Mic: "And now, the Mouse with ears so big, he can almost use them to fly. Mickey Mouse!"

(Mickey flies in on Magic Carpet.)

Mickey: "Hey, Everybody! Fasten your seatbelts! Cuz, today's show is a one way flight to fun."

Caterpillar: "Flight?! Why, I'm dressed all wrong!"

(Caterpillar changes into a butterfly.)

Caterpillar: "There! That's better!"

(More guests come in.)

Donald: "Wow!"

(The Three Good Fairies fly past Donald.)

Donald: (Laughs)"Gosh! (Screams)."

(He ducks as Dumbo flies above him.)

Donald: "Cute little fella!"

(Scene cuts to Goofy, with an airplane on him as he comes over to the vultures.)

Goofy: "

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