This is the article for the Danny Phantom episode Doctor's Disorders.


Fade in to show Casper High. Some teens are on the sidewalk in front of it. The whole screen is purple in hue, as if a ghost is around.

TEACHER: (offscreen) Fascinating. Cut to a teacher looking at a sharp, ghost tip.

TEACHER: Possibly some of the most interesting mandibular formations (puts a fist to his chin and looks up) I’ve ever seen.

Cut to the teacher from behind. Zoom out to reveal him standing in front of a giant green ghost bug with a long, pointed mandible, six red eyes, body fuzz and giant wings like an overgrown mosquito. It flexes the two side-parts of its mandible and buzzes. Cut to the teacher, shocked.TEACHER: I hope I don’t end up seeing them from the--

Zoom in on the teacher.

TEACHER: --inside!

Cut to the teacher cowering in the shadow of the bug against the lockers. The bug’s wings are buzzing. The bug leans into the teacher, and the teacher backs into the corner on one knee.

Cut to the ceiling. Danny Phantom flies in, his fists clenched and his ghostly tail beneath him. He flies down into a purple action background and turns intangible.

Cut to the bug, leaning in to the teacher against the lockers. As the teacher buries his face in his arm, Danny flies down intangibly through the floor. The bug looks to the back wondering what happened, then looks toward the camera, confused. Danny flies out from under the floor and pushes the bug up, phasing both through the ceiling. Cut to Danny on a purple action background, intangible.

DANNY: Anybody up for a game of--

Pan up to the bug’s surprised expression in its four red eyes and two eyebrows, which blink.

DANNY: --“Slug Bug”? Danny flies up and out of the shot.

Cut to outside Casper High. Danny and the bug phase out through the roof. Pan right as the bug tumbles out of Danny’s grip and resumes color, sliding on the ground across the street from the school next to a tree and a trash can, forming a trough and bringing up dust clouds. Danny forms up above the trough. When the dust clears, he flies off. Cut to the bug lying in a hole by the trunk of a tree, looking upon the school. The wings are slumped and the antennae are bent, and smoke rises from the trough due to the impact. Danny flies into the shot to look at the bug. He looks surprised when the bug looks back up at him and stands up on all six of its legs.

Cut to the bug’s four eyes. They blast off four red eye beams in unison.

Cut to Danny, shocked. He grunts as he parts his legs so the beam passes harmlessly under them, then looks back to where the beam may have landed.

Cut closer to Danny. He looks back down.

Cut farther from Danny. He loops downward as the bug flies up, lunging for him but misses. Danny looks back at the bug as it flies off. He unleashes a green ghost ray from both his hands.

Cut to the bug flying away as the ghost rays fire at it. The bug just turns around and flies back where it came.

Cut to the face of the bug on a purple action background. Pan down right to its proboscis. It squirts out a stream of green, goopy ectoplasm. Cut to the purple sky. Pan down right as the stream of ectoplasmic goo forms into a goopy net and wraps around Danny’s arms and torso, binding him up. He screams as he tumbles backwards into the air.

Cut to an aerial shot of below. Paulina is walking on the sidewalk by a shrub, tree and trash can as Danny screams, falling head-first toward the tree.

Cut to Paulina walking past. She stops her walking and gasps in shock as she hears leaves rustling. She looks up as Danny drops from the tree half-way, grunting as his hands and torso are clearly still bound by the net.

Cut to Paulina, turning to look up. She puts a hand near her mouth as she gasps.

Cut to Danny hanging with some leaves in his hair. His eyes open.

DANNY: Paulina!

Cut to Paulina. She curls her hands into fists and smiles gleefully.

Cut to Danny, hanging.

DANNY: You should run.

Cut to Danny in the foreground looking at Paulina below. She raises her arms in the air gleefully and begins to skip toward Danny.

Cut to Danny. He holds up his palms. Some leaves fall.

DANNY: No, not toward me,--

Danny puts his hands out as they begin to glow green.

DANNY: --*away*! Run! Cut to Paulina from behind looking to Danny, hanging. Paulina peeks over her shoulder and crouches on one knee, giving out a shriek of alarm as Danny fires another energy beam.

Cut to the sky as the bug descends. Pan left as the bug is knocked away by the beam hitting it square in the belly.

Cut to Danny hanging in the tree with Paulina looking away into the sky. She turns and continues on her course, closing her eyes and running away.

Cut to Danny hanging and coated in the ghostly bug juice net. He strains as he glows green all over, zooming out as he breaks free of the net by stretching out his arms and legs. Cut to Danny, floating upside-down by the tree. He turns the right way and flees off to the right with his ghostly tail trailing as another shot of green, goopy bug juice splatters on the trunk of the tree where Danny was just floating. Pan right as he flies up into the sky.

Cut to Danny, flying quickly on a purple action background. He strafes further from the camera in his flight, then strafes closer to the camera as the bug buzzes after him in hot pursuit.

Cut to a street by a line of power lines. Danny flies in but stops at the power lines, turning around so his back faces them when the bug flies in.

Cut to the bug in the foreground, zooming in on Danny as it closes in on his proximity.


Cut to Danny from behind floating in front of the power lines. As the bug is about to ram him, Danny jumps into the air and the bug goes headlong into the power lines, tangling itself in them and receiving a large jolt of blue electrical power. Cut to the purple sky as Danny flies back up into the shot, looking down with a smug smile.

DANNY: …zapper!

Cut to the bug, still getting electrocuted. Eventually it explodes into a purple action background into a swarm of bugs separating into chunks of smaller swarms.

Cut to a purple action background. A lot of bugs are flung back as they sail through the shot on their backs.

Cut to a purple action background as the bugs sail through the shot in the other direction, leftwards. The sky resumes itself and the bugs correct their position right-side up, stopping in the air safely and creating loud buzzing noises with their wings as they fly off.

Cut to a purple action background as two streams becoming four streams of bugs amass into one great swarm of ghost bugs. The swarm takes off.

Cut to Danny in the foreground as he looks over Casper High school with the swarm of bugs phasing into it.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Well, (eyes widen) one down, (eyelids lower in futility) a billion to go.

He flies downwards with his tail flicking after him.

Fade to black.


(Possible cut to commercial)



Title Screen is shown. Depicted on the top left is an evil-looking ghost with his brain visible, dressed in Nurse scrubs holding a massive scalpel in one hand and a syringe in the other, preparing to strike a frightened Danny Phantom who’s strapped down to a hospital stretcher in the bottom right of the screen. The tagline in the middle left reads, “It Will Leave You In STITCHES!”

Fade into the side of Casper High. The bell rings. Zoom in.

Fade to Kwan leaning on a locker with one hand and looking at Star with a smile, who covers her mouth with her hand. Pan right as another couple with a brunette in a purple dress leans in at a different boy with a letter jacket with his arms crossed a way that makes the feeling not look mutual. Next to them is Tucker spraying himself in green fog as Danny approaches him from the back of the hallway.

DANNY: *Phew*!

Cut to Tucker from behind, lifting his arm to spray massive amounts of green cloudy stuff from an aerosol can under his armpit. Danny walks up holding a book in one hand, and covering his nose and eyes with the other in disgust as Tucker puts down his arms.

DANNY: What is that smell?

Cut to Tucker, looking at the disgusted Danny who stands in the foreground. Tucker holds up his aerosol with his finger on the nozzle.


Danny puts down his hand as Tucker gestures to the can with his.

TUCKER: It’s my new all-over body spray.

He puts down his hand and looks to the can.

TUCKER: I made it myself!

Cut to the can. It reads “FOLEY” and the yellow label beneath that reads “By Tucker Foley”.

TUCKER: I call it “Foley:--

Zoom out to reveal Tucker.

TUCKER: --By Tucker Foley”.

Cut to Danny and Tucker as Tucker begins to spray it all over his head, then they look down at the floor as Tucker sprays his legs and shoes. Then Tucker raises his arm and sprays his armpit again.

Cut to Tucker as he turns to look forward, but the green odor clouds are still spraying.

TUCKER: It combines with your natural odor to create (the clouds dissipate away) a sweet, manly scent that smells different to everyone that sniffs it.

Cut to Danny, looking at Tucker, who stands in the foreground. Danny breaks it to him brutally.

DANNY: Tuck, you smell like a sweaty cookie.

Cut to an overhead shot of Danny and Tucker. Tucker holds up a finger as the girl that seemed to be suffocating the one boy earlier walks past.

TUCKER: By choice! (spreads his arms) The ladies will be swarming--

Tucker turns to his locker and begins to unlock it, Danny turns his head as he does.

TUCKER: --all over. Suddenly, buzzing is heard as the swarm passes over. Cut to Danny, slightly alarmed as the swarm flies over. His ghost sense goes off. He turns his head to look over his shoulder, then turns back forward with a wary expression.

Cut to a crowd of boys saying various things like “Hey, Paulina” as Paulina passes through them without so much as making eye contact. There is one girl in the crowd, an African-American with a pigtail and a purple tube top, has her hand on her hips and looks jealous of Paulina as she walks past. One boy with blonde hair, glasses and a pronounced Adam’s apple pokes his head into the shot as he looks after Paulina.

Cut to Paulina, carelessly walking away from the crowd of boys.

PAULINA: So many boys…

She turns to her locker and begins to unlock it.

Cut to the inside of her locker. It’s got a CH banner and a sticker and calendar with a heart on it. A model of Danny in flight hangs from the ceiling, and a ghost with a “do not!” sign over it is stuck on one wall. The door opens to reveal Paulina looking in dreamily as the locker illuminates.

PAULINA: …but only *one* you.

Cut to the inside of the locker. Pictures of Danny Phantom in various poses line it. On the calendar is a picture of Danny with his ghostly tail and his arms crossed. One is a heart-shaped sticker of Danny. There’s also a sign reading “Paulina (heart) Inviso-bill”. Pan down to reveal more stickers, a giant picture of Danny, and two candles burning next to Paulina’s only book.

Cut to Paulina’s hand on her locker door by a picture of Danny looking rather wary at it. A tiny ghost bug buzzes in and perches on Paulina’s hand.

Cut to the bug. It turns invisible and phases inside.


Cut to Paulina.

PAULINA: Hey! Zoom out as Paulina looks down at the back of her hand. PAULINA: You blemished my flawless skin! Cut to Paulina in her locker. The clock above reads 11:50. Paulina closes her locker door and walks off, looking at the place where the bug phased into her skin. Pan right as she passes a door with a sign above it reading “NURSE”. The trio walks in, all holding books and looking rather bored. Tucker stops with his mouth open before the door and drones. Danny and Sam continue, but their eyes pop open wide as they realize Tucker has stopped. They stop. Danny turns to him. DANNY: Tucker? Close-up on Tucker from front-view, his mouth agape and droning. Danny’s palm slides in from the right in front of Tucker’s eyes and waves up and down.

DANNY: Hello?

Zoom out to reveal Danny and Sam on either side. Danny retracts his hand and asks an unfazed Sam about it.

DANNY: What’s with him?

SAM: This happens every time he gets near-- Danny and Sam look up.

SAM: --the Nurse’s Office.

Close up on Tucker. TUCKER: (stuttering) N-n-n-n-n--

Cut to Tucker looking up at the sign. Zoom in on the side.

TUCKER: --n-n-n-nurse?

Cut to Danny looking up with Sam looking to Danny. Tucker, in between, perspires like a fountain.

SAM: This is a bad one. (arches her eyebrows with seriousness) In a case like this,--

She reaches down to take a paper bag from nowhere and puts it over Tucker’s head.

SAM: --it’s best not to let him see.

Sam crouches in front of Tucker so Tucker can put his hand on her shoulders as a guide.

SAM: C’mon, Tuck. Find a happy place.

They walk off, leaving Danny.

TUCKER: Right!

Cut to Tucker and Sam walking past the door to the Nurse’s office. Danny follows behind them, rather irked.

TUCKER: Right, I-I’m not passing a Nurse’s office. I’m passing a modeling agency.

Cut to a row of lockers. Tucker and Sam walk into the shot and stop. Danny steps in behind them as Sam turns around. Tucker removes his bag and takes a deep breath.

TUCKER: Thanks, Sam.

Cut to Danny. DANNY: You’re afraid of the nurse’s office? Cut to Tucker with Sam standing behind him.


He puts a palm over his shoulder and leans back.

TUCKER: Nurse’s offices, (leans forward and points his finger downward) doctor’s offices, (shrugs) hospitals!

He puts down his hands and then holds up his other hand to make a pinching motion.

TUCKER: Anyplace with sharp, pointy, sticky things and the smell--

He curls his hands into fists and makes a sickened pose.

TUCKER: --of sick people

Cut to Sam. Her nostril moves as she sniffs. She makes a sound of disgust.

SAM: Speaking of sick smells, (looks up warily) what is *that*? (looks to the side) Gym socks and snicker doodles?

Cut to Danny and Tucker. Tucker is proudly holding his backpack straps, Danny just explains in a bored tone. DANNY AND TUCKER: Foley, by Tucker Foley.

Cut to Danny, agreeing with Sam’s disgust.

DANNY: It’s Tucker’s cologne.

Danny’s ghost sense goes off again. Zoom out really fast to show the trio in the distance looking at a sick and pale Paulina with her hand leaning on a locker and another hand on her stomach. She’s glowing a ghostly green and is groaning.

Cut to the trio.

DANNY: Uh, is Paulina glowing?

Danny and Tucker look to Sam as she speaks.

SAM: Uh, I know she’s supposed to have “flawless skin”, (looks to the boys) but this is ridiculous!

Cut to the sickly, glowing Paulina.

PAULINA: I feel terrible!

She takes her hand off her stomach and curls it into a fist, looking at the back of it.

PAULINA: I’m disfigured! (eyebrows arch in anger) Stupid bug bite!

Close-up on Danny, alarmed.

DANNY: “Bug bite”?

Danny looks to the corner as a ghost bug buzzes past him. He turns around and gasps.

Cut to a hallway. An Asian boy in a red sweater walks past. Jasmine is walking toward the camera holding a book and happily minding her own business when a bug swoops in and hits her neck.

Jasmine slaps her neck and drops her book on the floor, cringing.


Pan right to Star and Kwan laughing at Jasmine, Kwan pointing and Star holding a book. A short boy in a red beanie cap has his locker open and is holding a book with a green book bag lying on the ground next to him. Suddenly, a bug buzzes in and gets Kwan’s neck.

KWAN: (slapping his neck) Ow!

Star does the same when a bug bites her on the hip, causing her to drop her book.

STAR: (slapping her hip) Ah!

Cut to the girl that was jealous of Paulina, with some alarm. She turns as a boy in a letter jacket that has both his hands on his head passes by with bugs swarming by him. A bug buzzes up to the back of her neck. She slaps it and cries out.

Cut to various teens running and screaming in panic with the bugs, including an Asian girl in pink, a boy with glasses, a red afro and an alien sweater, and a husky young man in a blue shirt. A girl with blonde hair and green Capri pants slides into the shot shrieking.

Cut to the trio as people’s legs run in panic in the foreground with bugs flying around.

DANNY: Oh no!

Cut to Danny with Tucker and Sam flanking him.

DANNY: Cover me, guys.

Close up on Danny. He looks determined.

DANNY: I’m going ghost!

Cut to an open doorway. Danny runs inside out of view and closes the door. Sam and Tucker run up to follow, crossing their arms and leaning against the wall like security detail. Tucker has his foot pressed on the wall. The hallway goes dark as a flash of light emits from the window in the door, with a shadow in the shape of Danny’s head. Pan right as Danny phases out of the door and dives through the floor; Tucker and Sam turning their heads and smiling as they watch an invisible Danny.

Cut to a room with a cabinet and several boxes. A cloud of nine bugs buzzes above them. Danny’s intangible hand phases through the wall with the fully-colored Fenton Thermos and takes in all the bugs in a beam of light. When he’s done, Danny leans the upper half of his body in the room, looking down at the thermos with a smile as he caps it. He retreats the way he came.

Cut to a boy in a blue hat and yellow sweater flapping his hand at a swarm of ghost bugs. He is standing in front of a sink and next to the urinals. An invisible Danny leans halfway through the mirror gripping the Fenton Thermos in both hands, taking in all the bugs. When Danny leaves the way he came, the boy stops his complaining and sits on one of the urinals, breathing a sigh of relief.

Cut to a swarm of bugs buzzing on a purple action background. A blue beam of the Fenton Thermos takes them all away, sucking in several swarms. Zoom out to reveal the fully-colored Fenton Thermos in one of an intangible Danny’s hands, the cap in the other as Danny looks at his thermos with a smile of accomplishment. When they are all gone, Danny caps the thermos and flies off.

Cut to the floor by several desks. A cluster of nine bugs are buzzing in place. Danny’s eyes and nose peek in from the floor to check the area and the Fenton Thermos phases through partially to take care of the bugs. When they are gone, Danny caps the thermos and ducks out.

Cut to Sam leaning on a door with her arms crossed and one foot pressed to it. She’s looking at Tucker, who is crouched over and drinking from a fountain. Danny phases up through the floor in front of Sam and resumes his color, holding his thermos in one hand. A flash of light sparkles and a ring forms around him, transforming him back into Danny Fenton. Tucker looks up, then he stands and turns to Danny as Sam stands up straight looking in the same direction. Danny holds up the thermos proudly.

DANNY: Well…!

Cut to Danny holding the thermos. Sam, seen from behind, is looking at him.

DANNY: That is all of them.

He has spoken too soon. A ghost bug buzzes into the shot to Sam. Danny’s eyes shift with minor anxiety at it.

Close-up on Sam’s arm. The tiny ghost bug perches on it, then turns invisible and phases into her skin.

Cut to Sam. Tucker stands behind her. She looks to the place the bug landed and slaps it.

SAM: Ow!

Close up on Danny, standing corrected.

DANNY: Except one.

Cut to the trio. Tucker looks at the miffed Sam who is holding her arm and Danny is still holding the thermos. Danny looks up as Dash is running with his arms in front of him, screaming as he looks back to a swarm of bugs in a triangular formation chasing him. The trio looks after where Dash and the bugs went.

Danny shrugs as Tucker and Sam look rather annoyed with him.

DANNY: Or more.

Cut to a door to a boy’s bathroom. Dash runs from the swarm that chases him, but he slams into the door and in a split-second, the bugs all phase him through the door so he doesn’t suffer the impact of the wall. Danny runs up to follow.

Cut to the inside of the door. Danny opens it warily, one hand pressed on the side.

DANNY: Hey Dash? Uh, (walks in and the door closes behind him) Not that I care, but,--

He walks closer to the camera, his shirt covering it.

DANNY: --are you okay?

Cut to Danny walking up to a pair of closed stalls. Next to the stalls are sinks with soap, paper towels and a trash can.

DASH: (sickly, inside the stall) I don’t feel so good…

Cut to Danny. He looks down, expecting it.

DANNY: Yeah, this always happens on goulash day.

Cut to Danny outside the stall again. Danny ducks as a green ghost ray zaps through the door over him leaving a hole. Danny tips backwards to the side as another one zaps a hole in the door and barely grazes his shirt. Danny falls to the floor on his back and forearms as he looks up at the stall door with the two holes that smolder with green smoke.

Cut to Danny lying on the floor with the rubble.

DANNY: Although I’ve never seen goulash do *that*.

Cut to Danny from behind on the floor looking at the stall that’s smoldering. The door opens and a gust of wind sets out, filling the floor with green smoke and from the stall, bolts of green lightning. Danny turns his head to the side and covers it with his hand. When the short storm stops, Danny puts his arm back on the floor and looks at the silhouette of Dash covered by the billowing green smoke.

Cut to Dash, green-skinned with scales, red eyes and pointed ears among the green smoke. He steps closer, his face looking into the camera.

DASH: (spooky, aggressive voice, with jagged teeth) Get away!

Cut to Danny on the floor among the rubble, turned on his side and looking up in shock. Dash’s giant, green hands grip Danny’s arm and shoulder that runs across his chest.

Cut to Dash in the bathroom, picking Danny up off the floor. Pan left as Danny screams, Dash having just carelessly chucked him into an open toilet stall. The door closes. The ghostly Dash walks up to the door, and a great flash of light emits from the stall.

Cut to Dash in a ready-to-attack stance. Pan right to the ceiling. Pan down as Danny intangibly swoops down and tackles Dash from behind in the air, his ghostly tail flicking behind him.

Cut to the row of urinals. Dash is slammed face-first into the wall between two urinals, his face creating a large dent and cracking the drywall. He turns around, angry. But before he can do anything, Danny jumps on him and grabs him by the shirt and jacket with his boots pressed against Dash’s stomach. Danny holds Dash up high so his head hits the ceiling and rubble falls from it. Danny has a fist ready to punch Dash in the face.

DANNY: I wish I could say I didn’t want to do this--

Cut to Danny holding up Dash’s black shirt with his fist poised.

DANNY: --but…!

Cut to Dash’s head, his black shirt held by Danny’s gloved hand. Green sparkles pop around Dash, his face returning from ghostly to normal and rather dazed and confused. His head falls over.

Cut to a shocked Danny floating as he holds the tired Dash in the air by the shirt, holding his fist poised. Dash groans. Danny leans him over his shoulder, trying to keep both his hands holding Dash so he doesn’t fall.

Cut to Danny, filled with regret as he holds Dash carefully.

DANNY: (sighs) And just one cheap shot away from a semester full of payback.

Fade to a shout outside of school, much later. Across the doors hangs a banner that reads “Quarantine Stay Out” and underneath are two yellow ribbons reading “Do Not Cross”. Zoom in as chatter is heard.

Fade to an aerial shot of concerned parents and Danny, who stands next to his parents while they address the teacher that first spotted the ghost bug. Trophy cases are on either side of the door the teacher stands in front of.

MADDIE: Why can’t we see our children,--

Zoom in on Maddie.

MADDIE: --Mr. Falluca?

Cut to Jack and Maddie as Maddie speaks to Falluca.

MADDIE: This is (throws her arms out and leans into him) *outrageous*! (throws them up) *They’re sick*!

She clenches her fists and brings them parallel to her body.

MADDIE: They need us!

Cut to Maddie in the foreground as Falluca tries to explain.

FALLUCA: Now, I understand your concern, folks, (holds up his hands, trying to save himself) but I’ve been instructed not to disseminate any information at this time.

Cut to Maddie, upset and with her fists clenched.

MADDIE: But you’re a teacher! (leans forward, her mouth wide with shouting) It’s your *job* to disseminate information!

Cut to the Fentons. Maddie is complaining to Mr. Falluca while Danny looks up at his father, who is crying. Jack goes down on his knees and Maddie looks over her shoulder to see what’s wrong.

JACK: (blubbering) Poor Jazz.

Cut to Jack, crying.

JACK: She’s always been my favorite!

He takes out a handkerchief and blows his nose. Yellow-green mucus flies everywhere.

Cut to Danny with four unaffected teens standing behind him, including the boy with the yellow sweater he saved in the bathroom from earlier. Jack’s hand leans into the shot with the disgusting handkerchief that’s dripping with the green mucus.

JACK: Here you go, Danny. Don’t lose this; it was your grandfather’s.

Danny takes the handkerchief, disgusted. Jack removes his hand from the shot.

DANNY: *Blegch*.

Danny turns to peek over his shoulder as Tucker speaks.

TUCKER: (offscreen) Hey Danny, check this out!

Cut to Tucker, smiling with a fist curled. Danny walks up to him, seen from behind.

DANNY: What’s up?

Tucker opens his hand, revealing a ghost bug sitting apathetically in it.

TUCKER: Got another one.

Cut to the bug in Tucker’s hand. It just flaps its wings a little.

DANNY: (concerned) Tucker!

Cut to Tucker from behind holding the bug as Danny looks into his palm at it.

DANNY: Get rid of that thing!

Cut to Danny and Tucker from the side.

TUCKER: (explaining) No, look! It won’t bite me or (points a finger over it, poking it) phase into my skin (shrugs with his one hand) or anything!

Cut to Tucker holding the bug, seen from behind. Danny looks at the bug, considering the information.

DANNY: That’s weird. I figured my ghost powers were protecting *me*. (looks up at Tucker with some confusion) What’s protecting you?

Cut to the two boys from the side as the bug buzzes out of Tucker’s palm to bite someone else. Danny turns over his shoulder to look warily as the bug flies away, but Tucker just smiles.

DANNY AND TUCKER: (smiling and pointing their fingers at each other in a hip way) Foley! By Tucker Foley.

They put down their arms in unison.

DANNY: *Wow*. It’s not just repelling.

Close-up on Danny.

DANNY: It’s a repellant!

Cut to a defiant Falluca standing in front of the door with eyes closed and arms crossed as Jack and Maddie stand in front of him and two other parents stand behind. Maddie lifts her hand and Falluca looks over his shoulder as the door behind them opens, revealing some bleachers.

Cut to the floor by the door. Falluca is standing by. A man with black boots, gloves and a surgical uniform walks out. Pan up to reveal he has a pale face with his eyes hidden by detached red lenses and is wearing a tight blue head cover to match the uniform. He raises a palm to greet them.

DOCTOR: Hello, people.

Close-up on the doctor.

BERT RAND: I’m Dr. Bert Rand.

Cut to Maddie, skeptically holding her hands on her hips as she stands next to Jack, looking at Dr. Rand who is in the foreground.

MADDIE: Are you from the government’s disease control center?

Cut to Bert Rand.

BERT RAND: Sure, (points a finger) let’s go with that.

Cut to Bert Rand surrounded by skeptical and concerned parents. He shrugs.

BERT RAND: I can assure you that (clasps his hands together) your children are in good hands--

Cut to Bert Rand.

BERT RAND: --and will be transferred to the creepy abandoned hospital on the (holds out one palm) edge of town.

Cut to a creepy hospital. It appears to have a ghoulish glow around it along with brightly glowing barbed wire. A spooky organ note plays as lightning strikes over it.

Cut back to Maddie, increasingly skeptical.

MADDIE: Under quarantine?

Cut to Bert Rand, his hands clasped together.

BERT RAND: Yes, (points on both of his hands) let’s go with that, too.

Bert Rand clasps his hands back together as a skeptical Jack leans in on him.

JACK: Oh yeah? And just why should we (points a finger at Bert Rand) trust you?

BERT RAND: (not even flinching) Because I’m with the government--

Jack drops his hand, defeated.

BERT RAND: --and I can audit your taxes if you don’t.

JACK: (reluctant) We trust you.

Jack runs off in a cloud of dust.

Cut to Danny and Tucker. Danny looks over his shoulder skeptically.

DANNY: Well, I don’t trust him. (looks to Tucker) Sam and Jazz are in that hospital (looks back over his shoulder) and we’ve *got* to find out what’s going on!

Tucker holds up a palm, conceding. Danny looks to him.

TUCKER: Have a good time.

Tucker turns and takes off. Danny, annoyed, puts his hands on his hips.

DANNY: Tucker--

Cut to Tucker marching away as Danny puts his hands out to recap what he implied. Tucker stops as Danny finishes.

DANNY: --I said “we”.

Tucker looks up and shrugs as Danny puts his hands by his sides.

TUCKER: You also said (turns to Danny and makes air quotes) “hospital”.

Cut to Danny. He scoffs.

DANNY: (looking up and putting up a palm as if it’s nothing) I go invisible, (shrugs) I go ghost,--

He puts both his hands to the side and smiles reassuringly.

DANNY: --I’ll be in and out in no time. (crosses his arms, thinking it’s easy) Just watch!

Fade to a wooden sign on a mesh fence. In red letters, it reads “NORTH MERCY HOSPITAL”. The R, T and H fall away, leaving only “NO MERCY HOSTPITAL”. Clearly a bad omen. Pan up to the hospital on the hill, giving off its eerier ghostly glow with the full moon hovering overhead. Danny Phantom flies up toward it, his ghostly tail trailing.

Cut to Danny from the front flying toward the camera. He screams in pain and reels backwards as blue jolts of electricity shock him.

Cut to Danny from away in the energy field. The bolts stop shocking as Danny falls away and pans down to land on the ground, landing on his head first and tumbling in the air to land on his chin and knees on the ground, his butt in the air as he looks at Tucker’s feet.

Cut to Danny’s butt in the air with Tucker looking down at him.

TUCKER: Well,--

Danny’s butt ducks offscreen as Tucker smiles and shrugs.

TUCKER: --let’s just come back during visiting hours.

He puts a hand on his hip and puts out a palm to consider another option as Danny’s head pops up looking toward the camera.

TUCKER: Or perhaps, (smiles and shrugs again) not at all!

Danny looks determined as he looks back to Tucker, who drops his hands.

DANNY: We can’t do that, Tucker.

Cut to Tucker from behind looking at Danny crouching in front of the mesh fence.

DANNY: The fact that--

Danny stands up and turns to Tucker, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb.

DANNY: --the hospital has a ghost shield makes it even *more* suspicious.

Close up on Danny, looking to the side.

DANNY: If I can’t get in like a ghost…

Cut to Danny with Tucker looking in the distance. Danny turns his back to Tucker and transforms back to Danny Fenton.

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: Then I’ll have to get in--

Zoom in on Danny.

DANNY: --like a kid!

Fade to the hospital. Two identical muscular ghosts in black and green HAZMAT suits with helmets stand guard. Tucker and Danny walk toward the steps slowly. Danny turns to Tucker.

DANNY: Okay, just hang out here and wait for me.

Cut to Danny giving the low-down to Tucker.

DANNY: You got my mom’s Fenton Utility weapon just in case?

Cut to Tucker as he holds up a green lipstick tube. Pan up.

TUCKER: It’s a lipstick, (smiles) and an ecto-blaster! (narrows his eyes) Because I’m worth it.

Cut to Tucker smiling as Danny looks at him determinedly, both of them standing in front of the barbed wire fence.

DANNY: Okay then.

Danny jumps into Tucker’s arms so Tucker is carrying him.

DANNY: Let’s make this good.

Danny closes his eyes to look sick as Tucker, in a panic, rushes forward.

Cut to the two guard ghosts. Both of them wear helmets and shoulder pads that add to their bio-hazard suits. Tucker walks up holding Danny. One of the guards holds up a palm to stop them.

GUARD: This area’s restricted. (puts his hand down) No admittance.

Cut to Tucker holding Danny, explaining to the guard standing in the foreground.

TUCKER: But my friend is sick! He needs to be in the hospital!

Tucker looks to Danny.


He looks nervously back to the guard.

TUCKER: Not me.

Cut to the two guards. The door behind them is open showing some cobwebs on the ceiling.

BERT RAND: (offscreen) It’s all right, guards.

Bert Rand walks up from them and the guards turn to face him as he walks between them.

BERT RAND: Stand down.

Cut to Bert Rand putting out his hands as he asks Tucker questions about Danny.

BERT RAND: Has this young man been exhibiting any (clasps his hands together) ghost-like symptoms?

Cut to Danny in Tucker’s hold. He cracks open an eye slightly, then leans back in Tucker’s hold as he turns intangible, then resumes color.

Cut to the guards standing behind Bert Rand. Danny, in Tucker’s grip, groans for effect as Tucker gently lays him on the ground. Danny leans back and takes a step as Bert Rand bends over to hold Danny’s back up.


Bert Rand holds Danny up like a child.

BERT RAND: You poor, sick human child!

Cut to Bert Rand holding Danny and smiling as Tucker warily stands behind him, watching.

BERT RAND: It’s worse than I thought!

Bert Rand looks up to the sky and discreetly gives a thumbs-up sign.

Cut to a window up above. A spiky-headed silhouette form returns the thumbs-up gesture. Zoom out to reveal Bert Rand looking up at the window. Both are clearly in cahoots. The form in the window runs out from view. Bertrand removes his hand and walks toward the hospital doors.

Cut to the inside of the hospital as Bert Rand carries Danny away, leaving a concerned and somewhat scared Tucker with the ghost guards outside. He smiles, looking up at them and shrugs.

TUCKER: So, (crosses his arms in a hip way) what’s the skizzle, fizzles?

Fade to a spooky hallway, dark and filled with neglect and cobwebs hanging on the lamps. Danny’s leg is seen in the foreground being wheeled down the hall in a wheelchair.

Cut to Danny from the front. A smiling Bert Rand is wheeling the chair while Danny feigns sleep in the chair, both his hands on the armrests.

Cut to Danny, sleeping. He cracks open one eye to check the side.

Cut to two teens with pale green skin, groaning as they hang on to a stand with IVs filled with glowing green liquid. One of them, in a red cap and yellow shirt is sitting in a wheelchair, but floats out of it.

Pan left to a boy in a white tee with blue rings on the sleeves. He’s lying in a bed with the upper half upright, sleeping and under a sheet with his sneakers pointing out the other end. Two IVs hang next to him, and a radio device is on the stand beside him. He groans as he turns invisible.

Cut to Danny with his eyes still cracked a little, more moaning and groaning is heard around him. He closes that eye and cracks open the other one.

Cut to a boy with black hair and glasses, shivering under a blanket that’s wrapped around him as a blue wisp of smoke breathes from his mouth. Next to him is a short blonde boy in glasses with glowing green hands. A girl in a ponytail phases her head into the wall above them.

Pan right to a boy in a red sweater and hat with a goatee, shivering as he turns intangible and falls down through the wall. A girl in a pink belly shirt and matching skirt floats down into the shot, concerned that her black boots don’t touch the ground and both her hands are up on either side of her.

Cut to Danny being wheeled down the hall by Bert Rand. An Asian boy in a red sweater is sleeping as he leans against the wall with a heavy green aura. Pan right to show a boy in a letter jacket leaning his elbows on a desk but has no chair. A black-haired girl sits on the same table with her legs draping off it. A purple haired boy in a green jacket sits on a couch looking at the floor. The boy in the alien sweater and red afro stands in the foreground turning invisible. Dash is seen in a room away sitting in a chair and watching TV with a sheet tied around him like a cape. He tips back in the chair and screams as a powerful green ghost ray shoots from his head and blasts the TV to a shattered-screen and smoldering mess. Dash buries his face in his hands.

DASH: (demoralized) Darn.

Cut to Dash with his face buried in his hands. He shrugs.

DASH: Right at the part where he says, “You (buries his face in his hands again) complete me”.

Cut to Danny being wheeled by Bert Rand by the front, pretending to sleep. The Asian boy and a husky red-headed girl in a purple shirt are on the sides of the hallway. Passing in the foreground is a boy in a band suit with a tuba around him in an intangible blue, snorting. Bert Rand looks to him with some concern, but smiles again.

BERT RAND: Now, now, son, (holds up a finger) must try to control those powers!

Bert Rand rushes off in the direction the tuba player just ran off to. Danny cracks open an eye to check if the doctor is gone.

Cut to an empty hallway. Bert Rand walks down it into the distance. Zoom out to reveal Danny perfectly awake in the chair, observing Bert Rand leaving him alone. He looks to the other end of the hallway to check if the coast is clear. His eyes roll forward as he gets up from the chair and walks off.

Cut to Danny walking down the hallway with more kids groaning. One girl sitting down is looking at her green-glowing hands. A short boy with glasses and a sweater vest phases through a door and up through the ceiling with a ghostly tail trailing. Danny looks up to the side as he passes a trundle bed, a boy with a basketball shirt and a backpack leans against the wall with a hand on his head. Danny looks the other way as an Asian girl in the foreground wrapped in a blanket around her shoulders like a cape breathes out a stream of blue mist.

Cut to Kwan sitting on a chair in a row of chairs, his hand on his perspiring face. Danny walks up. Kwan removes his hand to look at him.

KWAN: Fenton? You’re in here too?

Kwan suddenly doubles as a second him appears from nothing in the chair beside him. Danny steps backward in shock.

Cut to Danny, leaning up with his eyes wide and teeth clenched in surprise.

Cut to the row of seats with the two Kwans from behind. Danny stands up, looking at them. One more Kwan appears on the left, then the right of the pair to make four.

KWAN: (in stereo) Four?

Cut to Danny standing by the row of Kwans. Each Kwan grips the seat of the chair with his hands. Two more appear.

KWAN: (in stereo) Six?

Another two Kwans appear, one on either end to fill all the seats.

KWAN: Eight?

Cut to one Kwan popping up in the shot, smiling.

KWAN: (in stereo) Who do we appreciate?

Zoom out as four Kwans crowds around the first, smiling.


Three more Kwans crowd in.


All the Kwans gasp. They look at each other and scream. Then they all split up, running.

KWAN: (in stereo) Run!

Cut to a hallway with Danny in it. Some Kwans run toward the foreground while the others disappear on the back end.

KWAN: (in stereo) Run for our lives!

Danny turns to the front end of the hall. He stands up straight and puts his hands on his hips in jealousy.

DANNY: Are you kidding?

Cut to Danny, jealous.

DANNY: I have been trying to do that trick for *months*!

He leans back and throws his hands in the air.

DANNY: That is *so* wrong!

Danny puts down his hands as he hears a voice echoing.

JASMINE: (distant) Hello, nurse?

Danny turns to the right and walks off.

JASMINE: I’m feeling a little light-headed.

Cut to a jar capped with a large cork and filled with swirling green gas. A clipboard next to the counter where the jar sits reads “FENTON JASMINE” with two boxes checked and one X-ed.

JASMINE: (distant) Literally!

Danny walks into the shot, looking away from the jar for his sister. As he approaches, he looks into the jar’s mist.

DANNY: Jazz?

Cut to Danny looking into the swirling mist in the jar. The mist materializes to show Jasmine’s disembodied and fear-filled head.

Cut to Danny, leaning back in shock. He turns his head away as he hears a distant scream.

Cut to Danny cringing in the hallway as he peeks over his shoulder. Jasmine’s jar is on the trundle bed next to him. He turns around and crouches in a ready pose as Jasmine looks at him.

DANNY: I’m going--

Danny stops when he looks at Jasmine’s jar with some realization that she’s floating there. Danny puts his hands on the jar and rotates it so she’s looking away instead.

DANNY: (finishing his battle cry) --ghost!

Danny transforms into Danny Phantom. He jumps into the air and flies off.

Cut to Paulina lying bored on a pillow on top of a bed, reading a magazine and resting her face in her palm. An air-pump is pumping air behind her. Paulina suddenly hiccups, and then relaxes as a stream of blue mist comes from her mouth.

Cut to Paulina in the room. She’s lying on top of the bed, and reading the magazine as the TV and the lamp are coated in layers of cobwebs. Danny phases through the wall suddenly, causing Paulina to perk up.

DANNY: Somebody needed (turns his head to the wall) some help?

Cut to Danny from behind. His eye peeks over his shoulder. He turns around in a panic.

DANNY: Paulina! (realizing what he said) Uh, (smiling nervously, leaning back and pointing) it is Paulina, right?

Cut to Paulina on the bed, happy with her visitor. Danny floats in the foreground, seen from behind.

PAULINA: You came--

she takes her hands off the magazine and curls the fingers, putting them together dreamily.

PAULINA: --for me!

Cut to Paulina all perky. Sam, standing up, slides the curtain angrily.

SAM: He didn’t come for you!

Paulina looks to Sam, frowning.

SAM: He came for me.

Cut to Danny floating. He’s confused.

DANNY: Uh, (smiles nervously) hi, (tries to figure out what to say) *miss*!

Danny floats down.

Cut to Paulina on the bed. Sam, seen from behind, is gripping the curtain firmly. Danny hovers over Paulina, pointing a finger up.

DANNY: Would you excuse me for a minute?

Danny floats toward Sam and closes the curtain. He turns to Sam.

DANNY: Sam, are you all right?

Close-up on Danny.

DANNY: I heard a scream.

Cut to Sam, hunching over with her fists tight at her sides. Danny looks to her from the foreground. An air pump identical to the one Paulina has by her bed is pumping air.

SAM: Yeah, that was me. (puts her hands on her hips) You’d scream too if you were stuck in a sleepover with (points beyond Danny) her.

Cut to Danny. Sam looks at him, seen from behind.

DANNY: Actually, (eyes look to the side) I kinda doubt that.

Danny looks warily to the side as Sam floats up suddenly from the shot, and Paulina talks from behind the curtain.

PAULINA: (offscreen) Yoo-hoo! Ghost boy!

Danny crouches in a ready pose, looking up with some shock and flies up.

PAULINA: Are you done talking to the unpopular girl yet?

Danny drops down holding an irked Sam by the shoulders. Sam has her arms crossed as Danny puts her back so her boots are on the floor.

DANNY: Uh,--

He giggles nervously, his feet tap the floor as he turns to look behind his shoulder away from Sam.

DANNY: --be right there!

Cut to Danny holding Sam’s shoulders. He carefully tries to let go with his palms out in front of him, then he turns and flies away. Sam, unfazed, floats up afterward.

Cut to the ceiling by the curtain. Sam floats up and grunts as she lies on her back, her palms pressed to the ceiling to stop her.

Cut to Sam. She turns her head to the floor and growls in annoyance at her ghost problems.

Cut to Paulina in the bed, her fists clenched with her cheeks full of air looking like she’s going to hiccup again. Danny drops down to stand next to her. Paulina hiccups out another stream of blue mist, and puts a hand on her chest, disgusted.

PAULINA: What is this?

Danny puts out a palm to explain.

DANNY: It’s called a “ghost sense”.

Cut to Danny as his ghost sense goes off on cue.

DANNY: See? It lets you know a ghost is near.

Zoom out as Danny leans back in alarm as Paulina leans into him, her hands clasped dreamily.

PAULINA: Like you.

Danny points to Paulina in a no-nonsense way, causing Paulina to sit up straight.

DANNY: That bug bite gave you ghost powers.

Close-up on Danny, serious.

DANNY: Didn’t anybody explain anything to you?

Cut to Paulina, looking up at Danny.

PAULINA: No. (shrugs) They just brought me in here, (brings her hand to the side) took a few tests and stuck me in the same room--

Zoom out as Paulina points up to Sam floating on the ceiling and overhearing everything, clearly in a bad mood. Danny looks up at her.

PAULINA: --with Suzy Nobody over there.

SAM: For the record,--

Cut to Sam.

SAM: --I can hear everything you’re saying.

Cut to Paulina in the bed looking up, the bed in the foreground. Danny is standing and is also looking up. Paulina turns to Danny as Danny points both his fingers at her.

DANNY: Hold that thought.

Paulina looks up as Danny puts his hands in the air and takes off.

Cut to the empty bed in Sam’s room. Danny’s legs are hanging in the shot. They drop down as Danny pulls Sam by her legs and lies her down in the bed.

SAM: As much as I hate to say it, she’s right about one thing.

Cut to Sam in the bed with Danny next to her. Danny begins to tie up the sheets to keep Sam from floating away as Sam explains.

SAM: I don’t know what they’re doing at this hospital. (shrugs) Nobody’s talking to us, nobody’s helping us.

Pan right quickly to the open doorway as Bert Rand. Wearing a surgical face mask, wheels in a gas tank and is holding a connecting hose in one hand.

Cut to Bert Rand from behind as Paulina looks at him from the bed. Green gas leaks from the hose and wafts all about the room.

Cut to Paulina, looking to the side. She yawns and falls asleep as the gas wafts past her.

BERT RAND: (offscreen) Oh, poor little teen!

Cut to Bert Rand with the hose still leaking.

BERT RAND: You’re tired, (walks forward wheeling the tank) aren’t you?

Cut to Paulina sprawled on her bed in the cobweb-filled room. Bert Rand walks in front of her bed wheeling the tank as gas fills the room.

Cut to Sam in bed with Danny standing next to her, seen from behind. The green gas seeps in from beneath the curtain.

Cut to Sam and Danny. Sam lifts her hand to her mouth, yawning.

SAM: (falling to sleep on her pillow) So…sleepy…

Danny leans in, concerned.


He turns to look over his shoulder, but his eyelids are drooping with the effects of the gas.

DANNY: Paulina?

Close-up on Danny, sleepy and under the influence of the sleep gas.

DANNY: (yawning) Getting tired.

He closes his eyes and puts a hand on his face.

DANNY: Gas is affecting me?

Cut to Sam in bed and Danny, falling asleep standing up as Bert Rand opens the curtain.

BERT RAND: Of course, child!

Close-up on Bert Rand.

BERT RAND: That’s the point!

Close-up on Danny from behind, sleepy as he turns around suddenly, gasping.

Cut to Bert Rand among the gas holding the tank and hose.

BERT RAND: You didn’t think this was--

His form wavers as he assumes the form of Bertrand, still wearing the surgical mask to prevent breathing the gas in.

BERTRAND: --an actual hospital, did you?

Cut to Sam, asleep in bed. Danny is in front of it, pointing and trying not to sleep.

DANNY: You’re Penelope Spectra’s assistant, Bertrand!

Danny’s eyes pop wide open with realization. He slaps his face with his palm.

DANNY: Bert Rand.

He removes his hand, gesturing that it was obvious.

DANNY: Bertrand. (shrugs) How did I miss that?

Pan down as Danny drops to the floor on his hands and knees.

Cut to Danny on his hands and knees as Bertrand stands in front of him with the gas.

BERTRAND: Why don’t you (leans down and puts his hands on his knees) mull that over during your last two seconds of consciousness?

Cut to Danny, his eyes clenched shut.

DANNY: (sleepily) Tucker’s right.

He looks to the camera, opening his eyes halfway.

DANNY: Hospitals stink.

Danny drops from view. More gas wafts onscreen.

Fade to black.

Part Two

DANNY: Where am I?

Danny gasps as the screen pans out to reveal that Danny has been strapped down to a hospital stretcher. The straps are glowing green as if powered by ghost energy.

Cut to Danny’s face. Danny looks around frantically in an attempt to figure out what’s happened to him.

Cut to Danny’s feet. The screen pans to show the room Danny has been placed in. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the room save for the two doors in front of Danny’s feet and miscellaneous jars and medical tools on a table on the right-hand side of the screen.

Cut to the middle of Danny’s body showing his hands are trapped underneath the straps holding him to the hospital stretcher.

Pan up towards Danny’s face, who realizes his hands are stuck. He suddenly closes his eyes as his struggles to break loose from the stretcher.

A shadow suddenly looms over Danny, who gasps in shock.

BERTRAND: (offscreen) Save it, kid.

Close-up on Danny looking up from the foreground. Bertrand floats up over him, pointing down.

BERTRAND: Those restraints are ghost-proof.

Close-up on Bertrand.

BERTRAND: You’re in for the duration.

Cut to Danny, frightened in his pair of glowing green restraint belts, laying on the operation table. He looks to the counter beside him. Pan right to reveal many sharp and jagged objects, including scissors, scalpels, a syringe and a cleaver. Cut to the row of sharp, pointy sticky things. The jagged cleaver sparkles.

Cut to Danny’s legs on the bed, restrained. Bertrand, seen from behind, is hovering over them. Bertrand turns away and floats into the foreground, disappearing. Danny sits up straight, shouting.

DANNY: Somebody tell me what’s happening here!

Cut to Danny’s head in the spotlight. His eyes pop open as another spotlight illuminates on the left, then the right. Danny cringes away from the bright right light.

Close-up on Danny, cracking his eyes open to get used to all the extra light.

Cut to a soft-focus of a black, shadowy ghost among many bright lights. As the lights go into focus, it is revealed to be Spectra in her black form.

SPECTRA: Allow me.

Zoom out to show a terrified Danny looking up at Spectra from the bed.

Cut to some spotlights as Spectra floats up into the shot.

SPECTRA: You know how we therapists love to (clenches one fist) talk it all out. Cut to Danny, his head on the pillow. Zoom in and rotate.

DANNY: (whispering) Spectra?

Cut to the outside of the hospital, the two guard ghosts floating above the stoop in front of the door, distant. Tucker climbs into the shot looking at them from the bushes.

Cut to the two guards. They float there stoically.

Cut back to Tucker watching the guards. Pan left as he turns around and creeps back to the bushes.

TUCKER: (putting up a finger) Spooky hospital, (puts up a second) ghosts guarding the joint…(shrugs and smiles) Still, no sign that Danny’s--

Cut to the barbed wire fence. Tucker stands up into the shot.

TUCKER: --in any real danger yet.

Tucker looks in surprise as Danny’s voice rings out.

DANNY: (offscreen) Let me go!

Tucker leans his shoulder up and smiles, trying to relax.

TUCKER: Still, technically not a cry for help.

Tucker’s eyes pop open in shock.

DANNY: (offscreen) HELP!!

Tucker tries to relax once more.

TUCKER: Well, (crosses his arms and leans back) not a cry for me.

Tucker’s eyes open in shock once again.

DANNY: (offscreen, shouting) *TUCKER*!!

Tucker looks to the side and hunches over.

TUCKER: Aw, dang.

Despite this, Tucker tenses up, puffing up his chest and trying to be brave about it.

Cut to a blue action background. Tucker’s hand holds up the Fenton Lipstick. His other hand twists it out.

Cut to a purple action background. Tucker’s hand holds up a can of Foley, By Tucker Foley.

Cut to a blue action background with Tucker holding the lipstick and aerosol in each hand.

Wow. Looks like a cosmetics commercial. Except they’re dangerous. Now that sounds like an episode of Kim Possible.

Cut to the two guards in the foreground as Tucker walks up.

Cut to the two guards. They exchange confused glances.

Cut to Tucker. He simply puts the lipstick behind his back, shakes up the aerosol, then lifts his armpit to spray it until the whole screen fills with the green cloud of stench. Cut to the two guards as the stink clouds reach them. They both break out in coughing fits.

Cut to the guards choking in the foreground as a defiant Tucker has his hands on his hips.

TUCKER: Oh please! (raises his arms to the sky) You’re ghosts!

Cut to Tucker.

TUCKER: Do you have any idea what (puts down his arms) *you* smell like?

Tucker puts his hands out. Pan right to show him gripping the lipstick.

Cut to Tucker with the lipstick out, aiming with one eye open. He screams as he is knocked out of the shot by the backlash, but the laser blast stands continuous.

Cut to the two guards at the door, who are instantly knocked away in different directions when the ecto-blast hits them. It leaves the door with the windows broken and smoldering with green smoke.

Cut to Tucker on the ground on his back and elbows holding the aerosol and the smoldering lipstick, shocked. He holds up the lipstick to look at it, then smiles smugly.

Cut to Tucker, popping up with a sense of mission on a blue action background.

TUCKER: Don’t worry, Danny!

He holds up the can of Foley: By Tucker Foley.

TUCKER: The cavalry’s coming!

He puts down his arm in a rather self-conscious way as the background resumes to outside.

TUCKER: Whether he wants to or not.

Fade back to the inside hallway of the hospital. Tucker opens the double door on the far end, wearing a surgical mask and apron. Pan right as he creeps down warily. He stops and cringes as the boy in the alien sweater intangibly falls down from the top through the floor in front of him.

Cut to the floor by Tucker’s feet as the boy’s afro hair sinks through and vanishes.

Close-up on Tucker, looking down. He looks up as a voice calls out.

SAM: (offscreen) Tucker! Is that you?

Cut to the hallway. Tucker is looking for the source of the voice.


He starts walking forward, looking around.

TUCKER: Is that you?

He stops walking.

TUCKER: Where are you?

SAM: (offscreen) Up here!

Cut to the ceiling. Sam is floating just two inches from the ceiling on her back with her arms and legs stretched out, looking down.

Cut to Tucker in the foreground, looking up at Sam’s situation.

Cut to Tucker, surprised. He pulls down his mask.

TUCKER: Sam? (laughs, then points up) And you call me an airhead.

Cut to Sam on the ceiling, irked.

SAM: You know, you really should stop and consider all the vile things I can do to you--

She puts her hands on her hips.

SAM: --from up here.

Cut to Tucker with his surgical apron and his mask hanging on his neck, standing on the floor. He stretches his leg and creeps to the wall, leaning against it.

TUCKER: I think Danny’s really in trouble. Have you seen him?

Cut to Sam, crab-walking into the shot.

SAM: (sighing) A while ago.

She hangs her arm down, explaining the unfortunate circumstance.

SAM: But I fell asleep,--

She flips to face the ceiling with her palms pressed to it.

SAM: --and when I woke up, he was gone.

Close-up on Sam.

SAM: There’s something evil (turns to the camera) happening here.

Cut to a yellow laundry dumpster filled with towels and bags, next to a cracked wall. Tucker walks up with his hands behind his back, turning to it.

TUCKER: It’s a hospital, Sam.

He unties his apron and removes it to dump it in the laundry bin, and his surgical mask disappears.

TUCKER: There’s *always* something evil happening here.

Cut to Tucker walking in.

TUCKER: We have to find Danny!

Cut to Sam, moving with her hands on the ceiling.

SAM: Unfortunately, I think--

She flails a little as her hands are off the wall, but doesn’t sink.

SAM: --“we” means “you”.

Sam turns on her back.

SAM: I’m pretty useless. And there’s cameras and guards everywhere.

Cut to Tucker walking into the shot, smiling with an idea. He points up.

TUCKER: But not in there!

Close-up on Tucker.

TUCKER: Push that vent open.

Cut to Sam floating by an air vent. She pulls the vent door off, revealing the square tube inside.

Cut to Tucker. He reaches offscreen and pulls in an IV stand with two glowing green bags of liquid. He reaches down and ties the ends into loops.

Cut to Sam by the vent, looking down. Pan down as the loops latch onto Sam’s boots. Sam screams as she is pulled down.

Cut to Tucker with the IV stand, pulling Sam down. He ties the two strings to the stand in a knot to keep Sam there and runs off. Sam is left floating on a tilt with her hand on her hips, rather miffed at her situation. Tucker walks in past her with a red chair. Sam looks to him.

Cut to the wall where the air vent is. Tucker runs up with the chair and places it down. He jumps onto the chair and grunts with effort as he jumps and scrambles into the ventilation shaft.

Cut to the vent. Tucker pokes his head out and hangs his hands on the edge.

TUCKER: If I’m not back in five minutes,--

He looks to the side, wondering what Sam should do.

TUCKER: --just float there, okay?

Tucker crawls back into the shaft.

Cut to Sam, tied to the IV stand and floating uselessly by the laundry dumpster. She arches her eyebrows as she acknowledges her abandonment.

Cut to Danny on a pillow, interrogating.

DANNY: What do you want?

Cut to Danny in the foreground, looking up at Spectra. Spectra shrugs.

SPECTRA: What everybody wants, Danny.

Spectra flies off.

Cut to Danny in the trundle bed bound by the glowing belts. Spectra floats up behind him, holding the back of the bed.

SPECTRA: And for me, that means being (pushes Danny on the bed) beautiful.

Cut to the wheels of Danny’s trundle bed being carted. Pan right to a locker cabinet where Spectra swoops in and floats in front of.

SPECTRA: Which is why I’m assembling--

Cut to Spectra from the front in front of the cabinet.

SPECTRA: --this.

Spectra curls her fingers on the dual doors and floats aside to open them. Inside is an empty shell of a humanoid Spectra, with empty eyeholes, large triangular purple earrings, and a back V-neck shirt with a green choker. Zoom out to reveal Spectra showcasing the full skin-tight outfit of her new body, with green designs on the gloves and boots, and an open belly.

Cut to the empty shell of Spectra’s new body.

SPECTRA: A brand-new me.

Cut to Spectra holding the cabinet door.

SPECTRA: Fashioned from only the best teen genetics.

Cut to Danny on the bed, incredulous.

DANNY: So the ghost bugs?

He lifts up from the pillow as far as the restraints let him.

DANNY: The virus?

Close-up on Spectra.

SPECTRA: All part of my plan.

Pan right as Spectra flies away to a circular door to a chamber and floats on the side, her finger hovering over a button on a side console.

SPECTRA: I needed to get the children away from the adults all in one place.

Cut to the one button. Spectra presses it, and it beeps.

Cut to a awed Danny, all in shadow, which parts giving the impression of a door opening.

Cut to the circular doors. They part, revealing a chamber inside of all green glowing lights. Spectra’s arm is still on the button.

Cut to Spectra, her hands together gleefully.

SPECTRA: So I could (raises her head, looking up gleefully) siphon away the best qualities of (looks forward) each of them.

Spectra turns to tap on her head.

SPECTRA: Jazz’s brain,--

Spectra flexes her arms to emphasize bulging biceps.

SPECTRA: --Dash’s muscles,--

Spectra strokes her face.

SPECTRA: --Paulina’s nearly-flawless skin…

Cut to Danny, surprised and arching an eyebrow in confusion.

DANNY: “Nearly-flawless”?

Cut to Spectra, out of the mood.

SPECTRA: She has a mole. (narrows her eyes) Isn’t it obvious?

Close-up on Danny, blinking speechlessly.

Cut to an overhead shot of Danny lying helplessly on the trundle bed. Spectra floats up in the foreground, clenching a fist as she looks down at him and resumes her diatribe.

SPECTRA: I had to treat them all with my little ghost virus--

Close-up on Spectra.

SPECTRA: --to get them all in one place.

Cut to Danny, increasingly irate.

DANNY: And the ghost powers?

Cut to Spectra, flicking her hands down as if it were nothing.

SPECTRA: A side-effect.

Spectra flies forward offscreen.

Cut to Spectra flying toward Danny’s shoes. Pan left as she holds the head end of Danny’s trundle bed.

SPECTRA: At some point the powers will be too much and they’ll all burn out. Into little--

She gleefully makes a still-pinch gesture with her hand, Danny turns to her in shock.

SPECTRA: --withered husks.

Danny looks forward, his mouth agape in terror as Spectra begins to slowly cart it forward.

SPECTRA: Won’t that make a great class photo?

While Danny suffers, cut to Tucker crawling through the disgusting and filthy ventilation shaft, his face down and his eyes shut.

TUCKER: Okay. I’m not in an air vent in a spooky hospital.

Cut to Tucker, crawling onscreen.

TUCKER: I’m in an air vent in a totally not-spooky modeling agency.

Pretending is a good way to conquer one’s fear. I hear whistling works too, but then someone would hear you.

Cut to Danny on the bed, struggling to break free.

DANNY: (looking up behind him) You’ll never get away with this, Spectra!

Cut to Spectra, looking down in a calm and self-assured manner.

SPECTRA: Ooh, but I already have. And you Danny,--

She leans in so her face fills most of the screen.

SPECTRA: --you’re the grand prize.

Cut to Danny from the front, looking up in awe as his glowing restraints keep him on the bed. He looks forward with more fright when Spectra’s hands leave the bed.

SPECTRA: I need your genes--

Cut to the empty new body of Spectra in the cabinet. Spectra floats up to showcase it.

SPECTRA: --to lock this perfect body together, (closes her eyes gleefully) and stabilize it so my ghost form (points a finger) never burns out. (raises her arms to the sky) And never grows old!

Cut to Danny on the bed, somehow with green eyes. Spectra floats in with wide eyes, shrugging. SPECTRA: How helpful (points to Danny) are *you*?

Spectra turns to Danny and presses her hands on the mattress by Danny’s sneakers. She rotates the bed so Danny is now head-first, then carts the bed away.

Cut to inside the glowing green chamber with Danny looking about in fear as Spectra’s arms at the foot of the trundle bed push him in. Danny looks forward in shock as Spectra’s hands are removed.

Cut to one blue light in the grid of all green lights. The blue panel retracts and a suction vacuum cleaner arm bends out, panning down as it does.

Cut to the vacuum head in the foreground zooming in on a struggling Danny on the trundle bed.

Cut to Danny, perspiring. He looks determined.

DANNY: If she’s so hot on getting Fenton DNA…

Close-up on Danny’s hand reaching for the snotty handkerchief in his pocket.

DANNY: Maybe I can provide--

Zoom out to show all of Danny, smiling smugly at the snot as the vacuum head descends.

DANNY: --a substitute.

Cut to Danny’s hand reaching for the snotty handkerchief hanging from his pocket. Danny grunts with effort as his wrist is bound by the restraints.

Cut to Danny straining as the vacuum head hovers over him, all the lights in the room spiraling to red for show. The vacuum head straightens and begins to suck.

Cut to Danny’s hand reaching under the red glowing restraints, until it finally grabs the handkerchief.

Cut to Danny in a panic looking at the sucking vacuum head with his dad’s handkerchief in hand. Danny pulls it out slightly and lets it go so the vacuum suctions it in.

Cut to the locker cabinet where Spectra’s body is. A hose protrudes from it with a deactivated light. The locker shakes as a bulge in the pipe moves into the locker. The light glows red and dings.

Cut to the locker as green smoke hisses through the cracks. Pan right to Spectra looking at it.

SPECTRA: (turns and clasps her hands) Excellent.

Cut to Danny in the red room, smiling smugly.

DANNY: Excellent!

He is mostly through this word when he is suddenly pulled out.

Cut to Spectra pulling out Danny’s trundle bed. The locker is on the left and the collection of pointy, sticky things lie on the right. When Danny is out, the room powers down and the lights go back to green, as well as Danny’s restraints.

Cut to Danny on the bed with Spectra smiling, looking over him.

DANNY: (saving himself) I mean…

Cut to Danny, tensing up for effect.

DANNY: (acting) You fiend!

Cut to Spectra hovering in front of Danny. Pan left as Spectra swoops to the locker with her body in it.

Cut to Spectra from behind in front of the locker. She puts her hands on the crack between the doors and opens it wide, green light emanating from it.

Close-up on Danny. Zoom in as he gasps sincerely.

Cut to Spectra holding her limp new body by the neck. She laughs as she turns around and holds it up in the air. The body smokes potently green. Spectra lets go of the body letting it float as she turns intangible and overshadows the body. The body glows heavily with green ghostly power.

Cut to a green action background. Spectra’s glove fills in.

Cut to a purple action background. Spectra’s high-heeled boot fills in.

Close-up on Spectra’s empty-eye socket face on a green action background. They blink full of green energy as Spectra smiles a jagged-toothed smile. Zoom out to show all of Spectra in her new body, flexing her arms.

Cut to an awed Danny in the green light. Zoom in.

Cut to Danny lying on the trundle bed in front of the glowing chamber with Spectra, just out of the locker, hovering over him. Pan left as Spectra flies away, her laughing resounding through the room.

Cut to Danny’s legs, bound by the glowing green restraint. Spectra flies in toward the door in front of him and opens the two, exiting as she laughs. The doors flip a little before the finally close.

Cut to an air vent on the ceiling. Tucker’s boot kicks it loose.

Cut to the open air vent next to the deactivated spotlights. Tucker drops out of it, panning down.

Cut to the cobweb filled floor where Tucker lands, bending his knees to absorb the impact. He smiles.

Cut to Tucker, popping up with his eyes closed in fantasy.

TUCKER: Hello, models!

Tucker curls his hands into fists and opens his eyes wide, realizing what he said and tries to save himself.

TUCKER: I mean--

Cut to Tucker. He turns to the left.

TUCKER: Danny!

Cut to Danny, restrained by the glowing belts. Tucker puts his hands on the bed, smiling with relief.

TUCKER: You’re okay!

Cut to Danny, relieved at Tucker’s arrival. Tucker is looking down at him.

DANNY: Tucker, you broke into the hospital!

Cut to Danny, who blinks, confused.

DANNY: *You* broke into a hospital?

Cut to Danny looking at a bothered Tucker from the foreground.

TUCKER: Please stop saying “hospital”. (points behind his shoulder) Because I *will* run and leave you here to perish.

Cut to the lipstick on Tucker’s utility belt. Tucker removes it from its holster and holds it, the lipstick glowing.

Cut to Tucker as he steps down and thrusts forward the lipstick, unleashing a shot of green ecto-energy.

Cut to Danny on the trundle bed, looking down at his restraints. The ecto-blast opens up the belt over Danny’s chest. Danny smiles as he lifts his upper half free from the bed.

Cut to Tucker. He thrusts back his lipstick to charge another shot, and swoops it around to zap out one more shot.

Cut to Danny, half-free as he smiles and turns to his last restraint. The ecto-blast undoes it, leaving Danny free. Danny folds up his knees to his chest.

Cut to Danny sitting on the trundle bed by the glowing chamber. Pan up as he jumps high into the air rejoicing as he transforms into Danny Phantom. He turns and looks to the ground.

Cut to Tucker, holding up his charged lipstick. Tucker blows it clean. It smolders for a second. Tucker smiles.

TUCKER: Plasma peach. It’s great for kissing…

Cut to Tucker standing by the trundle bed as Danny swoops down and grabs him. They fly into a dark green action background.

TUCKER: …this place good-bye!

Danny turns himself and Tucker intangible.

Cut to a bunch of neglected cabinets of medical supplies. Pan right as Danny and Tucker fly through the door.

Cut to an old black and white television set. A woman on it sings a warbling tune.

Cut to Dash on the couch with Bertrand. Dash holds his cheeks in his hands sighing dreamily while Bertrand just crosses his arms, looking bored at Dash.

DASH: Man, when she sings “Wind Beneath My Wings”--

Cut to Dash. DASH: --I just go to pieces.

Cut to Bertrand, not amused. He looks up in surprise when a voice calls out.

DANNY: (offscreen) What’s up, doc?

Close-up on Danny, looking serious. Zoom out to reveal him floating with his arms crossed.

Cut to Bertrand, popping up on a purple action background.


Cut to Danny, floating and smiling. He leans forward and charges his hand with green energy, thrusting his palm open to blast it. Pan left down the beam.

Cut to Bertrand, flying up. He grunts in pain as the ectoplasmic energy blast knocks him away.

Cut to the wall. Bertrand lands with his back to it and forming a dent. Pan down as he lands on the floor with his legs sprawled out and his hair disheveled. Cut to Bertrand. He opens his eyes and growls with anger. His green eyes flash a solid red, then his face turns green and vein-like as his eyes bulge out of his head. His face starts to boil and pop like water. He opens his mouth and shrieks like a bird of prey, revealing a mouth with pointy and sharp yellow teeth. Then his head squashes down to show a nose with large nostrils. He opens his mouth again, showing a long, pointy tongue flicking out and fangs with the other teeth. He spins around in a circle.

Cut to Danny in awe. Zoom in.

Cut to Bertrand’s Bert Rand form with his hands on the floor and bulked-up shoulders, standing up slowly as he boils and boils, growing larger.

Cut to Danny floating with Tucker standing below him, both looking in fear as the wailing shadow of Bertrand descends upon them.

Cut to Bertrand, his mouth wide open, roaring. He leans forward to scream. Zoom out as stress causes a bump to form on his head, growing and swelling until it pops open, his scalp with hair breaking off like glass to expose his brain. He opens his green eyes and growls.

Cut to Bertrand breathing heavily as Dash watches this from the couch. He stands up and slowly walks away so not to draw attention.

Cut to a hallway, where Dash, seen from behind, runs away in panicked high-pitched screaming.

Cut to Bertrand, smiling evilly. He holds up his fists together, both are charged purple. Zoom out as she growls and a giant pole materializes when he outstretches his arms.

Cut to one end of the pole with a glowing, gloved fist. It stops glowing with energy as soon as a scalpel blade appears on the end.

Cut to Tucker. He holds out his charged lipstick with both hands.

TUCKER: Don’t move!

Cut to Tucker from behind, dwarfed by the giant Bertrand holding the scalpel and looking over his shoulder down at Tucker.

TUCKER: I mean it!

Cut to Bertrand in the foreground looking down at Tucker with the lipstick.

TUCKER: This thing both moisturizes--

Close-up on Tucker.

TUCKER: --and repairs damage from the wind and sun!

Cut to Tucker from behind pointing his lipstick at Bertrand, hunched over and holding his giant scalpel in one hand. Bertrand growls as he uses the scalpel to knock the lipstick from Tucker’s grip.

Cut to the floor. Pan left as the lipstick bounces down the hall, eventually reaching a dazed Paulina with a hand and pink sparkles on her head. Her other hand is pressed to the wall, keeping her up.

Cut to Paulina, dazed. She looks down, putting a hand on her chest in surprise of what she found.


Cut to the lipstick on the floor. Paulina picks it up.

Cut to Paulina. She leans back and is about to use it on her lips when it charges with energy.

Cut to Danny, reacting in shock on a blue action background.

DANNY: Paulina! (corrects himself) I mean,--

He puts his palms on either side of his mouth to call out.

DANNY: --whatever your name is!

Danny takes off flying.


Cut to Paulina with a hand on her hip as she’s about to use the energy blaster lipstick, oblivious to the energy. She screams as Danny tackles her, and the lipstick flies into the air blasting a shot that misses them but shakes the room and causes a crumbling hole in the wall.

Cut to Danny and Paulina, getting up. They look at each other dreamily.


Suddenly, one of Sam’s boots clunks Danny on the head. Danny looks up with one eye.

Cut to Sam on the ceiling with her hands pressed to it. One of her stockings has no boot.

Sam smiles, insincere as Danny looks up from the foreground.

SAM: Sorry!

Cut to Sam. She wiggles her bare stocking. She then looks down with some seriousness as Tucker is heard screaming.

Cut to the floor where Tucker is slammed on his back by Bertrand’s gigantic gloved hand. Tucker looks up with fear.

Cut to Bertrand on one knee holding his scalpel in one hand and Tucker on the floor in the other.

BERTRAND: Okay. Now this is going to hurt you (his scalpel becomes a syringe) a lot more than it hurts me.

Cut to Tucker, on the floor, frightened.

TUCKER: How about neither of us gets hurt? (protesting) Why isn’t *that* an option?

Cut to Bertrand holding Tucker down as he is about to inject him with the syringe. Danny, however, comes in and kicks Bertrand offscreen with Tucker watching.

Cut to a door by a cracked wall. Pan right as Bertrand flies toward it, his head hitting the wall first as he sits on the floor. He glows with green energy and gradually shrinks back to his normal assistant form.

Cut to Bertrand. He opens his green eyes in surprise.

Cut to Bertrand with his mouth agape in the foreground. Danny flies in.

DANNY: Dude,--

Cut to Danny.

DANNY: --your bedside manner reeks! (reaches behind his back) I think it’s time we sent you back--

Danny thrusts out the Fenton Thermos in both hands, charging it.

DANNY: --to nursing school.

A blue beam of energy blasts from the thermos. Pan down as it does.

Cut to Bertrand on the floor. The beam engulfs him. He screams out as the beam sucks him away.

Cut to Danny with the thermos. Bertrand is sucked into it and the beam vanishes inside. Danny caps it with a satisfied smile.

Cut to Tucker on the floor. Danny drops down and lands, smiling back at him. They both turn to the left in surprise when Spectra calls out.

SPECTRA: (offscreen) Very impressive, Danny.

Close-up on Danny’s shocked face on a blue action background. Zoom in.

SPECTRA: (offscreen) But a bit late, I’m afraid.

Cut to Spectra’s boots hovering off the ground. Pan up to show Spectra’s new human form, smiling evilly with her hands on her hips.

Cut to Tucker. He smiles with amazement.

TUCKER: I *am* at a modeling agency!

Cut to Tucker in the foreground smiling as he looks at Danny, hunched over to fight Spectra, who is floating in front of them.

SPECTRA: It’s nice, right? (throws her hands in the air) Smart? (leans one arm down to showcase herself) Beautiful?

Close-up on Spectra as she turns forward.

SPECTRA: Deadly?

Zoom out to show Spectra looking down, her arm over her head as her hand charges with purple energy. She unleashes the ectoplasmic energy blast, panning down across it.

Cut to Danny in his stance, shocked. He tenses as the energy forms into a hand and grabs him up, lifting him up in the air, and quickly bashing him down in a cloud of dust. Danny screams.

Cut to the floor. Danny is slammed on his back by the violet energy hand, his limbs sprawled out.

Cut to the lipstick on the floor. Tucker puts his hand on it, zooming out to reveal all of him, in a panic as he picks it up. He lets go of his fear as he takes it in both hands and aims it, a green shot of energy blasting from it.

Cut to Spectra, hovering with a purple beam of energy reaching to Danny, lying prone on his back on the floor. Spectra stops her energy as the lipstick blast flies to her, she ducks with one hand on the ground and one leg stretched out, one leg bent until it ends.

Cut to Danny on the floor, free. He stands up in a battle stance immediately, flying into the air.

Cut to Spectra crouching. She turns with some shock as Danny rams her, causing her to grunt in pain as she’s knocked away.

Cut to five Kwans, all scared. They lift their arms and scream as they all run in different directions, revealing Jasmine’s misty green jar. Spectra is knocked into the trundle bed with the jar, panning to the floor where she lands. The jar flies in the air and lands safely in Spectra’s hands over her lap.

Cut to Jasmine’s disembodied head in the misty jar in Spectra’s lap.

JASMINE: I can’t feel my toes!

Cut to Spectra as she stands up, ready to chuck Jasmine’s jar.

SPECTRA: Let’s see if you can feel *this*!

Spectra chucks Jasmine’s jar into a blue action background. Jasmine screams.

Cut to Danny, standing up with a hand in the air, scared for the safety of his sister.


Cut to Jasmine’s jar tumbling in a blue action background. Kwan jumps in the air, catching it in both arms as the background resumes to normal.

KWAN: (landing on the floor) I’ve got it! (points behind him) Go long, other Kwans!

Cut to a crowd of five Kwans. Zoom out and pan left as they start running down the hall.

Cut to Danny, landing with a determined pose on the floor. He turns intangible and starts running.

Cut to an overhead shot of the hallway. Danny runs intangibly through five Kwans, the last one turning back to watch Danny as he leaves.

Cut to Danny running down the hall, zooming in on the Kwan with Jasmine’s jar. Danny stops in his tracks in shock when Kwan chucks it.

Cut to Jasmine’s head in the jar flying in the air, screaming. Pan left as it flies over the other Kwans.

Cut to the first Kwan. It fails to catch Jasmine. Pan left among the four other Kwans, all of them fail until it falls behind the last one, floor-bound.

KWANS: (throughout) I got it! It’s mine!

Cut to Danny on a blue action background, his mouth agape in terror and concern.

Cut to Tucker, jumping into the air.

TUCKER: I got her!

Cut to Jasmine’s jar falling to the floor until Tucker takes a flying leap and grabs her, somersaulting until he lands on his back. He curls upright, looking at Jasmine’s jar in his hands.

TUCKER: It, whatever!

JASMINE: Your fly is open.

Tucker looks somewhat embarrassed. Cut to Danny, smiling wide with relief. He turns to the right and flies into the air.

Cut to Spectra, standing still with her hands on her hips. She holds out a hand and stops Danny in his tracks with a purple jolt of electricity. Danny screams in pain, landing prone on his back when it stops.

Cut to Danny on the floor. He grunts when Spectra pounds her boot on his chest. Danny holds his hand on it, trying to pry it off.

Pan up to Spectra, looking down at Danny. Her eyes glow a bright, solid green.

SPECTRA: Ah, there we go!

Her whole body glows a heavy green.

SPECTRA: Your DNA is finally kicking in. (looks back down) Which means I should be all powerful in--

Cut to Danny under Spectra, both his hands on her boot. Spectra stands over him, flexing her biceps.

SPECTRA: --three--

Cut to Danny’s shocked face. Zoom in.

SPECTRA: (offscreen) --two--

Cut back to Spectra standing on Danny.

SPECTRA: --one!

Spectra floats up in the air as green electric bolts charge all around her. Suddenly, she looks all fat and pudgy with a head shaped like Jack Fenton and no gloves on. Danny gets up on his elbows, Spectra looks down at herself in surprise.


Cut to Spectra’s fat belly. Pan up to her Jack Fenton-esque head.

SPECTRA: What happened?

Cut closer to Spectra.

SPECTRA: Why do I suddenly feel like (puts a hand on her head, feeling sick) blathering on about ghosts? (removes her hand) And why do I feel like eating fudge? (turns to the side) Lots and lots of fudge?

Cut to Danny on the floor on his elbows, smiling.

DANNY: You wanted Fenton DNA. (lifts a hand to explain) Unfortunately, you got it--

Close-up on Danny, smug.

DANNY: --courtesy of my dad’s nose.

Cut to Spectra, shocked as her body flashes with black and white light, transforming into a dripping mucus monster.

Cut to Spectra the mucus monster on a blue action background, shrieking as she looks at her hands. Cut to Danny on the floor.

DANNY: There’s a “you blew it” pun here somewhere, but I’d (gets up from the floor) rather not.

Cut to Spectra, angry. She growls as she flings herself into the air.

Cut to Danny from behind. Spectra tackles him, grabbing his shoulders and pinning him to the ground.

SPECTRA: You’re doomed, kid.

Spectra leans in, causing Danny to freak out a little.

SPECTRA: And you know what?

Cut to Danny, his neck and shoulder held in place by Spectra’s oozing hands.

SPECTRA: So are your friends.

Cut to Spectra, smiling.

SPECTRA: Now that those bugs have dug into them there’s nothing that can get ‘em out!

Cut to Tucker.

TUCKER: That’s what she thinks!

Tucker turns and runs off.

Cu to Danny holding the oozing, mucus arms of Spectra.

DANNY: Will you please…GET OFF ME!

Danny clenches a fist ready and gets up to punch Spectra. Mucus splashes onscreen.

Cut to a shocked Danny, zooming out to reveal his arm sunk into Spectra’s goopy face. Spectra looks rather annoyed by this. Danny pulls his hand out and a stream of glop keeps it attached to Spectra.

Cut to Danny, looking down to the corner.

DANNY: You know, if my life wasn’t at stake, I would hurl right now.

Cut to Danny floating next to Spectra. Danny grunts with effort as he kicks Spectra in the face, panning up as it causes her to get her back stuck to the ceiling and drip down from a giant puddle of slime, but attached by some strong, slimy bonds.

SPECTRA: (angry) Okay, that’s it. (clenches her fists) Let’s boogie!

Cut to Danny, with his hands on his hips.

DANNY: See, (points) that’s the kind of pun I was avoiding with the whole (shrugs) “blew it” comment.

Cut to Spectra hanging on the ceiling. She roars as she closes in on the camera, going into her mouth until the screen goes black.

Cut to Tucker crawling in the vent shaft once again. He comes upon a device that reads “AC CONTROL UNIT” with a red rheostat reading the following settings, “LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH,” and “FULL”. Blue ribbons fly up as air blows through it. Tucker stops and smiles.

TUCKER: Whoever said (reaches into his backpack) “odor isn’t everything”--

He takes out his can of Foley: By Tucker Foley and shakes it.

TUCKER: --never met Tucker Foley.

Tucker sprays the green stuff into the AC.

TUCKER: Here goes.

Cut to Danny flying in the air on a blue action background.

Cut to Spectra, standing. She thrusts back her fist and punches Danny when he comes, causing him to get knocked back.

Cut to a dumpster of dirty laundry underneath a vent. Danny lands in it, grunting in pain and sending bags of laundry and towels flying.

Cut to Tucker’s hand on the rheostat. He clicks it from medium to full. Zoom out to reveal Tucker smiling gleefully.

Cut to Danny in the laundry bin. Spectra leans in on him.

SPECTRA: Any last words?

Pan up to the vent as green smoke starts to waft out of it. It passes Spectra’s nose, who sniffs in surprise.

Cut to Danny in the bin as the smoke wafts past him.

DANNY: Uh, yeah. Do you smell gym shorts and ginger snaps?

Cut to Spectra with the smell wafting around her.

SPECTRA: Actually, I smell tennis shoes and fudge nutters!

She sticks out her tongue in disgust, then looks up.

SPECTRA: What is that ghastly odor?

Cut to the smoke wafting down the hallway. It wafts down from the vents above each door to the main stream.

Cut to a black-haired girl, sleeping in bed. A bug phases out of her when the smoke wafts in and buzzes away. She awakens, her skin no longer green and pale.

Cut to Dale, hunched and in crutches. The smoke passes over him and a bug phases from his neck. His eyes widen, feeling better and more alert.

Cut to a boy in pink pajamas sleeping in a bed without a sheet. The bug phases from his butt and buzzes away, causing his skin to resume its natural pigment.

Pan right to a snoring boy with green skin and spiky brown hair everywhere. A bug phases out from him and changes him back to a bespectacled blonde.

Cut to five Kwans in triangle formation. A bug flies from the central one and the other four collide back into the one. Kwan looks down at himself, smiling with relief.

Cut to Jasmine, misty in the jar. The bug buzzes out from it. Zoom out as she pops back into her human form, smiling as the jar shatters to shards.

Cut to Spectra. She looks up as her swarm of ghost bugs flies over her head.


Spectra turns. Pan right as the bugs fly behind the corner.

SPECTRA: How is this possible?

Cut to Spectra looking in shock, not realizing that Danny is lying in the laundry behind her. He jumps out and lands on the floor.

Cut to Spectra from behind. Danny looks over his shoulder as he gets a fist ready. He turns around and jumps into the air, taking Spectra by surprise when he punches her in the back.

A sound-effects card splashes with green slime reading “SPLAT!”

The slime clears, revealing Danny with his fist up. Zoom out to show him floating in a hallway where the walls, ceiling and one box standing next to him are all coated in mucus.

Cut to Danny. Danny smiles as he takes his thermos out from behind his back and holds it out in one hand, panning right to show the blue beam.

Cut to the swarm of ghost bugs on a blue action background. The thermos beam takes them all in.

Cut to Danny, using the thermos to clean up the slime on the wall and ceiling. He points it down to clean up the lower wall and floor, then turns to the left to clean the other side, sucking the leftover mucus into the thermos. Once the room is clear, he smiles and points it up to get the last of it.

Cut to Tucker, running down the hallway.

Cut to Danny, transforming back to Danny Fenton as soon as Tucker arrives.

DANNY: Way to come through in the clutch, Tuck!

Cut to Tucker.

TUCKER: Yeah. (puts his hands on his hips) How do you like that? (points at himself with his thumb) My fist trip to a hospital, (puts his arms out) and I’m the only one that didn’t get hurt.

Cut to Danny and Tucker.

TUCKER: Hah! Ow!

Speaking too soon, Sam drops down on top of Tucker with only one shoe on, causing him to land prone on his stomach. Sam looks up to Danny.

SAM: Can I, uh, get my boot back now?

Cut to Danny, looking down at his dysfunctional friends.

Fade to Tucker on a pillow in a hospital gown.

JACK: (offscreen) Tucker, we just wanted to thank you for--

Zoom out to reveal Tucker on a bed with his leg in a cast and a sling attached to said bed. Jack and Maddie stand on one side by the window. Danny and Sam stand on the other.

JACK: --helping to get our Jazz out of that awful hospital.

Cut to Jack.

JACK: Although, (starts laughing) I have to agree with the authorities that whole ghost plot seems pretty far-fetched, huh, baby?

Pan left to Maddie.

MADDIE: (laughing and agreeing) Everybody knows *humans* (flicks her hand as if it’s nothing) can’t have ghost powers.

Cut to the whole room again. Jack and Maddie walk off with Maddie waving.

MADDIE: Bye, Danny.

Cut to Danny smiling. Tucker turns to him. Sam walks in.

SAM: I’m so sorry about your leg.

Tucker shrugs in bed, angry.

TUCKER: I told you hospitals reek!

Tucker crosses his arms. Danny tries to cheer him up.

DANNY: Oh come on, Tuck.

Cut to Danny, holding up his fist.

DANNY: We beat Spectra, (uncurls his fist to a palm) and you should be fine in eight to ten weeks. (puts down his hand and laughs) It could be worse.

Cut to the room. Tucker is lying in the bed with Danny and Sam visiting, but there’s another bed next to him by the open door. On the counter by the other bed is a vase of flowers, a gift package and a bag. Above Tucker’s head are cabinets. Danny and Sam step aside as a red-haired nurse wheels an elderly man in a hospital gown into the room.

NURSE: Here’s your new roommate, Mr. Foley.

The old man looks at Tucker.

OLD MAN: Hey there!

The nurse turns the wheelchair to the bed.

CARL: My name’s Carl.

Cut to the nurse wheeling Carl.

CARL: No need to put me to bed, sweetie. (turns to the nurse) Just wheel me up to (points forward) the whippersnapper (relaxes in the chair) so I can spend the next two weeks jabbering on about--

The nurse stops when they reach Tucker’s broken leg.

CARL: --what it was like when I was his age.

Cut to Tucker in bed with Danny and Sam looking at Carl. The nurse leaves.

DANNY: And,--

Danny and Sam turn to Tucker, smiling.

DANNY: --*now* it’s worse.

Sam looks to her wrist and Danny looks to her.

SAM: Wow, look at the time!

Danny and Sam back up and wave their hands at Tucker. Tucker tries to lift from bed, shocked.

TUCKER: What? (holds up his hand) Wait!

Cut to Carl, pointing at the TV.

CARL: You see that television? (clenches his fist) We didn’t have television. (points up a finger) We had radio.

Cut to Danny and Sam peeking behind the doorway, waving as they disappear.

TUCKER: (offscreen) Oh, come on!

Cut to Tucker. Carl wheels up pointing up a finger.

CARL: And that clicker? (eyes widen) We didn’t have clickers. (puts out his palm) We had to use a device called a (pokes the air) knob.

Cut to the outside. The sign reads “AMITY HOSPITAL”.

CARL: (offscreen) Hey, are you trying to climb out the window?

Danny and Sam run out from the front door.

CARL: We didn’t have windows in my day.

Pan right as they run off gleefully. They turn back when Tucker calls out.

TUCKER: (offscreen) Guys?

Sam turns to Danny.

DANNY: Still, technically, (closes his eyes) not a cry for help.

Danny and Sam run off gleefully.

TUCKER: (offscreen) HELP!

Iris out.

-End Title Card Screen-