Rabbit: Goodbye, Pooh.

Pooh: Your front door won't let me go. Oh bother. I'm stuck.

Narrator: as Pooh waited and waited and waited to get thin again, his friends helped him pass the time. christopher robin read stories to Pooh, leaving out all the parts about food.

Narrator: Owl explained in great detail why it was impossible for anyore to get stuck in a front door.

Narrator: Eeyore tried to cheer Pooh up

Pooh: How long do you think this will take?

Eeyore: Maybe just a few days or weeks or months.

Rabbit: The next time invited that bear to lunch I won't.

Pooh: I'm sorry Rabbit.

Rabbit: He budged! Hooray! He bidged He badged He boodged! Christopher Robin!

Kanga: Think thinner dear and will have you out in no time.

Eeyore: Oh, well I might as will try again.

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