1. The World of Ever After High
  2. Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal
  3. Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel
  4. The Tale of Legacy Day

Chapter 1

  1. Stark Raven Mad
  2. True Reflections
  3. Maddie-in-Chief
  4. Briar's Study Party
  5. Here Comes Cupid
  6. The Shoe Must Go On
  7. The Cat Who Cried Wolf
  8. Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie
  9. Catching Raven
  10. The Tale of Legacy Day
  11. The Day Ever After
  12. Replacing Raven

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Spring Unsprung

  1. Spring Unsprung: The Purrrfect Prank
  2. Spring Unsprung: Spellbinding Spring Fashions
  3. Spring Unsprung: Where's the Well of Wonder?
  4. Spring Unsprung: Trading Places
  5. Spring Unsprung: Something's Wicked at Ever After High
  6. Spring Unsprung: Going Topsy Turvy
  7. Spring Unsprung: Save the Wonder

Way Too Wonderland

  1. Way Too Wonderland: A Time Of Wonder
  2. Way Too Wonderland: Raven's Magic
  3. Way Too Wonderland: Fishlosophy 101
  4. Way Too Wonderland: The Wonderlicious Dance Off
  5. Way Too Wonderland: Courtly Pleads Her Case

Chapter 4

  1. Moonlight Mystery
  2. Wish List
  3. Thumb-believeable!
  4. A Tale of Two Parties
  5. Piping Hot Beats
  6. Beanstalk Bravado
  7. Meeshell Comes Out Of Her Shell
  8. There's No Business Like Snow Business
  9. A Big Bad Secret!

Dragon Games

  1. Dragon Games: The Evil Queen Escapes!
  2. Dragon Games: Baby Dragons
  3. Dragon Games: Dragon Games Are Back!
  4. Dragon Games: Team Snow White versus Team Evil Queen
  5. Dragon Games: Powerful Princesses and their Dragons

TV Specials and Netflix Originals

  1. Legacy Day: A Tale of Two Tales
  2. Welcome to Ever After High
  3. True Hearts Day
  4. Thronecoming
  5. Spring Unsprung
  6. Way Too Wonderland
  7. Dragon Games
  8. Epic Winter
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