Today we will see the last ... and more interesting kind of rock. Metamorphic rock is a special type of rock. It is formed under the same igneous rock conditions ... but ... with some differences very significant. Guber, come see me after class. Silence please. All were taken A review of this ... Eleven 00: 02: 49.921 - 00: 02: 52.467 as soon they return from their spring break. - Gloria? - Should we give examples of each? Yes, as noted Gloria ... They were asked to illustrate the differences ... Fifteen 00: 03: 00.803 - 00: 03: 05.439 among the rocks igneous and metamorphic ... and give examples specific of each. - Gloria? - How many examples of each? Ten be enough? Three is good, Gloria. Ten thousand examples of how I'm great, will be sufficient? She is so upset. I hate when he does that. - She's fine. - Come on, are you kidding? 2. 3 00: 03: 23.458 - 00: 03: 24.876 Someone should put in place. You know anything about this. Your dad is a genius right? - Geologist. - Yes, that's what I said. I know something but do not stay as a wise in public for your benefit. Moreover, just wait a Guru reason to fall over. Mr. Winton, I interrupt social time, right? You know all this, right? No sir. Am I boring you? No sir. I see. 3. 4 00: 04: 07.629 - 00: 04: 10,677 Maybe you'll get front of the class ... and enlighten us with his knowledge on the geological metamorphosis. Well, class, Mr. Winton It has offered ... to take over the lesson. Well, Mr. Winton? You do not have anything to say? I assume you are an expert. Why another reason interrupt so rudely my class? Apparently, you're a rude who likes to waste time. You know what happens to those who waste time, Mr. Winton? Lower the arm, Gloria. 4. 5 00: 04: 50.634 - 00: 04: 51.929 Well, Mr. Winton? The devil. The geological metamorphosis ... This is good. I did not interrupt you. Continue. The geological metamorphosis It occurs when a protolith ... It is subjected to temperatures greater than 150 degrees Celsius ... and a pressure of 1500 bars. This metamorphosis causes physical and / or chemical ... in the structure Original Protol?tica. Under these conditions, foliation happens ... since the rock is reduced along an axis during recrystallization. The crystals rotate perpendicularly ... orientation reduction forming a rock striping. Another important mechanism Metamorphosis is the metasomatic ... where the exchange of atoms between minerals ... results in the formation new minerals. Silence! Silence, or all They will receive a detention. And as for you, I'll talk to her parents. Have a seat. WEEK OF PLANTS Look, then talk to you. Hi dear. How was your day? It was Dad, right? I'll go, right? Calm down. Yes, you're going. For years I have not been to this place. Yes, but did not know that your father He promised his mother never sell. - FOR SALE - So why is there a sign that is on sale? I do not have time take care of this old place ... and your father obviously did not it will do so from abroad. I review some things. We will have enough time so you take flight ... something for your information, do not like. Stop worrying, mom. I'll be fine. I do not remember it was so terrifying. It's like something out of "Ghost Hunters". Wait. - Did you hear that? - What? The cries of tormented souls thousand. - Here's a presence. - Lucas. You see too much television. I remember Grandma us He is telling wild stories. Unfortunately, it was not right. It's OK to have the head in the clouds ... provided you know where your feet are. Yes hello? Yes. No, I'm sure. I want to be sold. Yes, it is fine. We'll take everything. Goodbye. - Lucas! - I'm here. Look at all this junk. There are many good things here. Unfortunately, some old books They will not help to sell this place. I hope you take all before the auction. You do not will pull all this, right? Lucas, are just books old and dusty. Just because they are old and not It means you have to throw them away. In addition, the life of the grandmother is here. There are moments in life, Lucas ... where you have to get rid the past and move on. Hey, I can stay with this? we are not going. Put it where it was. No you need old things accumulating in your room. Come, we must leave. I take you to the airport. Luke, come on. We must leave. I am going ... This is the last call for board the flight QF181 to Los Angeles. Please turn off all electronics. Once in the air, captain be informed ... can be used when apparatus permitted. This way. Next to the window. Caution. Please fasten seatbelts. 4479, we are entering turbulence. Control tower. Flight 4479, we are entering in extreme turbulence. I repeat ... Hi! There is someone there? Hi! Does anyone know where I am? Please, I need help. Where does it come from? My glass. What is he doing here? Hi! Hi! Hello? There is someone there? Hello? There is someone there? Hello? Go. This is not good. - Quick, take off your shirt. - What? They want your shirt. Take it off. That's. Come on. Run. Hey, where are we going? You will see. You have a stunning home. Can I use your phone? I was in an accident. First thing's first. I'm Kate. And you are ...? Lucas. Lucas Winton. Nice to meet you, Luke. - Can I use your phone? - Not expecting visitors. - The place is a mess. - No problem. - I do not want to bother you ... - You must accept me as I am. Life is very yet complicated. Not well. It's Spring. Breeding season. So the Raptors They were behind your shirt. What? The animals are very active at this time of year. Sorry, I did not mean to be rude ... but I am lost. I am very rude. You must be thirsty after your experience. I am not well. What? This girl is strange. Here, baby. Kate, please. Yes, yes, of course. You have many questions. Come, I will explain everything. - I need to use your phone. - Fono. You mean phone. Sorry, I do not have one. Besides, who do you call? And a cell phone? You know, a cell phone. Obviously I can not give you a phone, if I do not have one. it's okay. Where are we exactly? Well I have the suspicion ... that we are not in any Instead, or in any time. I have a theory that we in a place between places. But I'm afraid that's not my field. Sorry, what You're not making sense. I just do not find it meaning. I just know that I have been given ... the most incredible opportunity to further my studies. Have any studies? Of what? Dinosaurs, of course. Palaeontology is my passion. Although I'm not sure yet You can call Paleontology ... particularly considering that animals are alive. Dinosaurs? The animals you They attacked in the forest ... They were not exactly common birds, right? You say these things were dinosaurs? Dromeosaurios, to be more precise. Small carnivorous theropods. Highly aggressive. Dinosaurs? You keep asking me that. Gosh, I should have hit my head stronger than I thought. Actually you got lucky. Usually a person in your position it would have ended in tatters. Did you see my plane? I'm not talking about dromaeosaurs. Look, the male dromaeosaur collects objects colorful ... to attract a mate. Particularly you like blue things. This is preposterous. Very good. I know what's happening. I'm asleep. All this is just a dream. Wake up, Lucas. Awake. You should stop doing that. You're getting hysterical. I know this sounds weird ... but you must adapt to the situation. You'll have to learn fast, if you want to survive here. Surviving here? I will not stay here. Look, I thank You that I have bran these camels. Dromeosaurios. Avian not ungulate. Whatever. You look very nice ... but I have to go get my plane. Thanks again for saving me. I'm glad I talked with you, but better I leave. You can not wander in the dark. It's too dangerous. You will not last a night out there. Yes. Well, thank you. Lord, what a madman. Well, Lucas thought. Find the plane. Waiting to be rescued. Control yourself, Lucas. Probably only an old cow. It is a Hadrosaur. And that was a call of danger. 2. 3. 4 00: 21: 16,447 - 00: 21: 19,994 Look, it really is not safe. You must stay here tonight. Come on, we should not be in the forest after dark. I'm sorry I bothered before. It is that I have not talked to anyone in a long time. I have always feared forgotten how. it's okay. How long have you been here? I think several years. You have not seen anyone in years? You really need to get out more. I go every day to deepen my work. My dream is to one day win the Nobel Prize in Science. Mimos, there you are. Okay, he's a friend. - What is that thing? - Mimos, I present Lucas. He had never seen a bird like this. Of course not. No one has seen him. It is a Sinornitosaurio. Hello little one. I think what scared. - He did all that noise? - Yes. So it got its name. Luv is the Latin word for mimicry. You can play any sound you hear ... like the lyre bird. Although I think it has more talent, right, Luv? That's right. What are these? That's gross. Here we eat what we can. Try one. Just he is kidding. We have plenty of food here ... and always supplies that come with the fog. Charming. Look at this. You'll be all day. What is? It's my diary. Why should I read your diary? Neglected. It is not full female memories. It is a record of everything I've learned so far. Thought to be a survival guide. - Survival Guide? - Just read it. - Kathryn Rose ... - Kate, I prefer Kate. Kathryn sounds very dated. Kate Rose Thompson. born the June 24, 1940. ?1940? I think you gave me the wrong book. No, that is. - 1940? - Yes. I will fulfill 16 next month. ?Sixteen? You mean seventies. It is the year 2014. That is all. Really? How weird. It is the second ship of the century. Well, would you say you are from 1940? I was born in 1940. Now it's 1955 in my home town. Yes, of course it is. As I said, the question when we are ... It is so confusing as to where. Are you hungry? I'll prepare something to eat. I find the way out of here. Where we are? Orion, Canis Major, Carina. Cross constellation. Papa always told me who used what I know. But right now, I know nothing. I'm completely lost. What ...? Great. What the hell you doing with my diary? I defend a giant centipede. That is not a centipede. It is a Arthropleura. Well, it was ... And then ... You should see it. It was huge. I swear I tried to eat me. Do not be dramatic. Do not you going to eat. He could have given you a ugly bite, but ... How a nasty bite that will end with my life? do not be ridiculous. The worst is that you have as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Basta. I understand. This was just a baby. You must have hatched when I was out. - A baby? - I found the egg a few weeks ago. And did you bring that here? I was going to study. I gave it to you to read, not that you will use it to kill. What dirt. Hey, sorry. He had no other options. At one point I was looking your shiny things ... and the next he attacks me that ... - Arthropleura. - Exactly. How weird. I had never seen one so closely. Jaws, secondary, maxillipeds. It is extraordinary. Yes, extremely disgusting. I thought the guys like this sort of thing. Slugs, snails and all. Calm down. He is dead. You see there behind the clamps shaped pumpkin that? - They are poisonous glands. - They are lethal. They are greatly developed for a creature of this size. It was better not bite. Actually, it is remarkably similar to ... - Kill him! - You do it. I already killed. 3. 4. 5 00: 29: 00.489 - 00: 29: 02.157 You See? I told you. He had nothing to do hit. Well, I guess we capture the precise moment. Tell me, how is life in 2014? Look, do not mean to be rude ... but do not really expect me to believe this traveling in time, right? I'm afraid there no other explanation. - I can think of some. - Look, I'll show you. Look at the dates. London News, December 1915. Pix, May 1957. That's in two years. Well, you have some old newspapers. That does not prove your theory traveling in time. How about this? Daily Post, October 2040. Give me that. Where did you get this? He arrived on a plane load a few weeks ago. Tell me, do you still have TV? I looked at the guide newspaper, but was not. ?2040? Here I have no television ... but I do my own entertainment. I like to read my letters. Sometimes, when planes They come by fog ... They bring correspondence. The letters are fascinating. Do you read the correspondence of others? Is not that a federal crime? I know it can be deemed inappropriate ... but there is much effort since in these letters. It would be a shame not to read. - "Dear Mama" ... - Not that one. It is private. Good. John Stevenson, Collection National Mushroom ... It Bureau of Plant Industry. That's one of my big favorites. It's pretty funny. "Dear Mr. Stevenson ... "I request your urgent assistance with a very delicate matter. "A few weeks ago, a patient of mine came ... "With a type of infection highly aggressive fungal ... "Which I have never seen before. "My usual treatments failed and the fungus rapidly increased in size. "Now it grows in the form spore bloom ... the back of the patient. " A fungus in bloom ass? That's disgusting. And continues. "Now 150 patients exhibit early phase of infection ... "And I'm afraid we're in the beginning of an epidemic. "I ask you to give your urgent attention to this matter. Sincerely, Dr. Gardiner Shaw, Pullman, Wash. " Wash Pullman. It seems that everyone needs a good bath. Wash is the contraction of Washington. Washington, the capital Fungus world behind. it's getting late. I took the liberty of prepare a place to sleep. Come on. Look, this is Paris. Paris. It sounds so romantic. I hope to go there someday. "To my beloved. "I crossed France and we have come to Paris. "The weather is surprisingly hot for this time of year ... "And flowers blooming all parties, especially lilacs. "I took a lovely tour the Eiffel Tower ... "Napoleon's tomb and in the Louvre ... where many artworks They have been removed for safety. " Good night, future boy. Sweet Dreams. Kate, wake up! Wake up! Kate, wake up! Wake up! Supplies. ?Supplies? What? Awake. It's an earthquake. Basta. I'm awake. - Is the fog, silly, and that's a plane. - What? - What is that? - A cargo plane. - The best kind. - Passengers will hurt. Do not worry, there will be none. The plane is always empty. Empty ?? What do you mean? The planes do not fly alone. And the crew? I do not know, but there is never anyone on board. - Never? - No. There are always many good things. Just a moment. If ever no one on board ... How did we get here? I do not know. - It's time to go. - Go where? By the load, of course. I will not go anywhere. I'll find my plane and I leave here. Look there. Come on, look. What am I looking at? What do you see? - Nothing. - Precisely. There you landed yesterday. I saw you on the beach after the fog appeared. Only you, nobody else. Wait, I see footprints. There are only a few. They are mine, right? Come on, we should go. What's that sound? What is? You will see. These ... These are dinosaurs. They are gorgeous, right? Iguanodon Bernissartensis. This is incredible. Those are ... really. they're my favorites. Look there. Babies? Let's look more closely. - Are not we eat? - No, they are herbivores. They are gentle creatures. This is incredible. Hello little one. It is female. It has ten days to live. Go. We do not want mom angry. Go. So this fog is bringing random stuff from somewhere else? Everything is here It has come from somewhere else ... or from another era. You and I for example. Even Dinosaurs. And where does it come? Just I know that regularly appears ... but never at the same time. Sometimes at night and others in the day. And most Sometimes things come. Well, we have fog, seismic activity ... we noises on the radio ... and there are ships from all over the world ... which means one thing. Yes? I totally lost, no way to get home. Go for it. Look at the bright side. What bright side? Well, at least not you have to go to school. I like the school. At least I will not be there Dinosaurs food ... at the end of first class of the day. Do not worry. Do not you walk away. My God! This is incredible. Look at all these things. My God! Enough chocolate here for a lifetime. I am hoping to find something more useful than sweets. Useful? What is more useful than chocolate? We just won the lottery. This is the best food I've had in days. Did you know that a woman lived 128 years ...? Why eating a kilo of chocolate every week? I do not like chocolate. Well, officially, you're the strangest girl I ever met. Who does not like chocolate? I love chocolate. I like a lot. I would marry him ... and put it on a beach condo ... and that would be made of chocolate. Even the refrigerator It would be made of chocolate ... because if you run out chocolate refrigerator ... You can eat the refrigerator. I think the heat has started to upset. You start raving. I'm not delusional. I will keep safe these beauties ... here in my person. Hey, come on! There is something here. Wipe, by God. - Let go. - Enough. Let me go. Stupid. What's that smell? Somebody needs a bath. Are the flowers. You really are flowers? Are you sure? Nepenthes. It smells like a bunch of armpits. Carnivorous fungi. This is not good. Kate. Come on. No. - Kate, help me! - Lucas! Hold on. Lucas caught me! High! I demand that we release at this time. Let us leave now! Neglected. I will discover the way out of here. What? It's just a rock. You must have a no-no stone. What? You do not know what the stone no-no. Actually, I understand enough. Do you think you know more the stone without-without me? It's just a piece of quartz. Look, I mean no disrespect ... but I'm not in the mood to hear fairy tales. How do you do that? What is? Stone sin-sin form a small cloud. - It seems the fog. - Yes, it's the fog. You have the fog. Observed. It is hot. Yes, it is hot. Yes, do you see? It comes from a very distant place. Stone sin-sin brings it there. Then the stone without-sin cause fog. Are there more of these? Yes Yes. Stones without-without great. Where? Where are they? In a place far from here. My people return to their home through the fog. The stone no-no leads there. Where? How do I get there? - Want to go to your village? - Yes Yes. My village, my people. Very dangerous. Great Fire. Twins fire. Under Twins fire find your way. What I do now is see The way out of this cage. Cage. There is a way. Up there. Kate, wake up. Let's get out of here. You are crazy? What are you doing? Quiet. - What do you think? - What are you complaining about? We were saved, right? You'll make kill us. I'll have kill us? Are you kidding? My plan was to go quietly ... and not to release a group of angry birds. This animal is still young. Possibly he never flew before. - He still has feathers. - How would he know? In my world, if you have feathers, can fly. These pens are nothing but fluff. Pterosaurs lose it when they reach maturity. Look, it was better than being tortured by a tribe of natives furious. But you knew all about the natives ... before they us find, do not you Kate? So it is. I know obviously you You do not want to come home. But you know something, Kate? I have things to live for. I have people who care about me. I feel that you do not have that, but I have a life. I have a good life and I will recover. Look, I'm sorry. Maybe it's my fault we are in this problem. Maybe? Sometimes I can be somewhat impulsive. He could not tolerate the idea getting back alone. And I can not return. I do not can. There is still much that I understand. As pterosaurs. Are not the creatures more graceful that you saw? My God. I know. See how their wings run wind effortlessly ... No, not that. Forget the birds. Look, there. The twin mountains of fire. He was referring to the volcanoes. "Under Twins fire find your way. " The conditions are perfect for a massive crystal growth. ?Mountains of fire? ?Crystals? What do you mean? Ernest. Ernest and his singsong stones. He is trying to describe a huge Piezoelectric crystals group. Seismic activity allows reach the resonance frequency. I have no idea what you're talking model. I'll explain everything ... but first I must make This small change course. That is, quiet. No no no. We try to go around. What are you doing? Never You keep far from his flock. We'll see. Hold on. Hold on! He's flying too low! Lucas! Lucas! Here. Are you okay? That was fabulous! What the hell are you thinking? What I was thinking was we could leave here. Well now we find out where we are. Exactly 14 kilometers Southeast of volcanoes. I triangulated our position before crashing. What? I took a lesson celestial navigation on the Internet. I was bored. Forget it. Come on. We must come to the house tree before nightfall. No return to the treehouse. - What? - Let volcanoes. We reach the plateau ash within hours. There will be easy to continue ... unless you want Junior fly again. Lucas Winton, I will to go one step further ... until you tell me exactly where are you going and why. - Here, look at this. - What for? I look at it. What do you see? It is a single crystal. I had one like it. There's nothing simple. Look at this. - What it is? - Keep watching. It looks like fog. Is the fog, but fog it's just a byproduct. Keep watching. My God. - Where did? - I do not know. That was incredible. Now imagine hundreds of these, but larger. Something like that could create enough energy ... to create an electrostatic mist covering hundreds of kilometers. You see, somewhere beneath the volcanoes ... there is a huge group of these things that are attracting all. That is our key to get out of here. This is our way home. Okay, but how well you pointed out ... fog attracts things. I never saw anything that was expelled. I think it's just a matter of change the frequency or polarity. It's like tuning a radio. Radio, of course. The sound of the radio. Why did not I think of that before? What? You saw what just happened. It is Newton's Third Law. For every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. So to tune correct resonance frequency ... we reverse the polarity the piezoelectric charge ... and hallelujah, here we go. How you gonna do you just say? I do not know yet, but I'll find out. So what do you say? Run! We are reaching. Kate, what do we do? Junior. Now we are completely lost. Neglected. we are not far from the road. Help me find a straight stick. - Is this okay? - Perfect. This will give me an East / West line. From there I can know exactly where we are. Now what? We hope. - What we expect exactly? - In the sun moves. Come on, we need that. it's a baby. He wants to play. This is no time to play. We orient and get out of here. - Go! - Go play! Great. Now he is crying. That's not great. It has attracted unwanted attention. - What are you doing? - No we can see, if we do not move. Where did you get that ridiculous notion? You can see well. Come on. - Kate! - Follow me. Runs diagonally. He delayed. Go to the herd! I think we lost. Fast! Come On! Go Go! Lucas, hurry! Yes! Now you're not so brave, right? In your face! Mimos. How did you get here? It tends to appear in the strangest places. That's right. If that is. It is better run. Well, I showed him who's boss. This is incredible. I can not believe it. I've never seen so many accidents. Where are the glasses? Surely we are above many of them now ... but the concentrated source It is below these volcanoes. There we go. We do not come closer to them. Come on, is your chance show the world what you know. Neglected. we will be fine. Stay close. What? Are the animals I They attacked in the forest. Raptors. Luv, no. Luv, no. No no no. Luv, no. Luv! Run. Kate! Kate! Go Go! We found it. Here it is. I knew I should be here. I knew it. I must say that this is amazing ... But how can you be sure we take home? It is sure to take us home. This is what has been attracting all. Boats, planes, everything. But how? I am sure that is caused by seismic activity. - What do you mean? - The earthquakes. Then you say that earthquakes ... they made the crystals create the fog. Something like that. An earthquake vibrating The right frequency ... will make crystals generate a piezoelectric load. Well, assuming that Beginners I understood all that ... not suggest we wait another earthquake, right? What are you doing? Perfect. You will see. Do we have water? Water? Yes. A little more. Come on. It is working. It is working. I told you it would work. My God! This is our way out of here. We return home. Kate has to Mimos. I have an idea. Ven. That's. You want it. Come on. You want it? Come & Get It. Luv! No! Luv! No. - Kate. - No. I am sorry. Come on, I ... I'll take you home. I'll take the tree house. What? The bottle broke. You can not achieve resonance. Use what you know. - I know you can do it. - I can not. Kate. Look. Luv! it's okay. Kate, is activating crystals. Hurry, Luv. it's okay. Go home. Hurry, it's happening. - We must leave. - I go by the newspaper. The portal is opening. I can not reach it. Kate, let it. Forget the daily. We must leave. Come on. That's. Finally we will leave this place. We're going home. I go by the newspaper. - What? - I have to get back. There is no time. You never will succeed. I must try. No I can go home without him. Nobody ever create me. Do not you see? The journal is a record of all that you are here. It's my only evidence. What do you mean? I am your evidence. I've seen everything you've viewed. I am all that you know. What do you know, Lucas? What do you know for sure? What can you try? You see, we can not prove anything. The world needs tests. Without it, all we have They are wild stories. Without evidence, over time, even if it appears what we have seen here. I can not live like this. I'll be fine. I will be behind you. No. Kate, wait. Kate! We have no idea where He appeared this mysterious island ... but it could be a Error type mapping ... CIA. That raises all kind of conspiracy ... Honey, you're awake. How do you feel? Mama, I ... I had a strange dream. There was a house tree and a girl ... and crystals. - Papa, crystals. - Calm down, Lucas. You've had a tough test. Back soon, honey. We'll go see the doctor, okay? Kathryn grandmother. What are you doing here? I thought you were there. They said you were sick. Kate. I Prefer Kate. Kathryn is very outdated. Kate? You said I'd be behind you. It is a great pleasure Estrada received ... the winner of Nobel prize this year ... - For their you manage in science, Dra. Kate Rose Thompson. - LIFE BACKWARDS Thank You. It has been my dream ... since I was very young win this award. It is a great honor, a great honor. My team and I checked the discovery ... Arthropleura a living ... and many other creatures They were thought were extinct. We have it done is through the successful extraction ... and analysis specimen taken ... so carefully preserved in my old blue paper. Dr. Thompson, what do you think those critics? ... which they claim is only a type of giant centipede? This is not a centipede. It is a Arthropleura.

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