• Beast Boy: That's your computer? Then what's this?
    Cyborg: My System Recharger. And speaking of, I could use a little juice. [prepares to plug in]
    Beast Boy: Wait!! I-I think the Recharger might have a -
    Cyborg: [plugs in, gets electrified] VIRUUUUUUUUUS!!

  • Robin: Cyborg, there's something wrong with you. Please let us help.
    Cyborg: You bet there's something wrong! [In his mind's eye, Robin turns into a T-bone steak] We need gravy! AND PLENTY OF IT!! [Robin is shocked as Cyborg tries to eat him, but Raven and Starfire stops him]

  • Cyborg: PIIIIEEEE!!!! HOT WINGS!!! Oh yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! [bursts through wall]
  • Starfire: The injection was successful?
    Robin: I... Think so. Gizmo, report! Are you inside Cyborg?
    Gizmo: Oh, I'm inside him, all right. But I'm not in his brain--I'm in his butt.
  • Gizmo: You cludgeheads have any idea how long it's going to take me to get from this tin can's can up to his brain?!

  • Robin: Take it easy, Cyborg. It's us.
    Raven: We're here to take you home.
    Starfire: You remember who we are, yes?
    [All three turn into fried eggs before Cyborg's eyes]
    Cyborg: [weeping] You're the nasty egg people who stole all my waffles!!

  • Endzone Virus: Scanning, scanning. Anti-viral program: obsolete. Threat: minor. Deletion: imminent. (...) Scanning. Single-cell microorganism. Threat: zero. Deletion: imminent.

  • Endzone Virus: Single-cell organism. Mental capacity: zero. Programming ability: zero. Mathematical aptitude: zero.
    Beast Boy: You know, this cell may stink at math - but I can still multiply!

  • Cyborg: Ooh! You know what'd be fun? Lets all go out for waffles! Raaaaaven, you like waffles, don't you?
    Raven: More than life itself.

  • Cyborg: What happened? (groans painfully) My stomach--it feels like I ate a tire! (burps loudly)
    Raven: That's a distinct possibility.

  • Gizmo: No stinkin' way! I'm not fixing that overgrown bucket of robo-scrunge, and there's not a thing that you grot-sniffers could ever do or say that'll make me... (Gizmo tries to leave, but Raven appears in front of him, and takes off her hood, revealing an evil looking monster face from Gizmo's viewpoint; Gizmo turns back, looking very shaken) I'll help...
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