• Jeffrey: Well, I think we all have lunch first, okay. Then, we'll unload the fishing gear and uh, take it to the boat.

  • Jeffrey: Well, how could that be?

  • Charlotte: So, George was so upset I said he could fish with you after all. I hope that's okay.
  • Jeffrey: Well, of course it is.

  • Jeffrey: Well, honey, I'll supervising.

  • Alex: Relax, BG. It's not a big deal.
  • Jeffrey: Alex is right, sweetheart.

  • Alex: Sorry. It's just I know how George feels. I'm a little brother, too.

  • Jeffrey: Hey, you two come and join us.

  • Jeffrey: Really? Well, I'm pleased to see you getting along.

  • Jeffrey: Now, that's not the point, BG.

  • Jeffrey: Well, it was nice of you to be kind of your brother, BG. But, next time you have a problem with George. Come and talk to me first, alright.
  • BG: Alright.
  • Jeffrey: Well, maybe we should all have a talk, huh?

  • Alex: BG, can you grab us some cake for the boat?
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