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Emperor Pilaf Saga

Tournament Saga

Red Ribbon Army Saga

  1. The Roaming Lake
    Another Adventure — The Wandering Lake
  2. Pilaf and the Mystery Force
    Pilaf and the Mysterious Army
  3. Wedding Plans?
    Yikes! A Fake Goku Appears!!
  4. The Flying Fortress — Vanished!
    Vanished!? The Flying Fortress in the Sky
  5. The Legend of a Dragon
    Legend of the Dragon
  6. Cruel General Red
    The Heartless Red Ribbon
  7. Cold Reception
    Suno, Girl of the North
  8. Major Metallitron
    The Terror of Muscle Tower
  9. Ninja Murasaki is Coming!
    Enter Ninja Murasaki
  10. Five Murasakis
    Be Afraid!! The Split-Image Technique
  11. Mysterious Android No. 8
    The Mysterious Cyborg No. 8
  12. Horrifying Buyon
    What Now, Goku!!? The Horrible Buyon
  13. The Fall of Muscle Tower
    The End of Muscle Tower
  14. The Secret of Dr. Flappe
    Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Ha-chan
  15. A Trip to the City
    Bulma's House in Metro West
  16. Master Thief, Hasky
    Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger
  17. Danger in the Air
    Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap

General Blue Saga

Commander Red Saga

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

  1. The Last Dragon Ball
    The Last Dragon Ball
  2. Who is Fortuneteller Baba?
    The Possibly Cute Fortuneteller Baba
  3. We are the Five Warriors
    Attack! We Five Fighters
  4. Deadly Battle
    A Bloody and Desperate Battle!
  5. Goku's Turn
    Meet Son Goku! The Demons' Toilet
  6. The Devilmite Beam
    What is the Deadly Devil Might Beam!?
  7. The Mysterious Fifth Man
    The Mysterious Fifth Man
  8. The Strong Ones
    A Clash!! Powerful Adversaries
  9. True Colors of the Masked Man
    The Identity of the Masked Man
  10. Pilaf's Tactics
    Pilaf's Great Strategy
  11. The Eternal Dragon Rises
    Shen Long, Again
  12. Terror and Plague
    Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd
  13. Goku vs. Sky Dragon
    Imperial Match! Goku vs. Ten Long
  14. Goku Goes to Demon Land
    Goku Goes to the Demon World
  15. The Rampage of InoShikaCho
    The Ferocious Beast, Inoshi Kacho
  16. Which Way to Papaya Island?
    Hurry to the Tenkaichi Martial Arts Tournament, Goku!

Tien Shinhan Saga

  1. Rivals and Arrivals
    Aim to Be the World's Best Martial Artist!!
  2. Preliminary Peril
    Devoted to Victory!! Qualifier Survival
  3. Then There Were Eight
    It's Decided!! Eight Brave Men
  4. Yamcha vs. Tien
    Showdown!! Yamcha vs. Tenshinhan
  5. Yamcha's Big Break
    Onwards, Yamcha! The Incredible Tenshinhan
  6. Full-Moon Vengeance
    Scary!! The Full Moon's Grudge
  7. The Dodon Wave
    Nanana!! What, a Dodon Wave?
  8. Counting Controversy!!
    A Sudden Reversal!! Kuririn's Great Strategy
  9. Goku Enters the Ring
    Hang on! Son Goku is here!!
  10. Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun
    Evenly Matched!! Tenshinhan vs. Jackie
  11. Stepping Down
    Gegege!! The New Crane Hermit School Technique: Taiyōken
  12. Goku vs. Krillin
    Fight!! Goku vs. Kuririn
  13. Tail's Tale
    Really, Goku?! Kuririn's Great Strategy
  14. Final Match: Goku vs. Tien
    The Finals!! The World's Greatest Martial Artist is...?!
  15. Victory's Edge/ Battle Power!
    The Secret Technique Haikyūken vs. Fighting Power
  16. Tien's Insurrection
    Tenshinhan in Distress!!
  17. The Spirit Cannon
    Life?! Death?! A Last Resort
  18. The Fallen
    The Martial Arts Tournament Comes to an End! And Then...!!

King Piccolo Saga

  1. Enter King Piccolo
    The Terrifying Conspiracy of Kuririn's Death!!
  2. Tambourine Attacks!
    The Terror of Piccolo-Daimaō!
  3. Mark of the Demon
    Come Back to Life, Son Goku!!
  4. Here Comes Yajirobe
    A Mysterious Man: Enter Yajirobe!!
  5. Terrible Tambourine
    Demon Beast Tambourine is Coming!!
  6. Tien's Atonement
    Son Goku: Explosive Rage!!
  7. Goku's Revenge
    Piccolo-Daimaō Descends!!
  8. Goku vs. King Piccolo
    Son Goku vs. Piccolo-Daimaō
  9. Piccolo Closes In
    Keep at it! Son Goku!!
  10. Roshi's Gambit
    The Turtle Hermit's Last Mafūba
  11. King Piccolo's Wish
    Newfound Youth?! Piccolo-Daimaō
  12. Siege on Chow Castle
    King Castle, on Offense and Defense!!
  13. Conquest and Power
    Goku's Wish!! Even Karin-sama is worried
  14. Awaken Darkness
    Go Get It! The Mysterious Super God Water
  15. A Taste of Destiny
    The Turtle Hermit Lives?!
  16. The Ultimate Sacrifice
    Son Goku Finally Departs!!
  17. Prelude to Vengeance
    Tenshinhan's Determination
  18. Battle Cry
    Will it Work?! The Legendary Mafūba
  19. Goku Strikes Back
    Goku: Rage at Full Power!!
  20. The Biggest Crisis
    Son Goku's Greatest Crisis
  21. Final Showdown
    The Final Gamble

Piccolo Jr. Saga

  1. Lost and Found
    The Nyoibō's Secret
  2. Temple Above the Clouds
    Temple Above the Clouds
  3. Earth's Guardian Emerges
    Kami-sama Appears!!
  4. Eternal Dragon Resurrected
    Shen Long is Resurrected!!
  5. Quicker than Lightning
    Faster than Lightning!!
  6. Secret of the Woods
    Quiet as the Sky
  7. The Time Room
    Time Traveler Goku
  8. Goku's Doll
    Goku's Opponent is... Goku?!
  9. Walking Their Own Ways
    Each on Their Own Way
  10. Hotter than Lava
    Hotter than Magma
  11. Changes
    Reunion Before the Storm
  12. 🔴 Preliminary Peril
    Trouble at the Tenkaichi Tournament
  13. Battle of the Eight
    The Chosen Eight
  14. Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao
    The Assassin Taopaipai's Counterattack
  15. Anonymous Proposal
    Son Goku's Marriage
  16. The Mysterious Hero
    The Mysterious Man, Shen
  17. Rematch
    Another Fierce Fight! Goku vs. Tenshinhan
  18. Goku Gains Speed
    True Strength
  19. The Four Faces of Tien
    Four Tenshinhans
  20. Kami vs. Piccolo
    Who is Stronger?! Kami vs. Piccolo-Daimaō
  21. Battle for the Future
    A Gamble on the Fate of the Earth!
  22. Super Kamehameha
    Let Loose! The Ultimate Super Kamehameha
  23. Junior No More
    Piccolo-Daimaō's Super Giant-Body Technique
  24. Goku's Trap
    Son Goku's Trap
  25. Goku Hangs On
    Nothing More That Can Be Done!!
  26. The Victor
    Hooray! The Earth's Strongest Man
  27. Dress in Flames
    Wedding Dress in Flames
  28. The Fire-Eater
    The Phantom Fire-Eating Bird
  29. Outrageous Octagon
    Thanks to Chi Chi's Homemaker Training...
  30. Mystery of the Dark World
    Hurry, Goku! The Mysterious Mountain of Five Elements
  31. 🔴 The End, the Beginning
    Mt. Frypan is Burning! An Instant Do-or-Die Journey


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