• Cyborg: Don't do anything, don't touch anything! Sci-fi Rule number one: You start messing with the past, you end up with monkeys ruling the future! From the future, coming through!
  • Cyborg: Monkeys or not, it's about time someone went Bronze Age on your butt!
  • Cyborg: Sarasim...if this doesn't go well, there's something I need to tell you. Something I should've said before.
    Sarasim: [after kissing him] You already have.
  • Raven: [after Cyborg commenting on working on the toaster] Evil beware. We have waffles.
  • Sarasim: To arms! Prepare for battle!
    Cyborg: Wait! Your armor!
    Sarasim: A true warrior doesn't need armor.
  • Cyborg: (looking at his battery): 7%. Not much, but it's good enough. Sarasim, there's something you need to know: Krall. He's behind everything. The attacks, my being here, all of it.
  • Cyborg: The village! It's under attack! [grabs Raven] They need me!
    Raven: It was kind of a one-way deal.
  • Krall: I may have failed you as a hero, but I will triumph as your conqueror!
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