The Walking Dead
Days Gone Bye
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October 31st, 2010
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Opening Scene

A police car pulls up and Rick Grimes, a deputy, gets out of the car. He walks around amid overturned vehicles and trash laying everywhere. He holds a small fuel tank in his hand trying to look for some fuel. He walks past several vehicles where decomposing dead people sit in their cars with flies buzzing around them. He walks towards the gas station and sees that the sign says 'No Gas'. He starts to walk back towards his car but he hears some footsteps. He kneels down and looks under a car. He sees a small girl walking toward a teddy bear. She is in a night gown and some slippers. She picks it up and starts walking away from Rick.

Rick: Little girl? I'm a policeman. Little girl

She stops.

Rick: Don't be afraid,okay? Little girl

When she turns around, we see that she is a walker with missing parts of her cheek. She starts to shuffle towards Rick and groans. 

Rick: Oh my god

Before she can get to him, Rick draws his pistol and fires. The little girl is struck in the head and she falls down dead. Rick stares in shock.

Rick & Shane Eating Lunch

[theme music playing]

Earlier, Rick and Shane, another deputy, are sitting in their police car talking and eating.

Rick: What's the difference between men and women?

Shane: This a joke?

Rick: No,I'm serious

Shane: I never met a woman who knew how to turn off a light. They're born thinking in a switch, it only goes one way. On. They're struck blind the second they leave a room. I mean every woman, I ever let have a key... I swear to God. Come home, house all lit up, and my job, apparently because... because my chromosomes happen to be different cause I then gotta walk through that house, turn off every single light this chick left on

Rick: Is that right?

Shane: Yeah,baby. Mmm. Oh,reverend Shane is preaching to you,now,boy

Rick smiles.

Shane: The same chick, mind ya. She'll bitch about global warming. That's when Reverend Shane wants to quote from the Guy Gospel and say "Um, darling? maybe you, and every other pair of boobs on this planet just figured out that the light switch see, goes both ways, "maybe we wouldn't have so much global warming"

Rick: You say that?

Shane: Yeah. Anyway, uh... Polite version... Still man, that... that earns me this. This look and loathing you would not believe. And that's when the exorcist voice pops out. "You sound just like my damn father. Always, always yelling about the power bill, telling me to turn off the damn lights"

Rick: And what do you say to that?

Shane: You know what I wanna say. I wanna say, "Bitch, you mean to tell me you've been hearing this your entire life and you are still too damn stupid to learn how to turn off a switch? You know... I don't actually say that, tho

Rick: That would be bad

Shane: Right right. Yeah,I go with the--I go with the polite version there too

Rick: Very wise

Shane: Yes sir

Rick: Mmm-hmm

Shane: Well. So how's it with Lori,man?

Rick: She's good. She's good at turning off lights. Really good. I don't know why I sometimes forget

Shane: Not what I meant

Rick: We didn't have a great night

Shane: Hey,look,man,I may have failed to amuse with my sermon,but I did try. The least you can do is--is speak

Rick: That's what she always says: "Speak". "Speak". You'd think I was the most closed mouth son of a bitch you'd ever hear her telling

Shane: Do you express your thoughts? Do you share your feelings,that kind of stuff?

Rick: The thing is... lately whenever I try... everything I say makes her impatient, like she didn't want to hear it after all. It's like she's... pissed at me all the time, and I don't know why

Shane: Look,man. That's just shit couples go through. Yeah,It's a phase

Rick: The last thing she said this morning?

Shane: Mm?

Rick: Sometimes I wonder if you even care about us at all. She said that in front of our kid. Imagine going to school with that in your head. Difference between men and women? I would never say something that cruel to her. Certainly not in front of Carl

Before they can elaborate, they get a call about a high speed chase. 

Caller: All available units, high speed pursuit in progress Lincoln county units request local assistance. Highway 18 south GTAAD W217 243. Proceed with extreme caution

Shane puts the food in the dustbin as Rick drives the car.

Car Chase,Wreck & Rick Gets Shot

While driving, Shane & Rick are listening to the caller on their radio.

Caller: Suspects are two male Caucasians. Be advised, they have fired on police officers. One Lindon county officer is wounded

Caller: Unit 1 Unit 3, please. 18, 2 miles west of interstate 85 and we'll patch in Lindon County Sheriff radio 

Policeman: Roger that. We're 5 minutes out on the route 18 intersection

Rick stops the car and he & Shane gets out of the car. They set up spike strips to stop the felon when he drives by.

Policeman: Dispatch, Unit 1, Unit 3, we are 10-97 in code 100. Highway 18, 85 Interstate, please advice

They back up to the other deputies and get out of their cars to aim their guns. 

Policeman: Sounds like they're chasing those idiots up and down every back road we got

Leon: Hey, we'll get them on one of those video shows, you know, like World's craziest police chases, what do you think?

Rick: What I think, Leon, is that you need to stay focused. Make sure you got a round in the chamber and your safety off

Leon realizes he didn't do that and corrects his mistake.

Shane: Would be kinda cool,getting on one of them shows

Suddenly, the car comes down the road. It hits the spike strips dead on and ends up crashing after flipping multiple times.

Rick: Holy sh1t

The deputies aim all of their guns at the men inside the car. The driver's door opens and he comes out with a gun.

Policeman: Gun gun gun!

Rick: Put it down! Put the gun down!

But the man comes out firing. Several shots are exchanged and Rick is hit in the vest. The other deputies take him down.

Rick: Ah!

Another man comes out firing and they also take him down. Shane runs to Rick.

Shane: Rick!

Rick: I'm all right!

Shane: I saw you get tagged,man. That scared the hell out of me

Rick: Me too. That son of a bitch shot me. Can you believe that?

Shane: What? It catch you in your vest?

Rick: Yeah. Shane,you do not tell Lori that happened--ever. You understand? Ah!

Suddenly, a third man comes out and hits Rick in the shoulder with a shotgun. This time, Rick is actually hit and lies on the ground gasping for air.

Man: Police,move in!

Shane: Rick! Rick! No, no, no! Shh, shh, shh. No, no, no, no... He's hurt! Leon! You get that ambulance down here, you tell them there's an officer down, you do it now!

Shane stays with Rick to comfort him.

Shane: Shh, shh, shh, hey, you look at me, stay with me, you hear me? Shh, shh. okay. Shh, shh, stay with me, you hear me? Shh, shh, ok? You stay with me, ok?

Leon over radio: Dispatch,we have an officer down. Request paramedics,please respond. Highway 18 four miles west of I-85. Repeat,officer down. Request immediate response

Rick Wakes Up in Hospital

Rick sees Shane in the hospital.

Shane: Hey, bud... We're still here. We're still hanging in. Look, I'm sorry, man. I mean watching the same crap every time I come in here. Everybody pitched in on these. They uh... They wanted me to bring them down, they send their love and they just... They hope you come back real soon. Linda and Diane from dispatch, they picked these out. You probably could tell, huh? I'll just set this on your side table, ok?

Shane sits them on the drawer next to the bed. When he goes out of sight,Rick is hallucinating.

Rick: That vase has something special. Fess up. Did you steal it from your Grandma Gene's house? I hope you left her that spoon collection. Shane?

He looks over on the table and sees that the flowers are dead and dried out.

Rick: Shane,you in the john?

He pulls one off and it falls apart in his hands. Over on the wall, the clock has stopped at 2:16. Rick is confused and he decides to get out of the bed. He is very weak from not having any food or water as well as his injury. He falls out of the bed and onto the floor.

Rick: Nurse,help. Nurse,help

Rick calls for the nurse, but nobody answers. Rick gets up on his own and heads into the bathroom. He gets the water running and takes a long drink.Rick leaves his room and finds that the lights are flickering in the hallways. There are several overturned beds and papers laying everywhere. Rick shuffles down the hallways. He comes to a desk and picks up the phone, but he is unable to get a dial tone. In one of the bins, he finds a pack of matches. He picks it up and lights one to make sure it works. He continues to walk down the dark hallway and looks through a door. On the other side on the floor is a dead woman that is missing her abdomen and her entrails are hanging out of her stomach. Disgusted, Rick continues down the wall. He sees bullet holes and blood stains on the walls and walks toward a door that says, "Don't open, Dead Inside." When he approaches it, the door starts to push open but the lock and board that was placed on it prevents it from opening. Hands that look pale and dirty reach out to try to get at Rick, but he runs away from it. He tries to get inside the elevator, but it isn't working. He runs into the stairwell, but it is dark inside. He lights several matches and walks down.

Rick: Ah!

Rick finally reaches the bottom and goes outside into the light.As he walks down into the back parking lot, Rick sees hundreds of bodies that are all strewn across the parking lot. They have been wrapped in body bags and Rick is disgusted by the sight of the dead bodies and flies buzzing around them. Rick walks up an embankment where there is a helicopter, military tents and vehicles set up. The place has been destroyed and abandoned.

Bicycle Girl

Rick walks down a street and finds a bicycle. He picks it up and notices a mutilated corpse near it. When he moves the bike, the corpse actually turns on him. It's a dead woman that is missing her legs.

Rick: Ah. Ah. Oh shit

She crawls towards Rick, but he jumps on the bike and rides away.

Rick's Neighborhood

He reaches his house and starts running around yelling for Lori and Carl.

Rick: Lori. Lori! Carl. Carl! Shoot. Lori! Carl!

They are nowhere to be found and Rick falls onto the ground sobbing.

Rick: Lori! Carl

He starts to panic.

Rick: Is this real? Am I here?

He starts to smack himself.

Rick: Wake--wake up

He walks out onto the steps of his house and sits down in frustration. He has no idea how to take all of this in. He looks over and sees a man walking down the street. Rick stares at him, confused, and starts to motion for him to come over. Someone comes up behind Rick. He turns around to take a shovel to the face. Duane, a kid, has hit Rick.

Duane: Daddy! Daddy!

Rick: Carl. Carl. I found you

Rick calls Duane by the name of Carl thinking that it's his son.

Duane: Daddy,I got the sumbitch! I'm gonna smack him dead!

Morgan, Duane's father, runs over and shoots the other man in the street in the head.

Morgan: He say something? I thought I heard him say something

Duane: He called me Carl

Morgan: Son,you know they don't talk

Morgan notices the bandage.

Morgan: Hey,mister,what's that bandage for?

Rick: W--What?

Morgan: What kind of wound? You answer me,damn you. What's your wound?

Rick doesn't respond.

Morgan: You tell me...or I will kill you

Rick passes out.Rick wakes up in a house and sees Duane with a baseball bat.

Morgan: Got that bandaged changed now. It was pretty rank. What was the wound?

Rick: Gunshot

Morgan: Gunshot? What else? Anything?

Rick: Gunshot ain't enough?

Morgan: Look,I ask and you answer. That's common courtesy,right? (emphatically) Did you get bit?

Rick: Bit?

Morgan: Bit,chewed,maybe scratched--anything like that?

Rick: No,I got shot. Just shot as far as I know

Morgan: Hey. Just let me

Morgan feels his forehead.

Morgan: Feels cool enough. Fever would've killed you by now

Rick: I don't think I have one

Morgan: Be hard to miss

He pulls out a knife and shows it to him.

Morgan: Take a moment,look how sharp it is. You try anything,I will kill you with it. And don't you think I won't

Rick stays still and Morgan cuts him free.

Morgan: Come on out when you're able. Come on

Morgan and his son leave the room.Rick walks down the stairs to find Morgan and Duane getting their supper ready.

Rick: This place--Fred and Cindy Drake's?

Morgan: Never met them

Rick: I've been here. This is their place

Morgan: It was empty when we got here

Rick goes to peel the blankets on the windows back.

Morgan: Don't do that. They'll see the light. There's more of them out there than usual. I never should have fired that gun today. The sound draws them, now they're all over the street. Stupid... using a gun... It all happened so fast... I didn't think

Rick: You shot that man today

Morgan: Man?

Duane: It weren't no man

Morgan: What the hell was that out of your mouth just now?

Duane: It wasn't a man

Rick: You shot him in the street out front--a man

Morgan: Friend,you need glasses. It was a walker

Rick is confused.

Morgan: Come on. Sit down before you fall down. Here

Rick sits.

Duane: Daddy,blessing

Morgan: Yeah

All three hold hands.

Morgan: Father, we thank thee for this food... Thy blessings... We ask you to watch over us in these crazy days. Amen

Duane: Amen

They start eating.

Morgan: Hey,mister,you even know what's going on?

Rick: I woke up today in the hospital,came home and that's all I know

Morgan: But you know about the dead people,right?

Rick: Yeah,I saw a lot of that--out on the loading dock,piled in trucks

Morgan: No... Not the one's they put down... The one's they didn't. The walkers. Like the one I shot today. Cause he would have ripped into you. Try to eat you, take him some flesh at least. But I guess if this is the first you're hearing, I know how it must sound...

Rick: They're out there now? In the street?

Morgan: Yeah. They're even more active after dark sometimes. Maybe it's the cool air or... Hell, maybe it's just me firing up that gun today. But we'll be fine long as we stay quiet. Probably wander off by morning. Well, listen... One thing I do know... Don't you get bit! We saw your bandage and that's why we were afraid of. Bites kill you. The fever... burns you out. But then after a while... You come back

Duane: Seen it happen

Morgan: Come on

They continue eating quietly.After supper, Duane is sleeping next to his father.

Morgan: Carl--he your son? Well,you--you said his name today

Rick: He's a little younger than your boy

Morgan: And he's with his mother?

Rick: I hope so

Duane: Dad?

Morgan: Hey

Duane: Did you ask him?

Morgan: Your gun shot... We got a little bet going. My boy says you're a... bank robber...

Rick: Yeah... That's me. Deadly as Dillinger. Kapow. Sheriff's deputy

Morgan: Uh-huh

A car alarm outside starts going off. Morgan calms Duane down, who woke up in panic.

Morgan: Hey,It's okay. Daddy's here. It's nothing. One of them must've bumped a car

Rick: Are you sure?

Morgan: It happened once before. It went on for a few minutes. Get the light,Duane

They dim the lights and look outside. There are several of them walking around outside.

Morgan: It's the blue one on the street,the same one as last time. I think we're okay

Rick: That noise--won't it bring more of them?

Morgan: Nothing we can do about it now. Just have to wait them out till morning

Duane looks outside and sees a female walking close to the house.

Duane: (gasps) She's here

Morgan: Don't look. Get away from the windows. I said go. Go on

Duane starts to cry and Morgan comforts him. It's Duane's mother and Morgan's wife.

Morgan: Duane. Duane,quiet now. Come on. Quiet now. Shh shh

Rick walks towards the door and looks out the peephole.

Morgan: It's okay. Here. Cry into the pillow. Do you remember? Shh. Shh

The woman looks at the door in confusion and seems to be staring at Rick. She then starts to turn the doorknob left and right, but it doesn't open since it's shut. Rick sits next to Morgan.

Morgan: She, uh... She died in the other room, on that bed... Nothing I can do about it here... That fever, man... Her skin gave off heat like a furnace... Should have put her down, I should have put her down, I know that, but... You know what... I just didn't have it in me... She's the mother of my child

They look at the doorknob and it continues to turn left and right.The next morning, Rick, Morgan, and Duane gets out of the house.

Rick: Are we sure they're dead?

Morgan: You have to ask, just one more time. They're dead. Except for something in the brain. That's why it's gotta be the head

One of them is lying up against the fence post but gets up and starts walking towards Rick. He smashes it in the head several times with a baseball bat. He falls to the ground.

Morgan: You alright?

Rick: I need a momentThey enter Rick's house.

Rick: They're alive--my wife and son. At least they were when they left

Morgan: How can you know? By the look of this place--

Rick: I found empty drawers in the bedroom. They packed some clothes. Not a lot. But enough to travel

Morgan: You know anybody could've broken in here and stole them clothes,right?

Rick: You see the framed photos on the walls? Neither do I. Some random thief took those too, you think? My photo albums, family pictures, all gone

Morgan starts to sob. 

Morgan: Photo albums... My wife... Same thing... Here I am, packing survival gear, she's grabbing photo albums...

Duane: They're in Atlanta,I bet

Morgan: That's right

Rick: Why there?

Morgan: Refugee settle. Huge, when they said it, before the broadcast stopped. Military protection, food, shelter... They told people to go there. Said to be safest

Duane: Plus they got that disease place

Morgan: Center for Disease Control. Said they were working on how to solve this thing

Rick grabs a set of keys.

Sheriff's Station

They all enter the sheriff's office. They walk into the locker room and Rick turns on the shower.

Morgan: Gas and light have been down for maybe a month.

Rick: The station's got It's own propane system. Pilot's still on

The three men decide to enjoy a nice, hot shower. Rick shaves his beard off and they all get clean.

Duane: Whoo-hoo!

Morgan: Oh my lord

Duane: Hot water!

Morgan: Ah! That feels good,right?

Duane: Bring it around,bring it. Bring it,bring it,bring it around,uh! Yeah. I'm wet. Take that. What? Whoo!Rick: Duane. Dressing room back there

Rick hands Duane some clothes so he can change.

Morgan: What do you say,Duane?

Duane: Thank you

Morgan: Mm-hmm

Duane leaves the locker room.

Rick: Atlanta sounds like a good deal. Safer anyway--people

Morgan: That's where we were heading. Things got crazy. Man, you won't believe. The panic... Streets won't fit to be on, and then well... My wife... couldn't travel. No, not with our hurt, so we had to find a place to lay low. And then, after she died... We just stayed hunkered down. I guess we just froze in place

Rick: Plan to move on?

Morgan: Haven't worked up to it yetRick: A lot of It's gone missing

Duane: Daddy,can I learn to shoot? I'm old enough

Morgan: Hell yes you're going to learn. We gotta do it carefully, teach you to respect the weapon

Rick: hat's right. It's not a toy. You pull the trigger, you have to mean it. Always remember that, Duane

Duane: Yes sir

Morgan: Here. Load up

Rick hands Morgan a Remington 700 with a scope on the end.

Rick: You take that one. Nothing fancy. The scope's accurateThey get out of the police station and reach the police car.

Rick: Conserve your ammo. It goes faster than you think. Especially at target practice

Morgan: Duane

Duane: Uh-huh?

Morgan: Take this to the car

Duane: Okay

Rick: Are you sure you won't come along?

Morgan: A few more days. By then Duane will know how to shoot and I won't be so rusty

Rick gives Morgan a walkie-talkie.

Rick: You got one battery. I'll turn mine on, a few minutes every day at dawn. You get up there, that's how you find me

Morgan: You think ahead

Rick: Can't afford not to,not anymore

Morgan: Look, just one thing. They may not seem like much one at a time... but in a group all round up and hungry... Man you watch your ass

Rick: You too

Morgan: You're a good man,Rick. I hope you find your wife and son

Rick: Be seeing you,Duane. Take care of your old man

Duane: Yes sir

Before they can leave, Morgan looks over and sees Leon Basset, who is now a walker. 

Rick: Leon Basset? Didn't think much of him. Careless and dumb, but... can't leave him like this.

Morgan: You know they'll hear the shot

Rick: Let's not be here when they show up

Morgan: Let's go,son. Come on

Duane and Morgan runs to their car, while Rick approaches Leon. He pulls out his Colt Python and shoots him in the head, killing him. Morgan and Duane separate and head back to their house. Rick heads off in his sheriff's car.They are working. Morgan nails the door shut and smiles at his son.Rick walks around the location where he saw the legless walker. He starts to look for her.Morgan: Read your comic books awhile. Daddy'll be upstairsMorgan pulls out his photo albums and looks at several pictures of his wife, smiling. He hangs one of them on the wall and he takes the Remington 700 that Rick handed him.Rick walks and starts to follow a trail. He finds the woman still trying to crawl.Morgan whistles to one of the walkers and he fires at him. The sight is accurate and he nails it right in the head. The walkers hear the noise. Duane gets scared.

Duane: Daddy?

Morgan: It's all right,Duane! You stay there,son. Don't you come up here

Morgan shoots another one through the head and tries to look for his wife.

Morgan: Jenny. Come on,babyShe spots Rick and he kneels next to her. The woman tries to claw at Rick and wants to eat him.

Rick: I'm sorry this happened to you

He pulls out his Python and puts the legless woman out of her misery by shooting her in the head.Several of the walkers start to walk towards the house. Morgan finally spots his wife out in the crowd. He aims at her, but his wife looks right at the scope.

Morgan: Come on. Come on. Come on. Yeah

Morgan breaks down and can't bring himself to shoot his wife. He brings the rifle up again and stares at his wife. She turns around and starts to walk away from the house, but even with her back turned, Morgan still can't shoot her. He breaks down again.Rick leaves the dead legless walker.

Rick Drives to Atlanta

Later, Rick drives down the road and broadcasts on the radio over an emergency channel.

Rick: Broadcasting on emergency channel. We'll be approaching Atlanta on Highway 85. Anybody reads, please respond. Hello. Hello. Can anybody hear my voice? Anybody out there? Anybody hears me, please respond. Hello, can you hear my voice?The survival group hear Rick's message.

Rick: (over the radio) Hello. Hello. Can anybody hear my voice?

Amy answers Rick.

Amy: Hey. Hello?

Rick: (over the radio) Can you hear my voice?

Amy: Yes,I can hear you. You're coming through. Over

Rick: (over the radio) Anybody who reads, please respond. Broadcasting on emergency channel. We'll be approaching Atlanta on Highway 85. Anybody reads, please respond

Amy: We're just outside the city. Damn it. Hello? Hello? He couldn't hear me. I couldn't warn him

Dale: Try to raise him again. Come on,son,you know best how to work this thing

Shane comes over and tries to work the radio.

Shane: Hello, hello, is the person who calls still on the air? This is officer Shane Walsh, broadcasting a person unknown, please respond. He's gone

Lori and Carl Grimes are revealed to be alive and they also join the group.

Lori: There are others. It's not just us

Shane: We knew there would be,right? That's why we left the CB on

Lori: Lots of good it's been doing

Shane: Okay

Lori: And I've been saying for a week, we ought to put signs up on 85 to warn people away from the city

Amy: Folks got no idea what they're getting into

Shane: Well,we haven't had time

Lori: I think we need to make time

Shane: Yeah,that--that's a luxury we can't afford. We are surviving here. We are day to day

Dale: And who the hell would you propose we send?

Lori: I'll go. Give me a vehicle

Shane: Nobody goes anywhere alone. You know that

Lori: Yes sir

Lori goes away and her son follows her, but Shane holds him back.

Shane: Hey hey hey. Go on,take a seat,bud. You're all right. Go on. You're all right

Shane follows her.

Shane: What,are you pissed at me? You can be pissed at me all you want. It's not gonna change anythingLori enters and Shane follows her.

Shane: I'm not putting you in danger, okay? I'm not doing it for anything. I make you feel like sometimes you wanna slap me outside the head... I'll tell you what, girl. You feel that need, you go right ahead. I'm right here. You cannot walk off like that, all half-cocked. Look, if you don't wanna do it for my sake or for your sake, that's fine. But just... You do it for him. That boy has been through too much. And he's not losing his mother too, ok? Okay?

Lori: I'm a good mom

Shane: You tell me "okay." Hmm? It's not hard

They smiles at each other.

Shane: All right? Hey

Shane walks up to Lori and kisses her.

Carl: Mom?

Shane exits before he can see them kissing.

Shane: What's up,bud? She's in there. Go on

Lori: Hey. I don't want you to worry. Your mom is not going anywhere. Okay? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Go finish your chores

Carl: Okay

Rick Runs Out of Gas

Rick pulls the photograph that he has of his family off of the window. He starts to walk down the road to find some gasoline that he can use to continue his ride to Atlanta. He comes upon a house.

Farm House

Rick: Hello? Police officer out here. Can I borrow some gas? Hello? (knocks) Hello? Anybody home?

Rick looks inside and sees two dead bodies with flies buzzing around them. There is a message on the wall written in blood saying "God Forgive Us". Rick walks over to the truck that is sitting in the driveway, but there are no keys. Frustrated, he starts to walk back, but notices a horse. Rick walks toward it and coaxes it.

Rick Rides into Atlanta

Rick: Easy now, easy. I'm not gonna hurt you. Nothing like that. More like a proposal. Atlanta's just down the road ways. It's safe there. Food, shelter, people, other horses too, I bet. How's that sound?

Rick wraps the harness around the horse.

Rick: (softly) There we go. Good boy. Good boy. Good boy. Now come with me. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Good boy

He leads it out of the stable. Rick rides the horse down the fields.

Rick: Just go easy,okay? I haven't done this for years. Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa! Easy now. Easy,boy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Easy. Eas--whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa

Rick: Let's go

He eventually gets to the outskirts of Atlanta. One side of the highway is empty while the other side of the highway is packed with several cars that have been wrecked or abandoned. Rick continues to ride down the empty side of the highway to enter Atlanta.

Rick Enters the City

Rick rides into the city and along the streets. He sees that the streets are abandoned and there is trash everywhere. Rick leads the horse down the street where there are helicopters, cars, and even a tank wrecked along the road. Rick rides past a bus and some of the walkers see him. They get up and start to walk toward him. Rick doesn't panic.

Rick: Whoa. Steady. There's just a few. Nothing we can't outrun

Rick rides past them and goes to ride down the street.

Rick: Okay. Whoa whoa whoa

He looks up on the tank and sees a dead body that is being pecked at by crows. 

Helicopter Reflection

He rides past the tank and looks up in the air. He sees a helicopter fly past him. 

Rick: Hyah!

Rick starts to ride in the direction of the helicopter, but when he turns at the corner, there is a lot of walkers. 

All of them shuffle after Rick and he rides back down the street he came from. He then comes across another huge group of walkers. 

Rick: Oh shit

Rick struggles to get away but he's trapped. 

Rick: Oh god

Rick falls off the horse and starts to crawl away from it. 

Rick: Shoot

Some of the walkers eat the horse and Rick realizes that he has dropped his gun bag. He crawls underneath the tank while walkers still try to catch him. 

Rick: Oh god. Oh god

They crawl under the tank and Rick shoots some of them with his Colt Python.

Rick: Lori,Carl,I'm sorry

Rick prepares to use the last bullet on himself, but sees the hatch above him. He crawls up and shuts it.


He sits down and starts to breathe heavily. He then sees a dead soldier in the tank.

Rick: Oh...god

He takes the soldier's gun, but he's a walker. Rick uses the last bullet in his Python to shoot him through the head. The sound of the bullet in the enclosed space hurts Rick's ears and it takes him a minute to get his hearing back. 

Rick: Ah

He starts to crawl up to the top hatch and looks outside. He sees that the bag of guns is lying in the street way out of his reach. The rest of the walkers start to converge on the tank to get at him. Rick shuts the hatch before they can get him. Rick sits in the tank and seems very disheartened. He notices that the soldier's gun is loaded and thinks about taking his own life. Just then, the radio in the tank starts to make static sounds. A voice on the other end starts talking.

Glenn: (over the radio) Hey,you. Dumbass. Yeah,you in the tank. Are you cozy in there?

Rick realizes that he isn't alone.

Zombie Horde

Some of the walkers continue to eat the horse. Others are converging on the tank still trying to get at Rick inside the tank.

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