Daphne’s mother: DIIIIIRRRRK! Kidnapped? My Daphne kidnapped again, idiot! Dumb Kopf! {or whatever the correct spelling is, I think it's a German phrase} You'd better find my daughter or else! Coward! Dirk! I know you're in here! I raised a princess who married a frog! Dirk! Hold still! You can run boy, you cannot hide {this may be "but you cannot hide" with the "but" hidden behind other noise}

Snake: Thief!

Time machine: You must be Dirk, Dirk the Daring, fetch me a drink from yonder well. Daphne is lost to the halls of time, a prisoner... she's under a spell. Hasten lad hurry, we'll get her back, defeat the foul wizard, my brother, in black

Daphne’s mother: Dirk, AHH!
Snake: Thief!
Daphne’s mother: Oh shut up!

Mordroc: So, dear brother, you bring Dirk here, you cartilaginous clanking piece of junk.

- Boil in the mud you meddling old fool, Dirk will be helpless once you've been sunk!

- Save Me!

- You want Daphne.. go get her

- My hero

- Get the sword. Hurry son, hurry

- Daphne's mine, farewell you fool

- Quick boy, through the glass

- How do you do good Sir Knight, care to join us in a fight?  

- Make way for the queen, you see what I mean

- Wee! Stop that bouncing

- Off with her head! 

- Off with her head! Assassin!

- Princess Daphne is mine, mine! 

- After that rabbit. One lump or two? Don't mind if I do. After that rabbit

- Farewell boy

{Start Jabberwocky nonsense poem}

- 'Twas brillig and the slithy toves 

- Did gyre and gimble in the wabe 

- All mimsy were the borogroves 

- And the mome raths outgrabe 

{End Jabberwocky nonsense poem}

- Go away, no visitors {"Go Away" pronounced in the American accent "go'way"}

- Back. St..stop right there. One more step and you're finished, oo.

- Yum Yum! Apple, apple {second "apple" is said in a very squeaky voice}

- Hang on brother, don't eat him. Dirk here's our ticket to fame and fortune

- Look here, I'll get you the princess if you bring Eve to me

- Eve. Apple. You hoo. Halt. mine mine mine mine.

- Oh no. Oh dear. Dear. Oh my goodness.

- Daphne's mine, you fool!

- Dirk the Daring stay put don't jump. Never fear a creative gust.

- Wind that's borne of upward things, all too soon will downward sing 

- Dirk, over here

- We've found her this time boy. 

- Dirk, this way. Dirk. Dirk I'm in here

- I can't breath. Hurry please it's so dark in here

- Hurry son, hurry. Hm, oh its hot, oh oh oh, hot, oh oh, Dirk, Dirk do something, oh

- You fool, you want Daphne, hah hah, go get her

- Grrr, ahhh, ahhhh 

- Dirk, Dirk. D D Daphne

- Yahoo!

- Dirk, my hero

- Dad's home! 

- Daphne!