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This is a list of transcripts from the Nickelodeon show: Danny Phantom.

  • ❌ marks an episode with not enough content.
  • 🔶 marks an incomplete episode.
  • 🔵 marks an episode that is decently formatted but not fully formatted.


Season 1

Season 2

1. Memory Blank [incomplete]
2. Doctor's Disorders [incomplete]
3. Pirate Radio [incomplete]
4-5. Reign Storm
6. Identity Crisis [incomplete]
7. Fenton Menace [incomplete]
8-9. Ultimate Enemy [incomplete]
10. The Fright Before Christmas [incomplete]
11. Secret Weapons [incomplete]
12. Flirting With Disaster [incomplete]
13. Micro Management [incomplete]
14. Beauty Marked [incomplete]
15. King Tuck [incomplete]
16. Masters of All Time [incomplete]
17. Kindred Spirits
18. Double Cross My Heart [incomplete]
19-20. Reality Trip [incomplete]

Season 3

1. Eye for an Eye [blank/empty]
2. Infinite Realms [blank/empty]
3. Girls' Night Out [blank/empty]
4. Torrent of Terror [blank/empty]
5. Forever Phantom
6. Urban Jungle
7. Livin' Large
8. Boxed Up Fury
9. Frightmare
10. Claw of the Wild [not fully formatted]
11. D-Stabilized
12-13. Phantom Planet

Video Game & Others

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