One two three four. We're gonna make 'em shout "no more. " Five, six, seven, eight. We're gonna make 'em say we're great. I can't believe it's fall girl. Debbie I'm so proud of you. When are you leaving? Where are you going? I'm so excited. That's the problem. What do you mean? My parents don't want me to go. They don't like the idea. And if I go I have to raise the fare myself. My Mother calls it outdoor burlesque. Can you imagine? Aww. I know if I'd have won my parents would be all for it. But you didn't won Lisa. Yea. Debbie what are you going to do? Raise the money fast. When do you have to leave Debbie? But that's not enough time to raise the fare. Well we'll just have to think of something I guess. Music and chatter. Hut, hut, Ray, call the play, call the play. Go, go, go go go. Alright. Music and whistle. Hustle up men. Music and chatter. Hi, how you been? We should be on the road man. I know. What a day. Chatter. You know I don't think I'm be able to make it to Texas in just two weeks. All talking at once. I think we should all help her raise the money. I've got a great idea. Why don't we all work hard to raise money so we can go to Texas with her. Yea, let's. Debbie, we could boost your morale. Gee, it would be wonderful if you could all be with me. Next best thing to being Texas cowgirls ourselves. Yahoo! Well OK, but if we're all going to be there we've got to decide what we're going to do right now. First of all we all have to get part time jobs after school for a week. indistinct words. Well I can get a job with Mr Bitterlich at the library. I saw a help wanted sign in the record store. Super, and I now Jimmy just gave up his job on the tennis courts. There's no reason why they shouldn't give it to a girl. Hey did anyone see the brownies washing cars this week end? Yea, you want to wash cars? Sure. Maybe I could talk the Hardwicks into a job at the candle shop. It's worth a try. It's a start. Maybe should advertise? You mean like in the newspaper? You know we should form a company, give ourselves a name. Something simple and to the point. Like Teen Services. Yeah, that's us, Teen Services. Yea. The paper's where we should advertise. We can advertise all the services we can do. And all the services we can't do. Of course we could draw posters and put them up all around town. Print up cards too. Remember we only have two weeks to raise the money, and that means no dates. Well it's for a darn good cause, so I think the guys will understand. What do you think? They'll understand. Well guys I don't think we should tell the guys right away. Wait till we get it going, like in about, after the week end. Good Idea Debbie. Music playing. I saw your sign in the window and I'm here to apply for the job. You experienced? Last summer I had a job at the flower shop. Yea, so what happened? Well the owner got a little fresh, so I quit. well you're cute, you can't blame the guy for trying. I might have been a little hasty. But, I was younger then, and I need the money more now. I think definitely we can work something out. You mean I've got the job? You bet. When do I start? The sooner the better. How about later today? Music Oh Mr Greenfeld can I have a job, can I have a job please? I have to go to Texas to be a Texas cowgirl, and we don't have any money. You got the job, you got the job Debbie. Do you really mean it? Oh yes, yes I most certainly do. So I realize how important this is, it's the chance of a lifetime, you know. And I think we can arrange something around the store for a little extra money for you. Well what did you have in mind? Music Oh come on now Mr Greenfeld You could sort of help with things, you know, storing the stuff and then moving merchandise. Oh sure Mr. Greenfeld, anything you say, but I've got to warn you that I'm pretty clumsy with boxes and stuff like that. That's alright, the training, training sessions will be real easy. Ha. You know you can come in on a Sunday, I'll show you the storeroom and around the store, you know. Oh Mr GreenfeldI really appreciate it. Cause you know, I know that you really understand because I know that you're a football fan yourself. Well I most certainly do, I most certainly do. Oh thank you Mr Greenfeld, thank you so much. OK, bye, bye. Hi Roberta. Oh hi Mr. Patrick. Where you off to? Oh, I'm going to cheerleeding practice. Oh, well I'll walk you for a ways. I'm going to the shop. What are you up to these days? We're looking for any kind of extra work, so that we can raise money for that trip to Texas. We want to be with Debbie Benson for her first game when she cheers those Texas fellas. Oh, sounds like a good idea. Say, I'll tell you what. You could earn some extra money by helping Mrs. Hardwick and I over at the candle shop, taking inventory. Mr. Hardwick really? When should I start? You can start as soon as you like, how about tomorrow? Oh Mr Hardwick, what could I ever do to repay you? You'll think of something. One, two, three, four, We're going to make them say no more. Five, six, seven, eight, Oh, then giggling. One, two, yea, hut 2. My goodness Lisa, don't you ever wear underpants? Oh, I just like to feel free. It's nice to feel the clothes against your skin. It's bad enough we have to wear them. We should walk around like the way we came into this world, stark naked. There goes that Lisa, talking about nature again. Can you imagine if we all didn't wear underwear, we'd never get anything done. Well I got something done, I got a job at Mr Greenfeld's sporting goods store. And he promised to do anything he can to help me get to Texas. Yea, I got Jimmy's old job. Well I'm working at the library, but it's just two days a week. Well I'm working for Mr Hardwick at the candle shop. Me and Annie got a job working for Mr. Bradley, washing his car, but it's only for tomorrow. Well let's just hope for the best, anyways right now we need to work on our cheers. Yea, yea, let's go. Hey Rick, Donna says the girls are pretty serious about this whole no dating thing, you know. Well I don't understand why them raising money has to interfere with us for Christ's sakes. Debbie says the bulk of their time will be in evenings, and especially on week ends. They're mostly babysitters, hostess helpers, sales help, stuff like that. Hey look, I don't like anyone interfering on my date nights. Least of all my date herself. Look, they think they can boost her morale if they go with her. After all, she's so far away from home and all. Hey man, it's not her morale that I am interested in boosting. Haha, come on guys. Hey look man, your girlfriend Debbie, she's the ringleader of the whole shceme. Why don't you talk to her and tell her to think about us for a change. Alright? Alright, I'll give it a try. Now come on, let's play ball. Yea, let's go. Come on. Hut. Go, go, go! Indistinct chatter. Indistinct chatter. Rick says you all found jobs. We had to. He said it would be a big surprise. Bye, have a good one tonight. OK. See you. Bye, bye. Hey, wait for me. I wonder what they had in mind this time? I don't know, but I'll bet it's terrific. And wierd. Fellas this is Roberta. Oh Rick, waht are you doing here? Oh my goodness! We just thought we'd drop by and see how we could make out. Laughter. Oh, we're gonna make out? What if Mrs. Eagle should come in. Don't worry, we locked the door. Haha. Come here babe. This is wierd huh? Oh God yes. Ooh, I like this. Music Music Oh Mr. Greenfeld you're so strong. Yes, that's the one. Oh, let me help you. No please, it's alright. Here come on. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll bet. Eight seventy five please. What time is it Mr. Greenfeld? It's 5:30 Debbie. Oh, so that means I could go home now. Yes, I, I uh, locked all the doors. Mr. Greenfeld I've been working here three days and we still haven't worked on the stockroom, and I really need the extra money. You know Debbie there are uh, there are other jobs that you can do, I mean girls can do to make alot of money. and they could be a little more fun. Oh really, like what? Well uh, you could do little favors for instance. What kind of favors Mr. Greenfeld? I was thinking, I mean it wouldn't hurt, I'll give you ten dollars... - ...if you let me look at your tits. - Mr. Greenfeld! Please, please, I just want to look at your pretty little tits. You know we're all good girls. Oh I know that, I know that. But I still want to look at your little tits, please. Ten dollars, ten dollars. Just, just for a look. Ten dollars? Money crinkling. Well, alright. Oh! Mr. Greenfeld you promised! I know. Look, I'll give you another ten dollars. Just let me touch them a little bit, please. Just a little. I don't know. Oh please, please, here take it please. Here ten more dollars I just want to touch them a little bit, just touch them a little bit, just a little bit? I think that's going a little too far Mr. Oh, no, no, no, just a little touch, noone will know it, it's innocent really. Really? Just for a minute? Oh just a minute, yea, yea, please. Promise? Well, OK. Moans and groans. You promised! I'll give you another ten dollars. Please, just let me suck them. Just a little suck on each one. Please? OK? Mr. Greenfield we are going a little bit too far. I'll give you another ten dollars. Please? Well, would you give me twenty dollars for that? I'll give you twenty dollars. It's in my pocket. Take it please. Please, please come here. I just want to suck them a little bit. And then enough. Uh Mr. Greenfeld, this is going a little too far. It's a lot too far. If you don't stop right this minute, I'm going to tell my mother. Well girls, we're certtainly not earning enough money to do what we want to do. Yea, and it's not as we're working hard enough for it. Just avoiding Mr. Hardwick's hands in the shop is hard enough for me. You too? I don't know what Nick has in mind, but it certainly isn't selling records. Every time I turn around on the tennis court thata Hamilton's there. I don't know how many times I've bumped into him. Yea, yea, certainly don't think Mr Bradley's got Just car washing in mind for us this week end. This sure isn't working out like we planned, huh girls? No, no Hey girls, come on, who died? Come on, pep up, let's get our money together, and see what we've got? We already know it's nowhere near enough. Even if you brought in a bundle, we wouldn't have made enough for the week. Well, count this. Hey Debbie, goodness Debbie, that's about 30% of all we've raised. Well what are you doing that we're not? This. My dear ladies. Uh, Debbie what are you saying? Well this is what they want. You mean all you do is shake your tits and you make all that money? No, not exactly, a little kissing and touching. Who did the kissing and touching? Well Mr. Greenfeld of course, he was desperate for it. kept offering me money to go further, but I drew the line at a certain point. I don't know Debbie. How did you keep things from getting any further? Yea, I can just see Mr. Hardwick when I tell him he can touch me, but not too much. Listen girls, there's money to be had, fast money. And we don't have to do anything more than we do with our boyfriends. And they certainly have fun, don't they? And we're all still virgins, aren't we? Well most of us are. What do you mean by that? well I was just wondering, since I saw a certain someone's boyfriend going into going into the locker room, after we left. Well it doesn't matter to us what she does with her boyfriend, to us she's still a virgin, Anyway, she could probably give us some good advice. Well listen, if we're really serious about this, then let's be honest with each other. We all do things with our boyfriends, and we don't go all the way. Exactly. And there are men willing to pay for that on our terms. But how do you keep it from getting out of hand? First down, be firm on what you will do, and what you won't do. Exactly, and now I think we should get down to business. Before I go any further, does everyone agree with htis method of making extra money? Sure, definite, yea sure Tami? I guess so, if everyone else says yes. Alright, well now what about some techniques? I don't know any techniques. All laugh Look, I know that each one of us has something special to offer, that we really don't mind doing. Yea Annie, your boyfriend seems really happy, and I know you're still a virgin, so what's the secret? I'll tell you, OK, Who's got a banana? I do. All laugh. Phone rings. Phone rings. Hello, hello. Phone rings again. Hello. Oh, Tom. You fuck, you know you're not supposed to call me on this phone. It's a private line. Giggles. I know it, I know. It's been a long time. I miss you too. The job is OK. The Hardwicks are really nice. I miss you too, baby. Yea. I'll meet you at dance class tomorrow. Yea. No, I promise Tom. Dance class. OK? Yea. Ok, Ok, I'll see you there tomorrow. Bye. Well, well, what have we here? Oh, oh. Is this what we're paying you for? Oh Mrs. Hardwick. Roberta no, no, no. Roberta, it's fine Roberta. Oh, don't worry Roberta. I'm sorry. I was only kidding. Everything's fine Roberta. Just sit down. Oh, Mrs. Hardwick. It's quite alright Roberta. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to take the time from work Mrs. Hardwick. Now Roberta, it's quite alright. Let's, let's sit and talk for a minute. What, what do you want to talk about? Our own things. I mean your thing, and my thing. and Mr. Hardwick's thing. Everything's going to be just fine. Mrs. Hardwick, what are you doing? Well Roberta, we all have our own thing. You have your candle, and I like it when... Pretty soon Mr. Hardwick's When Mr. Hardwick is doing what? Am I interrupting something? Please let me interrupt anyway. Oh, don't go away. Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick! Now, now Roberta. Robarta, remember I talked about that uh, earning some extra money with a special job? Mr. Hardwick. Mrs. Hardwick. I didn't know that's what you had in mind for the special job. well, it'll earn you a lot of money. It'll pay quite well. All you have to do is watch. That's right. Take all his clothes off. You understand. Oh, Mr. Hardwick, you have a nice body. Ah, thank you, so do you. Let me see. Don't be afraid, don't be shy. Oh, it feels so good. Doesn't it? Is she wet? Are you ready Roberta? I think she's ready dear. Good. Oh, Mr. Hardwick. Oh, oh, umm, oh. We're gonna wash the car today. We've got to try, we need the money. Must be nobody home. What are we going to do? Knock, knock, knock. Let's wash the car anyway. We can't do that, he's not here. I don't know. Hey, cut it out. Come on get to work. You work on that side, I'll do the other side. Oh, alright. Yeah, let's get this car done quick, before Mr. Bradley gets home. You think Mr. Bradley will go for it? Well, Debbie said they all want it. I know Mr. Bradley looks at you like that. If Debbie can get forty for hers, I can get a hundred for mine. Well, at least between the two of us we ought to be able to. OK. I'm going to hose it down. Alright, good. I'll get out of the way. OK. Hey. Hey, cut it out. You're getting me all wet again. Aww. Ah, no, stop. Come on. Why are you girls washing the car in the rain? Oh, what's wrong? Well, we're waiting for the sun to come out. Listen you girls better get inside and dry off, huh? OK, we're going to change our clothes. Thanks, it's right here. Yeah, well uh, I think you ought to, uh, Oh, uh, I'm sorry. Oh, excuse me Mr. Bradley. Uh, no it's alright. Why don't you go in there and change. I think you're really soaking, soaking wet. Well why don't you girls go upstairs and change before you get pneumonia. You sure there isn't anything else we could do for you Mr. Bradley? Yes there is, but I uh, don't think you'd understand. You'd be surprised at what we understand. Mr. Bradley we're not just washing cars anymore. Well I really don't think you'd be into what I have in mind. You'd be surprised at what we're into Mr. Bradley. You're serious, aren't you? Oh yes. Oh, very serious. How can I be sure you aren't going to tell anybody? We wouldn't tell anybody Mr Bradley. Would we Annie? This is between you and us. If I ask you to undress, how much would it cost me? Mmm, ten dollars. We've never done anything like this before Mr. Bradley. You're our very first customer. How's that Mr. Bradley? Is that what you wanted? Yes, it's uh, beautiful. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Is there anything else we can do for you Mr. Bradley? I'll give you $25 if you let me kiss you all over. Yeah, that'd be fine Mr. Bradley. I, I mean really all over. That's OK. Mmm, you're so nice and wet. Mnn, I don't believe this. Do you know how long I've waited? For you. Mmm, this feels so good. Oh, you don't know what you're doing to me. You're driving me crazy. Oh, you're so wet. Oh my God, I think I hear my wife coming. Hey Donna, wait up. How about seeing me later. You know we haven't seen each other for almost a week. I really can't tonight. I have to work here til 5. And then I have a babysitting job. Donna, this is really getting crazy. I don't even get a chance to speak to you anymore. Call me later on tonight. Good afternoon Mr. Biddle. Well hello Donna, how are you today? Fine sir. Lovely day isn't it Donna? Yes it is Mr. Biddle. Donna, I understand you girls have formed a company. How's it coming along? Oh, everyone's coming fine. Do you think you will be able to raise the amount of money you need? I certainly hope so. We've added on a few new services, you know? Oh, what are they? This isn't exactly the place for details. But I can tell you that there's something for everybody. And everybody likes something. Well, sounds intriguing. You must keep me informed. Donna I have to go to the office now. Would you mind keeping an eye on things here? Yes sir. Thank you very much. Huh! Tim! Mr. Biddle's coming right back. You're not supposed to be here. Even if I'm so desperate for you I could jump off a bridge? Especially not in that condition. Oh come on baby. It feels like weeks since I've seen you. I'm going nuts. Mr. Biddle's coming right back. You know we don't have any time. Come on Donna,you gotta do something. Look at me. You need something? This isn't the place. Baby you got to do something. We've got the time. Ok, ok. You want me to show you what my girlfriends showed me? Sure. Anything. Oh baby you're beautiful. What have you and your friends been doing, babe? Oh, wait and see. God, this is a dream come true. I missed 4 passes yesterday. I couldn't take it. Oh baby. You're wonderful. Oh baby. What in the world? Tim! I want you to leave immediately. Get out of here this minute. Come back here. Come back here. You report to me in my office first thing in the morning. Young lady, this is outrageous. You come with me to my office. Right now. Yes Mr. Biddle. Please Mr. Biddle. Just don't tell my parents. Please. Please Mr. Biddle, please, please dont' tell my parents. I beg you please don't tell them. They'll kill me. I am really surprised at you Donna. You know the rules here. How could you so wantonly break them? I'm sorry Mr. Biddle. I didn't mean to break the rules. I swear to God I'll never do it again. Just don't, don't tell my parents. Your parents should know, they're the ones to deal with this. Alright stop crying. Stop crying, I won't tell your parents. I won't tell your parents. What you need young lady is a good spanking. Oh! I don't care, just don't tell my parents. And I'm just the one to give it to you. Come over here. Don't hurt me. please don't hurt me. Ow! Now just what is all this about this company you girls have formed? Please Mr. Biddle. What kind of services are you providing? Please just stop Mr. Biddle. You girls. I didn't do anything wrong. Ow. Whaa, I'll do anything you ask. Anything. What do you mean anything? Well, well, what would you like? What would I like? Try anything you like. Just please don't tell my parents. Do you mean it, anything? Yes Mr. Biddle, anything. Well. Are you sure? Yes Mr. Biddle What I've always wanted to do is pull off your skirt and take down your pants. Spank your bare bottom. That's OK Mr. Biddle. You serious? Yes Mr. Biddle. You alright? Yes Mr. Biddle. Whatever you say. Will that cost me very much? I'll leave that entirely up to you. Please, please. Well alright. Just don't hurt me Mr. Biddle. Please. Ow. Oh. OOh! Ow, ow, ow. Just don't hurt me Mr. Biddle. It's really not a bad idea, this company you girls have formed. Are we in trouble? What'd he say? Don't worry about it. I talked to him and everything's OK. Really? Yeah, he's really an alright guy. Well just don't worry about it. Be glad. Hey, You know, I guess I just don't know human nature. What can I say? She wears no underwear you say? Yep. She's sixteen. Pretty, and she'll definitely bud. Isn't that sort of dangerous? Don't worry about it Ashley. We'll work around it. It's gonna cost you though Ash. Well, I don't know. Oh, here she comes right now. You can see for yourself. Here are the towels you wanted. Um, should I quit for the day? Um one more thing Lisa. Thank you very much. Would you get me that clipboard over there by the phone? Sure thing. Uh, here's your clipboard Hamilton. Thanks Lisa. Can I leave now? Uh, no. Wait, first I'd like you to meet my friend Ashley. Ashley, Lisa And the services you perform. Hi Lisa. I was telling Ashley about you and your friends. Yea, tell me is there anything you girls don't do? Oh well you know we're good girls, and I think you know what I mean by that. But you know, whatever we can't give you, we make up in enthusiasm. Sounds good. Uh Lisa, Ashley and I will be finished with this game in just a few minutes. Would you bring us a few fresh towels and meet us in the locker room? Sure thing guys. Catch you later. You're going to have one hell of a night tonight Ashley. Yea. Yea, what do you say, let's head for the showers, huh? I tell you, these babes are really something. You got to see them. Sixteen years old. Built like this. Sounds good. Oh my God. Go ahead, stare honey. You'll have the time of your life. Oh Debbie. I've been craving you, oh. You know we can't go on like this, it's killing me. I mean can't we do something more? But Mr Greenfeld we girls promised ourselves that that we wouldn't spoil ourselves for our future husbands. You know that, but there are other things you can do that won't spoil you. Well I guess the other girls are more experienced in matters like that. Well, yea, yea look, I don't want the other girls. I want you. Look, I'll make you a deal. OK? I'll put up all the money for your trip to Texas. Ok? I'll also pay for your other girlfriend's hotel expenses If they don't have the money in two weeks. OK? But, what am I gonna have to do? Well, we'll work something out. It wel,I it'll be a surprise. Hello. Oh, hi Deb, how you been? Oh, you don't need me. Yea, I did it yesterday. It was a cinch, you know? Real fun, you ought to enjoy it. Oh, come on. You know, don't be scared, it's OK. It really is easy, gosh. But you know it'll cost for me too? Do you really think so? If you're sure. Anything for the old cause Catch you later, OK? Bye bye. How you girls doing today? The other girls are doing fine. What about you? I seem to be trailing behind. And why is that? I guess I just need more time. Hi, I'm Lisa. Hi Lisa. Yo, Tami and I are both in your teen services company, and she tells me that your interested in what we have to offer. What do you have to offer? Oh, anything. You mean you'll do anything I like? Not anything. Oh, but I'm sure we can work it out. Oh definitely we can work it out. Tami, go lock up. Alright. You mean I can have anything? Almost. What'll it cost me? Oh, we'll leave that up to you. Mr Greenfeld. I'm here, dressed as you wanted me. Debbie, this is Mr. Greenfeld. Please lock the doors and come up to the Mezzanine level. Uh huh. Mr. Greenfeld? Mr. Greenfeld? Mr. Greenfeld? Mr. Greenfeld, where are you? Debbie. Mr. Greenfeld! Yep, it is. Ha, ha, ha, ha Arrgh, Debbie. Debbie. Mr. Greenfeld. Debbie. Mr. Greenview. Debbie, ha, ha. Oh, ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be captain of the football team. But I was too small. But I had one thing that was big enough. My Mr. Greenfield, how big you are. I've always dreamed of being a quarterback. And making love to the captain of the cheerleaders.

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