Teen Titans: Date With Destiny






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Killer Moth



Male Voice: Patience, my children. Soon you shall wreak the havoc you crave. Soon I shall have the power I deserve. Soon the entire city will bow down before its new master... Killer Moth! Hahahahahaha! Female voice: Daddy!! DAAAADDDDDYYYYY!!! Killer Moth: Daddy's working, Kitten. Can't this wait until... Kitten: No! He broke up with me. My stupid ex-boyfriend Fang broke with me! And now I don't have a date for the prom! (dramatic crying) Killer Moth: Uh... there, there. I'm sure you'll find another date. Kitten:(groans) Prom is tomorrow, daddy. I don't have time to find another date. So you're gonna find one for me! Killer Moth: Now, Kitten, be reasonable! You don't seriously expect me to... Kitten: And I don't want just anyone. I want someone handsome, and popular, and totally cool. Someone no other girl could get. Someone who'll drive Fang wild with jealously! I want... (shows Robin flipped on his motorcycle, put on his helmet, and drove into the camera. Screen turns to black. Theme song comes on...ends) (Back to Robin.) Robin: Range to target! Cyborg: (driving his car) Five hundred and closing. Should have a visual any... Starfire:(flying) There he is! Raven: (in car with Cyborg.) Correction. There it is. (Fang stole the jewels and shoot web-spit at Beast Boy) Beast Boy: Super-loogie?! (groans) (Fang spits at Cyborg's car windshield) Cyborg: I can't see! (Cyborg stopped the car and Robin got off his motorcycle chasing Fang)(Fang climbed up a skyscraper and Robin followed until Fang zap Robin with venom!) Robin: Ah! Can't...move! (Robin falls from building in his stiff position.) Starfire: Robin! (Starfire catches him and landed safely.) Starfire: He is okay? Cyborg: He will be. The venom's effect is only temporary. Robin:(grunts) Getting away...we have to...go after him! Whoa...(he falls forward, but Starfire got him.) Raven: You mean, we have to go after him. Cyborg: You need to chill till that stuff wears off. Robin: But... Beast Boy: Dude, we can handle it. The guy's got a spider for a head. Not like he's gonna be hard to find. (At the Titans' Tower, Starfire helped Robin get the venom out of him.) Robin: Ooh! Ouch! Youch! Ah! Starfire:Better? Robin: Ahh... much. Thanks. Starfire: I welcome you. There are few problems that Tamaranean acupressure will not solve. Robin: Now we can focus on solving our other problem. (Talking to his communicator) Titans! Any luck finding our jewel thief? Raven:(COM) We found something worse. (Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg are in the city full of moths!) Cyborg:Teen Titans! Go! Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Cyborg: Thanks for the lift, Raven!(He starts taking out his cannon and starts shooting the moths.) Boo-yah! Huh? (More moths appearing.) Cyborg:Uhhhh... we're gonna need backup. Robin: We're on our way. (Killer Moth appears on their tv.) Killer Moth:Don't bother. Even if you defeat a few of my children, you won't be able to stop me from releasing the entire swarm. Robin and Starfire: (gasps) Killer Moth: Unless you want your city reduced to a moth-eaten wasteland, you'll do exactly as I say. Robin: What do you want? Killer Moth: My demands are simple. The city will declare me ruler, the Teen Titans will surrender, and Robin... will you take this young lady to her junior prom. (Kitten appears on tv.) Kitten: Hi, Robbie-poo! (A record scratches to a stop. Robin looked shocked with his eye twitching.) Robin:Um... what was that last part again? Starfire: Robin, who is this girl? And why does she call you "poo?" Killer Moth: Her name is Kitten, and you will take her to prom! Starfire: (to Kitten) This prom is some manner of duel, yes? (takes off her glove and slaps Kitten in the face with it.) Robin eagerly accepts! Robin:It's not a duel,Star. It's a date. Starfire:(gasps in shocked) He does not accept! Do you hear? Robin does not accept! Oh! (Robin grabs her foot) Robin: We're going to need a minute. Starfire: Odium! Scandal! Atrocity! These demands must not be met! Clearly this demented madman has no idea with whom he is dealing! And if he believes... (Robin took out his communicator.) Robin: Cyborg, report. How bad is it? Cyborg: Bad! Can't hold him off much longer! If you're gonna do something, do it quick! Starfire: Out of his mind if he believes you would even consider such a distasteful... Robin: I have to do it. Stafire: (yells) WHAT?!? Robin: It's the only way to save the bridge. The only way to give us enough time to stop Killer Moth. Starfire: But, but, but... Robin: I have to, Starfire, no matter how much I don't want to. And I really don't want to. Killer Moth: Do we have a deal? Robin: I'll take the girl to the prom. Killer Moth: Don't tell me. (points to Kitten) Ask her. Robin: You gotta be... Killer Moth: DO IT!!! Robin: Kitten, was it? Kitten: Meow. Robin: (eye twitches) Right. Will you...go with me to the prom? Starfire: Grrrrrrrrr! (Turns on fire like a match.) Kitten: (gasps) Oh, Robbie-poo! I thought you'd never ask! (Meanwhile in the city....) Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!! Cyborg: There's too many! We're not gonna...( moths disappeared) make it? Beast Boy: Um... what just happened? Robin: (COM) I bought you some time. Killer Moth. He's controlling the mutant insects. Find him and stop him. Start your search with her. Raven:Who is she? Beast Boy:Huh? Starfire: She is a manipulative gremplork not worthy of Robin's time. Robin: Name's Kitten. She's got some kind of connection to Killer Moth. Find the connection, and I bet you'll find him. Starfire will join you to help with the search. Starfire: Hmph! Beast Boy: Hey, what about you? Aren't you gonna help us? Robin: I can't. I have a date. (Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy has question marks above their heads shocked.) (At night) (Robin drives his motorcycle to the prom and gets off the bike wearing his tuxedo.) Robin: Really hoping she doesn't show. (Robin turns around to think that was Kitten tapping his shoulder with her finger, but it was Starfire in a pink dress with sparkles and she looked beautiful!) Robin: (stunned) Starfire?! Starfire: On such occasions, I believe it is customary to wear a dead plant. Robin: Star... you're supposed to be helping the others track down Killer Moth. Starfire: Your orders were to investigate the girl. I intend to investigate her thoroughly. Besides you may require saving. This Kitten is perhaps some form of ooze monster in disguise. She certainly is ugly like a monster, yes? (A pink limo shows up. Out came Kitten with a plain pink dress.) Kitten: Yoo-hoo! Robbie-poo! Your Kitten has arrived! Me-ow! (Robin and Starfire has shocked faces with their mouths wide open.) Robin: Second thought, maybe I will need saving. Kitten: Oh, Robin! My date! Robin! Don't you look handsome! (whispers) Compliment me on my dress. Robin: No. Kitten: (whispers) Do it or else! Robin: Nice dress. Kitten: (gasps) Oh, Robin! You're such a gentleman! Not at all like my worthless ex-boyfriend FANG! Now take my arm, lead me in and would it kill you to smile? (Robin makes a weird smile) Robin: Maybe. (Starfire was angry she hit the pink limo.) Kitten: Ask me to dance. Robin: I don't dance. Kitten: Come on, Robbie-poo. You've never, ever danced before? Robin: Tried it once. Didn't like it. Kitten: Fine! Then I can have the whole city destroyed...or...we can just skip straight to the kissing. Robin: Wanna dance? Kitten: Oh, Robin, of course I'd love to dance with you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Starfire was shocked and mad like crazy her eyes made the bowl of punch bubble) Male Guest: Um... could we have some punch? Robin: Okay. That's over. Kitten: Ooh, goody! Another slow dance! Robin: Ow! Kitten: From now on, Robbie-poo, this'll always be our song. Robin:(whispers) Please tell me you guys have found Killer Moth! Cyborg:(whispers) Not yet. But we tracked down your girlfriend's home address. Robin: She's not my... Beast Boy: Ah! Whoa... Raven: Well that's not suspicious. Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven: Found him. Killer Moth: Yes, you've found me, but you'll soon be wishing you hadn't. Rahhhhhhhhhhhh! Kitten: Kiss me. Robin: Sorry. I don't like you that way. Matter of fact, I just don't like you. Starfire: (whisper to herself) Yes! Kitten: (screams) WHAT?!? Robin: Killer Moth's being taken down as we speak. We're done here. Kitten: No, we are not! Daddy's not calling the shots tonight, Robbie-poo. I am! Robin: Daddy? Kitten: And unless you want me to let those nasty bugs out for a late-night snack...you better pucker up! Starfire: (gasps) Robin: Not even if you paid me. Kitten: (gasps) Fang? Robin: That's your boyfriend?! (Fang appears) Fang: Get your hands off my girl! (Starfire shot a starbolt at Fang) Starfire: Keep your legs off my boy! Robin, are you injured? Robin: Best I've felt all day. (Robin was wearing his superhero outfit the whole time.) Kitten: Fangie-poo! You really do care! Fang: Let's never fight again, baby. (Fang showed the jewels to Kitten.) Kitten:(gasps) Oh, Fang! (Kitten kissed Fang the spider head man.) Robin: You know... you two make a really bad couple. (Fang vs. Robin) (Meanwhile in Killer Moth's house...) Beast Boy: For a weirdo who lives in his basement, this guy's pretty tough. (Meanwhile back at the prom....) Robin:Huh? (Fang keeps fighting Robin) Kitten: Ooh! Isn't romantic? They're fighting over me! Starfire: They are not fighting over you! Kitten: Yah! Starfire: Ah! (They're having a food fight.) Kitten: Ahh! Starfire:Rahhhhhhhhhhh! Kitten: (screaming) (Starfire put Kitten into a chocolate cake.) Kitten: (gasps) YOU...RUINED....MY...DRESS!!!!(She presses the red button!) (At the house..) Cyborg: (to Killer Moth) Start talking! How do you control the...moths!! Beast Boy: Run! Raven: We can't let them escape. Seal the exits! (At the prom) Robin: Consider yourself dumped. (Robin breaks the red button with his foot.) Kitten:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (The moths turned into worms.) Beast Boy: Okay.... Kitten: Nobody dumps Kitten! Nobody! You're going to pay for this, Robbie-poo! YOU'RE GOING TO PAAAYYY!! Cyborg: So, no second date? Beast Boy: You know...now that nobody's making 'em all mutate-y these worms might actually make good pets. Raven: Don't even think about it. Robin: Okay, well...sorry we pretty much ruined your prom. Male Guest: Are you kidding? This was the best prom ever! Female Guest: Even if I still can't move my legs! Robin: Yeah. That'll wear off. Annoucer: And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the king and queen of this year's prom are...Robin and Starfire! Robin: I guess one more dance wouldn't kill me.

(Ending of Transcript)

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