Dawn: Ash Ketchum! Why are you sleeping?

Ash: [gets an idea] That’s it! Let’s get Brock back here! Yeah, he’ll know what to do!
Gliscor: [approaches Ash, looking eager] Gliscor!

Pikachu looks at Gliscor curiously.

Ash: Great! Go and get Brock for us. [camera pans to Staravia] Thanks, Staravia.

Gliscor receives a brief look of shock before becoming upset about not being chosen.

Gliscor: [dejected] Scor... (Aww...)

Ash: What's Staravia up to?
Gliscor: Gli, Gliscor.
Ash: Wow, you wanna go and help us find Brock, too?
Gliscor: [nods] Gliscor!

Scene changes to Ash, Dawn and Gliscor standing on top of a ledge.

Ash: Feels like the wind couldn't be better!
Dawn: Have a good flight!

Gliscor: Scor!

Ash: [noticing a tree] Turn right! To the right!

Unfortunately, Gliscor flies too straight, causing it to hit said tree headfirst.

Dawn: [concerned] Gliscor, oh no.
Ash: [exasperated] You've gotta calm down!

Realizing the advice, Gliscor determinedly starts searching for Brock, who is at the Poké Mart.

Brock: This place is amazing. It's got everything I need and then some. Hmm...

Back at the cabin, Dawn is dipping her Pachirisu on the head with a blanket.

Dawn: We need another blanket.
Ash: Right.

Pikachu and Turtwig arrive with some blankets.

Pikachu: Pika.
Ash: That's great. Thanks, Pikachu and Turtwig.

From behind the curtains, Croagunk is croaking. At the same time, Brock has finished shopping.

Brock: Yes, sir. We are stocked. One thing is for sure, we don't have to worry about medicine for a while.

Suddenly, Gliscor appears above Brock.

Gliscor: Gliscor!
Brock: [confused] Gliscor?

Unfortunately, Gliscor smacks itself into Brock

Brock: [painfully] Wow, you're heavy.

Gliscor: [chuckling] Scor.

Brock: You're Ash's Gliscor, so what's up?
Gliscor: [impersonating Pachirisu] Gliscor, Gli.

Gliscor then puts its claw on its forehead, indicating Pachirisu has caught a fever.

Gliscor: Gliscor, Gli!
Finally, Gliscor is lying on the ground and coils itself, pretending it's sick.

Gliscor: Gliscor, Gli...
Brock: Uh...

Gliscor then gets up, holding its pincers in front of it, while also making a puppy pout face, as if Gliscor was begging Brock to help.

Gliscor: Gli!
Brock: Huh?! There's some sort of trouble, right?
Gliscor: [nods] Gliscor!
Brock: Then we've gotta get home and fast!
Gliscor: [smiling] Gli!

Narrator: [v.o.] Although our heroes can breathe a sigh of relief now that Pachirisu is back to good health, the responsibilities of being a good trainer have given Ash and Dawn something to think about and act on as their Celestic Town journey contin...
Ash: [cuts off] We forgot Gliscor!

All three gasp in horror. Meanwhile, Gliscor is still hopping back to the cabin.

Gliscor: Gliscor. [collapses; angrily] SCOOORRR!

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