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Follow That Monkey! Curious George: Royal Monkey
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I don't know, George. Is it too windy for flying a kite? Thinking that's a yes. George? George! Hi. You're right, George. It's awesome. You want to fly it yourself? And regretting this in three, two, one. George! Hey. Hi. You feel safe with your feet on the ground - Where everything's predictable - George, come down from there! So many possibilities passing you by Well, drop your things And look up to the sky Sorry about that. My monkey got carried away. - 'Cause when you're up for anything - George! - That's not safe! - You reach higher You take your worries and say goodbye When you're up for anything - You live open and free - Sorry about that. So come on, come on with me - I guess you never heard it before - Hi. - George! - But nothing is impossible Sometimes you got to give it another try But dig deep and put your fears aside 'Cause when you're up for anything you reach higher - Begging your pardon. Have a nice day! - You take your worries and say goodbye When you're up for anything You live open and free So come on, come on with me, yeah You can wait for life to bring you - All your hopes and dreams - Bye. - Wrapped in a bow - Yikes! I won't tell you what to do No - But happiness is out there - My bad. And how much you can grab is up to you It's up to you George, the park is no place to fly a kite. 'Cause when you're up for anything you reach higher You take your worries and say goodbye When you're up for anything You live open and free So come on, come on When you're up for anything you reach higher You take your worries and say goodbye When you're up for anything you live open and free... Okay, now you gotta go a little to the left. Now to the right. No! George, that was very, very, very... not good. When will you learn caution, George? Forget about "no" and "yes" and "banana." You need to learn the word "caution." How about the word "lawsuit?" I'm so sorry. Here's my contact information. My insurance company and dry cleaner are on the back. I... There you go. Yes, one for you, too. It'll come out. I promise. Come along, George. Bye! Okay, George. I need you to wait here while I get cleaned up. And please... no more surprises. The time for adventure is over. George? I'll be right there. Hi. George? Come down from there. But he's havin' so much fun. Yes, but he shouldn't be... Who are you? I've come to see a man about a monkey. Let me guess. Yellow hat, yellow suit, look of deep distress. You must be Ted, which means that must be... Hello. Hello, George. It's an honor to meet you. Hal Houston from GSA, the Global Space Agency. And this is my tactical assistant, Andrew. - Hello. - Hi. We've had our eye on George for some time. - Look, if we owe you for any damage... - Oh, no, no. Nothing like that. We want George for a very important mission. A space mission. Yes, you! Hop aboard. Did you know the first astronauts were monkeys? They went boldly where no man has gone before. They were heroes. How would you like to be one of them? So, what is this mission? I'm glad you asked. Andrew? Welcome to majestic Central Africa. Oops. As I was saying, majestic Central Africa! This is where you came from, George. Lately it's been getting a lot of rain, causing rivers to overflow. And do you know what that means? Andrew. That's right, flooding. To help control the flooding, we created a device about as big as your hand, which we call the Regional We put it in our satellite, and with the satellite... we can control the distribution of water. We call it Project Stop Flooding. The problem is... and this is the embarrassing part. Our satellite containing the RDS has failed and can't be fixed. And without it... Andrew. Oh, boy. More flooding. Yes, George. The flooding is very bad for the animals and the land. That's why we need a brave monkey to go up in space and get that RDS, so we can install it... Here in our new Ground Communications Tower in Africa. Right on the Louis Leakey Dam. We're not taking a chance on putting it directly in a space satellite again. Why can't you just put another RDS in that tower and not go to space? It's custom-built! It would take forever to create a new one. So what do you say, George? Can we count on ya? No! No! I mean... No kidding, that's a valuable mission, but why not send a human? The human-size rockets have all been moved to museums. But I tracked down a monkey capsule in mint condition. Thanks for the offer, Mr. Houston, but I don't think it's a good idea. I'm sorry, George. Not everyone loves adventure like we do. Let's go, Andrew. Hey. Wait. I didn't say no, exactly. Are you sure this is safe? Why, it's as safe as flying a kite! Okay, George. But only if you complete the training without a hitch. Let's get you in training! Let's go Oh, yeah Well, let's say you're caught up in a bind Well, I've got the perfect guy in mind He sees things a different way A stumble here and there, but things are okay At first glance you just might have your doubts But this guy he always works it out Stays tough and saves the day 'Cause giving up ain't in his DNA Yeah, he might be a little strange But he'll help you, yes, he can Yeah, he's only just your ordinary superman - He can help you, yes he can - Yes, he can He's your ordinary superman He's so cool you wanna be like him Nonstop and never givin' in Head first and steely-eyed When things are down he's always lookin' upside He might take a different route than you But he's got a different point of view Leaves most folks scratchin' their heads If only they would listen to what I said That he might be a little strange But he'll help you, yes, he can Yeah, he's only just your ordinary superman He can help you, yes, he can Yes, he can, he's your ordinary superman - He can help you, yes, he can - Baby, yes, he can He's your ordinary superman - Yeah! Yeah! - He's just a superman... George! George, I now certify you space-ready. What do you say, Ted? I say... Congratulations, George. You've got the right stuff. I'm gonna miss you, George. Be careful up there. I can't go with you, George, but I brought you something to keep you company. I love you, too. And I'll be right here waiting for you. Good luck on your mission, Space Monkey George. Relax, Ted. Everything's gonna be fine. Are you sure? Yes! I personally reviewed and accounted for all aspects of this mission. Trust me, nothing will go wrong. Andrew, let's get the party started. Space Monkey George, are you ready for launch? T minus five... four, three, two, one. Liftoff! The capsule will auto dock with the satellite in five... four... three... two... one. Capsule has successfully docked with the satellite. Yeah! Space Monkey George, proceed. Good luck, George. Okay, George. Now just the way you practiced. - Yeah! - He has the RDS in his possession! Hug it up, Teddy boy! People... Andrew, do something! George, the RDS! You've lost the RDS! Go get it, George! He did it! That's my George. Nice work, Space Monkey George. We're bringing you home. Activating capsule return. And that's lunch. We're celebrating. Come on, George. You can join us. We call it celestial slime. Astronauts love it. Or you can check the bag I hid behind your seat. Peanut butter and banana, his favorite. I hope you don't mind. No problem. It's my favorite, too. Take five, George. You deserve it. Should George be doing that? Ted, stop worrying and relax. The mission's accomplished. What could happen now? I've lost control. - Houston, we have a problem! - What? Capsule is in freefall. Freefall? That's not good! Right? Technically, that's not good. Yahoo! Save my monkey! Eject, George! Hit the red button! George? The red button! Eject! Hit the red button! Emergency ejection enabled. Ejection. - He ejected! - That's great! Now what? Now we go get him. Where are we going? Central Africa. Of course! Don't worry, Ted. I'll find our monkey. I'm not worried. I'm coming with you. Hello? Hello? So what's the plan? Let's take a look at the surrounding area. Andrew. - Welcome to majestic Central... - Let's not. Where's George? Last report had George over the Lotta Watta Falls. We're pretty sure he's within a 500-mile radius. - 500-mile radius? - You mean circumference. I'm pretty sure it's radius. Circumference goes around the circle. - Definitely circumference. - Hold on. Five hundred miles of anything is really big. Have you ever found an astronaut before? We've never lost one before. But we have five teams out looking. Now you've got six. Ted? - Where are you going? - To find my monkey. Circumference? Radius. Yeah. Excuse me. I need a pilot and a plane. No tours today. Pilot out sick. There must be someone who can fly. Listen, friend. I told you. We don't have any pilots available. Hey. Global Space Agency? Are you an astronaut? Oh, that. It's a long story. You guys know more about piloting than anyone. You can take the plane yourself. - No, you don't understand. - And if you want to get into the air today, you'll need to fly it. Flying an airplane... how hard can it be? It's like a car, except you drive in the air where you can fall and... What am I thinking? I can't do this! That wasn't so hard. I'm in the air. And I'm heading for a tree! Trees all look alike. Except for that one with the parachute on it. Parachute? Yes! "Reduce throttle. Gently touch the water." Simple. Oh, no. Look out! Come in, Mr. Plane Rental Man. I have the funniest story to tell ya. Or not. Okay. Got map. And subway tokens. All right. Everything's under control. Here I go. I've got to find George. The jungle is no place for a monkey. Everything's so different How'd you end up here Reach out and grab it Let your worries disappear 'Cause it's a once in a lifetime opportunity Is waitin' straight ahead That's what I said And if you fall down and skin your knee Well, you get back up again Roll with the changes Take a few chances now and then Make every moment count And you just might have the time of your life Welcome to paradise Hey, you, you're missing out on all the fun Just take it easy seems you're always on the run Slow it down Take in the scenery and give into the magic of the day That's what I say Woke up to sunshine Now it's pouring rain No guarantees, enjoy it all the same I'm telling you, it's all how you take it Grab those lemons and you make some lemonade You got it made And if you fall down and skin your knee Well, you get back up again Roll with the changes Take a few chances now and then Make every moment count And you just might have the time of your life Welcome to paradise Everything's so different It's all so strange Reach out and grab it Roll with the change And if you fall down and skin your knee Well, you get back up again Roll with the changes Take a few chances now and then Make every moment count And you just might have the time of your life Welcome to paradise To paradise To paradise Goodnight, George, wherever you are. Team 5. Come in, Team 5. - Sir. - Not now, Andrew. I'm trying to contact Team 5. You're speaking into your hot dog. They're very good, by the way. Team 5, anything yet? No sign of the monkey or the capsule. I'm tired of waiting around, Andrew. There's an old saying... "If you want something done right, do it yourself." This is Search Command One. We're heading out. Hot dog. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can't take this! I just want my monkey so I can go home! George? Thank goodness I've found you! I was so worried about you. That is the last time you go into outer space and crash-land on Earth, you hear me? I missed you so much, George. Now, let's go home. You know the problem with maps? They only work if you know where you are. They should invent a map to help you know where you are on the map. Okay, I'm thinking the river is here. What do you think, George? George? We're lost in Central Africa. We need to work on getting home. Ta-da! Things around here could be dangerous, George. You need to exercise a little caution. What I mean is that you need to be more careful. You're a curious little monkey, and I know you like to play, but from now on I want you to stick by me, okay? George? George! George! George? What did I say about caution? Those are wild elephants. I'm sure they are nice, but so's a city bus until it runs over you. This is my serious voice now... I want you to come down this minute. I am not getting on that big smelly thing! Bye. Now I want you to promise me, George, no more adventures. You got it? You can't just go around wherever you like in a jungle. You need to watch yourself. Now I'm pretty sure if we go this way, we'll reach the river. And when we get to a village, they'll call Mr. Houston for us. We'll be home before you can say "banana." Right, George? George? Oh, no. Remember? Caution? George! Where are you? What did I just say? No! No, no! Bad George! Now, let's go. You need to learn that I'm the grown-up and you're the monkey. Monkeys do what grown-ups say. That's how it's gonna be from now on. No more Mr. Nice Man With The Yellow Hat. I'm putting my foot down! Oh, boy. What's all that growling? Help! Please! Get me down. That gorilla wants to eat me for dinner! Don't be a worrywart. He's a vegetarian. Well, except for a bug or two. Right, Seymour? - You... You know him? - I rescued him. I run this animal preserve. Kulinda, Naja P. Doctor. He helps me catch poachers like you. Animal preserve? Poachers? No, this is a terrible mistake. I'm not a poacher. I'm a museum director. Right. And that's your city monkey? It's true! Tell her, George. This... this is just a big misunderstanding. It's really quite funny. Come on, little fellow. Let's get you home. You like the hat? Seymour, bring him. Tree branch ahead. I wonder if you could watch the head. Okay, we'll work on that. Have some fruit, little monkey. I'll be down in a minute. George. George, I shouldn't have blown my top. I guess even big people can be wrong sometimes. You know what I was really wrong about? You're not bad, George. You're the best George in the whole world. I'm so sorry. Forgive me? Buddy. What's gotten into you two? Come here, little monkey. Look, Dr. Kulinda... Don't try to form a bond with me by using my name. Call me... Dr. African Scientist Worker Lady. Okay, Dr. Worker... African Scientist. African Scientist Doctor Lady. This can all be cleared up. I just need one phone call. Gonna lawyer up? Well, forget it, pal. The phones are out. I see you've met Strich. She likes bananas. Is there any way of communicating with the outside world? 'Fraid not. Unless you poached some pigeons, too. All the phones went out the day they shot up that rocket for the Project Stop Flooding. Hey. You know about that? That was George's mission. Wait a minute. You're the monkey astronaut we've been hearing about? That's right. And I'm with George. I did hear that astronaut was friends with some big city bozo with a yellow hat. That's me! I should have figured it out. How many ridiculous hats like yours are there in the world? I know, exactly! What? Why didn't you say so earlier? Seymour, untie him. No! Okay, Seymour, remember that... Watch the head thing! Okay. Gettin' a little better. Anything, Andrew? Not yet, sir. The map shows Kulinda Animal Preserve is within range. Maybe it's worth a flyover. I think it's highly unlikely that George would have gotten that far. Well, it's just... Well, you never know and... Well, I've heard Doctor Kulinda's tree house is so cool and awesome. Well, if George made it to this area, I'd bet he'd go there. All right, fan-boy. We'll give it a flyby. Yes! Sorry about the mix-up, Ted. We appreciate what you are trying to do. The river flooding seems worse each year. Hey, buddy. You did your best. Dr. Lady Scientist? Now that I know you're not completely despicable, you can call me Naja. Okay. Naja. So, there's nothing we can do to fix the communications? Nothing. What? What is it, George? I do hear something. Like a helicopter? Mr. Houston, come in. Come in, Mister Houston. We've had a sighting of a monkey in a spacesuit. Where is he? A small village 30 miles east of the Big River. I'm on my way! What did I tell ya, Andrew? I knew I'd find our monkey. Good job, sir. It's turned around. Wait! Wait! It's gone. We're stranded. I want to go home to my city, where it's nice and safe, and my dry cleaner expects me every Monday. Get your hat on. Before you get all misty-eye about your dry cleaned life, you should see something first. Looks like you made a new friend, George. There's a place where the air is clean The trees are towering, the grass is green And the sun smiles down Feel the power and embrace the call Take it in before it's all gone - Here's your chance - Hi. Grab it now And the dreams you long for Can all be found right here It's the beautiful wild So full of strength and majesty It's the beautiful wild Lift up your heart Open your eyes and see Every inch out here is so alive Where the hidden and the strong survive It's the way it's always been Yeah New experiences everywhere Just look closer, can you see it there? The surprises never end And the more you see The more you're left in awe Yeah! It's the beautiful wild Lift up your heart Open your eyes and see This does kind of grow on you. - Ya think? - Yeah. That was fun. Kind of... Exciting, yeah. Yes, I guess so. Well, that explains why our communications are out. The antenna on the dam has been knocked down. But they'll fix it soon. Can't live without our cell phones. I wonder how that could have happened. Hey, is there any chance that's the tower where the RDS is supposed to go? It sure is. What is it, George? - The space capsule! - Let me see. Oh, not good. It's across the Forsaken Ravine. You think the RDS is still on board the capsule? You want us to go get it? I don't know, George. You heard what Dr. Kulinda said earlier. She used words like "ravine" and "forsaken." He's right. I don't think you can get across. George, you heard the doctor. They'll fix the cell tower, we'll call Houston, and then you'll finish the mission. Good day. Andrew, tell 'em we're looking for a monkey in a spacesuit. We are looking for a monkey in a spacesuit. Not in English. We speak English. Well done, Andrew. Have you seen the monkey? You're not my monkey! And I don't suppose you're going to be able to tell me where you found that suit? Well, Andrew, back to our search. Sir, you better take a look at this. There's a category 5 storm approaching. One, two, three, four, five. That's a lot of categories. Better have the search team return to base. Us, too. What about Ted and George? Oh, this is not good. I did not need a storm now, Andrew. I did not need this storm. George, what's going on? - That's some storm. - Rain's coming. Better get prepared. - I see. Is it gonna flood? - I hope not. Gee, I wish we could let Mr. Houston know about the capsule right now. I do, too. There's a good chance the rain will wash it away. But then the RDS could get destroyed. That could be the end of Project Stop Flooding. I'm afraid so, Ted. No. Now, I'm sorry, George. I know you want to get the RDS, but you know it's impossible. Well, it's very dangerous. But maybe not impossible. No, it's not a good idea. No, we're not going. You agree with me, right? Don't ask my opinion. You don't want to hear it. Okay. Let's give it a shot. Good luck. I wish I could go with you, but I have to stay here and take care of the animals. Hopefully, the old bridge is still there. And hopefully, it's still passable. Almost got it. Here we go. Bye! Careful with that map, George. That's what's keeping this adventure from becoming a bad-venture. I just thought of that. Strich? What are you doing here? Well... guess this is where we get out. Oh, no. Come on. Come on, everyone. I don't believe it. We made it to the capsule. We almost made it to the capsule. Sorry, George. I know you really wanted to get there. George... I don't think that bridge is safe. I don't think it's on the same continent as safe. Oh, boy. George, this is nuts! Don't look down, Ted. In fact, don't look anywhere. Sweet. I got the hang of this adventure thing. Follow me, George. Crocodile! Perhaps you haven't noticed! I'm not a monkey! Oh, boy. Monkey see, monkey do! Yes! Looks good as new. The radio still works? This is our ticket home, George! Let's see. There must be a switch. Hello. Can anyone hear me? Other than those lion cubs? George, don't you know if there's cubs, that probably means there's a mama? Or papa? Let's get out of here. What are you doing, George? We don't want him to follow us. Oh, you're saving the lion. Hang on, lion! Nice job, George. Now I think it's our turn to get rescued. All this waiting, Andrew. I want an ETA and I want it now! Sir, the hot chocolate will be ready in five minutes. I can live with that. This is Ted calling for Mr. Houston. Please, come in. Ted, Hal Houston here! He's there! Mr. Houston. I found George. We got him! That's astonishing, Ted! And we retrieved the RDS from the capsule. Holy Canaveral! You're heroes. Can you come get us? You'll have to sit tight. We can't get to you until after the storm. There may be flooding. Oh, no. - Sir? - Not now, Andrew. But, sir, if Ted and George could get to the satellite tower and install the RDS, that could stop the flooding. Andrew, that's the most ridiculous thing I... Actually, it would. Well, that's a tall order. What do you say, boys? Quite an ambitious plan. But I've already crossed half a jungle, swung on a vine and faced down a lion, so... What's another many-mile jaunt through wild animals and hostile terrain? We picked the right crew for this job. Bring 'em home, Andrew. I've locked on your signal and I know where you are. Go down the ravine to the Big River. Go up the river to Louis Leakey Dam. The satellite tower is on top. You can't miss it. Ravine, Big River, tower. Got it! I'll tell the dam you're on your way. Good luck. And take care of that RDS. Team 6 is on it. The RDS! Oh, George, wait! I'm a vine-swinging rookie, remember? You mean me? Up there? Oh, boy. We've got him now. I read somewhere that animals are as afraid of us as we are of them. Which means he's very, very afraid. No, George. You just sent him packing. Oh, hi! You make the best friends, George. Well, the good news is we have the RDS back. The bad news is I have no idea where we are. Looks like an old log flume. What? The log flume? Good idea, George. It should lead us to the river. We'll be okay, Strich. You can go on home. - Thanks for your help! - Bye! - We have to be getting close. - Hey! Thanks. I think... Yes! Look! The Big River! Oh, no! Does this thing come with brakes? Oh, no! We're going the wrong way! Oh, boy. What are we gonna do? Hey, George, that's my plane. We got this. Oh, yeah! Bye! Oh, no. The pontoon is loose! George, you're gonna have to take the control. Sure, if I can fly a plane, you can. Just go straight, and when I say to, pull back on that steering wheel thing. Better pull up, George. Pull up, pull up, pull up, pull up! Oh, no. Well, nothing we can do now. Nice work, pilot. I'll take it from here. There's Leakey Dam and the tower. Right, George. The dock. We just have to set down... with only one pontoon. Okay, lean left. All right, George! Hey! We were expecting you! - We need to get to your satellite tower. - There's no way up in this rain. Not a problem. We've got George. Oh, this doesn't look good. It was a good try. After all this. Let's go inside. You know something, George? I think this may be one of those times we throw caution to the wind. What is he doing? George? You ready to go fly a kite? Good luck, Space Monkey George. Yeah! George! That's some monkey. Is that what I think it is? Project Stop Flooding activated. The water's receding! That was amazing, George. I'll go on an adventure with you any time. Space Monkey George, I present you with this hero's medal. - Don't think we forgot you, Ted. - For me? - Yup. - Really? Congratulations! Ted, George, a gift. Next time you won't need a kite. Oh, my. Yeah!

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