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(Scooby-Doo bumps to a deer statue.)

Scooby-Doo: Oh, boy! Hello.

Princess owner: Help! Help! Stop! Stop! Come back here! Help! My princess has been dognapped!

Scooby-Doo: Dognapped? That sounds like Scooby-Doo. He's sure in a hurry. Scooby-Doo, what's with you? Here's a bulletin just in. Flash! The dognappers have struck again. The third prize dog kidnapped in the last three days. Wow! Like, a canine crime wave! Here's another bulletin. Buck Masters, the owner of the first dog stolen has just offered a $500 reward. Gang, we've just been handed our next mystery. And, we'll begin with Mr. Buck Masters. - Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's right. I've decided not to pay the ransom. I'd rather use the money to catch those crooks. I was sure to win first prize at the county dog show this year. Now Bob Miller's Great Dane is a shoo-in. Great Dane?

Fred Jones: Did you say Great Dane? Yes. Bob's been grooming his dog for this show all year. But if that's the case, isn't the Great Dane in danger? - He could be dognapped. - Don't worry. I warned Bob. And he only takes the dog out for exercise at night and then only on Beach Boulevard near the police station. It seems safe enough there. From now on, all dog owners must be on their guard. Mr. Masters, we're gonna find out who's stealing those dogs and why. Yep. Dognappers, beware. Frankly, I don't see what you kids can do. I don't have a lead to give you. That's all right, Mr. Masters. We have a plan. We do? See this picture of the champion? This will help a lot. Come on, Freddy. Tell us, like, what's the plan? - Yeah. - Simple. We'll give the dognappers a decoy. And then when they grab the decoy, we'll trail them to their hideout. - But what if we lose the dognappers? - Not a chance. We'll plant this tiny transmitter in the decoy's collar. Our direction finder will do the rest. Yeah, but who's the decoy? Scooby-Doo? Scooby's got a point there. Who'd dognap Scooby for ransom? We'll fix that, and Scooby will be brave. Won't you, Scooby? Now, here's a Scooby snack for courage. Shaggy, why'd you do that? Because I know who's stuck with the job of taking the decoy on a leash. Not bad. Not bad at all. Now here's a snack for you, Scooby. Okay, the decoys are fed. Now let's get down to work. What are we doing, solving mysteries or running a beauty parlor for pooches? Hold it, Scooby. Wait till I get your new collar on. Now, how do you like that? Well, Bob Miller said we could take his place tonight, Scooby. - So come on, champ, let's walk. Scooby-Doo! Hey, take it easy. Slow down! Come on, Scooby. You're a decoy, remember? Keep your mind on your work. Sorry. Now, cut that out. Keep going. Keep going. Boy! At least you don't have to take another bath. Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover. Wow! Look at that truck smoke! No! No! No! Scooby! They got him! Help! Help! Help! I'm coming, Scooby! I'm coming! I'll never catch him this way. Charlie! Charlie! You got any wheels I can borrow? This is an emergency! Just my motor scooter. Thanks, man! Well, this is Beach Boulevard. But no sign of Shaggy and Scooby. That transmitter on Scooby's collar is moving awfully fast. The dognappers must have Scooby. Okay, this is it. Here we go! Help! Help! Oh, no! Man! It's Geronimo! - I got him, boss. So you got Miller's Great Dane. Good work, Mike. Let's have a look. You fool! That's not Bob Miller's champion Great Dane! How could you mistake this mutt for a show dog? Gee, boss. He was right where you said he'd be. Get this phony decoy out of here! But what will I do with him? Give him a ride down the mountain on the old handcar. By the time it stops, he'll be 20 miles away. Come on. Back in the crate. No! No! And when this weirdo Indian attacked I felt like a late-show rerun of Custer's last stand. Are you sure it was a real Indian? Real? Why, when he waved that tomahawk, even my hair was scared. Well, no hoof prints in the road, but here's something I found. It's an authentic Indian relic, at least 1000 years old. I told you I thought he looked kind of ghostly. Hold it, gang. The transmitter on Scooby's collar is moving again. And it looks like it's heading for Indian Gap. Let's plot an intercept course. Oh, no! Poor Scooby! As a decoy, you're a dud. Well, so long, pooch. Enjoy the ride. Hey! That was Scooby! Hey, Scooby-Doo! Hang on, Scooby! We'll save you! Hurry, Freddy! Give her the gas! One for the money, two for the show three to get ready, and here I go! We're on a trestle. Boy, was that close! As soon as we slow down, Scooby, I'll get you out of that crate. What's that? Sounds like the midnight express. It is! I hope this is the brake! It's rusty. It's not holding. I'll help! I'll help! Watch it! - Faster! Faster! - I'm going faster! - Here they come! - That train is awfully close! There was a switch by the crossroad. Come on! Let's go! Scooby, you're a brave decoy. Did those old dognappers hurt you, Scooby? This is all very nice, but it doesn't solve the mystery. Scooby, can you tell us where the dognappers took you? Yeah! Yeah! Oh, no! Not the Indian! Not the ghost of Geronimo! Yeah! Yeah! Geronimo! Well, we've only got one lead. And that's to backtrack to that old railroad spur. Everybody game? We can get along without the sound effect, thank you. - Geronimo! - Geronimo! Stop the car! Stop the car! Head for the rocks. He's gone. Let's get back to the handcar. This is real, like in the movies. I told you that Indian was for real. Well, this arrow isn't for real. It's factory-made. Then how about that? Is that for real? Looks deserted, but somebody's up there. Nobody's getting my beautiful hair. Me either. Gang, we've got to get up to that Indian village. And I think I know how we can do it. Now, we're all ready. This giant slingshot will shoot the arrow up to the village taking the rope with it. Then everybody climbs up, okay? Okay, it's solid. Now, let's get up to that village. Not me. Scooby, you come back here.

Shaggy Rogers: Man, this is spooksville. Like, Indian-style.

Scooby-Doo: Yeah. Spooksville. Okay, gang. Let's explore. What's that? - Look! Up there! Leave this place, paleface intruders or suffer fate of Spanish conquistadores buried in desert below! That's him! That's him! Remember my warning and go! That Indian sure spoke good English considering he's supposed to be Maybe he went to night school. Okay, everybody. We'll head for the dome-shaped building. Hey, where's Scooby? He'll catch up to us. Let's move on.

Scooby-Doo: Wait for me! Hey! Come on! Get away from me! Get out of here! Leave me alone! Go away! If I ever get out of this, we'll call this dance the Batusi. My glasses! Get out of here, bats! My glasses! I can't see without them! - I'm getting out of here. But I've just got to find my glasses! Hi, Shaggy. Hi, Scooby. Boy, I sure am glad to get away from those bats. It's Geronimo! Geronimo! Shaggy? Yipes! It's you, Scooby. Hey, what are you doing with Velma's glasses? Come on. The coast is clear. Where is everybody? Why, Shaggy, you're petrified with fear. And you too, Scooby. Help me find my glasses. Here they are, Velma. Where did you find them? - It's a long story, Velma. Long story. This looks like their ceremonial building where they held their special rites. Perfect place for a witch doctor to live. Yeah. Come on. Let's find him. Hey, look! I doubt if that fire's been burning 1000 years. Freddy, this place gives me goose bumps. You have violated the sacred temple. If you do not leave this village now you will remain here forever. Okay, we found him. Now let's go. Not yet. I want to check that altar. You check it. I'll wait right here. Okay, I'll just be a moment. Daphne? She's gone! Daphne! Daphne! Food! Food! Food! Food! Food? Good boy. Where is it? Lead me to it. What's it smell like, Indian corn? Beef jerky? I'll try anything. Man! Those Pueblo Indians sure knew how to live. We have salami, ham, canned sardines, pudding, not to men- Hey, wait a minute. This isn't Indian food. Dog food. Scooby food. Scooby food? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It is dog food. Scooby, we found the dognappers' hideout. But I don't see any dognappers around. So why not fortify ourselves with a groovy little snack? And the ham slice connected to the rye bread. Lettuce connected to the boiled egg. Mustard slapped on a salami slice. And the cheese connected to the deviled ham. Hey, what's this? Scooby-Doo, where are you? Scooby, untie me, quick! That witch doctor may come back at any time. And the dogs? The dogs? Oh, sure. We'll free the dogs. Now, hurry! I got a hunch there's a secret passage around here someplace. There it is! Velma! What are you doing there? - I don't know. I sat down to rest, the next minute I'm here. Freddy! Velma! Quick! This way! Good boy, Scooby! You found them and freed them all! Does this mean we've solved the dognapping mystery? Not yet. Hey, Scooby, see if any of your pals know anything about that witch doctor or the dognapper. Okay. You know where he is, Scooby? - Yeah! Yeah! Okay, let's go. We're right behind you. While I'm searching for Scooby, I'll just finish this little morsel. Yipe! What a close shave! That was almost a catastrophe. Hey, Shaggy! Come on! Follow the dogs! Come on, Shaggy! Scooby-Doo! They've spotted him! The dogs have him! Why, it's Buck Masters, the owner of Big Red. He's the dognapper!

Buck Masters: You blasted kids! Why didn't you mind your own business?

Fred Jones: Catching dognappers is our business, Mr. Masters. After all, Scooby-Doo is a dog. And we love him very much.

Scooby-Doo: Aww.

That was quite a plot you kids uncovered. Who would have suspected Masters of dognapping his own pet? He decided to win the dog show by dognapping the only three dogs who could beat Big Red. Then Big Red was to turn up just before the show and win first prize. You said something about a phantom Indian on horseback. What about that? - Simple. He used a movie projector from the back of his truck. Look! Geronimo!

Shaggy Rogers: He's back again!

Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo!