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Ralph Breaks the Internet Raya and the Last Dragon
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The official Movie poster

Agnarr (O.S.): Anna, Elsa!

Iduna (O.S.) : Bed time's soon!

Anna: Uh oh! The princess is trapped in the snow goblin's evil spell! Quick Elsa, make a prince, a fancy one! Oh no, the prince is stuck too! "Who cares about danger when there's love?"

Elsa: Ugh, Anna, blegh... Kissing won't save the forest! (chuckling) The Lost Fairies are crying out! What sound does a giraffe make? Nevermind! They wake the Fairy Queen, who breaks the spell and saves everyone!

Anna: And they all get married! (laughing)

Agnarr: What are you playing?

Anna: Enchanted forest!

Agnarr: That's like no Enchanted Forest I've ever seen.

(Anna: The prince and the princess whoosh)

Elsa: (gasps) You've seen an Enchanted Forest?

Anna: Wait, what?

Agnarr: I have. Once.

Anna: And you never told us this before?

Agnarr: Well, I could tell you now... If you...

Elsa: Okay, tell us now!

Iduna: Are you sure about this?

Agnarr: It's time they know... (Anna: Let's make a big snowman later)

Agnarr: If they can settle and listen. (Chuckles) Far away, as north as we can go, stood a very old and very Enchanted Forest. But its magic wasn't that of goblin spells and lost fairies. It was protected by the most powerful spirits of all... Those of air, fire, water, and earth. But it was also a home to the mysterious Northuldra people.

Elsa: Were the Northuldra magical, like me?

Agnarr: No Elsa, they were not magical, they just took advantage of the forest gifts. Their ways were so different from ours. But still, they promised us friendship. In honor of that, your grandfather, King Runeard, built them a mighty dam to strengthen their waters. It was a gift of peace.

Anna: That's a big gift of peace.

Agnarr: And I was so honored to get to go to the forest to celebrate it.

Runeard (Flashback): Stand tall, Agnarr.

Agnarr: I wasn't at all prepared for what the day would bring. We let down our guard. We were charmed. And it felt so... magical. But something went wrong. (Yelling) They were attacking us!

Mattias (Flashback): Get behind me!

Agnarr: It was a brutal battle. Your grandfather ...

Agnarr (Flashback): Father!


Agnarr: ...was lost. The fighting enraged the spirits. They turned their magic against us all. (Grunts) (Vocalizing) There was this... voice. And someone saved me. I'm told, the spirits then vanished. And a powerful mist covered the forest, locking everyone out. (Wind whooshing) And that night, I came home, King of Arendelle.

Anna: Whoa, Papa, that was epic. Whoever saved you, I'd love that.

Agnarr: I wish I knew who it was.

Elsa: What happened to the spirits? What's in the Forest now?

Agnarr: I don't know. The mist still stands. No one can get in, and no one has since come out.

Iduna: So we're safe.

Agnarr: Yes, but the forest could wake again, and we must be prepared for whatever danger it may bring.

Iduna: And on that note, how about we say goodnight to your father?

Anna: Oh, but I still have so many questions!

Agnarr: Save them for another night, Anna.

Anna: Ugh, you know I don't have that kind of patience. Why did the Northuldra attack us anyway? Who attacks people who gave them gifts?

Elsa: Do you think the forest will wake again?

Iduna: Only Ahtohallan knows.

Anna: "Ahtoall--" what?

Iduna: When I was little... my mother would sing a song about special river, called Ahtohallan... that was said to hold all the answers about the past, about what we are a part of.

Anna: Wow.

Elsa: Will you sing it for us? Please?

Iduna: Okay, cuddle close. Scootch in.

"All Is Found" (Iduna) Where the northwind meets the sea

There is a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river all is found

In her waters, deep and true

Lie the answers and path for you

Dive down deep into her sound

But not too far or you'll be drowned

Yes, she will sing to those who hear

And in her song, all magic flows

But can you be brave what you most fear?

Can you face what the river knows?

Where the northwind meets the sea

There's a mother full of memory

Come my darling, homeward bound

When all is lost, then all is found


Kai: Your Majesty-

Elsa: Oh!

Kai: They're ready.

Elsa: Hehe, excuse me, I'm coming. (Hears a voice) Do you hear that?

Kai: What?

Elsa: Nevermind.

Anna: (chuckling) Enjoying your new Permafrost, Olaf?

Olaf: I'm just living the dream Anna. Oh, how I wish this could last forever.

Anna: Mmmmm...

Olaf: And yet change mocks us with her beauty...

Anna: What's that?

Olaf: Forgive me, maturity is making me poetic. Tell me, you're older and thus all-knowing. Do you ever worry about the notion that, nothing is permanent?

Anna: Uh... no.

Olaf: Really? Wow, I can't wait till I'm aged like you, so I don't have to worry about important things.

Anna: That's not what I mean. I don't worry because... well, I have you, and Elsa, and Kristoff, and Sven and the gates are open wide and... And I'm not alone anymore.

(Anna) Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder And we're all getting older

And the clouds are moving on with every Autumn breeze

Peter Pumpkin just became fertilizer

(Olaf) And my leaf's a little sadder and wiser

(Anna)That's why I rely on certain certainties

Yes, some things never change

Like the feel of your hand in mine

Some things stay the same

(Anna & Olaf) Like how we get along just fine

(Anna) Like an old stone wall that'll never fall

Some things are always true

Some things never change

Like how I am holding on tight to you

(Kristoff) The leafs are already falling

Sven, it feels like the future is calling

Are you telling me tonight you're gonna get down on one knee?

Yeah, but I'm really bad at planning these things out

Like candlelight and pulling of rings out

Maybe you should leave all the romantic stuff to me

Yeah, some things never change

Like the love I feel for her

Some things stay the same

Like how reindeers are easier.

But if I commit and go for it.

I'll know what to say and do. Right?

Some things never change...

Sven, the pressure is on you.

(Elsa) The winds are restless

Could that be why I'm hearing this call?

Is something coming?

I'm not sure I want things to change at all.

These days are precious,

Can't let them slip away.

I can't freeze this moment,

But I still can go out and seize this day!

(Townspeople) Ah ah ah ah ah ah

The wind blows a little bit colder

(Olaf) And you all look a little bit older

(Anna) It's time to count our blessings

(Anna & Kristoff) Beneath an autumn sky

(Townspeople) We'll always live in a kingdom of plenty

That stands for the good and the many

(Elsa) And I promise you the flag of Arendelle will always fly

(Anna) Our flag will always fly!

(Townspeople) Our flag will always fly! (Our flag will always fly!)

(All) Some things never change

Turn around and time has flown

Some things stay the same

Though the future remains unknown

May our good luck last, may our past be past

Time's moving fast, it's true

(Anna, Elsa, & Kristoff) Some things never change

(Anna) And I'm holding on tight to you

(Elsa) Holding on tight to you

(Olaf) Holding on tight to you

(Kristoff) I'm holding on tight to you...

(Anna) I'm holding on tight to you.


Kristoff: Um... okay... Um... lion!

Olaf: Grizzly bear!

Kristoff: Uh, monster!

Olaf: Mama bear!

Kristoff: Angry face? Olaf: Papa bear!

Kristoff: Uh...

Olaf: Hans!

Elsa: Unredeemable monster!

Kristoff: Biggest mistake of your life!

Olaf: We didn't even kiss you! (Bell rings)

Anna: Villain!

Elsa, Olaf, & Kristoff: Oh...

Olaf: We all correctly got it.

Kristoff: Okay, Olaf, you're up.

Olaf: Okay. (So much easier now that I can read) Lightning round, boys against girls. Okay, I'm ready, I'm ready.

Kristoff: Go! Unicorn. Ice cream. Castle. Oaken! Teapot! Mouse! Ooh, Elsa! (Bell rings) (Laughing)

Anna: I don't think Olaf should get to rearrange. Doesn't matter, this is gonna be a cinch. Two sisters, with one mind.

Elsa: Thank you.

Anna: Okay, here we go. You got this Elsa, anytime. Just do it with your body. Nothing. Air. Tree. People. "Treeple"! Oh that's not a word... Shovel boy. Teeth? Oh, doing the dishes.

Olaf: Polar Bear!

Anna: Hey!

Olaf: Sorry.

Anna: You gotta give me something. (Hears the voice again) Uhm, Alarmed? Distracted? Worried? Panicking? Disturbed, oh, come on. You definitely looked disturbed.

Kristoff: We won.

Anna: Rematch?

Elsa: Oh, you know what, I think I'll turn in.

Anna: Are you OK?

Elsa: Just.. just tired. Good night.

Olaf: Yeah, I'm tired too, and Sven promised to read me a bedtime story, didn't you Sven?

Kristoff: Did I?

Olaf: Oh you do the best voices like when you pretend to be Kristoff and you're like "I'll just go talk to some rocks about my childhood and stuff..."

Kristoff: Um, how about you guys start without me? (He prepares to groom the place and himself for the engagement)

Anna: Did Elsa seem weird to you?

Kristoff: She ... seemed like Elsa.

Anna: That last word, when it really seemed to throw her, what was it?

Kristoff: I don't know, but...

Anna: Ah. Ice? Oh come on, she couldn't act out ice? I better go check on her. Thanks honey, love you.

Kristoff: I love you, too. It's fine.

(In Elsa's room...)

Elsa: (hears a knock by Anna) Come in.

Anna: Yup, something's wrong.

Elsa: With you?

Anna: No, with you. You're wearing mother's scarf, you do that when something's wrong. Oh, did we hurt your feelings? I'm sorry, if we did. You know, there are few people that are actually good at family games, that's just a fact.

Elsa: No, that's not it.

Anna: Then what is it?

Elsa: There's this... I just don't want to mess things up.

Anna: What things? You're doing great! Oh Elsa, when are you going to see yourself the way I see you?

Elsa: What would I do without you?

Anna: You'll always have me. (They smile for a while) I know what you need. Come on, come here.

Elsa: What?

Anna: It's Mama's words, cuddle close. Scootch in.

Elsa: Mhmm.

Anna: Where the northwind meets the sea, there's a river...

Anna & Elsa: Full of memory...

Elsa: I know what you're doing... (Anna chuckles)

Anna & Elsa: Sleep, my darling, safe and sound, For in this river all is found...

(Elsa) I can hear you, but I won't.

Some look for trouble, while others don't.

There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day

And ignore your whispers which i wish would go away (Ohh)

You're not a voice, you're just a ringing in my ear

And if I heard you, which I don't, I'm spoken for I fear

Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls

I'm sorry, secret siren, but I blocking out your calls

I've had my adventure, I don't need something new

I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow you...

Into the unknown!

Into the unknown!!

Into the unknown!!!~

What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me awake

Are you here to distract me so I make a big mistake?

Or are you someone out there who's a little bit like me?

Who knows deep down I'm not where I meant to be?

Every day's a little harder as I feel my power grow

Don't you know there's part of me that longs to go ...

Into the unknown!

Into the unknown!!

Into the unknown!!!~

Are you out there? Do you know me?

Can you feel me? Can you show me?

Where are you going? Don't leave me alone!

How do I follow you? Into the unknown!!!


Elsa: Air, fire, water, earth. (Thunder rumbling, shattering, flashing)

Anna: The water! (Wind howling)

Elsa: They're outrageous! No fire, no water, the earth is next. We have to get out! It'll be okay, evacuate to the cliffs!

Olaf: Oh no, I'm gonna blow!

Kristoff: - I got you!

(All the people evacuated)

Kristoff: Yes, everyone's out and safe. Here, take one of these. You okay there, Olaf?

Olaf:- Oh Yeah. We're calling this, "controlling what you can when things feel out of control".

Anna: Okay, I don't understand. You've been hearing a voice and you didn't think you would tell me?

Elsa: I didn't wanna worry you.

Anna: We made a promise not to shut each other out! Just tell me what's going on!

Elsa: I woke the magical spirits at the Enchanted Forest.

Anna: Okay, that is definitely not what what I thought you were gonna say. Wait, the Enchanted Forest? The one father warned us about?

Elsa: Yes.

Anna: Why would you do that?

Elsa: - Because of the voice... I know it sounds crazy, but I believe whoever is calling me, isn't good.

Anna: How can you say that? Look at our kingdom!

Elsa: - I know, it's just that my magic can feel it. I can feel it.

Anna: Okay. (Feeling rumbling) Oh no, what now?

Kristoff: The Trolls?

Bulda: Kristoff, we missed you!

Anna: Pabbie!

Grand Pabbie: - There was never a dull moment with you two. I hope you're prepared for what you have done, Elsa. Angry magical spirits are not for the faint of heart.

Anna: Why are they still angry? What does this all of this have to do with Arendelle?

Grand Pabbie: Let me see what I can see. The past is not what it seems. A wrong demands to be righted. Arendelle is not safe. The truth must be found. Without it... I see no future.

Anna: No future?

Grand Pabbie: When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing.

Elsa: The next right thing, is for me to go to the Enchanted Forest and find that voice. Kristoff, can I borrow your wagon, and Sven?

Kristoff: - I'm not very comfortable with the idea of that.

Anna: - You are not going alone.

Elsa: Anna, no. I have my powers to protect me, you don't.

Anna: Excuse me, I climbed to the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend, and I did it all without powers, so, you know, I'm coming.

Kristoff: Me too, I'll drive.

Olaf:- I'll bring the snacks!

Grand Pabbie: I will look after your people.

Anna: Please make sure they stay out of the kingdom until we return.

Grand Pabbie: Of course.

Elsa: Let's let them know.

Grand Pabbie: Anna, I'm worried for her. We have always feared Elsa's powers were too much for this world, now, we must pray they are enough.

Anna: I won't let anything happen to her.

(They travel to the Enchanted Forest)

Olaf: Who wants a trivia? I am, okay! Did you know that water has memory? True fact, it's disputed by many, but it's true. Did you know we are ever six times more likely to be struck by lightning? Did you know Gorillas burp when they're happy? Did you know we blinked 4 million times a day? Did you know that pies come in squares?

Kristoff: Did you know that sleeping quietly on long journeys prevents insanity?

Olaf: (laughing) Yeah, that's not true.

Kristoff: - It is.

Elsa: - It is defenitely true.

Anna: - It's the truth.

Olaf: Hmm, well, that was unanimous. But I will look it up when we get home.

Anna: They're both asleep. So ... what do you wanna do?

Kristoff: Sven, keep us steady, will you? Anna? Ahem! Anna, remember our first trip like this when I said you have to be crazy to want marry a man you just met?

Anna: - Wait, what? Crazy? You didn't say I was crazy, you think I'm crazy?

Kristoff: No, I did, you were. Not crazy, clearly. (Chuckles) Just naive, not naive, just ah.. just, new to love. Like I was, and, when you're new, you are bound to get it .. wrong.

Anna: So you're saying, I'm wrong for you?

Kristoff: What? No, no, (Voice sounds off) I'm not saying you're wrong, or crazy, I'm saying--

Anna: - Good idea.

Elsa: - Kristoff, stop, please. I hear it. I hear the voice.

Anna: - You do? Olaf, wake up.

Kristoff: - Whoa.

Anna: - Wow.

(Kristoff tries to get in first, but is blocked off until Elsa opens the fog.)

Anna: Promise me, we do this together, okay?

Elsa: I promise.

(They all enter the fog...)

Kristoff: It's okay.

Olaf: Did you know that the Enchanted Forest is a place of transformation? I have no idea what that means, but I can't wait to see what it's gonna do to each one of us.

(...but the Wind Spirit pushes them out of the foggy area)

Anna: We're locked in. I did not see that one coming.

Elsa: This forest is beautiful!

Anna: The Dam ... It still stands. It was in GrandPabbie's visions, but why?

Kristoff: I don't know, but it's still in good shape, thank goodness.

Anna: What do you mean?

Kristoff: Well if that Dam broke, it would send a tidal wave so big, it would wash away everything on this fjord.

Anna: Everything? But.. Arendelle is on this fjord.

Kristoff: Nothing gonna to happen to Arendelle, Anna, it's gonna be fine. Come here. You know, under different circumstances, this would be a... very romantic place. Don't you think?

Anna: Different circumstances? You mean like with someone else?

Kristoff: What? No, no, I'm saying, just in case we don't make it out of here...

Anna: You don't think we're gonna make out of here?

Kristoff: No, no, I mean, no, we will make it out of here. Well, technically the odds are kinda complicated, but my point is....

(Compiled complication here)

Kristoff: - In case we die-- No! No! No, we will die at some point-- Not even any reason time will we die, but.. Way far in the future we will die....

Anna: - You think we're gonna die?! I swear that I will not leave her side! (Runs away) Elsa?

(Against Sven's advises...)

Kristoff: (frustrated) Don't patronize me.

Anna: Elsa, there you are! You okay?

Elsa: I'm fine.

Anna: Okay, good. Where's Olaf?

Olaf: Umm, Anna? Elsa? Sven? Samantha? (Laughs) I don't even know who's Samantha! (Cackles, but he gets hit by the Spirits' abilities) That's normal... 

(Olaf) What was that? (Gasps) Samantha?

This will all make sense when I am older.

Someday I will see that this makes sense.

One day, when I'm old and wise,

I'll think back and realize,

That these were all completely normal events.

(Shrieking) Ah!

I'll have all the answers when I'm older,

Like why we're in these dark enchanted woods.

I know in a couple of years,

these will seem like childish fears.

And so I know this isn't bad, it's good.

Excuse me.

Growing up means adapting,

Puzzling out your world and your place.

When I'm more mature, I'll feel comfortably secure,

Being watched by something with a creepy, creepy face...

(Running and screaming like crazy)

See, that will all make sense when I'm older,

So there's no need to be terrified or tense.

I'll just dream about a time,

When I'm in my age of prime.

'Cause when you're older,

Absolutely, everything makes sense!

This is fine.


(The Wind Spirit, in the form of a tornado, picks the intruders up)

Olaf: Hey guys, meet the wind spirit!

Kristoff: (passes with the wind) Coming through!

Anna: Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick!

Olaf: I'll hold your hands, but I can't find my arms!

Elsa: (notices a branch that will hit Anna, she deflects it off, but the Wind Spirit plays with her hands vigorously) Hey! Stop.

Anna: (as her sister is contained by the Wind Spirit) Elsa! Let her go!

Kristoff: (warns Anna not to come closer) Anna, be careful!

Anna: - That's my sister!

Snow memory of a guard: Prince Agnarr! (Growling)

Snow memory of Runeard: For Arendelle.

Young Agnarr's Voice: Father!

(The Wind Spirit is finally tamed after Elsa sees some memories in the snow)

Anna: (goes to comfort her) Are you ok?

Elsa: (replies) I'm fine.

Kristoff: (mesmerized by the statues) What are these?

Anna: They look like moments in time. What's that thing you said, Olaf?

Olaf: Oh, my theory about advanced technology is both our savior and our doom?

Anna: No, not that one, the one about...

Olaf: The one about cucumbers?

Anna: No. The thing about water.

Olaf: Oh, yeah. Water has memory. The water that makes up you and me has passed through at least 4 humans and or animals before us. (The water Sven's drinking after hearing it, gets gagged out) And remembers everything. (The tamed Wind Spirit plays with its new friends) The wind's back! I think I'll name you Gale.

Kristoff: Whoa! Get outta there.

Anna: Oh, hi, are you curious.

Elsa: You're in the better mood now?

(The wind spirit guides them to the ice statue of Anna and Elsa's parents)

Anna:Father. It's father! But this girl...

Olaf: Who is she?

Kristoff:She's Northuldran.

(Horn sounding, rustling)

Anna: What was that?

Elsa: Olaf, get behind me.

Kristoff: - What are you gonna do with that?

Anna: - I have no idea.

(The Northuldran and Arendellian people confront each other between the intruders)

Honeymaren: Lower your weapons.

Mattias: - And you lower yours!

Anna: - Arandellian Soldiers?

Yelana: - Threatening my people, Lieutenant?

Mattias: - Invading my Dam space, Yelena?

Anna: (points the ice sword at Mattias) Why does that soldier looks so familiar?

Arendellian Soldier: Lieutenant!

Mattias: Get the sword!

(Both sides charge against the intruders, until Elsa lays an icy floor on their feet)

Mattias: That was magic. Did you see that?

Yelana: Of course I saw it.

Elsa: Just an ice cold greeting...

Kristoff: - They've been trapped in here this whole time?

Anna: - What do we do now?

Olaf: I got this. Hi! I'm Olaf. (Gasps) Oh, sorry, yeah, I just find clothes restricting. Bet you're wondering who we are and why we are here. It's really quite simple. (narrating story) It began with two sisters. One born with magical powers, and one born powerless. Their love of snowmen, infinite. "Anna, No! Too high!" Blast! "Ow, Mama, Papa, help!" Slam! Doors shutting everywhere, sisters torn apart! Well, at least they have their parents. Their parents are dead. "Oh, I am Anna, I wanna marry a man I just met!" Elsa's gonna blow, snow, snow, ah run! Magic pulses through my snowflakes. (Gasps) I live! "Ice palace for one, ice palace for one!" "Get out Anna!" (Shooting sounds) "My heart!"

Mattias: Oh, my goodness!

Olaf (continuing): "Only an act of true love can save you." "Here's a true love's kiss..." "You're not worth it, guess what? I'm the bad guy!"

Mattias: What?!

Olaf (continuing):And Anna freezes to death, forever.

Mattias: Oh, Anna!

Olaf (concluding): Then she unfreeze it. Oh, and then Elsa woke up the magical spirits, and we were forced out from our kingdom. Now our only hope is to find the truth about the past, but we don't have a clue how to do that. Except Elsa's hearing voices, so we got that going for us. Any questions?

The crowd stares blankly

Olaf: I think they got it.

(Elsa thaws the ice floor)

Mattias: Are you really queen of Arendelle?

Elsa: I am.

Yelana: Why would nature reward a person of Arendelle with magic?

Mattias: Perhaps to make up for the actions of your people.

Yelana: My people are innocent, we will have never attacked first.

Mattias: May the truth be found. Hi, I'm sor-, uh, what's happening?

Anna: That's it! Lieutenant Mattias! Library, second portrait on the left. You are our father's official guard.

Mattias: Agnarr. What did happened to your parents?

Anna: Our parents' ship went down in the southern sea 6 years ago.

Mattias: I see him. I see him in your faces.

Anna: - Really?

Mattias: Soldiers! We maybe getting old in years, but we're still strong. Proud to serve Arendelle.

(The Northuldran are cornered, until...)

Elsa: (Steps forward) Wait, please. Someone has called me here. If I can just find it, I believe they have the answer that may help us free this forest. Trust me, I just want to help.

Yelana: (Rejects...) We only trust nature. When nature speaks, (...when the Fire Spirit intervenes) we listen.

Olaf: (Frightened) This will all makes sense when I'm older...

Fire spirit Get back everyone! Go to the river! No, no, no reindeer that's a dead end Come on Sven, we'll get them Elsa, get out of there Elsa Come on buddy, we can do this Anna - Get her out of here! - No! Elsa! They're all looking at us, aren't they? Got any advice? Nothing? Hmm Should I know what that means? You hear it too Somebody's calling us, who is it? What do we do? Okay, keep going north Elsa! Oh thank goodness. Anna. Are you okay? -What were you doing? You could have been killed, you can't just follow me into fire You don't want me to follow you into fire, then don't run into fire You are not being careful Elsa I'm sorry, are you okay? I've been better I know what you need Where did you get that scarf? That's a Northuldra's scarf - What? - This is from one of our oldest families It was our mother's Elsa I see it, it's mother Mother saved father's life that day Our mother was Northuldra We are the people of the Sun I promise you I will free this forest, and restore Arendelle That's a pretty big promise Elsa Free the forest Wow Im sorry, I just ... ah Some of us were born in here, we've never even seen the clear sky. - My name is Ryder - Kristoff I heard the voice again We need to go north. -But the earth giant nows roaming north at night You can leave in the morning - I'm Honeymaren. - Honeymaren, we'll do all we can Hey, let me ask you, how do you guys cope with the ever increasing complexity of thought that comes with maturity? Brilliant It's so refreshing to talk to the youth of today Our future is in bright hands Oh no, no, no.. Don't chew that, you don't know what I've stepped there I can't seem to get her attention - Or even say the thing - Well, you're in luck I know nothing about women But I do know that we have the most amazing way of proposing If we start now, we'll be ready at dawn. - Really? It involves a lot of reindeer Hey, back at home, Halimah's still over on Hudson's Hearth? She is. -Really? Is she married? - Mm-mm - Oh wow, why would that make me feel better? - What else do you miss? My father He passed long before all this He was a great man Build us a good life is Arendelle, by talking taking the good for granted. He'd say, Be prepared! Just when you think you found your way, life will throw you on a new path What do you do when it does? Don't give up Take it one step at a time And Just do the next right thing Yeah, you got it I wanna show you something May I? You know, air, fire, water and earth - Yes. - But look There is a fifth spirit It said to be a bridge between us and a magical nature - A fifth spirit? - Some say... they hear it call out the day before the spell My father heard it, Do you think that's whats calling me? Maybe Alas, only Ahtohallan knows Ahtohallan Dive deep into her sound But not too far away or you'll be drowned Why do lullabies always have to have some terrible warning in them? I wonder that all the time Earth giants What are they doing down here? This is why we don't play with fire Ah, I can't stay mad to you, you're so cute Please tell me, you are not about to follow them What if I can settle them like I did with the wind and fire Or what if they can crush you before you even get the chance Remember, the goal is to find the voice, find the truth and get us home - Hey guys, that was close - I know The giant sensed me They may come back here, I don't want to put everyone at risk again And you're right you're Anna we've got to find the voice - We're going now. - Okay, we're going, let me just .. Wait, where are Kristoff and Sven? Oh yeah, I think they took off with that Ryder guy and a bunch of reindeer They left? Just left without saying anything? Who knows the ways of men. Am I supposed to feel this ridiculous Oh yeah, definitely - Everyone ready? - Ready. Ah, I could use a rehearsal - Hey love-love.. - Wait, you talk to them too? - I do.. -It's like you can actually hear what they're thinking Yeah and you.. you just say it And then you just say it Okay, here she comes Princess Anna of Arendelle My fiesty love, fearless, ginger sweet love Will you marry me? Um, no The princess left with the queen What queen? What? What?! I wouldn't try to follow, they're long gone Long gone? So yeah Um, we're heading west, to the Lycan Meadows, you can come with us if you want Hey, um - I'm sorry ... - No, it's fine.. - Yeah, yup Hm, okay, I'd better go pack - You coming with? - I'll just ah, yah I'll meet you there Ahh, you know where you're going. Yah Yah, I know the woods. Reindeer are better than people Sven, why is love so hard? You feel what you feel And those feelings are real Come on, Kristoff. Let down your guard. Lost in the Woods Kristoff: Again, you're gone Off on a different path than mine I'm left behind Wondering if I should follow You had to go And, of course, it's always fine I probably could catch up with you tomorrow But is this what it feels like to be growing apart When did I become the one who's always chasing you heart? Now I turn and find I am lost in the woods North is south, right is left when you're gone I'm the one who sees you home But now I'm lost in the woods And I do not know what path you are on I' m lost in the woods Up 'til now The next step was a question of how I never thought it was a question of whether Who am I, if I'm not your guy? Where am I, if we're not together Now I know you're my true north 'Cause I'm lost in the woods Up and down, day is night When you're not there Oh, you're my only landmark So I'm lost in the woods Wondering if you still care But I'll wait For a sign ( For a sign ) 'Cause you are mine Until then I'm lost in the woods Lost in the woods ( Lost in the woods ) ( Lost ) Hey Olaf, umm Maybe just one of you should do it I agree, she's a little pitchy Hey, Gale's back - How can it be? - What is it? Mother and father's ship But this isn't the southern sea No, it isn't Why their ship is here How're their here It must have been washed in from the dark sea What would it be doing in the dark sea? I don't know How did the ship get through the mist? I thought nobody could but us, unless... Nobody was on it There's gotta be something here Wait, wait, look around Every Arandellian ship has a compartment, waterproof That's very clever Although that makes me wonder why they dont just make the whole ship waterproof Here! I don't know, but look, this is mother's handwriting "The end of the ice age, the river found but lost Magic's source" Elsa's sources? It's a map They traveled north Planned to cross the dark sea to.. Ahtohallan - It's real? - Ahtoha- what? It's a magical river said to hold all the answers about the past Do you reinforcing my water has a memory theory? Water has memory Elsa? I wanna know what happened to them - Ahtohallan is the source of the magic - We keep going For Elsa ... Waves are too high! Elsa! Hey hey, what are you doing? This is my fault, they were looking for answers about me You are not responsible for their choices, Elsa No, just their deaths Stop. No Yelana asks why would the spirit reward Arendelle with the magical queen? Because our mother saved our father She saved her enemy Her good deed was rewarded With you - You are a gift. - For what? If anyone can resolve the past If anyone can save Arendelle and free this forest, it's you I believe in you Elsa More than anyone or anything Honeymaren said there was a fifth spirit A bridge between magical nature and us - A fifth spirit? - That what's been calling me From Ahtohallan The answers about the past are all there So we go to Ahtohallan Not we Me The dark sea is too dangerous for us both No, we do this together Remember the song, go too far and you'll be drowned Who will stop you from going too far?

Elsa: You said you believed in me that this is what I was born to do.

Anna: And I don't want to stop you from that. I, I don't want to stop you from being whatever you need to be. I just don't want you dying, trying to be everything for everyone else too. Don't do this alone. Let me help you, please. I can't lose you, Elsa.

Elsa: [hugs Anna tightly] I can't lose you either, Anna. [to Olaf] Come on.

[As Olaf joins in the group hug, Elsa sends Anna and Olaf away to safety on an ice boat]

Anna: Wait, what? What are you doing? Elsa!

[Elsa sadly looks on]

No, no ... Olaf, help me stop Give me a hand! Hang on! Oh no Come on! Anna, this is might sounds crazy, but I'm - sensing some rising anger - Ah, Oh, I am angry, Olaf! - She promised me we do this together. - Yeah, but ... What I mean is I'm sensing rising anger in me - Wait, you're angry? - I think so Elsa pushed me away too and Didn't even say goodbye - And you have every right to to be very, very mad at her And you've said some things never changed, but since then Everything done's nothing but change. - I know But look I'm still here holding your hand Yeah, I think that's a good point Anna I feel better, you're such a good listener Shh, shh, shh! Look! Oh the Giants, they're huge Hang on Olaf Try not to scream Found it Thank you. Where are we? In a pit, with no way out But with this spooky pitch black way in Come on, it'll be fun Assuming we don't get stuck here forever and no one ever find us You started it and I gave up But bright side Elsa gotta be all out better than we are Of course Glaciers are rivers of ice Ahtohallan is frozen I hear you, and I'm coming.

Show Yourself


Every inch of me is trembling

But not from the cold

Something is familiar

Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold

I can sense you there

Like a friend I've always known

I'm arriving

And it feels like I am home

I have always been a fortress

Cold secrets deep inside

You have secrets, too

But you don't have to hide

Show yourself

I'm dying to meet you

Show yourself

It's your turn

Are you the one I've been looking for

All of my life?

Show yourself

I'm ready to learn

Ah-ah, ah-ah


Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah


I've never felt so certain

All my life I've been torn

But I'm here for a reason

Could it be the reason I was born?

I have always been so different

Normal rules did not apply

Is this the day?

Are you the way

I finally find out why?

Show yourself

I'm no longer trembling

Here I am

I've come so far

You are the answer I've waited for

All of my life

Oh, show yourself

Let me see who you are

Come to me now

Open your door

Don't make me wait

One moment more

Oh, come to me now

Open your door

Don't make me wait

One moment more

(Choir, Iduna)

Where the north wind meets the sea

(Ah-ah, ah-ah)

There's a river

(Ah-ah, ah-ah)

Full of memory (Memory, memory)

Come, my darling, homeward bound


I am found

(Elsa and Iduna)

Show yourself

Step into the power

Grow yourself

Into something new


You are the one you've been waiting for


All of my life (All of your life)

Oh, show yourself

(Elsa, Choir)

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah


I just wasn't looking where I was going, but I'm great Actually ... Prince Hans of the Southern Isle I love you. I need to tell you about my past - And where I'm from? - I'm listening Iduna! - What are you reading, your Majesty? - Just some outdated author King Runeard, I'm sorry, I don't understand We're bringing Arendelle's full guard But they have given us no reason not to trust them The Northuldra follow magic Which means we can never trust them.

Elsa: Grandfather?

King Runeard: [in a memory] Magic makes people feel too powerful. Too entitled, it makes them think they can defy the will of a king.

Elsa: That is not what magic does. That's just your fear. Fear is what can't be trusted.

You see, the Dam will weaken their lands, so they will have to turn to me for you, dive down deep into her sound But not too far or you'll be drowned They will come in celebrations, and then We will know their size and strength As you have welcomed us We welcome you Our neighbors, our friends King Runeard, the Dam isn't strengthening our waters, it's hurting the forest It's cutting off the North--! - Let's not discuss this here Let's, way at noon, at tea, find a solution No! Which blacky tunnel do we choose?~ You see, the Dam will weaken their lands So they will have to turn to me King Runeard, the Dam is hurting the forest! Elsa's found it - What is it? - The truth about the past That's my grandfather Attacking the Northuldra leader Who wields no weapon The Dam wasn't a gift of peace It was a trick But that goes against everything Arendelle stands for.

It does, doesn't it? I know how to free the forest, I know what we have to do, To set things right Why do you say that so sadly? We have to break the Dam But Arendelle will be flooded That's why everyone was forced out To protect them from what has to be done Oh Are you okay? I could really use a bright side, Olaf The bright side, um Turtles can breathe through their butts? And I see a way out I knew I can count on you Come on, Olaf Elsa's probably on her way back right now, we can meet her and- Olaf? What's this? - Are you okay? - I'm flurring? Wait, no, that's not it I'm flurring, away... The magic in me is fading What? I don't think Elsa is okay I think... She may have gone too far No, no. - Anna I'm sorry You're gonna have to do this next part on your own Okay? -Wait, come here I've got you That's good Hey Anna I just thought of one thing that's permanent. -What's that? Love Warm hugs? I like warm hugs I love you Olaf, Elsa What do I do now?

The Next Right Thing

I've seen dark before
But not like this
This is cold
This is empty
This is numb
The life I knew is over
The lights are out
Hello, darkness
I'm ready to succumb

I follow you around
I always have
But you've gone to a place I cannot find
This grief has a gravity
It pulls me down
But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
"You are lost, hope is gone
But you must go on
And do the next right thing"

Can there be a day beyond this night?
I don't know anymore what is true
I can't find my direction, I'm all alone The only star that guided me was you
How to rise from the floor
When it's not you I'm rising for?
Just do the next right thing
Take a step, step again
It is all that I can to do
The next right thing

I won't look too far ahead
It's too much for me to take
But break it down to this next breath
This next step
This next choice is one that I can make

So I'll walk through this night
Stumbling blindly toward the light
And do the next right thing
And with the dawn, what comes then
When it's clear that everything will never be the same again?
Then I'll make the choice
To hear that voice
And do the next right thing


Wake up! Wake up!!! That's it! Come and catch me! Come on! Okay, that's it! Keep coming! That worked No, no-no, she's leading them to the Dam - Kristoff! - I'm here - What do you need? - To get to the Dam - Help me up! - We'll meet you around! - Lieutenant Mathias - Your Highness - What are you doing? - The Dam must fall It's the only way to break the the mist, and free the forest But we've sworn to protect Arendelle at all cost Arendelle has no future until we make this right King Runeard betrayed everyone How do you know that? My sister gave her life, for the truth Please Before we lose anyone else Destroy the Dam, come on! Throw your boulders! That's it I got her Hang on

Anna: I'm sorry I left you behind. I was just so desperate to protect her.

Kristoff: I know, I know, it's okay. My love is not fragile.

Ryder: Look at the sky. I just didn't realize there so much of it.

Mattias: 34 years...

Yelena: 5 months...

Mattias: And 23 days.

(The reindeer move out in freedom, while Gale signals to Anna that her sister has returned)

Anna: Is it really you?

Elsa: Anna!

[Anna runs over to Elsa as she starts crying tears of joy and hugs her]

Anna: [crying] I thought I lost you.

Elsa: Lost me? You saved me, [wipes her tears away with her thumb] again.

Anna: [crying] I did?

Elsa: And, Anna, Arendelle did not fall.

Anna: [still crying] It didn't?

Elsa: The spirits all agree, Arendelle deserves to stand with you.

Anna: [sniffles] Me?

Elsa: You did what was right, for everyone.

Anna: Did you find the fifth spirit?

[Elsa smiles]

Anna: [gasps] You are the fifth spirit. You're the bridge.

Elsa: Well, actually, a bridge has two sides. And a mother had two daughters. We did this together. And we'll continue to do this together.

Anna: Together.

Kristoff: Elsa! You're okay! [runs over to Elsa and hugs her]

[At the same time, Sven runs over to her]

Kristoff: You look different. Did you cut your hair or something?

Elsa: [smiles] Or something.

Kristoff: Oh.

Anna, I need to ask you a question Okay Do you wanna build a snowman? What? Thank goodness, water has memory Anna, Elsa Kristoff and Sven You all came back! I love a happy ending! I mean I presume we're done Or is this putting us in more dangerous situation gonna be, a regular thing? No, we're done - Actually... There is one more thing, Anna.. You are the most extraordinary person I've ever known I love you with all I am Will you marry me? Yes! Arendelle's okay - What? Ahtohallan is beautiful Hello. - You know You belong up here I took an oath to always do what's best for Arendelle Luckily, I know just what that is I still don't know what transformation means I feel like this forest, has really changed us all

(Back in Arendelle...)

Kai: Presenting, our Majesty. Queen Anna of Arendelle! (Crowd cheers)

Anna: Sven, don't you look nice? (Olaf clears throat) Oh my goodness! Olaf!

Charmed?, I'm sure - Charming. - Your Majesty Kristoff Oh, did you boys get dressed up for me? It was Sven's idea One hour, you get this for one hour That's okay, I prefer you in leather anyway I'm shocked you can last an hour, that was brutal Hm, the things we do for love What is this crazy magic called again? A photograph - Photograph... Ah, really good Halima, General Mattias. Ah Your Majesty. I'll be right back, you can look at our photograph while I'm gone I am just kidding, How do I look? - Fantastic Our lands and our people Now connected by love

Hi Gale, you like it? Oh, do you mind? I've got a message for my sister

Thank you Charades friday night, don't be late And don't worry, Arandalle is doing just fine Keep looking after the forest I love you I love you too, Sis Hi Gale, I'm going for a ride, wanna come? Are you ready?

At the post-credits scene, Olaf acts out a story.

Olaf: [vocalizes the voice] (if you see someone else's name in this one, it means Olaf is impersonating them.) [Elsa] Show yourself!! RIGHT NOW! [Iduna] Elsa, be who you are. [Elsa] Oh I will Mama, I will! [normal voice] Elsa's DEAD. Olaf's DEAD. Anna cries... [talks fast] And then a bunch of important things happen that I forgot but all that matters is I was right and water has memory and thus... [gasps] I LIVE. And so do you.

[the audience is Marshmallow and little snowmen]

Marshmallow: Whoa! We live! [the snowmen cheer] WE LIIIIIIVE!!!! [laughs] Good story, ahh.

The End.

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