school or something, for 'felines'?"

Station Cat: "A school for felines?"

Jaune-Tom: "No? Well... a village, maybe?"

Station Cat: "Yes, that is what it is. A little village. A mile or two up the tracks." (yawns) "And now, if you don't mind, I do have work to do." (He goes to sleep.)

Jaune-Tom: "Well, thanks a lot!"

(He leaps off the platform and follows the tracks to Paris. At the same time, Robespierre meets up with the station cat.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom! Jaune-Tom!" (catching his breath) "P-p-pardon me, sir, b-but did you see-"

Station Cat: "He went that way." (points his finger in Robespierre's direction)

Robespierre: "Gee, thanks! Jaune-Tom!"

(Robespierre climbs over a train rail and lands on one of the railway ties. Then, he jumps on each railway tie one-by-one, following his friend, but not before he has to flex his tiny legs and keep balance. Night falls and crickets are heard chirping in the background. Robespierre still makes his way up the tracks, which stretch longer than what the station cat described to them. The scene fades out and fades in on another section of track the next morning, where a butterfly flies past the camera and lands on one of Jaune-Tom's whiskers. Jaune-Tom has been sleeping last night. He wakes up and itches his belly. Above him, a sign reads, "Paris: 720 KM". Jaune-Tom stretches out on the grass and does a short morning exercise by flexing his tail and claws, which flex in time with his counting.)

Jaune-Tom: "Un, duex, trois, quatre. Un, duex, trois, quatre. Un, duex, trois, quatre. Un, duex, trois, quatre."

(He hears a thumping noise and sees Robespierre having caught up to his friend, but by now, he is so sleepy he rests his head on a railway tie. Jaune-Tom looks at Robespierre, curiously, as Robespierre tries to get a good vision of his friend.)

Robespierre: (barely wakes up) "Good morning, Jaune-Tom. Nighty night." (falls asleep)

(Jaune-Tom looks at him and looks back at the direction where he came from. He knows he's wasting time, so he picks Robespierre up in his mouth and continues west toward Paris. It fades out on them and fades in on a passenger train rolling up the tracks. Inside the baggage car and back inside the crate, Mewsette opens the lid and sees the countryside passing by in front of her.)

Mewsette: (excited) "Oh, I can hardly believe it! I'm really on my way to Paris!" (She struts along the door to the baggage car.)

(Song: Roses Red, Violets Blue)

Mewsette: (singing) "Roses Red, Violets Blue,

the rhyme is old, but love is new.

When love is new, the heart is young,

and that is why the spring has sprung.

The spring has sprung for hers and his,

and that is why the sap has ris,

the breezes buzz.

And roses is, where roses never was.

(Inside a birdcage above Mewsette, a blue-colored bird watches a pink-colored bird swing alone on the perch. The blue bird joins her for company.)

Oh, the world, it loves a lover,

'cause a lover loves the world.

And that is why,

Roses Red, Violets Blue,

Let me make this clear to you:

When you're in love, it's always true.

The Gol-darn roses must be red, and violets must be blue!

(Soon, the train reaches the outskirts of Paris. The engine's drive wheels pound the rails, and the whistle gives two short toots. A crossing signal wags its arms to warn pedestrians of the oncoming train, which travels further into the city, as it blows the whistle to announce its arrival.)

Oh, the world, it loves a lover,

'cause a lover loves the world.

And that is why,

Roses Red, Violets Blue,

let me make this clear to you:

When you're in love, it's always true.

The Gol-darn roses must be red, and violets must be blue!

All this simply means, "Paris, I love you!""

(The train passes through the train yard and pulls into the Gare du Nord station, coming to a complete stop. Mewsette takes a deep breath, until she hears a voice.)

Meowrice: (offscreen) "Delightful-"

Mewsette: "Oh!"

Meowrice: (shown for the first time) "Delightful city, isn't it?"

Mewsette: (dreamy) "Oh. Oh, yes, sir. Even more beautiful than I dreamed it would be."

Meowrice: "First trip to Paris?"

Mewsette: "Oh, yes!"

Meowrice: "Visiting relatives?"

Mewsette: "Oh, no." (speaks quickly) "I just up and decided that I vegetated too long on that dreary farm, and that every girl should see Paris, and Jaune-Tom is so dull, and I don't know anybody in Paris, and it's also one of this-" (stops herself) "Oh. Oh, but you must think I'm terribly bold to talk to a stranger."

Meowrice: (chuckles) "Not at all. I think your enthusiasm is charming, and I'm not offended."

Mewsette: "Oh, thank you! I just know I'll be happy here!"

Meowrice: "Of course. But like any big city, Paris has its pitfalls."

Mewsette: "Oh, I realize that! But, after all, I'm... I'm not exactly a kitten anymore; I choose my friends very carefully!"

Meowrice: "And that's very wise, my dear. Nevertheless, there are still a few unscrupulous characters about."

Mewsette: "Oh, dear me."

Meowrice: "You need a friend; a sponsor. Now, I-"

Mewsette: "But, that would hardly be... proper, would it?"

Meowrice: "Mam'selle, you cannot be inferring that I would suggest anything improper."

Mewsette: "Oh, dear no. Oh, please forgive me. It's just that-"

Meowrice: "I thought that my sister, one of the most influential cats in Paris, might be persuaded to take you under her wing. Teach you all you need to know; introduce you to... society"

Mewsette: "Oh!"

Meowrice: (cont.) "But, of course, if you would prefer to go with yourself alone in a strange city, by all means."

Mewsette: "Oh, no, please! I would love to meet your sister!"

Meowrice: "Then, it is settled. Come along, my dear."

(The two cats hop off the baggage car as Meowrice leads the way to his sister's school for Mewsette. The scene fades out and changes back to Jaune-Tom still on his way to Paris with Robespierre still in his mouth. As they pass through a tunnel, Jaune-Tom hears a loud train whistle and turns to see a passenger train coming in their direction! Jaune-Tom runs for his life, as the train gets closer, its whistle blowing shrilly. They now cross a large viaduct spanning the valley, and Jaune-Tom ducks under the viaduct to let the train pass. It lets off smoke so much that it gets into Jaune-Tom's face. He coughs so hard that he lets Robespierre slip out of his teeth, but his claws can't hold onto the railway tie much longer. Fortunately, he catches Robespierre with his feet and breathes a sigh of relief. However, as he raises Robespierre and tries clutching him with his teeth, his legs start losing their balance and rock to the side so hard that Robespierre falls. Jaune-Tom's toes are able to catch Robespierre, but they lose their grip on him, so he makes one last effort by grabbing Robespierre by using his tail. It works, and he breathes a sigh of relief once again. Robespierre, on the other hand, wakes up yawning and notices that they're 60 feet above solid ground!)

Robespierre: "Huh?" (sees the deep gorge below) "JAUNE-TOM! YEOW!" (He rockets onto Jaune-Tom's head with his feet pressing down on his skull.) "W-w-what are we doin' down here, Jaune-Tom? L-l-let's g-g-go home b-b-before somethin' happens to us."

Jaune-Tom: (climbing back on the viaduct) "I can't, Robespierre. I have to find Mewsette." (continues walking)

Robespierre: "Well, you look for Mewsette; I'm gonna look for trains."

(The two cats continue their journey to Paris. Meanwhile, Meowrice and Mewsette are still walking to his sister's place.)

Mewsette: (to Meowrice) "Is it much further to your sister's shop, Monsieur?"

Meowrice: "No, it is just a little further just along the street."

(They finally come to a pair of two identical, pink-colored doors. The first, big door reads, "Salon de Beaute pour Ma Lady: Mme. Ruby Steine", and the second, smaller door reads, "Salon de Beaute pour Felines: Mme. Rubens Chatte".)

Meowrice: "Here we are, my dear. Salon de Beaute pour Felines: Madame Rubens Chatte."

(Inside the school, sexy jazz music is playing as Mme. Rubens Chatte herself is enjoying a box of catnip candies, until she hears the doorbell ring and the door open. She then sees Meowrice and Mewsette step in.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Meowrice, how nice to see you again."

Meowrice: "This is Mewsette, my dear sister."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Oh, isn't she pretty? Any sister of Meowrice is a friend of mine."

Meowrice: (elbows Mme. Rubens Chatte) "Henrietta, you are my sister, sister."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Oh?" (chuckles) "Oh, yes. Oh, yes, of course."

Meowrice: (chuckles) "She is an old dear, but a little absent-minded."

Mewsette: "Imagine not even remembering your own brother!"

Meowrice: (laughs) "Yes!"

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (laughs also) "How silly of me. Of course, I'm his sister!" (indignantly) "I've been his sister for years."

Meowrice: "Mewsette is new to Paris, dear sister, and I have told her of your wonderful salon where you will make her into the belle of all Paris."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Of course, dear brother."

Meowrice: "Then, she is all yours, Henrietta. You know what must be done."

(He leaves the hall, followed by Mme. Rubens Chatte.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Now, look here, Meowrice: It's going to take time and money to make a lady out of this... cat. So, this time, I want something in advance."

Meowrice: "Don't rush things, my dear." (He turns to the camera) "Just remember: Time is on the side of the scoundrel."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "And you are the king of the scoundrels."

Meowrice: "Yeah. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to."

(He shuts the door behind himself and leaves Mme. Rubens Chatte's school. Soon, he comes to a dark alley and starts using a drainpipe as a loudspeaker.)

Meowrice: (whispering) "Psst. Psst. Psst."

(The camera travels up the drainpipe which turns from dark green to bright red and shifts to a maze of wine and maroon-colored rooftop chimneys.)

Meowrice: (continues whispering) "Psst. Psst. Psst."

(At that moment, four mysterious black cats, all of them Meowrice's henchcats, poke their heads out of the chimneys. They duck back into the chimneys and reappear from somewhere out of the chimneys as they put their ears above the drainpipe and listen to their boss explain his plan.)

Meowrice: "All right. Now, listen carefully..."

(He whispers his plan unintelligibly to his hench-cats.)

Meowrice: (cont.) "So, I want one of you to keep an eye on that girl at all times. Is that clear?"

(One of his goons pops his head out of the drainpipe and nods his head, "Yes." at Meowrice. He then snakes his way through the sewers over to Mme. Rubens Chatte's school. The camera fades back to Meowrice at the alley.)

Meowrice: (to the audience) "As they say, evil is the root of all money... money trees, that is! Big, green money trees!"

(He climbs up the drainpipe and walks past the chimneys, as the shadow of his head morphs into that of the Devil. He then lands and sits on a throne-like chimney foundation.)

(Song: The Money Cat)

Meowrice: (singing) "When preacher can't preach you,

and teacher can't teach you,

when angels can't reach you..."

Shadow Cats: "The money cat can!"

(They bob their heads to the song.)

Meowrice: (singing) "Oh, we give social status,

to countrified tomatoes."

Shadow Cats: "If you want kicks, and class, and clothes,

the money cat knows where the money tree grows

Meowrice: (singing) "Beauticians will sleek you..."

Shadow Cats: "Fashion cats chic you,  

aristocrats seek you,  

Man, man, man, man, man, man! 

Meowrice: "And should that dream of glory,

Be part of your plan!"

Shadow Cats: "If anyone can help you,

The money cat can!"

(The Shadow Cats shuffle backwards in a conga line, until they bump into each other and fall into a chimney pipe. One of them reappears, as he pokes his head out of another chimney pipe to the music.)

Shadow Cats: "Money cat knows where the money tree grows...

mingle with the right folk,

meet the bottle poppers,

rub elbows with the elite,

and the big name-droppers!

If you got your heart set,

on moochin’ with the smart set!"

Meowrice: (spoken) "Money cat knows where the money tree grows."

(Three of the Shadow Cats pose for a portrait being painted on the back flap of a pair of underwear by their other co-worker. The buttons to the flap pop off, revealing another Shadow Cat.)

Shadow Cats: "Get your picture painted,

on the magazine cover.

(All four Shadow Cats get into a conga line.)

You can have a palace,

with the world, your lover!

Money cat can buy up, (They point up to the sky with their fingers rhythmically.)

Anyone who’s high up!"

(Meowrice sinisterly watches their performance, as the Shadow Cats pop their heads against the moon.)

All: "We’ve got dicks and politics and law,  

in the palm of our paw!" 

(Three of the Shadow Cats disappear behind one of their co-workers, who shuffles his feet and performs jazz hands. Meowrice then jumps into the hands of his lackeys, who carry him back to their hideout.)

All: "The gendarmes may nail you,

the lawyers may fail you,

the judges may jail you,


Meowrice: "So why be a flopola,

with egg on your pan?"

Shadow Cats: "If anyone can save you,

the money cat can!"

(As they conga backwards into the door to their lair, Meowrice stares at the audience.)

Meowrice: "Meow." (He chuckles sinisterly and closes the door behind him.)

(The next day, Jaune-Tom and Robespierre have arrived in Paris and stare at the many buildings amongst them. They realize that the city's much bigger than the cat described to them back at the train station in Provence.)

Robespierre: (amazed) "Gosh! We'll never find Paris in all those buildings and things!"

Jaune-Tom: "Yeah, there's a lot of them, all right."

Robespierre: "I told you it was a wild goose chase! C'mon. Let's go home!"

Jaune-Tom: (stubbornly) "No, Robespierre, I can't go back without Mewsette!"

Robespierre: (defiantly) "Well, I can! So long, Jaune-Tom!"

(He marches off, but Jaune-Tom isn't one to let his friend leave without guilt-tripping him.)

Jaune-Tom: "I'm gonna miss you, Robespierre. Take care of yourself."

Robespierre: "Take care of myself? Who's gonna take care of him without me no telling what'll happen to him?! Alone, friendless, far from home..." (He changes his mind.) "Well, don't just stand there! Let's start looking!"

(Jaune-Tom smiles and follows his friend into the city, where they soon start looking for Mewsette.)

Jaune-Tom: "Mewsette?"

Robespierre: (shrilly) "Mewsette?"

(Night falls.)

Jaune-Tom: "Mewseeeeeeette?!"

Robespierre: (shrilly) "Mewseeeeette?"

(The camera moves up to the upper levels of the buildings and the skyline of Paris. The two friends have reached climbed up a building and sit near a window.)


Woman 1: "Quiet! Stop that noise!" (She swats a broom at the two cats, who make a break for it.)

Woman 2: "Go away, you silly, little pussycats!"

Woman 3: "Get away from here!"

Man: "Yeah, we don't want you in here!"

(Various citizens shout at the cats and throw pots, pans, and other weapons to drive them off. The guys run into the city streets and skid out of their way of a passing horse and buggy. They continue running past parked horses and buggies, until they slip under a horse who is spooked by their presence.)

Buggy Driver: "Get those cats out of here! Allez!" (cracks his whip)

(Robespierre covers his head and freezes, but Jaune-Tom scoops him up and leaps away as soon as a cartwheel moves to let them pass. The buggy then leaves. The two friends leave the chaos and run for shelter, as a storm hits the city. The camera pans down into the streets, where Jaune-Tom and Robespierre are hiding under a bridge.)

Jaune-Tom: "I don't know why she ever came to Paris."

(Back at Mme. Rubens Chatte's school, Mewsette isn't having a good education so far, as Mme. Rubens Chatte criticizes her.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (rephrasing Jaune-Tom's line) "I don't know why you ever came to Paris. Your purr, my dear; it's like a cement mixer."

Mewsette: "But, that's the way I purred back home on the farm." (A tear rolls down her eye.)

(Meowrice watches the two girls' conversation.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Well, it won't do here. It must be refined yet seductive like this." (She demonstrates her purring in a sexy tone to Mewsette, as jazz music plays in the background.) "Now, try again and put some throat into it."

Mewsette: (purrs gratingly)

(Meowrice rests his palm on his head in annoyance, as Mewsette continues at purring, terribly.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (unimpressed) "Stop!" (Mewsette becomes startled that she jumps in mid-air and lands on her bottom, leaning backwards.) "Oh, stop!" (Mme. Rubens Chatte wags her finger, scolding Mewsette.)

Mewsette: (embarrassed) "Oh, I'm sorry, Madame Rubens Chatte."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Being sorry isn't enough. Now, look, child: We don't want to disappoint Meowrice, do we?"

(Meowrice looks at the camera.)

Mewsette: (desperate) "Oh, no! I'll try very hard this time!" (She tears up.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (pleased) "Good." (She puts a bowl of milk on Mewsette's head.) "Now, let's show him how poised and gracefully we walk with a bowl of milk on our head." (Mewsette looks at the bowl of milk on her head with a worried expression on her face.) "Now, walk towards me, head erect. Turn right, left, reverse-" (Mewsette tries following her teacher's commands, but her feet stumble around.) "Look out!"

(Mewsette trips and falls down on the floor as the bowl of milk lands in her teacher's face. Meowrice face-palms in frustration.)

Mewsette: (distraught, with tears leaking) "Oh, no! I'm a failure! I'll never be a Parisian!"

(Mme. Rubens Chatte angrily glares at Mewsette for messing up her lessons.)

Mewsette: (cont.) "I'm going back home!" (She sniffles.) "Back with peasants where I belong!"

Meowrice: (concerned) "No, no!" (to his "sister") "Stop her! Stop her!"

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (angry) "Stop her yourself!"

(Meowrice flicks his tail on her nose and chases after Mewsette. The weather has stopped raining as Meowrice catches up with Mewsette still sobbing on the way out.)

Meowrice: "Oh, my poor dear. I know just how you feel. Wouldn't you like to stroll along the boulevard? Stop at a sidewalk cafe?"

Mewsette: (feeling better) "And order Champs Elysées just once?"

Meowrice: "Of course, my pet. Let us be gay! We shall do the town! Vive la gay Paree! Eh?!"

(A montage begins as Mewsette and Meowrice explore Paris in style. They start at the Meow-Marte nightclub to see a floor revue show and check out other areas in the cat world, such as the Felines Bergere, Champs Elysées, Mewlon Rouge, and Club Catalle. They even have dinner at a sidewalk cafe in a Van-Gogh-styled shot, as various recycled animation cycles of Mewsette are shown, followed by visions of can-can cat dancers, wine bottles, wine glasses, street lamps, chandeliers, and streaks of pink and orange against multi-colored backgrounds. Later, Mewsette and Meowrice take a ride on a horse-drawn buggy.)

Meowrice: (kindly, to Mewsette) "Do you feel better now, my dear?"

Mewsette: (happily) "Oh, yes! The sidewalk cafes were so much fun, and Paris is so beautiful, and I feel so important riding in a buggy, and-Oh, good heavens, Meowrice!" (She sees a couple kissing inside the buggy.) "What are they doing?"

Meowrice: "Oh, them? Why, they are kissing, 'cherie."

Mewsette: (curious) "What's kissing?"

Meowrice: "Kissing? Why, kissing is, uh... like rubbing noses." (He flicks his nose with his finger.)

Mewsette: "But, do they only kiss in buggies?"

Meowrice: "Well, if you did it the way with buggies, you'd stop half the kissing in Paris."

Mewsette: (curious) "How strange. Why is that?"

Meowrice: "Because, my naive one, there is nothing so romantic as a buggy ride."

Meowrice: (singing) "The birds will sing,

From near and far,

As we go a-trotting up the boulevard.

Papa won’t scold,

Mama won’t squawk,

You’re safe in a buggy,

'cause the horse won’t talk.

A horse may run,

A horse may walk,

Bbut fortunately,

The horse won’t talk.

Let’s smooch, smooch, smooch,

And kiss, kiss, kiss.

No old gossip-puss will know of this.

Alors, why bolt?

Alors, why balk?

We can’t have a scandal,

'€˜cause the horse won’t talk.

A horse may swish,

A horse may bray,

But, all he’ll ever say, is neigh, neigh, neigh.

Clippy clop, clippy clop,

Life is sweet, cherie,

spring is on it’s way.

Snuggle up, snuggle up,

Ma petite cheri,

This kind of way of love ain’t hay.

So let’s not waste the evening hush,

The winds may whistle,

And the sky may blush.

But don’t be a fuddy-duddy,

And a gawk.

You can’t lose nothing,

'˜cause the horse won’t talk."

(Meowrice and Mewsette lovingly embrace each other, until their horse neighs at them as if to say, "Here we are!" They notice they're back at the Salon de Beaute pour Felines.)

Meowrice: "Oh, yes. Here we are."

Mewsette: "Oh, so soon?"

Meowrice: "Now, back to your lessons, my dear." (He rides off for home in the buggy.)

Mewsette: "Goodbye, Meowrice, and thank you! How foolish I was! I'll never think of that dull farm again!"

(She goes back inside the school and shuts the door behind her. At the same time, Jaune-Tom and Robespierre are crossing the street, still searching for Mewsette. They don't even realize Mewsette was just there on the opposite block from one side of the street!)

Robespierre: "I tell you, Jaune-Tom. It's hopeless; absolutely hopeless. She's probably miles from here."

Jaune-Tom: (weary) "Yeah. Yeah, I suppose you're right, Robespierre."

Robespierre: "Well, come on then. Let's go back to the farm."

Jaune-Tom: "Okay, okay."

Robespierre: "Now, you're talking! Yippee!"

(Jaune-Tom then notices the sign for Mme. Rubens Chatte's school.)

Jaune-Tom: (excited) "Robespierre, look! Look what it says: "Felines"! That's what Mewsette said she was! I'll bet they know where she is!" (He knocks on Mme. Rubens Chatte's door.)

Robespierre: (disatisfied) "Here we go again!"

(At that moment, one of Meowrice's lackeys grabs Robespierre by the tail and yanks him into the sewer. Robespierre grips onto the sewer grate to save himself, but it's too late.)

Robespierre: (shouting) "Jaune-Tom! Help! Jaune-Tom!"

(Jaune-Tom hustles to the sewer grate and leaps inside the sewer. Robespierre is drifting down the river.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom, help!"

(Jaune-Tom leaps into the river and follows Robespierre. Mewsette, having heard the noise, peers outside the door.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (offscreen) "Who is it, dearie?"

Mewsette: "There's no one here. No one at all." (closes the door)

(Back inside the sewer system, Robespierre drifts past a series of sewer pillars.)

Robespierre: "Help! 

(Robespierre falls down a waterfall, and Jaune-Tom swims over the waterfall, still chasing after his friend. At last, Jaune-Tom saves Robespierre in his mouth, and he climbs onto a sewer pathway to rest, putting Robespierre down on the pavement.)

Jaune-Tom: (panting) "You know, Robespierre? We're seeing parts of Paris that the tourists usually miss. Let's find our way out of here and get back to that feline place."

(The scene fades out on Jaune-Tom and Robespierre and fades in on a church bell tower that chimes 6:00 PM. Inside the tower, Meowrice is writing a letter to a friend of his. He uses one of his claws as a pen to write the letter.)

Meowrice: (writing the address) "Mr. Henry Pfft, 1411 Sandbox Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA." (He dips the claw into the ink bottle and begins to dictate the letter.) "Dear, Mr. Pfft, At long last, I have found a bride for you. With proper schooling (now underway), she will be the most beautiful and talented cat in the world. I shall keep you informed of her progress. Your obedient servant, Meowrice Percy Beaucoup." (He adds a signature line and thinks of the PS letter to dictate. He comes up with an idea and resumes writing.) "P.S., I'm afraid that the price we agreed upon must, under the circumstances, be doubled. There are other suitors." (He presses his thumb, sending the claw back inside (the same way one presses the pen buttom to send the lead point back inside). He then puts the letter in an envelope and licks the seal.) "Well, I'm off to mail this letter." (One of his goons is playing with a string toy as his co-worker watches him play.) "If you ever decide to marry, boys, marry for love... of money." (snickers

(As Meowrice leaves, another one snatches the string toy from the distracted goons. They figure where it could have gone, while the third Shadow Cat plays with it.

(Meanwhile, Meowrice leaps down from the rooftops to the streets, as a horse and buggy pass by. As soon as the coast is clear, he makes it to a mailbox. Before Meowrice can mail his letter to Mr. Pfft, he is distracted by a mouse who runs up from a manhole cover and past Meowrice. When he looks at the mouse running off, he is then distracted by the manhole cover rattling in place. It bursts off the grate to make way for Jaune-Tom, who's in hot pursuit of the mouse. Meowrice gets out of the way to let the rocketing mouser catch his prey. Once Jean-Tom catches the mouse in his teeth, a vision of Mewsette's head scolds him for giving her the mouse back on the farm.)

Mewsette: (angry from earlier) "Jaune-Tom, you take that horrid, vulgar thing away from me at this minute!"

(Jaune-Tom, remembering her anger from the past two days, gives up and puts the mouse down on the street. He nudges the mouse on the behind to wake him up. The mouse wakes up and scatters away, and poor Jaune-Tom trudges away with his head hanging down in shame. Meowrice, however, has other ideas. An imaginary Help Wanted strip appears above his Meowrice's head and lists off the following: "LATEST QUOTATIONS: MOUSERS... BARN CATS: 40 fr..... HOUSE CATS: 12 fr..... SHIP CATS..... 75 fr..... CELLAR CATS.....3..." The strip reverses a bit and stops at the "SHIP CATS" selection, giving Meowrice a wicked idea.)

Meowrice: (to Jaune-Tom) "Pardon me, my friend, but that was the most remarkable exhibition of "virtue-mousety" I've ever witnessed." 

Jaune-Tom: (confused) "Virtue-what-sity?"

Meowrice: (helping him pronounce it) "Virtue-mousety, a little phrase I'm going to describe the incredble proficiency you just displayed in apprehending that rodent."

(Robespierre climbs out of the manhole and watches their conversation as a smile rises across his face.)

Meowrice: (cont.) "Obviously, it was too small." (He pinches his forefingers together to show the size of the mouse that Jaune-Tom let go.) "Throwing it back was such a... noble gesture. It is an imposition, I know, but it would afford me great pleasure if you would join me for a bite of dinner and, uh... perhaps a sip of-"

Robespierre: (interrupts Meowrice's speech) "We accept! We accept!" (He runs to Meowrice and shakes his hand.) "Name's Robespierre, manager of him!" (He points to Jaune-Tom.) "Jaune-Tom, the world's greatest mouser! Now, can we eat?!"

Meowrice: (chuckles) "It would seem to be out of our hands, eh, monsieur?" 

(Finally, a drumroll sounds as he puts the letter into the mailbox that says, "Lettres". The camera fades out from the scene and focuses on the Moulin Rouge entrance. It pans right from the human-made club to the alley where the Mewlon Rouge club is just a short distance behind an open wood fence. Inside the club, the can-can cat dancers do their usual performance in a packed house of cats. While most of them enjoy the show, other cats are shown talking to each other and playing games, while another cat sits by himself, writing a letter and enjoying a drink. As the show continues, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, and Meowrice are sitting at the bar while a cat bartender wipes down the counter.)

Bartender: Eh, what'll be a pleasure you're havin', s'il vous plait?

Meowrice: (to the boys) "Monsieurs?"

Jaune-Tom: "Uh... uh... milk."

Bartender: "Milk?"

Robespierre: "No, no! Let's really live it up big, Jaune-Tom!" (bangs his fist on the counter) "Straight cream!"

Meowrice: "No, no, monsiuers. On an occasion such as this, we drink champagne." (to the bartender) "Champagne Gascon! Champagne for the greatest mouse catcher in all France and his manager!" (Jaune-Tom and Robespierre smile proudly.)

Bartender: "Uh, oui, oui, monsiuer! One bottle of champagne hot off the ice!" (The bartender pops off the bottle cork, which rockets past between Jaune-Tom and Robespierre, as the bartender pours champagne into each wine glass for the boys. A flurry of bubbles rise up from the champagne glasses, as some of the bubbles wind up in Robespierre's nose.)

Robespierre: "Ah... Choo!" (He tastes the bubbles with his tongue and licks his face. Jaune-Tom looks at the bubbles rising above him.)

Jaune-Tom: (interested) "Hey, it's made out of bubbles!"

(The two friends dip their heads down, drink up the champagne, and start hiccuping. Meowrice looks at them pigging out with satisfaction. The two friends lean back up, feeling drunk, as Robespierre leans his head against Jaune-Tom's belly and hiccups.)

Robespierre: (to Meowrice, drunkenly) "I just wanna tell you... that you're a wonderful bunch of gentlemen, everyone!" (As Robespierre's vision gets blurry, he starts seeing three heads of Meowrice all at once!) "I saloosh... shou..." (He gets one chance to fix his compliment, before he gets drunk.) "I salute you! Vive la France!" (He puts his head back against Jaune-Tom's belly.)

Both: (singing drunkenly) "Bubbles,


boodles of bottles with bubbles!

Glasses refillable,

that slop up each syllable,

with bubbles!


Billions and billions of bubbles!

When life is bubbable,

the whole world is loveable,

endurable and beauriful,

with bubbles!

All: "Bubbles,


boodles of bottles with bubbles."

Jaune-Tom: (singing drunkenly) "When you are mizzable," 

Robespierre: (singing drunkenly) "Just drink something fizzable, with bubbles!"

Chorus: "Bubbles!"

Robespierre: (singing drunkenly) "Bubbles!"

Chorus: "Bubbles!"

All: "Billions and billions of bubbles! Hearts are redooshable, and social and beaushiful with..."

(An instrumental break begins when a thigh-high boot pops the bubble that the two friends are riding in, as a quick can-can show begins with the cat dancers from before. The audience cheers them on, as the cat dancers do a final pose by falling frontward on their left legs. Jaune-Tom and Robespierre fly on a bottle as a rocket passing over the dancers.

Both: "Bubbles!"

Chorus: "Bubbles!" 

Both: "Bubbles!"

Chorus: "Bubbles!" 

All: "Boodles of bottles with bubbles,"

Both: "Bubbles that Paris sells,  

that swing you on carousels,  

with bubbles!" 

All: "Bubbles!" 

Jaune-Tom: "Bubbles!"

All: "Bubbles! Billions and billions of bubbles!"

Jaune-Tom: "Wishes are wishable,"

Robespierre: "The whole world is kisshable,"

All: "Endurable and beauriful, With bubbles!"

(The rocket bottle passes through the Arc de Triomphe, lighting it and the streets up, and climbs up the interior of the Eiffel Tower, lighting it up as well. Then, the Eiffel Tower transforms into the mast of a clipper ship traveling across the Arctic Ocean. Inside the ship's sleeping quarters is a drunken man.)

Man: (woozy) "Ah. Oh, mon dieu! Mon dieu! What a head! What a head!" (Next to his feet is a burlap sack.) "Eh, what is this?" (The knot on the sack unfurls, and out pops Jaune-Tom sticking his head out.) "Eh, a turtle, perhaps. A turtle with a hangover?" (Jaune-Tom hiccups, as Robespierre sticks his head out as well.) "Huh... a two-headed turtle? Impossible!" (The rocking of the ship causes Robespierre to slide to the man's feet, while Jaune-Tom stays put. The man catches Robespierre in his hand.) "Where are you going, turtle?" (The man picks him up, and at this time, Robespierre's have become red and bloodshot from his hangover. The man chuckles.) "What do you know? This is no turtle; it's just a small, bloodshot kitten."

(Jaune-Tom meows and hisses ferociously at the man to save Robespierre.)

Man: (kindly) "Oh, gently. Gently, shipmate! I won't harm your little friend!" (The man rubs Robespierre's belly with his finger.) "You see, we three are all in the same boat. The same boat? The same-" (The man laughs when Robespierre tries giving him a high five.) "That is pretty funny, eh? The same boat, no?!" (Jaune-Tom calms down for a moment until feels that something is wrong, as the man goes to itch his head.) "Same-No? No, I-I guess not." (Jaune-Tom settles down again.) "The truth is we have been shanghaied, shipmates." (chuckles) "Catnapped in your case, and that means we have to work."

(Jaune-Tom realizes that he and Robespierre have been drunk and put on the boat by Meowrice. He rushes up the stairs, reaches the back deck where a plague under the deck reads, "ALASKA QUEEN", and stares at the vast ocean going behind them. Jaune-Tom becomes visibly depressed and fears he'll never see Mewsette again. Robespierre catches up with him.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom!"

(Jaune-Tom looks at him and then looks back at the ocean. Robespierre looks at the ocean and gulps at its immense size. He reassures his forlorn friend.)

Robespierre: (to Jaune-Tom) "It's all right, Jaune-Tom. We'll get back all right."

Jaune-Tom: (heartbroken) "Oh, it's such a big ocean, Robespierre. Bigger than all France. Bigger than the whole world."

Robespierre: "Sure it is, but you've never given up hope yet."

Jaune-Tom: "I have now." (It starts raining.) "It's too big, Robespierre. We'll never get back to find Mewsette."

Robespierre: "It's not as big as you think, Jaune-Tom." [noticing the rain] Why, look. It's just made up of little drops. It's all how you look at it. Honestly, Jaune-Tom."

(Jaune-Tom stares at a puddle.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom?"

(A vision of Mewsette appears in the puddle.)

(Song: Little Drops of Rain)

Mewsette: (singing) "Little drops of rain,

little grains of sand,

make the mighty ocean,

and the pleasant land.

Little notes that sing,

little words that rhyme,

make the mighty memories,

and the dreams of time.

Never let a minute,

lie there on the shelf.

For there may be in it,

All love's life itself.

Little smiles of hope,

little drops of tears,

make this thing called love,

go dancing down the years.

(Back on the ship, it's daybreak, and the vision of Mewsette, having comforted Jaune-Tom, disappears within the puddle, as the man from earlier comes up.)

Man: "Ho, there you are, shipmates! I have good news!" (pats Jaune-Tom's head) "We are headed for Alaska and the gold rush! We will strike it rich, my friends!" (strokes Robespierre's chin) "Then, we will return to Paris in style, eh?" (Robespierre falls into a bucket.) "Oh, ho, no time for games, little turtle. The rain has stopped, and I have work to do. I must swab the deck, yes?"

(Robespierre shakes the water off his fur and sees Jaune-Tom sitting on a platform at the top of the mast.)

Jaune-Tom: (singing) "Little notes that sing,

little words that rhyme,

make the mighty memories,

and the dreams of time.

(Robespierre smiles and turns his head aside out of respect.)

Jaune-Tom: (continues singing) "Never let a minute,

lie there on the shelf.

For there may be in it,

all love's life itself.

Little drops of rain,

little rays of sun,

make the hopeful rainbow,

glow for everyone!"

(A great rainbow appears over the ship continuing its journey across the ocean. Meanwhile, back in Meowrice's hideout in Paris, Meowrice writes another letter to his master.)

Meowrice: (dictating the letter) "Dear Mr. Pfft, according to your instructions, I am having Mewsette's portrait painted by the most famous artists in Paris. Many of them are not yet well-known in America, so please allow me to tell you a little bit about each one." (A painting of Mewsette looking at a pond painted by Claude Monét is shown.) "Claude Monét might well be said to be the father of the Impressionist movement. You will notice how Monsieur Monét acheives a shimmering light throughout the picture and an impression of air and space." (A Moulin Rouge poster is shown as Henri Toulouse Lautrec scribbles a rough draft of Mewsette sitting on the edge of his table.) "A man of noble birth is Monsieur Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec who is perhaps best known for his striking posters for the Moulin Rouge." (Mr. Toulouse-Lautrec's poster features Mewsette and says, "Mewsette: Feline de Paris". The scene fades out from the poster and opens up on a piece of blank canvas, where little dots appear and connect with each other, forming the outline of Mewsette's face.) "Pointillism is a highly individual style developed by Georges Seurat, in which he creates his astonishing effects by the clever placing of tiny dots of paint next to each other." (The painting turns out to be a work of pointillism featuring a refined Mewsette sitting on a table surrounded by Seurat's painting equipment and his own masterpiece: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte in his bedroom. The camera irises out on the painting and opens on a painting of Henri Rousseau's bedroom with Mewsette sitting under the windowsill at night.) "Henri Rousseau is an ex-soldier with no formal art training; he is known as a primitive painter." (The bedroom turns into a jungle, where Mewsette is surrounded by jungle animals and a primitive African oboe player.) "With his vivid imagination, he is creating a charming world of his own, where oranges grow on banana trees." (Oranges literally start popping around on banana trees as Meowrice describes in his letter. A painting then opens up, featuring Mewsette wearing a brunette bun-wrapped wig on her head, her neck stretched out with a sash wrapped around it, and her eyes having become blue-colored beady eyes as she sits at the table.) "Amadeo Modigliani is a talented, young Italian painter who shows great promise." (The painting stands on a wood easel board, where paint stains cover the supports, and a can full of paintbrushes, a wrinkled piece of canvas, and a disatisfied Mewsette are shown at the bottom of the easel.) "Sometimes, his models have great difficulty holding the pose for him." (And with Meowrice's description, Mewsette is unimpressed with how her depiction looks exaggerated. The scene fades in on a shot of Mewsette posing for a painting worked on by Vincent Van Gogh.) "A Dutch painter who has found new inspiration here in Paris is a man of vile and temperament: Vincent Van Gogh. To acheive a strong, emotional impact, he sometimes applies paint directly from the cube." (Van Gogh's portrait of Mewsette is shown here with paint having been put on from using the cube. The study of Edgar Degas is then shown.) "Monsiuer Edgar Degas frequently uses ballet dancers as his models. To arrive at his delicate color harmonies, he often uses pastels instead of oil paints." (A pastel painting of Mewsette as a young, blonde ballet dancer is shown, until a painting of Mewsette done by Auguste Renoir then appears. She is in a crouching pose as she sits on a riverbank, where another woman sits nearby her.) "Don't be concerned when you see Auguste Renoir's portrait. Mewsette has not gotten fat." (He chuckles as the scene fades out. A painting of Mewsette posing on a kitchen table by some fruit and done by Paul Cézanne appears.) "Monsiuer Paul Cézanne is an intellectual artist. He is a masterful organizer of color, composition, and form. His subjects often take on the aspects of a still-life." (A still-life painting of Mewsette posing against different-colored fruits is then shown and then fades out, as the camera opens on the study of Paul Gaugin, where Mewsette poses for another painting.) "The dynamic Paul Gaugin has only recently returned from Tahiti, and his paintings show the influence of the South Sea Islands." (A South-Sea-influenced painting of a green-colored Mewsette laying down on the beach is shown, and last but not least, the study of Pablo Picasso appears. Dozens of his cubist-influenced works depicting Mewsette are shown here.) "Another young painter here in Paris is a volatile Spaniard who shows every indication of someday setting the art world on fire. His name is Pablo Picasso." (A hideous cubist-styled painting of Mewsette is shown, as she is seen here mentally screaming in agony. The scene then shifts back to the present.) "And so, hoping that you will enjoy them, I ship these paintings unto you. And tonight, I am sending the original article: Mewsette herself!" (He finishes the letter, chuckling, and then puts the letter in the envelope and licks the seal. He then gives it to one of his goons.) "Here, mail this letter, Armand." (Armand passes the letter on to his co-workers.) "Now, I want no slip-ups; the train leaves at midnight. I'll be back shortly with the Belle of Paree. I want you to see that she is comfortably settled in her..." (chuckles wickedly) "Compartment."

(The camera jump cuts to a crate where Mewsette will be mailed to Mr. Pfft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and zooms in on Mr. Pfft's address on the side of the crate. It reads, "MR. HENRY PHTT, 1411 SAND BOX RD., PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, USA". At the same time, Meowrice checks in on Mme. Rubens Chatte about Mewsette's preparation as a true feline.)

Meowrice: "I hope my little protege is ready for her great adventure, sister."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "She is, but you don't get her 'til I'm paid in full. No money, no Mewsette."

Meowrice: (obliging) "Very well, then. I'll write you a check. It's better than money."

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (pleased) "Now, that's more like it! It will be well worth it, Meowrice." (Meowrice opens his claw to start writing her check.) "Mewsette is my greatest achievement; my crowning glory!"

Meowrice: (writing the check) "For the sake of your dear neck, I do hope so." (He gives the check to his "sister".)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Oh, how gallantly you put your case, Meowrice. No girl could resist you." (bats her eyes at Meowrice) "Judge for yourself whether you're getting your money's worth." (She calls to Mewsette.) "Mewsette, 'cherie!" 

(Mewsette walks out in her full sophisticated glory as she sports a blonde wig.)

Mewsette: "Yes, dear Madame Rubens Chatte." (She poses off and bats an eye at Meowrice, who grins excitedly as he goes gaga.

Mme. Rubens Chatte: "Why, brother, don't tell me."

Meowrice: (lovestruck) "Momentary lapse, my dear. Even cats are sometimes human." (to Mewsette) "Mewsette, my dear, young friend," (kisses her paw) "You are beautiful beyond compare."

Mewsette: (grateful) "Thank you, monsiuer. You are most kind."

Meowrice: "Tonight, I wish to speak to you of something... very personal. I think you will agree that, before this night is over, all your dreams will come true."

(Stars appear in Mewsette's eyes, as she goes over and hugs Mme. Rubens Chatte for her successful education.)

Mewsette: "Oh, Madame Rubens Chatte, isn't it wonderful? I do thank you for making it all possible." (She purrs sexily, but with Mme Rubens Chatte's voice.)

Meowrice: (to Mewsette) "Come, my dear. Paris awaits you." (He motions his hand to let Mewsette walk first.)

Mewsette: "And dear Madame, may I say everything that happens is because of your faith in me." (She and Meowrice then leave her home, as a happy tear rolls down Mme. Rubens Chatte's cheek.) "I'll be back soon and tell you all about it!"

Meowrice: (to Mme. Rubens Chatte, sinisterly) "Don't wait up, sister. It will be later than she thinks." (He closes the door.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (sighs, wiping tears from her eye) "I'm going to miss that beautiful, little thing." (She looks as the check.) "Well, at least, I've got this check to cheer me up! Huh?" (However, to her surprise, the ink vanishes on the check.) "What's-What's happening?! Why, that double-crosser! That crook! He used disappearing ink!" (to the audience) "Do you know? If the opportunity arose to do him a disservice, I might not be able to resist it." (She rips the check in two out of anger and frowns at the viewers, squeezing her lips with her fingers and resting her right hand on her hip.

(Meanwhile, Meowrice and Mewsette are gazing at the moon outside on the church roof.

Meowrice: "Ah, the moon is beautiful tonight, mon 'cherie." 

Mewsette: "Oh, yes. So romantic." 

(Meowrice leads her inside his lair.

Meowrice: "Step in here, my dear. Out of the chill night wind." 

(He lets Mewsette inside as the gentleman he partly is and follows her in, closing the door behind him.

Mewsette: "What was it you wish to tell me, Meowrice?" 

Meowrice: "Tonight, I wish to speak of love and marriage. You have thought of marriage, haven't you?" 

(Mewsette hides half of her face with her tail, bashfully.

Mewsette: "Yes. I... I suppose I have." 

Meowrice: "Good. Then, I know just the one for you." (shows Mewsette a picture of his boss) "Here's his picture; his name is Henry Pfft of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A." 

(Mewsette realizes Meowrice's scheme.

Mewsette: (looks at the picture with disgust) "You mean you want me to marry this... this fat, old..."

Meowrice: (Interrupting her, chuckling) "You are as bright as you are pretty, my dear. So, please get into the basket like a good little bride to be."

(His henchcats show her the basket.)

Mewsette: (frightened) "Who are they?"

Meowrice: "Business associates, ‘cheri. Just get into the basket, and you won't have to look at them anymore."

Mewsette: "Into the basket? No! Oh, no!"

Meowrice: (mocking her) "Yes! Oh, yes! You are going to Pittsburgh to marry that rich American. Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that why you left the farm?"

Mewsette: "Yes, I mean, no. I just-" (Crying) "I just want Jaune-Tom!" (Continues crying)

Meowrice: "Jaune-Tom? You mean, the world's greatest mouser?" (laughs) "Why, old Jaune-Tom's probably in Alaska about now."

Mewsette: "He is not! You're lying, just like you did about everything else!"

Meowrice: (coming towards her) "Call it a weakness. Now, get into the basket!"

Mewsette: "No, I won't! I'm not going to marry anybody!"

(She tries to get away, but she is cornered by Armand, grinning evilly at her, and the rest of Meowrice's henchcats. They pounce on her, but Mewsette dodges them by jumping up and climbs on the rope, sounding the church bell. She rises up and down on the rope, while Meowrice's servants try to grab her.)

Meowrice: "After her, boys!"

(The Shadow Cats chase after Mewsette on the rope, but Mewsette is too quick for them, as she leaps on the windowsill. However, she looks between the streets below the bell tower and the Shadow Cats closing in on her.)

Meowrice: "Don't let her fall! I've already paid the postage!"

(The Shadow Cats make one last grab at her, but she simply falls to the streets, screaming, until she bounces off an awning and lands on the back of the horse. Her claws sink into the horse's back, startling him and causing him to bolt down the streets with a buggy hitched up to him, as Mewsette holds on for dear life. She jumps off the horse into the fountain. She peeks out of the fountain, losing her wig, and sees Meowrice and his boys beginning their search for her. She ducks back into the fountain to avoid them from seeing her as Meowrice and the Shadow Cats pass the fountain, until Armand looks into the fountain to see if she's in here. Mewsette is hiding under the feet of the fountain's statue, when Armand senses her presence and tries to look for her.)

Meowrice: (to Armand) "Come down from there, Armand, you idiot! No time for second story work tonight!"

(Meowrice grabs Armand down from the fountain, as they cross a footbridge, until Armand stops and tells Meowrice that he sensed Mewsette back at the fountain gibberishly.)

Meowrice: (annoyed) "Well, why didn't you say so, you epitaph?"

(The cats trace their way back to the fountain, as the Shadow Cats jump into the fountain and look for Mewsette.)

Meowrice: "Well, do you see her? Hurry, hurry!"

(Their tails are sticking above the surface, when the Shadow Cats crash into each other underwater.)

Meowrice: (annoyed) "You fools! Don't you see those paw prints?" (Meowrice points to a trail of paw prints belonging to Mewsette.) "A-ha! This should be easy." (snickers) "Let's go."

(Mewsette runs down a sidewalk and into the city streets. Meowrice and his henchcats are following close behind her. Mewsette stops, making sure the coast is clear, and turns onto another street as the bad guys miss her by going down the opposite street.)

Meowrice: "She's not down here. Back the other way!" (They turn onto the same street in Mewsette's direction.) "There she goes!"

(Just as they close in on Mewsette, they see a bulldog ahead of them. Meowrice skids to a stop. The Shadow Cats try to stop, but they crash into a sleeping bulldog's face. The bulldog wakes up, seeing them against his face as they grin in embarrassment.)

Meowrice: (perturbed) "Get rid of that dog, you bumbling idiots!"

Bulldog: (in a New York accent) "Your whiskers tickle, cats, and since I can't stand to be tickled by no cats, I'm gonna tear your tails off and have 'em for breakfast."

Meowrice: (pleading with him) "We understand your feelings, sir. Nothing like cat's tails for breakfast..." (motioning towards Mewsette) "But back there among those barrels is a..."

(The bulldog growls at him and the henchcats and attacks them.)

Meowrice: "Yeow! No, please! Let's talk this over!" (He continues to be attacked by the bulldog as he yelps in pain.)

(Mewsette sees the bulldog attacking the bad guys and makes her escape by climbing over a barrel and a fence. She takes one last look at the chaos and sneaks away. Later, back at their hideout, the Shadow Cats are putting bandages on their boss, as he chews out on them for letting Mewsette escape.)

Meowrice: (angry) "After all I've done for you, taught you everything I know, made you despicable scoundrels beyond compare!" (The Shadow Cat finish putting the bandages on their master, groaning in pain.) "And what happens?! You meet one little dog, and I, Meowrice, have to save your miserable, worthless lives!" (The Shadow Cats listen to their master's rant, somehow being used to it.) "Now, get out there and find Mewsette!"

(The Shadow Cats slink out of the bell tower and start searching for Mewsette in all of Paris; they glance and jump over rooftops, peek through chimneys, slink through alleyways and sewers, and climb over statue of a French soldier on his horse. Armand copies the statue's pose to peer out for Mewsette. Night turns into morning, and their next stop is the Notre Dame. They look inside the mouths of gargoyle statues, scale flying buttresses and steeples, and walk along the rooftops of the church. Two of them crash into their heads, as the minion scolds his co-minion for being careless in gibberish. Meanwhile, Armand walks along the edge, peers above a headless angel statue (being its "head"), and climbs above a gargoyle statue. He peers into the gargoyle's mouth and keeps looking. Unknown to him, Mewsette his hiding under the gargoyle's chest, shivering from the chill morning wind. She then lays down and cries over the recent events that have happened to her.)

(Meanwhile, Jaune-Tom, Robespierre, and the man have arrived in Alaska, and the threesome are hiking in Yukon Mountain range, searching for gold. Robespierre bounces along in the man's bootprints and Jaune-Tom pushes his way through the snow, not used to the kind of outdoor weather here.)

Man: "Brave country, is it not, mes amis?" (The man has a pickaxe in his left hand.) "This weather, she is a little nippy for cats." (chuckles) "You could call it "catnip weather". Ho-ho, catnip weather, no?" (He chuckles as Robespierre bounces behind him.) "No. Oh, well. I am discouraged, too. We come for gold, we find cold." (Jaune-Tom trudges behind them, feeling discouraged, too.) "I'll tell you what: Let's join the Foreign Legion. We go to Africa and get warm again, eh?"

(At that moment, a mouse pops out of a bank of snow. Jaune-Tom senses its presence, bolts up the side of the mountain, and digs for the mouse and also... gold nuggets!)

Man: (notices Jaune-Tom digging into the mountain) "Mon dieu! Little turtle, look!" (Robespierre bumps into his leg and falls down into the snow.) "We've struck it rich!"

(Robespierre spots the gold on the mountain and bounds his way up the mountain.)

Robespierre: (to Jaune-Tom, excited) "Jaune-Tom, we're rich! We're rich!"

(Jaune-Tom is still digging up a chockfull of gold nuggets, until he brings out his head with the mouse in his mouth. He looks at his friend who comes along and looks at the gold.

Robespierre: (cont.) "Whoopee!" (laughs) "Yahoo! We're rich!" (He tosses up piles of gold.) "Now, we can go back! Yahoooooo!"

(He lands back into the snow and rolls in it, which turns into a large snowball, which even transitions into a swirling newspaper issue of The Klondike Nugget, which reads, "CATS STRIKE GOLD IN ALASKA". Other headlines report about the friends' discovery, as the issue of Le Parisier du Soir reads, "CHAT FRANÇAIS TRÉS LOADED!!" with the subtext, "Un Grand Millionaire", on the side. Next, an Arabic newspaper issue reports about the event as well. Finally. an issue of the London Gazette reports, "RICH CATS HEAD HOME TO PARIS", as a picture of a side wheeler steamboat bound for Paris is shown. Now, our heroes are on their way home!)

(Meanwhile, back in Paris, Meowrice calls out on his minions for failing to find Mewsette, and this time, they're cowering before their master.)

Meowrice: (angry) "Six weeks! Six whole weeks lost! Never send kittens to do a cat's job, I always say. And now that I am getting these splints off my tail..." (He groans as he removes the bandage off his tail.) "How are you, baby: Good as new?" (He kisses his tail, chuckling, and turns back to his minions.) "Now, then: We are going out and find Mewsette, or there will be four new violins in the world."

(His eyes turn into those of the gargoyle statue and the camera pans above the city and lowers into the city streets where Mewsette stands outside an empty bar. Her hair is messed up, but she's still wearing her string tie at least. Sad saxophone music plays in the background.)

(Song: Paris is a Lonely Town)

Mewsette: (singing sadly) "The glamour's gone,

the shades are down,

and Paris is only a lonely town.


When love's a laugh,

and you're the clown,

then, Paris is only another town.


For the lover's clown,

this town's a weary merry-go-round,

and round and round,

the chestnut, the willow, the colors of Utrillo,

turn to grey, grey hues!

The band playing vyse,

along the Champs-Elysées,

sounds like wake up blues.

Paris is a lonely, dreary, oh so lonely town.

Where's that shining flower,

'neath the Eiffel tower?

Where's that fairy land of gold?

Isn't it a pity,

that this magic city,

turned suddenly cold?

The chimneys moan,

the river cries,

each glamorous bridge is a bridge of sighs.

River, river, won't you be my lover?

Don't turn me down,

for Paris is such a lonely, lonely...


(Mewsette is sitting perched on the rail of a foot bridge as she finishes her song. She then lets out a tear which hits the Seine River and sets off some ripple waves. Mewsette continues staring at the river.)

Meowrice: (to Mewsette, sinisterly) "Lovely view, eh, mam'selle?"

(Meowrice has found Mewsette, as she looks at him with horror.)

Mewsette: (alarmed) "Oh, no! Please!" (She runs off.)

Meowrice: (chuckling)

(Mewsette stops in her path to see the Shadow Cats blocking her escape. She looks back at Meowrice who scats a tune to himself. Then, she looks at the Shadow Cats closing in on her like tigers. She looks back at Meowrice again as he opens a claw and chuckles. Finally, she loses hope.)

Mewsette: (broken-hearted) "If there was any other way, I would have waited, Jaune-Tom."

(She looks at the Seine River below and jumps off the bridge to commit suicide. Unfortunately, his henchcats form a pyramid and catch Mewsette in a sack.)

Meowrice: (pleased) "Nice fielding, team. Come along, we'll take the scenic route home."

(They hustle into a manhole, carrying the sack with Mewsette inside. On the other hand, a horse and buggy cross the bridge with Jaune-Tom and Robespierre on board! Jaune-Tom has a game plan.)

Jaune-Tom: (to Robespierre) "All right, Robespierre: The first thing we do is head for that Madame What's-Her-Name's salon for felines, and they're bound to know where she is." (He looks for a street to cross.) "C'mon, let's go!"

(They hop off the buggy and run toward Mme. Rubens Chatte's school, running up streets and climbing stairs.)

Robespierre: (to Jaune-Tom) "Don't worry, Jaune-Tom. I'm right behind you!"

(They continue running and make it to Mme. Rubens Chatte's school.)

Jaune-Tom: "There it is." (He opens the door to let himself and Robespierre inside.) "Where's Mewsette?"

(However, Armand creeps from the sewers and eavesdrops on them.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (offscreen, worried) "She's in danger!"

Jaune-Tom: (offscreen) "Yes, I know that. I know, but-"

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (cont.) "They've taken her to Meowrice's, and I think she's still there."

Jaune-Tom: (offscreen) "Well, thanks a lot!"

Robespierre: (offscreen) "Yeah, thanks!"

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (cont.) "Never mind the thanks. Just give Meowrice my "love", and then turn him inside out!"

(Armand departs the school and climbs up through a drainpipe.)

Mme. Rubens Chatte: (cont.) "Now, hurry! Hurry!"

(Jaune-Tom and Robespierre hustle out of the school on their way toward Meowrice's hideout, where Meowrice eats some sardines from a can.)

Meowrice: "Canned fish? What will they think of next?" (He puckers his lips with a finger.) "Everything is packaged these days..." (chuckling) "...even pretty girls. Hmmm?" (He turns towards Mewsette who is locked in a basket, crying.)

(He then sees Armand hustling inside the bell tower.)

Armand: (speaking gibberishly)

Meowrice: "What? Jaune-Tom, the champion mouser?"

Armand: (cont., gibberishly)

(Mewsette eavesdrops on this and scribbles a message for Jaune-Tom on the floorboard.)

Meowrice: "At Madame Rubens Chatte's?!"

Armand: (cont., gibberishly)

Meowrice: (to his henchcats) "Quick, then! We must be off to the train! Grab the handles! Put your backs into it! Get moving, you idiots!"

(The Shadow Cats lift the crate off the floor, as the message reads, "Jaune-Tom, I'm being taken to the train.". Meowrice peers outside and checks both directions for intruders.)

Meowrice: (to his henchcats) "All right, lads: The coast is clear." (He runs off and his henchcats follow him behind.)

(At the same time, Jaune-Tom and Robespierre rush on the rooftop for Meowrice's lair. Unknown to them, Meowrice and his boys hide behind a chimney to avoid themselves from being seen.)

Meowrice: (to his henchcats) "Let's go." (Their continue their journey to the train station.)

Jaune-Tom: (arriving in Meowrice's lair.) "Mewsette? Mewsette? Mewsette, where are you?"

Robespierre: "Don't worry, Jaune-Tom! I'll be right there!"

Robespierre: (barges in, too, and growls at the empty area.) "Rowr!"

Jaune-Tom: (walking away) "Eh, it's no use, Robespierre. We're too late."

Robespierre: "Nobody to rowr with?" (He swishes his tail on the floorboard, dusting off the message unknowingly.)

Jaune-Tom: (notices the message) "Hey. Hey, wait a minute. Stop." (Robespierre stops swishing his tail.) "Look: There's a message." (He goes over to the floorboard where Robespierre is and reads the message carved in it.) ""Jaune-Tom, I'm being taken to the... train.""

(Over at the train station, the train whistle blows and the drive wheels slowly turn. They slip for a brief second, as steam hisses from the cylinder. The engine gets its grip back on the rails and pulls its freight train out of the station, picking up speed. Inside the second boxcar are Meowrice resting on the doorway, his goons guarding the crate with Mewsette inside, and Mewsette herself crying.)

Meowrice: "Tears of gratitude, eh, 'cherie?" (He twists his whiskers.) "Just think: In a few hours, you will be on a boat to America and your new old, rich husband." (He chuckles, until he notices Jaune-Tom and Robespierre running up to the platform.) "Well, well: Here are your little friends down to bid you goodbye."

(Jaune-Tom and Robespierre are panting after all their running.)

Robespierre: (panting) "What are we... gonna do? I'm too p-pooped!"

Meowrice: (mocking them) "Au revoir, my children! Don't forget to write!" (laughs evilly)

Jaune-Tom: (brainstorming) "Hey. Maybe if I... maybe if I imagine!"

(His eyes turn into slits as he then imagines Meowrice slowly turning into a mouse. His eye "locks on target" with Meowrice, and, with Robespierre clinging onto his sparking tail, soars like a rocket past the caboose and into the boxcar. Meowrice's pupils blink with horror as he shuts the door. He pushes the door as a barricade with the help of his lackeys. Unfortunately, it's harder said than done when Jaune-Tom lands on the door, squashing Meowrice and the Shadow Cats. His tail whips off Robespierre, sending him landing in a pile of crates.)

Jaune-Tom: (looks around) "Mewsette? Mewsette, where are you?"

Mewsette: "Jaune-Tom!"

(His joy is short lived when he is squashed up against the ceiling by Meowrice and his goons.)

Meowrice: (laughs) "Good work, gentlemen!

(Robespierre emerges from the crates, wearing a hat with the letter, "N" for Napoleon, in the center on his head. He shakes his head and notices that his friend's in trouble. He leaps into action by biting Meowrice's tail, and Meowrice's pupils shrink in pain.)

Meowrice: (shouting) "YEOOOOOW! Stop him, someone!"

(The Shadow Cats corner Robespierre, as he stops and grins bashfully. He licks his tongue, pats Meowrice's tail, and tiptoes sideways to a corner, and Meowrice's goons follow him in pursuit.)

Shadow Cats: (roar)

Meowrice: "Toss him out the door, boys! He ought to make quite a splash."

(Just then, the boxcar door lands on Meowrice with Jaune-Tom on top of it.)

Mewsette: "Jaune-Tom, help! They've got Robespierre!"

(Jaune-Tom looks at Robespierre being cornered by the Shadow Cats, until Meowrice flips the door over.)

Meowrice: "Too late, my dear."

(Jaune-Tom gets up on his hind legs and shoves Meowrice outside, also placing the door back in its frame. Outside, Meowrice raises his rear end to avoid passing railway signals. Back inside the car, poor Robespierre meows fearfully, and the Shadow Cats jump him. Jaune-Tom leaps into action by jumping into a dust cloud and attacks the Shadow Cats, while Robespierre spins into a corner and rests there with stars flying around his head. Then, Jaune-Tom grabs all their tails and spins the Shadow Cats around like a cowboy using his lasso. Back outside, Meowrice avoids the last of the signals and breathes a sigh of relief, until his rear end gets hit by a signal, causing him to land back inside the car.)

Meowrice: "Yeow!"

(Then, Jaune-Tom chucks the Shadow Cats out the boxcar, where their tails latch onto a banjo railway crossing, causing them to jerk back-and-forth in motion with the crossing arm. Back inside, Jaune-Tom checks on Mewsette to see if she's alright, while Meowrice lies on the floor with stars passing around his head.)

Jaune-Tom: "Are you all right, Mewsette?" (Meowrice shakes his head and regains his consciousness. He comes up with one more plan with an evil smirk on his face.) "You look all right. I mean, at least, your eyes do!"

Mewsette: "If you would let me out, Jaune-Tom, I'll show you how I really look."

(Meowrice tip-toes to a stack of crates and climbs on them.)

Jaune-Tom: "Oh, sure, sure. What's the matter with me anyway? It doesn't really matter, though."

(He grabs the pin with his mouth, unlocking the crate containing Mewsette, who steps out of it. Jaune-Tom's drops his jaw and gives a small wolf whistle as the pin falls to the floor. Mewsette is smiling in all her former glory as she was back on the farm.)

Mewsette: (happily) "Why, Jaune-Tom, that's the nicest thing anybody ever said to me!" (She comes up to Jaune-Tom and nuzzles on his neck.) "Oh, Jaune-Tom, I've been such a fool."

(She purrs so lovingly that it sends Jaune-Tom vibrating to a corner of a crate, where he looks at her with hearts in his eyes, hearts flying around his head, and his whiskers curling in and out. Just then, a crate is starting to be pushed off from the top of the stack of crates.)

Mewsette: (alarmed) "Jaune-Tom, look out!"

(Robespierre watches as the crate falls and crashes on Jaune-Tom, and Meowrice is shown to have pushed it off to destroy Jaune-Tom. He laughs triumphantly, or so he thinks when Robespierre crawls on his forelegs, growling at Meowrice. Fortunately, Jaune-Tom is still alive and yanks Robespierre off to the side by his tail.)

Jaune-Tom: "You keep out of it, Robespierre."

(He comes out of the wreckage and faces Meowrice, growling and baring his teeth. Meowrice also glares down at his challenger with hatred as he bares his teeth. Jaune-Tom then leaps onto the top crate and wrestles with Meowrice in a great cat fight, which is seen as a shadow against the car wall. Robespierre watches their fight, bouncing and swinging his fists to cheer his friend on, while Mewsette watches with fear and amazement. Jaune-Tom and Meowrice's battle causes the stack of crates and barrels to collapse and scares Robespierre into hiding behind a barrel to avoid seeing the violence. As the barrels and crates fall out the boxcar, Jaune-Tom clings onto the edge of the car for dear life, as Meowrice cackles maniacally and pounds his toes to send Jaune-Tom falling off the train. But, Jaune-Tom is all too powerful for Meowrice as he jumps up and tackles him, sending themselves tumbling into the wall of the car. Robespierre shields his eyes, as the engine blows its whistle and continues its journey to the harbor. By now, Jaune-Tom has gained the upper hand on Meowrice as he grips his throat and socks Meowrice in the face repeatedly. Before Jaune-Tom can give Meowrice the boot, Robespierre notices the address on the crate and gets an idea.)

Robespierre: "Jaune-Tom, hold it! Stop!"

(Jaune-Tom prepares to kick Meowrice out of the car, until he hears Robespierre get his attention.)

Jaune-Tom: "Huh?"

Robespierre: (showing Jaune-Tom the address.) "Mr. Henry Phtt... 1411 Sand Box Road..."(giggles)

Jaune-Tom: (chuckles) "Oh, yes. Good idea, Robespierre." (He puts Meowrice in Mewsette's place inside the crate.) "Now, you go to beddy-bye, and when you wake up, you'll be on a boat going to meet that rich husband, huh? Right, Robespierre?" (He gives Meowrice's hair a girly makeover, closes the lid, and puts the pin back in the slot.)

Robespierre: (giggling) "Please! Please don't say anything more! I'm dyin'! I'm dyin', I tell ya!"

(Robespierre then breaks into a laugh riot as he pounds on the car floor with his paws. Mewsette and Jaune-Tom share a good laugh as well. Back in Paris, a handsomely-groomed white horse pulls a carriage with the three friends for a ride down Champs-Elysées.)

(Song: Mewsette Reprise)

Jaune-Tom: (singing) "Mewsette, Mewsette, my Heart for you is one big throb."

Mewsette: (singing) "Jaune-Tom, Jaune-Tom, my love for you is formidable."

(Robespierre is laying down on the carriage's rooftop flap, as he has a wine bottle, a bucket of ice, and a pack of sardines to snack on.)

Both: (singing) "With love here to stay, every day’s a gay bonjour.

Jaune-Tom: (singing) "My heart is touché!"

Mewsette: (singing) "And the world is Vive L’amour!"

Both: (singing) "Buds bloom and breezes blow,

spring sings wherever we go."

Jaune-Tom: (singing) "Mewsette, Mewsette,

You will say, "Enchanté!"

Once you've met my poupée, Mewsette!"

(Jaune-Tom and Mewsette wave goodbye to their audience from their carriage.)

All: "Buds bloom and breezes blow,

Love sings wherever we go,

Mewsette, Mewsette,

hear them say, "Enchanté!"

And hoorah, and hooray!"

Mewsette: (singing) "Une Mois Fois Touché!"

Jaune-Tom: (singing) "Ooh la-la, Olé!"

Both: "So we say en Francais,

Vive L’amour!

Vive La Gaie!


(Their carriage ride continues into the heart of the city as the camera pans vertically up to the Eiffel Tower with its national flag flying at the top of the tower.)