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Despicable Me 2
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  • Bratt: This isn't over Gru! You hear me? This is not over!
  • Gru: Yeah? Well, I still have the diamond!
  • (After returning to the lair from stealing the Dupont Diamond from Bratt, Dru learns of Gru’s true motives for said heist, and he is not pleased.)
  • Lucy Wilde: I’ll get the girls and start packing and tell them the good news! [singing] ♪Oh, getting out jobs back! Yeah!♪ (leaves the room)
  • Gru: Yes, yes, go tell the girls.
  • (Gru turns to Dru, who is still scowling and sulking.)
  • Gru: Dru?
  • Dru: (furious) No, no way! We can’t give the diamond back! (tries to yank the diamond out of Gru’s hands)
  • Gru: (rudely) I have to!
  • Dru: No, you don’t!
  • Gru: Yes, I do!
  • Dru: Give it!
  • (Gru swipes the diamond out of Dru’s grasp)
  • Gru: No!
  • Dru: GIVE IT! [kicks Gru in the shin]
  • Gru: OW! What is wrong with you?!
  • Dru: What is wrong with you?!
  • Gru: You kicked me!
  • Dru: You-You LIED to me!
  • Gru: Hey, I would’ve told you the truth, but you’re too much of a wimp to handle it! That’s it, I’m outta here.
  • Dru: You have no right to take that! We stole it together!
  • Gru: Together? (scoffs) You gotta be kidding me! You did nothing but screw up the whole time! I got this in spite of you!
  • Dru: Oh, yeah?! Well, at least I didn’t get fired from my job like a total loser!
  • Gru: At least I had a job! What have you accomplished that was so great? I’ll tell you what: NOTHING! No wonder Dad thought you were such a failure.
  • (Dru gasps in fury as Gru begins to leave)
  • Dru: (enraged) WE ARE NO LONGER BROTHERS!
  • Gru: (snapping with rage) THAT’S FINE WITH ME!
  • (Dru is eating some ice cream when Gru and Lucy enter)
  • Gru: Dru! Dru!
  • Dru: (unhappy) Go away! I don’t want to talk to you. (turns away from Gru)
  • Gru: Bratt has the girls!
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