Roark: Is something wrong, Ash? You have the first move.
Ash: Right... Sorry, Roark!
Byron: Getting the least little bit scared of my steely defense, are you, Ash?
Ash: Nah, not a bit!
Byron: Then make your attack! Come and get me, I dare you!
Ash: [thinking] Okay. Guess I’d better get things movin’. [aloud] Buizel, Water Gun, LET’S GO!

Meowth: Ain’t no place like this place, so this must be the place.
Jessie: And since we found it, we own it.
James: [as Team Rocket approach a sleeping Armaldo and Cradily] There are enough fossils to necessitate renting a row of restorers.
Armaldo: [awakens] Armaldo.
Cradily: [awakens] Cra.

Team Rocket gasps in shock.

James: That’s an animated Armaldo as well as a Cradily...
Meowth: Thinkin’ they’re fossils is silly!
Wobbuffet: Wob, Wob, Wob, Wob, Wob!

Ash: Time for my last Pokémon! Gliscor, I choose you! [sends in Gliscor]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Dawn: What’s he doing? If Ash wanted to attack from above, wouldn’t Staravia be better?
Piplup: Lup! (Yeah!)
Brock: Ash chose Gliscor after carefully considering Bastiodon’s moves. This is Gliscor’s first battle, so we should expect great things.

Ash: Gliscor, heads up!

Ash: [thinking] They’re both runnin’ out of gas. The next attack’s gonna decide the battle. [aloud] Gliscor, use X-Scissor, and attack it STRAIGHT on!

Roark: Bastiodon is unable to battle, and Gliscor’s the winner! The victory goes to Ash from Pallet Town!
Ash: [excited] All right, Gliscor, we did it!
Gliscor: Gliscor! [glomps Ash, giggling] Gliscor, Gliscor, Gli, Gliscor.
Dawn: That was great, Ash!
Piplup: Piplup!
Brock: Great how you considered Byron's and your Pokémon's type and played up Gliscor's strong points.
Ash: Thanks, Brock. But in the end, it was just Gliscor’s spunk. [to Gliscor] Not bad for a first Gym battle, Gliscor. Not bad at all.
Gliscor: [happily licks its face] Gli, Gliscor.

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