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Raditz Saga (1989) Edit

  1. The New Threat
    Mini-Goku is an Overprotected Boy! I Am Gohan
  2. Reunions
    The Mightiest Warrior in All of History is Goku's Older Brother!
  3. 🔵 Unlikely Alliance
    All Right! This is the Strongest Combo in the World!
  4. Piccolo's Plan
    Piccolo's Trump Card! Gohan, the Crybaby-kun
  5. Gohan's Rage
    Goku Dies! There's Only One Last Chance
  6. No Time Like the Present
    Even Yama-sama is Surprised — The Fight Continues in the Next World

Vegeta Saga (1989-90) Edit

  1. Day 1
    Survival with Dinosaurs! Gohan's Harsh Training
  2. Gohan Goes Bananas!
    A Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! The Secret of Gohan's Power
  3. The Strangest Robot
    Sorry, Robot-san — The Desert of Vanishing Tears
  4. A New Friend
    Don't Cry, Gohan! His First Fight
  5. Terror on Arlia
    The Saiyans, Mightiest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken!
  6. Global Training
    Catnap on the Serpentine Road Goku Takes a Tumble
  7. Goz and Mez
    Hands Off! Yama-sama's Secret Fruit
  8. Princess Snake
    Such Sweet Temptation! The Snake Princess-sama's Hospitality
  9. Dueling Piccolos
    Escape from Piccolo! Gohan Summons a Storm
  10. Plight of the Children
    Run, Gohan! Longing for Mount Paozu, Where Chichi is Waiting
  11. Pendulum Room Peril
    City of No Tomorrow! The Long Road to Victory
  12. The End of Snake Way
    Last Stop on the Serpentine Road! Are You Kaio-sama?
  13. Defying Gravity
    The Battle with Gravity! Catch Bubbles-kun
  14. Goku's Ancestors
    The Saiyan Legend Reborn! Goku's Roots
  15. Counting Down
    Come Forth, Shen Long! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth
  16. 🔴 The Darkest Day
    Unbelievable! Saibaimen, Born of the Soil
  17. Saibamen Attack!
    Yamucha Dies! The Terror of the Saibaimen
  18. The Power of Nappa
    Farewell Ten-san! Chaozu's Suicide Strategy
  19. Sacrifice
    Tenshinhan Cries Out!! This is My Final Kikoho
  20. Nappa's Rampage
    An Intense Three-Hour Delay! The Kinto Un Bullet-Express
  21. Nimbus Speed
    Leave it to Me! Gohan's Great Burst of Anger
  22. 🔴 Goku's Arrival
    Ferocity of the Saiyans! Kami-sama and Piccolo Both Die
  23. Lesson Number One
    Father is Awesome! Kaio-ken, the Ultimate Finishing Technique
  24. Goku vs. Vegeta
    A Hot, Unbounded Battle! Goku vs. Vegeta
  25. Saiyan Sized Secret
    Now, Goku! A Final Technique with Everything on the Line
  26. Spirit Bomb Away
    Battle Power Times Ten!! Vegeta's Great Metamorphosis
  27. Hero in the Shadows
    Don't Die, Father!! This is the Depth of Gohan's Power
  28. Krillin's Offensive
    Shoot, Kuririn! The Genki Dama, Packed with Hope
  29. Mercy
    Cause a Miracle! Son Gohan, the Super Saiyan

Namek Saga (1990) Edit

  1. A New Goal... Namek
    We're Off Into Space! The Star of Hope is Piccolo's Homeland
  2. A New Goal... Namek
    Mysterious Yunzabit! The Search for Kami-sama's Spaceship
  3. Journey to Namek
    Blast-off for Planet Namek! The Terror Awaiting Gohan & Co.
  4. Journey to Namek
    Friends or Foes? Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship
  5. Friends or Foes?
    Honest to Goodness? There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope
  6. Look Out Below
    Kind-hearted Aliens — There's the Wu Xing Qiu Already
  7. Hunt for a Dragon Ball
    Planet Freeza No. 79 — Vegeta Recovers!!
  8. Who's Who?!
    The Dragon Balls are All Found! Piccolo-san Will Also Come Back to Life
  9. Touchdown on Namek
    A Tough New Enemy! Freeza, Emperor of the Universe
  10. Face-off on Namek
    Vegeta's Ambition! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!
  11. The Ruthless Frieza
    Goku's Power Unleashed!! Six Days to the Far End of the Galaxy
  12. The Nameks versus Frieza
    Surprise Attack!! The Elder's Target was the Scouters
  13. Escape from Dodoria
    Gohan in Peril! A Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death
  14. Secrets Revealed
    Dodoria Dies by Explosion! Vegeta's Fearsome Shockwave
  15. A Collision Course
    Escape From a Burning Planet!! A Life-or-Death Kamehame-Ha
  16. Stay Away From Frieza
    Courage Times One Hundred! The Warriors Gathered Under Kaio
  17. Stay Away From Frieza
    Listen to Me, Goku! Hands Off Freeza
  18. Zarbon Transformed
    Nothing but Goosebumps! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Devilish Transformation
  19. The Eldest Namek
    Defend the Star of Hope!! Kuririn's Astonishing Power-Up
  20. Get Vegeta!
    Back from the Brink of Death — The Miracle Man, Vegeta
  21. Vegeta Revived
    An Enormous Battle Power!! Freeza's Scheme is Shattered
  22. A Heavy Burden
    I'm Back to My Old Self Again!! Goku Under 100-Times Super-Gravity
  23. Immortality Denied
    Freeza's Secret Weapon! The Devilish Ginyu Special Corps
  24. The Tree of Might: Episode 1
    The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth
  25. The Tree of Might: Episode 2
    The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth
  26. The Tree of Might: Episode 3
    The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth
  27. Big Trouble for Bulma
    Watch Out, Bulma!! The Si Xing Qiu Falls into Freeza's Clutches
  28. Scramble for the Dragon Balls!
    Charge!! The Kaio-ken and Kamehame-Ha of an Indomitable Spirit
  29. Arrival of the Ginyu Force
    The Great Battle Approaches! Ginyu's Special Corps Takes the Stage!!
  30. Elite Fighters of the Universe... The Ginyu Force
    Goku on Final Approach! Smash Through Freeza's Dragnet
  31. Time Tricks and Body Binds
    Super-Magic or Just a Trick!? Mr. Ghurd is Angry!
  32. No Refuge From Recoome
    The Savage ReaCoom!! He's Bad, He's Strong, He's Outrageous
  33. Enter Goku
    Don't Die, Gohan! Goku Finally Touches Down on the Battlefield
  34. Goku... Super Saiyan?
    Uncommon Strength!! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan
  35. Goku... Super Saiyan?
    Lightning Balls of Red and Blue! Jheese and Butta Attack Goku

Captain Ginyu Saga (1990-91) Edit

  1. Ginyu Assault
    At Last, a Direct Confrontation!! Captain Ginyu Takes the Field
  2. Incredible Force!
    Incredible Force!! Did You See Goku's Full Power?
  3. Frieza Approaches
    What of the Battle's Outcome!? Freeza's Evil Hand Closes Around the Grand Elder
  4. Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku
    Surprise!! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku
  5. Calling the Eternal Dragon
    Come Forth, Super Shen Long!! Grant Me My Wish
  6. Gohan- Defeat Your Dad!
    That Ain't Me! Gohan, Don't Lose Your Nerve, Hit Your Father!!
  7. Captain Ginyu... The Frog
    Whoops!! Ginyu Has Turned Into a Frog

Frieza Saga (1991) Edit

  1. Password is Porunga
    Thou Who Hast Gathered the Seven Balls... Now Speak Forth the Password!
  2. Piccolo's Return
    Kami-sama Also Returns to Life! Piccolo is Resurrected by Super Shen Long
  3. The Fusion
    Birth of the Mightiest Warrior!? Nail and Piccolo Merge
  4. Fighting Power: One Million?
    A Nightmare Super-Transformation!! Frieza's Battle Power of One Million
  5. Gohan Attacks
    Is This the End!? A Brutally Transcendent Power Attacks Gohan
  6. Piccolo the Super-Namek
    The Tide Suddenly Turned!! Piccolo, the Warrior Who Came Late
  7. Deja Vu
    Piccolo's Self-Confidence! I Will Be the One to Defeat Freeza
  8. Frieza's Second Transformation
    Attack, Goku!! An Enraged Freeza's Second Transformation
  9. Another Transformation
    Fear Me!! Freeza Does Battle with a Third Transformation
  10. ​Dende's Demise
    The Death of Dende... Come Forth! Intense, Wide-Open Power​
  11. ​The Renewed Goku
    How I've Waited for this Moment!!! Son Goku Revived​
  12. ​The End of Vegeta
    Such Regret...!! Vegeta, Pride of the Saiyans, Dies​
  13. ​The Ultimate Battle
    The Curtain Rises over the Ultimate Battle!! I Am Going to Defeat You!​
  14. ​Clash of the Super Powers
    The Two Superpowers Collide! A Fistfight Where Both Turn Serious!!!​
  15. ​Frieza's Boast
    Freeza's Terrible Declaration! I Will Defeat You Without Using My Hands​
  16. ​Bold and Fearless
    That Was No Idle Boast!! Son Goku, an Audacious, Wonderful Guy​
  17. ​Embodiment of Fire
    Showdown!! The Embodiment of Flame in a 20-Times Kaio-ken Kamehame-Ha​
  18. ​Trump Card
    A Super-Huge Genki Dama — I'm Playing My Last Card!!​
  19. ​Keep the Chance Alive!!
    Keep the Chance Alive!! Piccolo's Suicide Support Strike​
  20. ​Power of the Spirit
    The Incredible Destructive Force of the Genki Dama!! Who Will Survive?!​
  21. ​Transformed at Last
    Transformed At Last!! Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan​
  22. ​Explosion of Anger
    An Explosion of Anger!! Goku, Avenge Everyone's Deaths​
  23. ​Namek's Destruction?
    The Destruction of Planet Namek!? A Demonic Flash Pierces the Ground​
  24. ​A Final Attack
    I Will Be the One Who Wins... Risking Survival, a Final Attack​
  25. ​Approaching Destruction
    Shen Long, Run Yourself Through Space!! The Time of Namek's Destruction Draws Near​
  26. ​Gohan Returns
    I Am Son Goku's Son!! Gohan Returns to the Battlefield​
  27. ​The Last Wish
    I'm Staying on This Planet!! A Final Wish Towards Victory​
  28. ​Duel on a Vanishing Planet
    Let's Get It On!! Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet​
  29. ​Pathos of Frieza
    Pathos of Freeza! Once He Starts Shaking, He's Unstoppable!!​
  30. ​Frieza Defeated!!
    Goku's Declaration of Victory!! As Freeza Destroys Himself...​
  31. ​Mighty Blast of Rage
    Freeza Defeated!! A Single Blast Packed with a Totality of Rage​
  32. 🔴 ​Namek's Explosion... Goku's End?
    Planet Namek's Great Explosion!! Goku Disappears into Space​
  33. 🔴 ​Goku's Alive!!
    Son Goku Survived — The Z Warriors All Resurrected!!​

Garlic Jr. Saga (1991) Edit

  1. The Heavens Tremble
    Terrible Happenings in Heaven!! Garlic Jr. to Become Kami!?
  2. Black Fog of Terror
    Black Mist of Terror...!! Everyone Turns Demonic
  3. Battle in Kami's Lookout
    The Heavenly Realm is the Battlefield!! Piccolo Becomes Devilish Again...
  4. Fight with Piccolo
    Direct Confrontation with Piccolo!! An Angry Masenko in the Heavenly Realm
  5. Call for Restoration
    Retrieve Everyone's Minds!! The Ultra Holy Water Resting in the Temple
  6. Suicidal Course
    Can't Wait Until Morning!! Kami-sama Determines a Suicidal Course of Action
  7. Extreme Measures
    A Battle of Extreme Measures!! Kami-sama Breaks the Covenant
  8. The World Awakens
    The Ultra Holy Water Worked!! The World Awakens from Its Nightmare
  9. Brief Chance for Victory
    Gohan's Brief Chance for Victory!! Blast the Makyo World...
  10. Krillin's Proposal
    You're My Guy... Kuririn — A 101st Proposal

Trunks Saga (1991-92) Edit

Androids Saga (1992) Edit

  1. The Androids Appear
    Murderers Who Leave No Trace — Which Ones Are the Artificial Humans!?
  2. A Handy Trick
    The Cold-Blooded No. 20's Hideous Atrocities!! Goku's Super Transformation of Anger
  3. Double Trouble for Goku
    Goku's Double-Shock!! Caught Between Illness and Adversary
  4. Upgrade to Super Saiyan
    The Might of Vegeta!! The Blood of a Super Saiyan Awakens
  5. The Secret of Dr. Gero
    No. 20's Defiant Smile... The Secret of Doctor Gero
  6. More Androids?!
    A Reality More Terrifying than the Future!? Trunks' Suspicions
  7. Follow Dr. Gero
    Give Chase!! The Search for Doctor Gero's Mysterious Laboratory
  8. Nightmare Comes True
    And the Terror Becomes Reality... No. 17 and No. 18 Awaken!!
  9. Goku's Assassin
    Too Late to Do Anything!? The Ultimate Weapons to Kill Goku
  10. Deadly Beauty
    Good Looks and Super Power!? No Blind Spot on No. 18
  11. No Match for the Androids
    Nobody Is Able to Stop Them... Is This the End of the Z Warriors!?
  12. Last Ditch Effort
    Piccolo's Resolution!! The Last Measure in His Reserve
  13. Closing In
    Walking Weapons of Mass Destruction!! The Artificial Humans Draw Near Goku
  14. Unwelcome Discovery
    An Ominous Foreboding! Bulma Unveils a Mystery

Imperfect Cell Saga (1992) Edit

  1. Seized with Fear
    Discovery of an Evil Egg!! A Terrified Trunks
  2. The Reunion
    To Face an Unprecedented Foe... Birth of a Super Namekian!!
  3. Borrowed Powers
    Kamehame-Ha!? The Monster Who Possesses Goku's Ki
  4. His Name is Cell
    A Life Form of Evil and Destruction!! His Name Is Artificial Human Cell
  5. Piccolo's Folly
    Piccolo's Grievous Mistake! Cell Turned Loose on the City!
  6. Laboratory Basement
    The Secret of Cell's Birth! What Lies Below the Laboratory!?
  7. Our Hero Awakes
    Goku Awakens to Battle! Go Beyond Super Saiyan!!
  8. Time Chamber
    Hasten Your Training, Saiyans! In the Room of Spirit and Time...
  9. The Monster is Coming
    The Gekiretsu Kodan That Split the Heavens!! Piccolo vs. Artificial Human No. 17
  10. He's Here
    How I Have Waited for This Day!! Cell's Prologue to Perfection
  11. Up to Piccolo
    The Suicide Counterattack Proves Ineffective! Piccolo's Flame Burns Out!!
  12. Silent Warrior
    One Final Remaining Hope... No. 16, the Wordless Warrior, Takes Action!!
  13. Say Goodbye, 17
    No. 17 Swallowed... The Transforming Cell is a Super Gourmet

Perfect Cell Saga (1992) Edit

  1. Sacrifice
    Tomorrow, I Am Going to Pulverize You!! Goku's Challenge
  2. Saiyans Emerge
    I Will Dispose of Everything!! A Reborn Vegeta, Father and Son, Sally Forth
  3. Super Vegeta
    Suddenly Full-Throttle!! The Super Power of a Radiant Vegeta
  4. Bow to the Prince
    On Your Knees, Cell! I Am Super Vegeta!!
  5. Hour of Temptation
    Dangerous Pride!! A Challenge to Cell's Perfect Form
  6. Krillin's Decision
    I'm So Distraught!! Kururin's Handiwork in Destroying No. 18
  7. The Last Defense
    A Shock to the Entire Universe!! Cell's Spectacular Evolution Toward His Perfect Form
  8. Cell is Complete
    Battle Power Infinity!! Birth of the God of Destruction Named Cell
  9. Vegeta Must Pay
    Super Vegeta in Peril!! An Absolutely Perfect Terror Closes In!!
  10. Trunks Ascends
    Breaking Through the Boundaries of the Super Saiyan!! Trunks Summons a Storm
  11. Saving Throw
    Save Your Father!! Trunks' Fury, Which Scorches Even the Heavens
  12. Ghosts from Tomorrow
    A Future of Despair!! Trunks, the Man Who Lived Through Hell
  13. The Cell Games
    "Super Trunks Has a Weakness!! Cell's Shocking Bombshell Declaration

Cell Games Saga (1992-93) Edit

  1. What is the Tournament?
    A Final Battle Closes In on Goku!! The Mystery of the New Tenkaichi Tournament
  2. The Doomsday Broadcast
    100% Ratings!! The Cell Games Call Forth Death with an Exclusive Live Broadcast
  3. Meet Me in the Ring
    Goku and Gohan... The Hero Father and Son's Ultimate Level-Up
  4. No Worries Here
    Goku's Composure!? Let's Rest and Wait for the Cell Games
  5. A Girl Named Lime
    A Warrior's Rest... The Girl, the Lies, and Gohan's Resolution
  6. Memories of Gohan
    Hidden Power!! When Gohan Was a Baby
  7. A New Guardian
    Seek Out Kami-sama!! Goku's Great Instantaneous Movement
  8. Dende's Dragon
    Dende's First Task!! The Dragon Balls Restored
  9. The Puzzle of General Tao
    A Hard Problem for Goku!? Take Back the Dragon Balls
  10. The Games Begin
    Those Who Would Challenge Cell!! The Curtain Rises on the Battle
  11. Losers Fight First
    Just a Moment!! The Satan Squad Goes On the Rampage
  12. Goku vs. Cell
    Fight Time, Goku!! The Ultra-Tense Cell Games
  13. Cell's Bag of Tricks
    Direct Hit to Earth!! Cell's Extra-Large Kamehame-Ha
  14. No More Rules
    Defeat or Death!? Goku's Turnabout Ploy
  15. The Fight is Over
    A Conclusion to the Deathmatch!! Goku's Declaration of Surrender!?
  16. Faith in a Boy
    He Who Takes Over as Strongest... His Name is Gohan
  17. Gohan's Desperate Plea
    Become Enraged, Gohan — Call Forth Your Dormant Power
  18. Android Explosion
    Teeny Menaces!! Attack of the Cell Juniors
  19. Cell Juniors Attack!
    The Tragic No. 16!! An Enraged Super Gohan Begins Taking Action
  20. The Unleashing
    Devastating True Power!! The Cell Juniors Pulverized
  21. The Unstoppable Gohan
    Cell Gets KO'ed!! Just Two Super Ironfisted Blows
  22. Cell's Mighty Breakdown
    Something Amiss With Cell!! His Perfect Form Crumbles
  23. A Hero's Farewell
    Bye-Bye, Everyone!! Goku's Last Instantaneous Movement
  24. Cell Returns!
    A Nightmare in Broad Daylight!! The Terror Becomes Even More Perfect
  25. The Horror Won't End
    From Goku to Gohan... The Spirit of the Father is Handed Down
  26. Save the World
    The Battle is Over... Thank You, Son Goku
  27. Goku's Decision
    I'm Going to Train In the Next World!! A Smile at Parting
  28. 🔴 One More Wish
    New Days... Father! I'm Hanging In There
  29. Free the Future
    One More Conclusion!! I Will Defend the Future

Other World Saga (1993) Edit

  1. Warriors of the Dead
    A Deep Impression!! There They Are! The Next World's Awesome Dudes
  2. Tournament Begins
    I'm the Best in the Next World!! Heroes of the Ages Assembled
  3. Water Fight
    Grand Kaio's World Gone Wild!! Goku Kicks Up a Whirlwind
  4. Final Round
    Final Round of Flame!! Goku or Paikuhan!?
  5. Goku vs. Pikkon
    Don't Let Victory Get Away!! Finish With an Ultra-Fast Kamehame-Ha

Great Saiyaman Saga (1993) Edit

World Tournament Saga (1993-94) Edit

Babidi Saga (1994) Edit

  1. The Wizard's Curse
    The Man Behind the Curtains Appears!! The Evil Madoshi Babidi
  2. King of the Demons
    The Awaiting Trap!! A Challenge from the Demon Realm
  3. Vegeta Attacks
    Don't Toy With Me!! Vegeta's Breakthrough First Strike of Fury
  4. Next Up, Goku
    Goku's Power Wide Open!! Blow Away Yakon
  5. Battle Supreme
    A Great Miscalculation!! Satan vs. Three Super-Warriors!?
  6. Eighteen Unmasks
    Such Strong Kids!! No. 18's Close Fight!?
  7. Pay to Win
    Confrontation with the Demon King! It's Your Turn, Gohan!!
  8. Heart of a Villain
    A Wicked Heart Discovered!! Dabura's Great Idea
  9. The Dark Prince Returns
    Vegeta, Prince of Destruction, Revived!! Intrusion at the Tournament
  10. Vegeta's Pride
    The Super-confrontation of Destiny!! The Clash of Goku vs. Vegeta
  11. The Long Awaited Fight
    Just You Wait, Babidi!! Your Aspirations Will Not Be Allowed
  12. Magic Ball of Buu
    The Seal is Broken! Out Comes the Vicious Majin Boo!!

Majin Buu Saga (1994-95) Edit

  1. 🔴 Buu is Hatched!
    I Won't Allow the Revival!! A Kamehame-Ha of Resistance
  2. The Losses Begin
    A Straight Line to Despair!? The Grief of Kaioshin
  3. The Terror of Majin Buu
    The Terrifying Majin!! Death's Dread Draws Near Gohan
  4. Meal Time
    'Gonna Eat'cha!!' The Hungry Majin's Supernatural Powers
  5. The Warrior's Decision
    A Warrior's Resolution!! I Will Dispose of the Majin
  6. 🔴 Final Atonement
    For Those Whom He Loves... Vegeta Perishes!!
  7. Evil Lives On
    The Nightmare Revisited!! Majin Boo Has Survived
  8. Find the Dragon Balls
    The Struggle of Videl and the Others! Find the Dragon Balls
  9. Revival
    Enormous Hope!! A New Finishing Technique for the Little Squirts
  10. Global Announcement
    Goten and Trunks — The World's Most Wanted
  11. Learn to Fuse
    Gohan Revived — Kaioshin's Secret Weapon!?
  12. The Z Sword
    It Came Out~!! The Legendary Z-Sword
  13. Race to Capsule Corp.
    Metro West is Targeted! Stop, Majin Boo!!
  14. Super Saiyan 3?!
    An Astounding Great Transformation!! Super Saiyan 3
  15. Buu's Mutiny
    Bye Bye Babidi!! Majin Boo Rebels
  16. The Fusion Dance
    Absurdly Awful-Looking!? The Special Training Transformation Pose
  17. 🔴 ​Goku's Time is Up
    See You Later, Everybody!! Goku Returns to the Other World​
  18. ​Return to Other World
    Where is Gohan!? Ferocious Training in the Kaioshin Realm​
  19. ​Out From the Broken Sword
    You're Kidding, Right!? The Z-Sword is Broken​
  20. ​Gotenks is Born
    Birth of a Superhuman Warrior!! His Name is Gotenks​
  21. ​Unlikely Friendship
    The Final Weapon is Engaged!? Satan Will Save the Earth​
  22. ​I Kill No More
    I've Stopped Killing!! Majin Boo's Good Boy Declaration​

Fusion Saga (1995) Edit

  1. The Evil of Men
    Run Away, Satan!! An Angry Majin Boo Emerges
  2. Buu Against Buu
    Which One Will Win!? A Good-and-Evil Boo-Boo Confrontation
  3. Empty Planet
    A No-Timeout Catastrophe!! Earth's Humanity Exterminated
  4. Time Struggle
    The Special Training Is a Success!! You're Finished Now, Majin Boo
  5. Super Moves of Gotenks
    I'm Going Like I Mean It!! A Wide-Open Super Gotenks
  6. Trapped in Forever
    I've Done It!! Boo Successfully Eliminated With Ghosts!?
  7. Feeding Frenzy
    Escape From Another Dimension!! Super Gotenks 3
  8. Gotenks is Awesome
    Going Too Far!? Boo-Boo Volleyball
  9. Unlucky Break
    Truly 'Great'!! A Reborn Gohan Returns to Earth
  10. A Whole New Gohan
    Boo Overwhelmed!! Gohan's Miracle Power
  11. Search for Survivors
    Has He Done It!? Majin Boo's Great Explosion
  12. Majin Buu Transforms
    Boo's Worst Foul! Gotenks is Absorbed!?
  13. The Old Kai's Weapon
    For the Sake of the Entire Universe... Return to Life, Son Goku
  14. Ready to Fuse?
    The Miracle Happens Once... Will the Super Combination With Gohan Come About?
  15. Union of Rivals
    Merged!! Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Rage
  16. Meet Vegito
    Magnificent Power!! Vegetto Surpasses the Ultimate
  17. Rip in the Universe
    A Fissure Between Dimensions!! Has Boo Snapped!?
  18. Vegito...Downsized
    The Ace Up Boo's Sleeve!! You Become a Hard Candy!
  19. The Incredible Fighting Candy
    A Hero Lost!? Vegito is Absorbed
  20. The Innards of Buu
    A Demonic Maze!! What Is There Inside Boo's Belly!?
  21. Mind Trap
    Nightmares or Illusions!? Goku and Gohan's Father-Son Confrontation
  22. Deadly Vision
    A Majin's Secret!! Two More Boos Inside of Boo

Kid Buu Saga (1995) Edit

  1. Evil Kid Buu!
    Where Is the Exit!? Escape from a Collapsing Boo
  2. End of Earth
    Earth Disappears!! Boo's Reverse-Transformation of Evil
  3. True Saiyans Fight Alone
    Buu's Assault!! A Conclusion in the Kaioshin Realm
  4. Battle for the Universe Begins
    Seize the Future!! A Decisive Battle with the Universe at Stake
  5. Vegeta's Respect
    Vegeta Takes Off His Hat!! Goku, You Are No. 1
  6. Minute of Desperation
    Pull Through, Vegeta!! One Life-Threatening Minute
  7. Old Buu Emerges
    Don't You Pick on Satan!! The Original Boo is Revived
  8. Earth Reborn
    Vegeta's Secret Plan!! Polunga and the Two Wishes
  9. Call to Action
    A Last Hope!! We'll Make a Huge Genki Dama
  10. People of Earth Unite
    Ultra-Impressive!! The Genki Dama From Everyone is Finished
  11. 🔴 Spirit Bomb Triumphant
    Son Goku is Strongest After All!! Majin Boo is Eliminated
  12. 🔴 Celebrations with Majin Buu
    Peace Returns!! Majin Boo, Champion of Justice!?

Peaceful World Saga (1996) Edit

  1. He's Always Late
    You're Late, Goku! Everyone Party!!
  2. 🔴 Granddaughter Pan
    Grandpa Goku! I Am Pan!!
  3. Buu's Reincarnation
    I Am Oob! Now Ten Years Old, the Former Majin!?
  4. 🔴 Goku's Next Journey
    Even Stronger!! Goku's Dream is Super-Huge


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