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My Hero Academia
Create Those Ultimate Moves
Create Those Ultimate Moves
Air Date
7/14/2018 (JP)
6/1/2019 (US)
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Takoba Municipal Beach Park
All Might Young Midoriya, I... am effectively retired. My body cannot fight anymore. The last embers of One For All have gone out, and I can't really keep my muscle form anymore. But even so, every single time, you rush out no matter what I tell you! No matter how many times I tell you, you keep destroying your body! That's why, this time...! Young Midoriya. Listen. I'm officially retired as a pro. It's clear now that my body won't allow me to fight another battle. The last sparks of One For All have left me. And my muscle form won't last for any significant amount of time. I can't protect you when you put yourself in danger now. And you're always rushing in to try and help, no matter what I tell you. Destroying your body, over and over. Yet back there, you managed to...
Midoriya [Cringes away from an expected blow] [Cringes away from an expected blow]
All Might When you got out of a predicament for the first time without getting injured, I was so happy. From here on out, I will devote myself to raising you. Let's keep... working hard together. Rescue your friend without being injured or getting into a fight. I'm so proud of you. From here on out, I will devote myself to training you. You're stuck with me. So let's keep working hard together.
Midoriya [Crying] All... All Might, I... [Crying] Thank you. Nothing would make me happier, All Might.
Midoriya's bedroom at Heights Alliance 1-A
Midoriya [Sitting up suddenly from sleep] All Might...! Huh...? This... Oh yeah, I'm not at home... [Sitting up suddenly from sleep] I'll do my best! Wait. This isn't... Oh, right. I'm in the dorm now.
Shared bathroom at Heights Alliance 1-A
Ida [Brushing his teeth, notices Midoriya enter, turns and waves hello] [Brushing his teeth, notices Midoriya enter, turns and waves hello]
Midoriya [Waves to Ida] Morning.

[Narrating] After being attacked twice by the League of Villains, U.A. High School thought to protect its students by switching to an all-dorm system. A five-minute walk from U.A. school grounds, on the third day after moving into the student dorm, Heights Alliance, our new lives begin as we devote our days to becoming heroes.

[Waves to Ida] Good morning.

[Narrating] After being attacked by the League of Villains twice in one school year, UA brought its students to live on campus in order to keep us safe. Our dorm, Heights Alliance, was a five-minute walk from the main school building. Things were a little strange at first, but once we finally settled into our new home, we returned to normal coursework and our goal of becoming heroes.

Midoriya standing outside of the main school building
Midoriya I will definitely become one. Since I inherited from All Might... his will and One For All! [Narrating] I will definitely be a pro one day. Because of what I inherited from All Might. Not just One For All, but his spirit, too!
Title screen: "Create Those Ultimate Moves"
Class 1-A Classroom
Aizawa I believe I mentioned this yesterday, but for now, Class 1-A of the hero course will be focusing on getting their provisional licences. I believe I mentioned this already, but your main focus this summer is obtaining provisional hero licences.
Class 1-A Students Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
Aizawa A hero license brings with it the great responsibility of human life. Of course, the exam to receive one is very difficult. Even the provisional license has only a 50% passing rate each year. Do not take this lightly. A hero license means that you're responsible for human lives. You can imagine that the exam to receive one is very difficult. Only 50% of students pass the tests required for these permits each year.
Mineta Just the provisional license is that hard? It's that hard to get a provisional license?
Aizawa That's why today, we will have each of you come up with at least two...

[Cementoss, Midnight and Ectoplasm appear in the doorway]

... ultimate moves.

In order to prepare, today you'll concentrate on creating something new.

[Cementoss, Midnight and Ectoplasm appear in the doorway]

Two ultimate moves.

Kaminari, Kirishima Ultimate moves?! Ultimate moves?!
Kaminari, Ashido It's like a real school thing and yet-- An exam is a normal school thing.
Kirishima, Sero It's like a super normal hero thing! But this is total hero work!
Ectoplasm "Ultimate"! This means that this move will give you a sure win! When we say 'ultimate', we mean a move that will ensure you win against your opponent.
Cementoss A move so ingrained into your body that others cannot copy it. Battle means seeing how much you can force what you're good at on your opponent. An action so unique to your identity that no other person can hope to copy it. Simply put, you must learn to lean into your strengths.
Midnight Your moves will represent you. These days, pro heroes without ultimate moves are an endangered species. Your moves represent who you are. These days, most pro heroes have an ultimate move. Those who don't are fools.
Aizawa We will tell you more as we go along. We want to proceed logically. Change into your costumes and meet in Gym Gamma. This may sound abstract, but we'll explain more as the day goes on. For now, change into your costumes and meet in Gym Gamma.
Gym Gamma
Aizawa Gym Gamma, also known as the "Training Dining Land," or TDL. Gym Gamma, also known at the Academy as the 'Training Dining Land', or TDL.
Ashido, Uraraka, Midoriya Huh? Huh?
Midoriya [Narrating] TDL might make a certain mouse mad at us...! [Narrating] First the USJ, and now this?
Cementoss [Raising structures from the ground with his Quirk] I came up with the idea for these facilities. Terrain and other things can be prepared specifically for each student. That's what the 'dining' part refers to. [Raising structures from the ground with his Quirk] This facility was my idea. We can prepare unique terrains and obstacles for each student here. Here you will learn to serve up justice, hence the name.
Kaminari I see... That's pretty cool.
Ida [Raises hand] Please allow me to ask a question! Why must we have ultimate moves for our provisional licensing exam? Please tell me your reasoning! [Raises hand] Please allow me a question. What is the advantage of having ultimate moves for our provisional exam? May we know your reasoning?!
Aizawa I'll tell you everything in order. Calm down. The job of a hero is to save people from danger, like crimes, accidents, natural disasters and man-made disasters. The exam to become one naturally looks at how well you are able to do that. Your ability to gather information, make decisions, move and fight, in addition to your ability to communicate, draw people to you and lead-- Every year, a different test is used to look at how well you are able to do these things. That's two questions. Calm down. The job of a hero is to save people from all sorts of dangers. Crime, accidents, and natural or man-made disasters. Of course, the licensing exam analyses how well you're able to deal with such things. It won't just be fighting. Your ability to gather information and make quick decisions will be judged. In addition to how well you communicate, cooperate, and lead others. Every year a new test is used to evaluate these qualities.
Midnight Of those, your ability to fight is especially important to your futures as heroes. If you are prepared, you won't have to worry. Whether or not you have an ultimate move will greatly affect whether or not you pass. One thing is especially important. If you want to be a pro hero, you must be able to prevail in battle. If you're prepared, you won't have to worry. And those of you with an ultimate move will have stronger results.
Cementoss Not being influenced by circumstances and being able to act consistently will make you a great asset on the front lines. Your circumstances should not dictate the results of your future battles. Learn to be consistent and you will be a great asset on the front lines.
Ectoplasm Your ultimate moves do not necessarily need to be of the attacking type. For example, Iida's Reciproburst-- Your ultimate move doesn't necessarily have to be an attack. Take Ida's Reciproburst, for example.
Ida [Gasps] [Gasps]
Ectoplasm The temporary burst of speed is enough of a threat to be worth calling an ultimate move. This sort of temporary boost in speed is valuable enough that it falls into the category of excellence we're looking for.
Ida [Gasps, trembling] So that's good enough to be called an ultimate move? [Gasps, trembling] You mean I've been doing an ultimate move all along?
Sato I see... So we need to find something that allows us to feel like: "As long as I do this, I have the advantage. I can win." So, it's basically our secret weapon. Something that gives us the edge so we can win no matter who or what we're facing.
Midnight [Winks] Exactly! Kamui Woods, who played a big part in the fight the other day, has a move called Lacquered Chain Prison that is the perfect example of an ultimate move. It restrains his opponents before they can do anything. [Winks] There's a smart boy. For example, how Kamui Woods is able to use his Lacquered Chain Prison to capture opponents in an instant. That's exactly what we want to see.
Aizawa The training camp was cancelled, but the training you did to develop your Quirks was part of the process to create your ultimate moves.

[Cementoss raises the ground into large platforms with his Quirk]

In other words, until the beginning of the next semester,

[Ectoplasm jumps into the air, sending clones of himself flying in different directions]

for the ten days or so until the end of summer vacation, you'll be working out your ultimate moves as you develop your Quirks. You'll be doing intensive training! In addition, you should think about how you can improve your costumes to work better with your developing Quirks. Get through this with a 'Plus Ultra' mentality. Are you ready?

The training camp was interrupted. But the practice you did get in to develop your Quirks was part of the process needed to create these defining abilities.

[Cementoss raises the ground into large platforms with his Quirk]

Now that you're caught up, you'll be working hard to develop powerful moves of your own for the next ten days or so.

[Ectoplasm jumps into the air, sending clones of himself flying in different directions]

This is how you will spend the remainder of your summer vacation. Prepare for intensive training. In addition, you should think about how you can improve your costumes, especially now that you have a better understanding of your Quirks. I expect each of you to go Plus Ultra. Do you have it in you?

Class 1-A Students Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
Kaminari I'm getting excited! I am so charged up for this.
Deku posing over a white background
Deku [Narrating] What's my move?
Various scenes of students training in the TDL against Ectoplasm clones
Ojiro [Grunts as Ectoplasm takes him down]
Ectoplasm clone It's obvious you're relying too much on your tail. Let's re-examine the basics of how you fight.
Ojiro Yes, sir.

[Internally] But, my tail is my power! Aww...

Ashido Ultimate move! Shooting acid from my hands... Super geyser!

[Produces a small, gushing spray]

What do you think?

Ectoplasm clone If you're going to go that route, make a nozzle with your fingers to increase aim and reach. Yes, like that. Go!
Ashido [Produces a violent jet]

Oh, crap! I'm totally awesome!

Ectoplasm clone Now let's focus on increasing the potency of your acid.
Ectoplasm clone Two creations at the same time. You may start with something simple.
Yaoyorozu Yes, sir!

[Crosses arms, producing staffs from either elbow]

Cut to Deku watching everyone train
Midoriya [Internally] Everyone's making headway...
Ectoplasm clone [Tries to kick Deku in the head, Deku ducks]

Why are you staring off into space?

Midoriya Oh, um... About the moves we're coming up with... See, if I put too much power into my arms then I won't be able to use them anymore. I'll break them, so I don't know what a special attack of mine would even look like.
Ectoplasm clone Hmm... It's true that your Quirk is interesting... Not exactly one that we'd call 'consistent'. If you don't have a fixed attack style yet, then let's focus on developing your power.
Midoriya Yes, sir.
Cut to Mr. Aizawa watching everyone train
All Might Everyone's working hard, huh?
Aizawa All Might...
All Might [Dejected] Yeah, I am here...

[Transforms into Muscle Form, giving a thumbs up and an awkward grin]

Because I have the day off and I don't have anything else to do...! Ha...

Aizawa Will you please focus on recuperating and lesson planning?
All Might [Transforms out of Muscle Form]

Hey, why the cold reception? They're working their big moves now, right? There's no way I can miss being here for this... I'm still a U.A. teacher, you know.

[Internally] Young Midoriya, looks like you're having trouble.

Bakugo [Explosions everywhere, using Explosive Speed to fly]

Now you explode!

[Triggers a point-blank explosion in his Ectoplasm clone's face]

Ectoplasm clone [Groans and dissipates]
Bakugo It's been a while since I was able to really let loose... Ectoplasm! I killed him! Gimme another one!
All Might That boy is incredible...
Aizawa Yes... And he'll get even stronger in the future.
Bakugo [Dashes in against the new Ectoplasm clone, grinning and creating explosions in his palms]
Uraraka [Looking unwell, floating upside down and watching Bakugo]

Woah... Look at that! Bakugo's going hardcore!

Sato [Eating cake] I bet he's got a tonne of ideas for his special moves already!
Hakagure He's been planning this stuff since the entrance exam!
Uraraka [Flailing in mid-air] Woah! Whoops!
Ectoplasm clone Focus!
Uraraka Yes, sir!
Mineta Just in case anyone was wondering I've been working on Grape Rush since I was a kid!
Kaminari [With child-like glee] I mean we've all thought about it before, right?! I used to imagine wielding a lightning sword!

[Blushing] I'm getting hyped up just thinking about doing something that cool in real life!

Midoriya [Internally] How can I fight with these damaged arms?
All Might Hey!
Midoriya [Turns around, shocked] What are you doing here?
All Might I've come with advice! Think for yourself. You're still trying to imitate me!
Midoriya Oh! I guess I... didn't...
All Might Yo! Young Kirishima!
Kirishima [Grinning] Hey, All Might!
All Might I've got some wisdom to lay down on you.

[Walks down to join Kirishima]

So, instead of going for small tricks with your hardening, trying being a bulldozer.

Kirishima Yes, sir.
All Might [Internally] I wouldn't be a good teacher if I just gave you the answers. Use that clever head on your shoulders. There's no right or wrong here. What's important is that you realise your full potential on your own.

Young Jiro! Listen up. I have a few things that might help you.

Aizawa He's suddenly good at this?

[Sees a book in All Might's back pocket: 'Even Dummies Can Be Teachers! Easy Education Theory']

[Is annoyed]

Cut to later in the day, Midoriya is walking down a school corridor towards the Development Studio
Aizawa [Narration] Regarding your costume improvements, once you've figured out if anything needs to change, head to the Development Studio here. Get the experts to help you out and give suggestions. They'll know what to do.
Midoriya [Staring up at the studio doors]
All Might [In a flashback] Think for yourself. You're still trying to imitate me!
Midoriya [Sulking] I don't really get why that's a bad thing. But I know I have to do something about this! They have to have some kind of brace to reinforce my arms here. I've got to train my body so I can wield One For All at maximum power. And I need to figure out a way to use my Quirk in my ultimate move... Otherwise, I'll fall behind everyone else!

[Looks up with conviction] That's not going to happen! I have to make it to the top! And achieve my dream!

Iida Ah, I see! You're focusing on making your own body float!
Uraraka Mm-hmm!

[Grips her bicep]

If I increase my mobility I can use the martial arts I learned from my internship even more! What are you doing?

Iida [Raising a finger] It's quite simple. I want to reduce Recipro's drawbacks. I plan on asking the Development Studio to improve my radiator.
Uraraka [Looking up at Iida affectionately, looks forward and is surprised] Oh... Hey, there, Deku!

[Runs forwards energetically while Iida looks on, confused] I was just wondering where you were!

Iida [Angry] Don't run in the halls!
Uraraka [Ignores Iida] You here for costume improvements, too?
Midoriya [Looks up, surprised] Oh, Uraraka!

[Is blown away from the door by an explosion]

Uraraka [Looks on, stunned]
Iida, Uraraka [Gasp, horrified]
Hatsume Ooh, ow ow ow ow owww!
Power Loader [Clears his throat] You know, you shouldn't try to mix everything you can find in the lab together like that.
Hatsume [Giggling dangerously] Hmm... Failure is the mother of invention, Mr. Power Loader! Thomas Edison said something like that once...

[Coughs through the smoke] Even if something I make doesn't work like I've envisioned it, that doesn't mean it's a waste of time!

Power Loader [Annoyed] You almost blew up the entire Design Studio!
Uraraka [Looks even more horrified]
Power Loader Will you please open your ears and listen to me for once?! Hatsume!
Hatsume [Comfortably perched on top of Midoriya, smiles down at him] Hey! When did you get here?
Midoriya [Rouses and looks down at Hatsume's breasts squishes against him]

[Freaks out like the Devil is eating him]

Uraraka [Internally, freaking out] Boobs!
Mid-episode break
Hatsume [Now standing in the studio doorway] Oh, sorry about the sudden explosion. It's been a while, huh? Class 1-A, right? Ahh... Yeah, I forgot all your names already.
Midoriya [Blushing, playing with his hands and looking away] Um... I-zuku... Midoriya...
Uraraka [Looking on at Midoriya, clearly very unsettled]
Iida [Angrily, chopping the air with his hand] I'm Tenya Iida, the man you tricked into being a walking advertisement during the sports festival!
Hatsume [Oblivious, with glee] Never heard o' ya!

[Turns on her heel]

Iida, Uraraka, Midoriya [Turn, shocked, to stare at her, Iida even more angry]
Hatsume Well, I'm busy developing new babies so bye-yyyy!
Midoriya [Running after her] Oh, wait a second, please! I wanted to ask Mr. Power Loader about improving some elements of my costume?
Hatsume [Blushing, excited] W-w-what?!

[Jumps right into Midoriya's face, Midoriya freaks out] You can count me in!

Power Loader Hatsume!
Hatsume [Snaps out of her excitement] Huh?
Power Loader It's fine for you to be in and out of the studio all day since you're in the dorms. But if you stop following my instructions and keep running wild in here...

[Narrows his eyes] You're banned.

Hatsume [Depressed]
Midoriya [Nervously] Um, hello...
Power Loader I heard from Eraser Head you're here to upgrade those costumes for your new moves, yes? Come in.
Uraraka, Iida [Look happily at each other]
Uraraka [Playing with a drill]
Iida [Looking shocked]
Midoriya [Happily impressed] Ooh! This looks like a top-secret lab!
Power Loader Now, hand over your instructions, please. They should've been with the case your costume was delivered in. I have a license to make costumes, so I'm allowed to do some mild tinkering with those that were made out-of-house. For small changes and repairs, I can simply report what I altered to the design company. They'll do the paperwork for me. But for major changes, we'll have to fill out an application and ask the design professionals to make the adjustments for us. After that's completed, the government will make sure the new costume meets certain standards. When approved, it'll be sent back here.
Hatsume [Reading through an instruction manual and getting more and more excited]
Power Loader And we work with the best design agencies available. So there's usually just a three day turnaround.
Midoriya Uh, well... I was wondering if there was a way I could reduce the strain on the ligaments in my arms. Is that hard? Or possible?
Power Loader Hmm, let's see... Midoriya! You mainly fight with your fists and your fingers.

[Typing on his computer]

In that case, I should be able to do something for you pretty fast.

Midoriya, Uraraka [Smile happily]
Uraraka [Pumping her hand in front of Midoriya] Deku! That's awesome!
Midoriya [Nodding] Yeah!

[Startles, looks down hesitantly]

[Sees Hatsume fondling him and freaks out]

Hatsume [Feeling up Midoriya] Yes, yes, I see the problem.
Uraraka [Becoming more and more distressed] H-Hatsume... What are you doing to him?
Hatsume [Lasciviously] I'm feeling out his muscles. Oh my, your body's much more muscly than it looks.
Midoriya [Shrieking]
Hatsume [Giggling dangerously] Don't you worry, I've got just what you need.
Midoriya [Is kitted out in a suit of heavy power armour]
Hatsume My very special baby. The power suit!
Midoriya [Worriedly] Okay...
Uraraka [Is unhappy]
Hatsume [Proudly] This high-tech darling can read muscle contractions and support your movements. Meet my baby number 49!


Midoriya [Smiling nervously] Um, but I really just need support for my arms...
Hatsume Program start!
Midoriya [Surprised] Holy, whoa! This thing is amazing!

[Freaks out as it continues to twist his abdomen to the right] Wait! No, I take it back. My spine! It's twisting me in half!

[Screaming] Oh god, I'm gonna die!

Uraraka [Freaking out] Are you okay?
Hatsume [Calmly] End program. Looks like I made a mistake or two in the limit calculations.

[Blushing] That's my bad.

Uraraka Oh my gosh, are you hurt?!
Midoriya [Grimly] I came in asking for some kind of arm brace and instead my body almost got pretzeled!
Hatsume Now that I think about it, I could use this suit as a capture item...
Iida [Sidles over to Power Loader, keeping a suspicious eye on Hatsume]

[Whispering] Sir, I was wondering if you could improve the cooling devices in my legs.

Hatsume [Appears behind Iida] If that's what you're in the market for, try this baby on!
Iida [Is suddenly in a pair of gauntlets with rocket exhausts on them] How?!
Midoriya, Uraraka [Sweating, sneaking out of the studio]
Hatsume It's an electric booster for radiators that can coolify anything that gives off heat!

[Thumbs up] Sweet baby number 36.

Iida [Angrily] Hatsume, there's nothing wrong with my boosters! And why my arms?!
Hatsume [Talking over him] Booster, go. [Pressed a button on a remote]
Iida [Is propelled up to the ceiling by rockets in the gauntlets] Hey!
Midoriya, Uraraka Iida!
Iida [Is on the ground, with the boosters removed] My Quirk is in my legs, you madwoman.
Hatsume [Laughing] Yeah, I know. But you don't understand. Come on! It's so brilliant! If you're wanting to cool down your legs... then why don't you just run with your arms instead?
Midoriya [Gasps]
Power Loader Stop messing around!
Iida What in the world are you talking about?!
Power Loader [Swings a punch at Hatsume]
Hatsume [Displeased] Violent!
Midoriya [Having an epiphany]
All Might [Flashback-voice] You're still trying to imitate me!
Midoriya [Gasps] Hold on. Maybe...
Hatsume [Walking away]
Power Loader [Sighs] Sorry guys. I'm trying to get her to look past her own devices.
Iida [Angry and dejected] I'm not sure that'll ever happen.
Uraraka [Nodding] Same.
Power Loader [Looking across to where Hatsume is grinning and working on something else] But you know, if you are all aspiring to be heroes then you should treasure your relationship with her.

[Narrows his eyes while watching Hatsume] You'll need her once you've been made pros. Look in the corner. That pile of junk? Those are all the support items Hatsume's made since starting school here. She's always inventing, even when school's not in session. I've seen many support course students in my career, but I tell you, this girl is something special.

Midoriya She made all of this in such a short time? That's nuts.
Hatsume [Giggling and humming a tune while working]
Power Loader Common sense is a collection of prejudices acquired by age 18. That's something Einstein said. That girl is unafraid of failure. Constantly thinking of new ideas and trying them out. Innovators are people who don't feel chained down by existing concepts.
Midoriya [Gasps and scratches his head]
All Might [Yeah, another flashback] Think for yourself. You're still trying to imitate me!
Midoriya [Freaking out, holding his head while seeing flashbacks of himself and All Might fighting over the show so far, with increasing emphasis on punches]


Gran Torino [Flashback] But your admiration for All Might...
Midoriya I think I get it! It's so simple!
Hatsume [Flashback] Why don't you just run with your arms instead?
Midoriya [Gasps as the screen shatters behind him]

[Joyously] I understand! Iida!

Iida [Looks around cautiously]

[Backs away hurriedly as Deku charges him]

Midoriya Please, there's so much I want you to teach me!

(Like what is a leg and how does it work)

Iida [Alarmed] Uh, wait, what are you talking about? You want my help with your training?! We haven't made any progress on our costumes yet!
Midoriya [Backing up] Oh! That's right.
Uraraka Woah! Your face totally lit up just now!
Midoriya [Embarrassed, scratching his cheek] I was just realising something.

Oh, I never asked, are you changing part of your costume?

Uraraka [Happily] A little... I don't wanna feel sick anymore.
Hatsume [Appears behind Uraraka - this is actually her real Quirk] Oh, you don't say.
Uraraka, Midoriya [Freak out and jump away]
Hatsume [Offers a literal barrel to them] In that case, you've gotta try this out!
Uraraka Why do I feel like it's about to explode?!
Hatsume [Advancing slowly with the barrel while the trio back away]

Just handle this baby with care, or...

[Smoke starts venting violently from the barrel]

Uraraka What is that?! Smoke?!
Iida, Midoriya You'll kill us!
Hatsume [Standing untouched after an explosion which hurls the trio out through the doors]

[Laughing] Work in progress.

Midoriya [Narrating] As the days passed, our training to create our ultimate moves continued.
Shots of Todoroki producing fire and ice simultaneously, Sero firing continuous tape from both elbows, Shoji branching his tentacles, Kirishima pounding away at a concrete block with hardened arms, Asui camouflaging slightly against the ground, Kaminari flirting unsuccessfully with Hatsume in the studio with an exasperated Kirishima looking on, Jiro trying on a new wrist-mounted conal speaker support item with Power Loader, Mineta making a string of his balls, Sato eating cake at a ridiculous pace, Iida running at high speed and Uraraka holding in her vomit while floating
Shot of the school building, captioned 'Four Days Later'
All Might Aizawa! How are things progressing?
Aizawa [Unimpressed] You're back again? We're getting there.
Midoriya [Walking down a hallway, fiddling with his gloves and looking irritated]
Mineta Hey Midoriya! Did you switch your costume up?
Midoriya Yeah! I got braces added that reduce the strain on my arms.
Mineta You missed a solid chance to change your entire design. It's so boring!
Midoriya [Smiling with a hand on his heart] Hmm. I like it.
Flashback to his mum giving him his original suit
Mama Inko Congratulations! I'm so proud you got into U.A.!
Back to reality
Midoriya I don't wanna change the base. At least not much.
Cut to TDL
Tokoyami Now. Onto me, Dark Shadow.
Dark Shadow Right!

[Encompasses Tokoyami's body with its own]

Midnight [Gives a thumbs up]
Tokoyami By covering myself with Dark Shadow, my strength is enhanced. I'm better at close combat. I call it: Abyssal Black Body!
Midnight Is that hard to say? It's important that it's easy to call out!
Dark Shadow [Nodding] Got it!
Aizawa Some of them have finally solidified their fighting styles. And there are those already putting together multiple special moves.
Bakugo [Cups one fist over an open palm] Not from my entire hand, but a blast from a single, concentrated point! AP Shot!

[Fires a blast wave that tears apart a concrete block]

[Grinning, laughing triumphantly] Ha ha! I did it!

All Might No surprise that young Bakugo is doing well. As usual...
Aizawa Uh huh.
The eviscerated block cracks, a large chunk falling directly towards an unsuspecting All Might
Bakugo [Panicking] Hey, watch out!
Aizawa [Panicking, rushing forwards with his straps]
All Might [Gasps as he notices]
Midoriya [Gasps and leaps forwards, One For All sparking around him]
All Might [Smiles contentedly as he sees Deku in action, remembering him when he first met him]
Midoriya SMASH!

[Kicks the concrete block to pieces]

All Might [Grinning maniacally]
Midoriya [Internally] All Might's signature moves usually involve his fists. Since I inherited One For All from him, I've tried to do the same thing – copying his every technique.
Bakugo [Staring at Deku, shocked]
Midoriya [Internally] That's where I went wrong.

[Skidding to a halt as he lands in front of All Might and Aizawa]

[Internally] It's so obvious that I didn't even realise it!

[Smoke pouring from the vents in his new iron shoes as One For All: Full Cowling dissipates from his body]

[Internally] If I'm worried about my arms, then I'll use my legs. One For All: Full Cowling: Shoot Style!

All Might You did it, kid!
Midoriya Here's the preview!

Using my legs instead of my arms is the key to my new way of fighting. One For All, Full Cowling: Shoot Style! Together with Costume Gamma, that Hatsume made for me, I'm finally ready for the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam! If I can just pass this test, then I can participate in hero work, taking me one step closer to my dream of becoming a pro.

Next time, 'The Test'.

Shiketsu High School, Ketsubutsu Academy... we've got some fearsome rivals.

Go beyond! Plus Ultra!

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