The episode begins when Dawn places the cook pot on the table.

Dawn: Okay!

Ash and Brock have placed the food for the heroes' Pokémon.

Brock: We're all set!
Ash: [calling out] 'Kay, gang. Chow time!
Pikachu: Pika?

All of the heroes' Pokémon but Gligar are swimming in a lake near the camp site.

Dawn: [off-screen] Come and get it!

Once hearing this, the Pokémon storm out of the water and start eating.

Staravia: [eating] Staravia!
Brock: That's some of my special Pokémon food. And I made plenty, so eat up.

Cut to Piplup and Swinub eating.

Piplup: Pip.
Swinub: Swi! [tries to reach for Piplup's bowl]
Piplup: [pulls his bowl away] Pip, Piplup.

Luckily, Turtwig notices this and breaks up the argument.

Turtwig: Twig.
Dawn: [laughs] That's Turtwig for you.
Ash: Yeah. [noticing Gligar's abscence] Huh? Hey, where'd Gligar go?

Cut to Buizel, Croagunk and Ambipom eating.

Ash: [o.s.] I'll find out.
Croagunk: [eating] Croa, croa, croa...

Ash gets up.

Ash: [calling out] Hey, Gligar, c'mere!

Gligar: [appears above Ash] Gli!
Ash: [looks up] Huh?

Before Ash could do anything, Gligar lands on him.

Ash: Ugh!

Gligar quickly gets off Ash.

Ash: Why'd you do that?
Pikachu: Pika, Pikachu?
Gligar: [starts using X-Scissor on the ground] Gli! Gli!
Ash: Oh, that's X-Scissor. Does that mean you wanna do some battle training?
Gligar: [nods] Gli, Gli!
Brock: That makes sense to me,...

A flashback of Gligar's battle with Paul's Gliscor is shown.

Brock: [v.o.] ...especially after Gligar had that frustrating battle with Paul's Gliscor.

The flashback ends. But once hearing this, Gligar starts crying and squeaking out of depression.

Dawn: Careful. You're going to get Gligar really depressed.
Brock: Uh... sorry, Gligar.

The term "training" got Ash thinking.

Ash: Training, huh? So you wanna get stronger, right?
Gligar: [nods] Gli!
Ash: Awesome! We'll get down to it, right after lunch.
Gligar: [ecstatic] Gligar!

Theme song and title, then the scene changes to Gligar and Buizel having a stare-down.

Narrator: [v.o.] As our heroes continue the Sinnoh region trek toward Hearthome City and Ash's next Gym battle, we find a very motivated Gligar prompting a round of special training.

Buizel: Bui! Bui, Bui!
Ash: Gligar, you're in the thick of it. Use your eyes and show that winning glare!

Gligar takes a step forward, glaring determinedly and smirking confidently at Buizel.

Gligar: Gli!

But once seeing Buizel copying Gligar's expression, Gligar gasps in surprise.

Buizel: [angrily] Bui, Bui!

Suddenly, Gligar becomes depressed, begging Buizel to spare it.

Gligar: Gli, gli, gli...

Gligar's begging embarrasses Pikachu, but Ash remains oblivious.

Ash: Well, that's not gonna work. Gligar, you can't give up before you start.
Pikachu: [embarrassed] Pika, Pika...
Ash: Gligar, now! Use X-Scissor and keep it going!
Gligar: [starts using X-Scissor] Gligar!

Buizel dodges all of Gligar's X-Scissor attacks effortlessly.

Ash: Now, Buizel, use Aqua Jet!

Buizel cloaks himself with water and charges at Gligar, who, instead of attacking, tears up, heads for Ash and clings on his face, just before Pikachu warns them of Buizel's Aqua Jet. Still, Buizel's attack lands, causing both Ash and Gligar to become soaked. Frustrated, Ash removes Gligar from his face.

Ash: Gligar, what's WRONG with you?!

However, Gligar's depression deteriorates and it even starts looking at the ground, squeaking.

Dawn: Ash, wait. Getting mad like that will just depress Gligar even more.
Ash: [slightly annoyed] Well, yeah, but still...
Dawn: [rubbing Gligar's head] Cheer up, Gligar. No need to worry. You'll just try a little harder next time and you'll be wonderful.
Gligar: [hugs Dawn] Gligar.
Ash: Man, I don't want Gligar to get spoiled.
Brock: On the other hand, treating Gligar harshly isn't going to get you very far either, right?
Ash: Yeah. [holds up a Poké-Ball] 'Kay, Turtwig, come on out and gimme a hand!

Turtwig is sent out.

Turtwig: Turtwig!
Ash: Now, Turtwig. Energy Ball!
Turtwig: [starts forming the Energy Ball] Tur...
Gligar: [uncertain] Gligar.
Ash: [exasperated] Gligar, if you don't pay attention, you won't be able to dodge.
Turtwig: [fires the Energy Ball at Gligar] Turtwig!
Gligar: [leaps up] Gli!
Ash: Now use Steel Wing right from where you are!
Gligar: [hesitant] Uh? [uses Steel Wing] Gli! [pauses in mid-dive once meeting Turtwig's determined glare and defensive stance] Uh! [suddenly powers down and starts babbling and spinning around in fear]
Brock: Huh?
Gligar: [turns and heads for Ash] Gligar.

Ash and Pikachu run away once noticing Gligar is heading towards them.

Ash: C'mon, Gligar, not over here!
Dawn: Of course, now Gligar can fly straight as an arrow.
Brock: [groans] Uh...

Cut back to Gligar still chasing Ash and Pikachu. Ash is hastily pointing at Turtwig.

Ash: Your opponent's back over there!

Gligar, however, closes in on Ash and lands on his face.

Ash: Aah! [angrily removes Gligar off his face] What're you thinking?!

In response, Gligar tears up again.

Ash: You're gonna have to stop crying and start toughening up! Let's try it once more.

Unable to stand Ash being strict towards it, Gligar turns its back away from him.

Gligar: Gligar!

Gligar flies away to somewhere distant, still bawling.

Ash: Gligar!
Dawn: Where are you going?
Gligar: [o.s.] Gligar!

Unbeknownst to the heroes, however, Team Rocket overhears them from behind a bush.

James: Best wear a helmet when Gligar calls.
Meowth: [snickers] I just thought of the perfect way to utilize that head-hugger.
Jessie: I'm sensing a scene change.
Meowth: It's a doozy!

Meanwhile, the heroes are calling for Gligar.

Ash: Gligar, where are you?
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Dawn: Hey, Gligar!
Brock: Say something!
Ash: This is just great. Things don't go perfectly, so Gligar throws in the towel.
Pikachu: [disappointed] Pika...
Staravia: [off-screen] Staravia!
Ash: [looks up] Huh? [to Staravia] Staravia, did you find Gligar?
Staravia: Star! [flies off] Staravia! Star.

The others start following Staravia, until they encounter Gary, who's embracing Gligar.

Staravia: [lands] Star.
Pikachu: Pika!

Gary and Gligar look confused.

Gary: Huh?
Dawn: It's the poetry guy's grandson!

In response, the others facefault out of embarrassment just in front of Gary and Gligar.

Gary: Hey, it'd be a lot easier if you used my name.
Ash: Hey, Gary. Why are you here?
Gary: I was just on my way over to Lake Valor to check out that Legendary Pokémon you guys saw.

A flashback revealing Ash and Pikachu seeing Azelf's spirit from "Pruning a Passel of Pals!" is shown.

Ash: [voice-over] I'll never forget that.

The flashback ends.

Brock: So does that mean Professor Rowan sent you?
Gary: Yeah. [looks at Gligar] Hey, what's up with this Gligar?
Ash: It's mine. We were just doing some special training.
Gary: Let me guess. In the middle of your training, Gligar took off.
Ash: Gary, how did you know that?
Gary: Just call it a good guess. Seems like your training method leaves a little bit to be desired, Ashey boy.
Ash: [irately] What was that?!
Gary: Hey, I'm just offering you my help.
Ash: Thanks, but no thanks. [offers Gligar a hand] Come on, Gligar, let's try it once more.
Gligar: [hides behind Gary] Gli!
Gary: Sounds like a "no, thank you" to me.
Ash: Oh, yeah?! [starts pulling Gligar towards him] Come on!

Even so, Gligar refuses.

Dawn: Maybe you should take up on Gary's offer to help.

Ash looks at Dawn and Brock, confused, while Gligar quickly hides behind Gary.

Brock: Yeah. Just do this for Gligar. It might be best for everybody.
Gary: Yeah. What have you got to lose?

Ash groans in frustration, realizing he has to accept Gary's offer.

Pikachu: Pika, Pi.

Cut to Gary bringing out his Umbreon.

Umbreon: Umbreon.

The camera zooms out to reveal Umbreon and Gligar facing each other in a practice match.

Gary: It's Gligar against Umbreon. We'll be able to show you a few things.
Ash: We won't go easy on ya! [to Gligar] Now, Gligar, Steel Wing!

Gligar: [starts diving towards Umbreon with Steel Wing] Gli!
Gary: Umbreon, Shadow Ball!
Umbreon: [charging Shadow Ball] Umbre! [fires the Shadow Ball at Gligar, but misses]

As soon it's about to use Steel Wing on Umbreon, once realizing it's in the middle of a battle, Gligar becomes frightened and heads to Ash for comfort.

Gligar: [gasps] Gli!
Cut to Gligar clinging on Ash's face in fear, much to Pikachu's disbelief.

Gary: I get it. Gligar freaks out easily when facing an opponent.

In the meantime, Ash already removed Gligar off his face.

Gligar[sighs nervously] Gli.
Ash: But Gligar, you wanna get strong?
Gligar: [nods sadly] Gligar.
Brock: Even though Gligar wants to get strong, as soon as any battling begins, this huge wave of uncontrollable fear takes over.
Gary: All right, so the first thing we have to work on is getting over that fear.
Dawn: But how do you do that?
Ash: You focus in and concentrate.
Gary: Ash, I guess you'll never change.

Ash gasps, then groans in frustration.

Gary: The most important thing about working with Steel Wing is to jump as high as you can, so if we master that, no doubt Gligar will have lots more confidence in battle.
Dawn: That's great. Gary sure gives instructions much better than Ash.
Ash: [irately] I heard that!
Brock: But how does Gligar increase its jumping power?
Gary: By using the end of Gligar's tail like a spring when it takes off.​
Gligar: [amazed] Gli.
Ash: Awesome. [to Gligar] 'Kay, Gligar, use the end of your tail like a spring when you jump.
Gligar: Gli.
Ash: Now Steel Wing! Go!

Cut to Gligar standing on its tail, ready for take-off.

Gligar: Gli! [starts flapping] Gli, gli, gli! [leaps off the ground, ready to use Steel Wing]
Ash: What a jump!

Suddenly, Gligar gulps in horror, then starts whimpering in fear once noticing how high it jumped.

Gligar: [winces from the sight] Gli! [starts flailing down] Gli, gli, GLIGAR!

Everyone else gasps in horror before Gligar clings on Ash's face.

Ash: [muffled] Mmf!
Pikachu: Pika Pi!
Dawn: Oh, no.
Brock: Now Gligar's gotta deal with a fear of heights. 
Gary: We've got a problem, all right. How much battling has Gligar done?
Dawn: Not much. Gligar got beaten pretty badly battling a Gliscor. [looks at Gligar] Maybe that's why Gligar's so scared now.
Gary: Yeah, makes sense. A Gliscor...

Gary scavenges and pulls a Razor Fang out of his pocket.

Gary: Hey, I know! We'll evolve Gligar!
Ash: Huh?
Dawn: What's that?
Piplup: Piplup?
Brock: It's a Razor Fang.
Gary: Right. We'll just evolve Gligar into Gliscor with this. [gives the Razor Fang to Ash] And once we do that, all sorts of Gligar's abilities will improve and we can put the brakes on all that fear.
Ash: Wow! Thanks, Gary.
Gligar: [eagerly licks its lips] Gli!
Ash: Calm down, Gligar. Evolving is no substitute for some honest, hard work. You can evolve after you conquer your fear. [motions Gligar to stop]
Gligar: [disappointed] Gar... (Aww...)

Suddenly, the gang hears an explosion off-screen.

Gary: What the?

From below, Team Rocket appears in a Gliscor-shaped balloon.

Jessie: A clueless twerp is certainly nothing new.
James: You're all pros at not getting a clue.
Jessie: Face the facts!
James: For a change!
Meowth: Stinks ta be you!
Jessie: We'll bring chaos at a breakneck pace.
James: We'll dash all hope and put fear in its place.
Jessie: It's old home week for the twerps, we'll see.
James: But without us, you're short by three.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James!
Meowth: Meowth makes it triple, you see!
Jessie: Putting you do-gooders in their place!
James: We're Team Rocket!
Team Rocket: In your face! [form their logo]
Wobbuffet: [pops out of his Poké Ball] Wobbuffet! Wobba!
Dawn and Brock: Team Rocket!
Gary: Don't you guys ever get tired of being lame?
Team Rocket: SILENCE!
Meowth: Check out our Gliscor Bot! [presses a button]
Gliscor Bot: [robotic voice] Gliscor!

James: Now that's some tail with real torque!
Meowth: [o.s.] And you're a dork!

Meanwhile, Ash is chasing Team Rocket.

Ash: Stop it right now!

Ash leaps on to the Gliscor Bot's tail.

Gligar: Gli...

James: We don't need the extra ballast.
Jessie: [exasperated] Brat! Always dragging us down!
Ash: [pulls out a Poké-Ball] I'll fix you! Staravia, stop Team Rocket!

In response, Staravia pops up.

Staravia: Star! [charges at Team Rocket]
Jessie: Spare me! [throws two Poké-Balls] Seviper, use Haze, and Yanmega, use Silver Wind!

Cut to Seviper emerging from its Poké-Ball.

Seviper: Seviper! [spits out Haze] Seviper!

Cut to Yanmega emerging from her Poké-Ball.

Yanmega: [beats her wings] Yan!

All those attacks knock Staravia back towards the ground, but Team Rocket, Ash and Gligar vanished when the impact cleared.

Brock: They're gone!
Dawn: And with Gligar and Ash!

Gary groans in annoyance.

Pikachu: [glaring angrily] Pika pika.

At sunset, Team Rocket landed their Gliscor Bot in a forest clearing. It is revealed that Ash and Gligar are put in a cage.

Ash: Gligar, you're not hurt, are you?
Gligar: [nods sadly] Gli.

Ash and Gligar watch Team Rocket out of suspicion, who are gloating about their capture.

James: Everyone should have a Gliscor Bot.
Jessie: We do, and that's what counts, which leads to the need to speed Gligar by Delibird express to the boss's digs.
Meowth: Once the boss is dreamin' without morning interruption, we'll be rollin' fat!

James and Jessie chuckle in agreement. Wobbuffet then moves in front of the camera.

Wobbuffet: Wobbu!

James is seen, dressed as a judge.

James: So, to mark today's victory, I've taken the liberty of preparing a modest little meal, and here it is.

James displays a table full of canned pineapples. Jessie and Meowth storm off to the table.

Jessie: Wow. Canned food with eight layers of cans!
Meowth: There's nothing more modest about a towering pile of tin.
James: Quick, eat before we pass the expiration date.
Team Rocket: Peel that tin and let's dig in!

Team Rocket quickly starts gobbling up all slices of pineapples. Meanwhile, the gang and Gary are still searching for Ash and Gligar. Pikachu rests on Brock's shoulder, while Staravia has Ash's backpack on his back

Dawn: We haven't found Ash and Gligar yet, and the sun is starting to go down.
Gary: I know this terrain like the back of my hand. And there just aren't that many places where Team Rocket's balloon could have touched down. This way.
Dawn: Right behind you, Gary.
Piplup: Piplup.

At night...

Jessie: Mission accomplished. My needle's on full.

It is shown that Team Rocket has eaten all the canned food into a stupor.

Meowth: The only good tummy is a fully packed tummy.

At the same time, it gives Ash and Gligar their only chance to escape.

Ash: [quietly] Great. Now we can get outta here. [to Gligar] Quick, face the bars and then use X-Scissor.
Gligar: [nods quietly] Gli. [hits the cage with X-Scissor] Gligar!

Gligar's X-Scissor passes through the cage, but is not strong enough to burst through it.

Ash: One more time.
Gligar: Gli. Gligar! [uses X-Scissor on the cage again]

Ash groans in frustration while Gligar groans in pain.

Gligar: Gli.

With tears in its eyes, Gligar shows one of its pincers to Ash, which is starting to glow red in pain.

Ash: [softly] 'Kay, let me take a shot.
Ash stands his ground, looking determined, while Gligar lowers its pincer.

Ash: Here we go! [tackles the cage] Ugh! [groans in pain]

Noticing how determined Ash is, Gligar stares awestruck at him.

Gligar: Gli...
Ash: One more time. [tackles the cage again] Ugh! [takes off his hat]
Gligar: [amazed] Gli... 
Ash: [puts his hat back on] Look out. Here I come! [tackles a third time] Ugh!

Unfortunately, Ash gets knocked back. After getting up, however, Ash notices a sudden change in Gligar’s expression, much to his surprise.

Ash: Huh?
Gligar: [eager] Gli, Gligar!
Ash: ...Gligar. [smiles confidently] Then use X-Scissor one more time!
Gligar: [uses X-Scissor] Gli. Gligar!

As soon as the X-Scissor passes through the cage, only stronger, the pain in Gligar's pincers appears again, but Gligar recoils, enduring it.

Ash: [confident] All right. Try it once again!
Gligar: Gli. [uses X-Scissor again] Gligar!
Ash: [budges the bars curiously] Huh? Just a little more. Let's both of us try.
Gligar: [smiles in agreement] Gli.
Ash: All right, one, two, three!

Both tackle the cage on three, bursting themselves out. Gligar snickers.

Ash: Yeah, Gligar! Way to go!
Gligar: [delighted] Gligar!

Team Rocket is still fast asleep, oblivious to the noise Ash and Gligar made.

Meowth: Gee, Boss, thanks for the bread.

As soon as Ash and Gligar exit the forest, they stop at a rigged hanging bridge that connects a chasm.

Ash: A hanging bridge?
Gligar: [scared] Gli...

The bridge is revealed to have several holes in it. Ash and Gligar are then seen staring at the bridge out of uncertainty.

Ash: Come on, let's go.

Gligar looks at Ash, thinking he's crazy. When he starts to jump on the bridge, a strong wind almost blows them off. When climbing on the bridge, Gligar is seen whimpering in fear and holds on to Ash's waist tightly. But then, the rope Ash is holding onto rips off, causing both him and Gligar to swing until they hit the chasm's edge. Scared of falling down, Gligar winces once noticing how deep the canyon is.

Ash: [straining] 'Kay, Gligar, you've gotta hang on tight.

Gligar gasps, then Ash starts to climb out of the chasm with Gligar in tow with determination. Meanwhile, James wakes up, but gasps in sheer horror once realizing Ash and Gligar broke out of the cage.

James: [referring to Ash and Gligar] Those two twerps totaled the trap!

James heads over to Jessie and Meowth, who are still sleeping.

James: Attention! Up, you lazy louts!

Meanwhile, Ash and Gligar managed to climb out of the canyon, to Ash's exhaustion.

Gligar: [concerned] Gligar?
Ash: [calmly] I'm telling you, you've gotta stop worrying. Now, first things first, I gotta figure out how to cross. 

Ash starts looking around and notices a tall tree next to the cliff.

Ash: I've got it. That'll work. 'Kay, Gligar, [pointing at the tree] use Steel Wing to knock down that tree!

Gligar leaps up and hovers above the tree.

Gligar: Gligar!
Ash: That's it! NOW GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!

Gligar immediately puts on a brave face, ready to use Steel Wing.

Gligar: Gli. [starts diving towards the tree] Gar! [hits the tree, but gets knocked back] Gli!
Ash: [catches Gligar] You all right?

Hearing Ash's words of concern, Gligar notices her pincers are severely injured. Still, once enduring the pain, it jumps out of Ash's arms determinedly.

Gligar: Gli.
Ash: [gets up; amazed] Whoa, what's gotten into you? [excited] Way to go! I know you can do it now!
Gligar: Gli!
Ash: 'Kay, use Steel Wing!

Ash: All you have to do is keep believing in yourself!
Gligar[determinedly powers up its Steel Wing] Gligar! [starts diving for the tree]
Ash: Now hit it!

Ash: You did it, Gligar! [starts dancing in glory] You did it! [twirls Gligar] You did it! [calmly holds up the Razor Fang] You know what means. You can use the Razor Fang and evolve if you want to.
Gligar: Gli... [happily hugs Ash] Gligar!

In response, Ash chuckles, but their moment is disturbed once they hear a rumbling sound.

Ash: Huh?

Ash and Gligar turn around, only to be ambushed by Team Rocket inside their Gliscor Bot.

James: All right, jail breakers, we'll take it from here.
Jessie: It's back in the twerp box for you!

Ash and Gligar glare at Team Rocket, not thrilled about Team Rocket's persistence.

Meowth: [laughs] What? And miss out on playin' wit' toys and messin' wit' you?
Wobbuffet: [hopping] Wobbuffet!
James: One Gligar, please.
Meowth: [pushes a button] Ta go!

The Gliscor Bot's tail starts aiming for Gligar, to its surprise.


Just before the tail can reach Gligar, Ash grabs it. The tail then suspends both of them from behind.

Ash: AAAAHHH!!! Quick, Gligar, you gotta get moving. [releases Gligar]
Gligar: Gli! GLI!!!!!!!!!

Team Rocket gasps in horror.

Jessie: The twerp flipped!
James: [angrily pointing at Ash] Bad twerp!
Ash: [struggling] No, you don't.

Unfortunately, Ash falls into the cliff by the time he escapes the machine's grasp.

Ash: Aaaaaaaahhh!

Meanwhile, Gligar is still falling down, only slower than Ash.


Gligar gets shocked in mid-fall once noticing Ash falling past it and tries to stop his descent, but isn't fast enough.

Gligar: Gligar!

Cue Gligar calling to Ash, grinning confidently.

Gligar: GLIGAR!
Ash: GLIGAR, HEADS UP! [tosses the Razor Fang] THE RAZOR FANG, GRAB IT!
Gligar[heads for the Razor Fang and grabs it] Gli!

As soon as Gligar grabbed the Razor Fang, it starts evolving, much to Ash's delight, and is now Gliscor once the energy enshrouding it fades.

Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.
Ash: [delighted] It evolved! [looks down in shock] Huh?! Whoa! [continues shouting uncontrollably]
Gliscor: [grabs Ash] Gli. [lowers its tail to cushion the fall]

Ash: Thanks, Gliscor. What a catch.
Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.

Meowth: Hey, Gligar's been gliscored.
Jessie: Good. The spitting image of our Gliscor Bot.
James: That means our Gliscor will have someone to look up to.

Scene changes to Ash and Gliscor glaring at Team Rocket with determination.

Ash: Gliscor's mine, right, Gliscor?
Gliscor: Gliscor!

Ash: Check it out!
Team Rocket: [horrified] No, thank you!
Gary: Wow, Gliscor sure looks strong.
Dawn: Yeah, and in total sync with Ash.

As the Gliscor-Bot crashes down, Gliscor eagerly heads for Ash, who gasps in surprise

Gliscor: Gli! [glomps Ash, muffling him and giggling] Gliscor, Gliscor, Gli, Gliscor.
Dawn: [embarrassed] Guess old habits die hard.

Ash: Take care, Gary. [to Gliscor] You know, Gliscor, when it comes to serious training, we're just getting warmed up.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Gliscor: Gliscor.

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