• Narrator : first lines New York City. Where thing a little feature. A Town with people, and the sun will be all right.
  • Mr. Scheck : Children. Unexpected. Assessment: potential threats. Commencing termination.
  • Mr. Scheck : Struggling until the end. Illogical. You must realize the end is here.
  • Tony Stark : No. Still hope.
  • Mr. Scheck : False. Hope is a human delusion.
  • Mr. Scheck : Energy source detection. Location: Arctic Circle. Energy analysis matches fugitive designation: Iron Man. FINALLY.
  • Mr. Scheck : Do you see, Avenger? Rumors of the children's existence already spread among the humans. Superhuman variable cannot be permitted. The children must be destroyed.
  • Pym : Hey, that's not fair! James doesn't even have any powers.
  • Mr. Scheck : Scanning Avengers data files. Identity match. James Rogers, son of Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, the most dangerous of all the Avengers. He inspired them, and like Captain America, you, James, will be the first to fall!
  • Hawkeye : Not today, robot.
  • Mr. Scheck : [Last words before Hulk falls to the death him] Now ends the Avengers!
  • Narrator : last lines And So, as the end of New Your City, Mrs. Andrews, Annabel and Mr. Andrews will All Together, And the This all part the world, but there is only one more thing the part of this, will be there to the feature, by Mrs. Andrews and Annabel Freaky Friday.
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