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Black Star Dragon Ball Saga (1996)

  1. 🔴 A Devastating Wish
    The Mysterious Dragon Balls Activate!! Son Goku Becomes A Child!?
  2. Pan Blasts Off
    I'll Take the Lead! Pan Flies Into Space!!
  3. Terror on Imecka
    The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet Of Merchants
  4. The Most Wanted List
    Wanted!! Desperado Son Goku!?
  5. Goku vs. Ledgic
    Check It Out, A Tough Guy!! Ledgic, the Body Guard
  6. Like Pulling Teeth
    Hurts, Don't It!? Son Goku The Dentist
  7. Trunks, The Bride
    Honey Dearest!? Trunks the Bride
  8. Whisker Power
    Even Son Goku Gets Knocked About!! Whisker Power at the MAX
  9. Lord Luud
    No!! Son Goku Leaps Into The Planet of Traps!?
  10. Dance and Attack
    Dance Attack!? Boom-shakalaka!!
  11. Lord Luud's Curse
    Luud's Curse!? Pan Becomes A Doll
  12. The Last Oracle of Luud
    The God's Oracle Is A Serious Issue!! Luud Starts Up
  13. The Man Behind The Curtain
    Like Father and Son?! The Mysterious Scientist Myuu
  14. The Battle Within
    Catch the Rhythm!? Capture Luud!!
  15. Beginning of The End
    'That's Just Great!!' Pan Runs Away!?
  16. Giru's Checkered Past
    Machine Planet M2... Giru The Backstabber!?

Baby Saga (1996-97)

  1. Pan's Gambit
    Leave It To Pan!! The Son Goku Rescue Plan!!
  2. Unexpected Power
    Ya' Data's Flawed!! Son Goku's True Determination
  3. A General Uprising
    The Strongest Mutant, Rilldo Takes To The Field!!
  4. A Secret Revealed
    What's goin' on!! Son Goku is Turned to Metal
  5. The Baby Secret
    A Violent Ambition!! The Evil Life-form 'Baby' Is Born
  6. Hidden Danger
    A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked Ship and Mysterious Boy
  7. Discovering The Truth
    Baby Strikes Back!! Target: The Saiyan!!
  8. Baby's Arrival
    Big Trouble!! Baby Has Appeared on Earth
  9. Saiyan Hunting
    Gohan and Goten... The Worst Brotherly Spat!?
  10. The Attack on Vegeta
    Ambitions Achieved!? Vegeta Possessed
  11. A Worldwide Problem
    Son Goku Returns... 'Is The Whole Earth Against Me!?
  12. The Fall of The Saiyans
    The Situation is Even Worse!? Super Saiyan 3 Fails!!
  13. The Game After Life
    Goku, Dead!? 'I Bit the Dust.'
  14. Collapse From Within
    Even More Surprises!? Suguro-space Caves In
  15. The Return of Uub
    Goku Is Back!! The Enraged Warrior Uub
  16. 🔴 The Tail's Tale
    Take This, Baby! Newfound Majuub's Killing Light Ray!!
  17. 🔴 Back in The Game
    The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Son Goku's Rampage!
  18. Goku's Ascension
    The Strongest Form! Son Goku Becomes A Super Saiyan 4!!
  19. The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks
    An Immortal Beast!? The Atrocious Giant Ape Baby
  20. Old Kai's Last Stand
    What a Turnout!! Baby and Son Goku -- Double KO!!
  21. Family Bonds
    The Revival Of Super Saiyan 4 With Everyone's Powers...
  22. Baby Put To Rest
    The Finale! At Last, Baby Is Annihilated
  23. Piccolo's Decision
    Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Grave Decision

Super Android 17 Saga (1997)

  1. Curtain Call
    The Number One Under The Sun Tournament. Who Will Be Satan's Successor?
  2. A Dangerous Union
    Die, Goku!! The Revived Villains Escape From Hell
  3. The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza
    The Villains Of Hell!! The Revival of Cell and Frieza
  4. 17 Times 2
    The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite
  5. Piccolo's Best Bet
    Hurry, Goku!! The Plan to Escape From Hell
  6. Raising the Stakes
    They Clash!! Super Saiyan Goku 4 VS Super #17
  7. The Greatest Surprise
    A Grand Turnabout! Goku's and #18's Combo Attack Explodes

Shadow Dragon Saga (1997)

  1. The Shadow Dragons
    A Shocking Surprise! Shenron Is Our Enemy?!
  2. The Two-Star Dragon
    The Strongest Enemy!? The Fearsome Underhanded Dragon
  3. The Five-Star Dragon
    Down Goes Saiya-Power!? Electro-Dragon Wu Xing Long
  4. The Six-Star Dragon
    Liu Xing Long! Find The Big Tornado Attack's Weak Point
  5. The Seven-Star Dragon
    Look Out, Pan! Possessed By Qi Xing Long
  6. Saying Goodbye
    Pan Dies!? A Tearful 10-Fold Kamehameha
  7. The Four-Star Dragon
    6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Warrior of the Sun
  8. The Heart of the Prince
    Bulma's On the Job! The Vegeta-Remodeling Plan
  9. The Three-Star Dragon
    After the Sun Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers
  10. The One-Star Dragon
    An Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ringleader of the Evil Dragons
  11. Shadow Dragons Unite
    Time to Strike Back! Surpassing Super Saiyan 4
  12. Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
    Friend Or Foe?... Giant Ape Vegeta on the Rampage
  13. Super Saiyan 4 Fusion
    Fu--sion!! The Ultimate Super Gogeta
  14. The Limits of Power
    I won't lose!! Goku Swallows the Si Xing Qiu
  15. Rescue Goku
    Rescue Goku!! The Last Ally Enters the Fray
  16. Universal Allies
    A Miraculous Come-From-Behind Victory!! Goku Saves The Universe
  17. 🔴 Until We Meet Again
    Goodbye, Goku... 'Till the Day We Meet Again