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Garfield: Chapman, Get your hands off of my friend!

Spanky: Good to see you, Chubby.

Persnikitty: We're here to help.

Garfield: Sir Roland?

Persnikitty: In the fur.

Garfield: It's showtime!

Dog #1: Hurry boys.

Dog #2: Dog pile!

Garfield: Thanks boys. Better split before the animal control gets here.

Dog #4: See you later, Garfield.

Garfield: Odie would you mind sharing the remote please?

Garfield: Every dog has his dog, Happy.

Happy Chapman: Nice, kitty.

Garfield: Strong finish little buddy.

Happy Chapman: Be Happy.

Jon: This is for stealing my dog and my cat.

Garfield: He didn't steal me. I was doing the rescue work.

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