Stu: Hey, Deed, bringing the kids to watch the falling stars tonight was a great idea. Is sure seem to have taken their mind of Spike.

Angelica: Don't believe anything.

Tommy: Hold it right there!

Tommy: Big Space Boss, You're really mean!

Angelica: Aw, you and me, we're not so different.

Tommy: What are you saying?

Angelica: We're lots closer than you ever thought, Tommy Pickles! I.... (in normal voice) Am Your Cousin!



Tommy: Come on, take my hand

Angelica: I don't need you, I don't need nobody!


(she gets up, looks at the babies and begins to cry.)

Angelica: (crying) Uncle Stu I fell! (runs away.)

Tommy: Look, they're still up there! We did it!


Tommy: Come on, Let's make our wishes again now that the stars is saved!


Tommy: Thanks, Stars, Thanks for my Spikey!