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Cracking Knuckles
Clash!! Sonic Vs Knuckles
New World

Air Date
5/4/2003 (JP)
9/4/2003 (US)
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Theme song "SONIC DRIVE" plays.
An alley.
It is nighttime. Knuckles is sitting alone on a bucket in the alley. A loose newspaper blows into Knuckles' leg. He picks it up and glances at it. Seeing that it is a picture of Sonic and Eggman battling, he lets it go. It blows away. He has a flashback of himself guarding the Master Emerald at Angel Island. He is so deep in thought that he is unaware of a figure appearing behind him. It is Dr. Eggman.
Knuckles: Dr. Eggman! What do you want, Eggman?
Eggman gets on his knees before Knuckles.
Eggman: Please help me! Please help me, Knuckles!
Grasping Knuckles' hands, he explains his distress.
Eggman: The Chaos Emeralds were sent to this world. If we don't do something fast, Sonic could make us prisoners on this planet forever!
Knuckles looks surprised.
Eggman: If we collect all seven Chaos Emeralds and cause Chaos Control again, we can return to our world. If we can gather all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, there's a fighting chance that we can somehow reverse the effect that sent us to this world, and return to where we came from.
There is a flashback of Sonic destroying Eggman's robots, breaking into the base, and causing Chaos Control.
Eggman: OMIT Sonic knew he could use the Chaos Emeralds to warp himself through time and space. That's the reason he attacked Chaos Control! He found out that I collected all the Chaos Emeralds to keep them out of his grasp! You know how reckless Sonic is. I was afraid of what he might do if he got hold of the Emeralds, so I set up defenses, but there was no stopping Sonic. He was determined to push his selfish search for thrills all the way this time, no matter who got hurt! Finally, Sonic invaded Chaos Control, and to my horror, he finally achieved his goal! Sonic destroyed Chaos Control and sent us all here just for the fun of it!
Knuckles: So Sonic caused it... Sonic... He's crazy...
Eggman now has a handkerchief to wipe away his "tears".
Eggman: After ending up in this world, I finally came to my senses. I want to spend the rest of my years quietly in my homeland. I've changed my ways and want to live in peace, but Sonic won't let me!
He blows his nose. But a gleam in his eye tells the viewers that he is bluffing.
Eggman: But Sonic won't listen to me at all. In fact, he stole the Chaos Emeralds from me! He doesn't want to collect the emeralds to get back home. He's having too much fun running around this word with those special legs. What can I do? He won't even give me a chance to fix things! I want to get us back, but when I found one of the Chaos Emeralds, you know what happened! Sonic snatched it from me, and said he's going to stay here as long as he pleases!
Knuckles: That guy... That selfish hog!
Eggman: Didn't Sonic tell you anything? He must know that you must return to your homeland as soon as possible. He said that we can't leave here until he says so! He thinks this world's a lot more fun than ours, and if we don't agree, it's our tough luck.
Knuckles becomes mad.
Eggman: He doesn't care about his friends! You'd think he'd be more concerned about his buddy.
Knuckles: He's not my friend! I was just about getting fed up with the way he does things. You're sure that we can return home if we have the Chaos Emeralds? Sonic isn't my buddy! I'm sick and tired of Sonic turning everything into a game! Either Sonic gives us that Emerald, or I'm going to take it from him.
Eggman: Definitely. Please believe this poor old man! Be careful. Sonic says he'll crush anybody who tries to get it back!
Knuckles: Okay. I'll go settle things once and for all. So then... A battle to the bitter end.
Eggman grins.
Eggman: [to himself] That went well. [to himself] My chronic Sonic troubles are over.
Title card "Clash!! Sonic Vs Knuckles" is shown.
Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's workshop.
Chris and Tails are admiring the Chaos Emerald, which is stored inside a machine in the workshop. Chuck is sitting in his chair.
Chris: The Chaos Emerald looks no different than any other gem. A Chaos Emerald! Does anybody know where they come from or how they work?
Tails: But it possesses great power. Nobody knows much except that they're real powerful!
Chuck: I'm going to give it a thorough analysis. I hope my analysis reveals something about its makeup.
Suddenly they hear a noise from beneath the trap door that leads to the workshop.
???: Mr. Thorndyke? I'm determined to clean your room today. I know you're in there! You haven't let me clean your room in so long I'm issuing a dirt alert!
Chris: What should we do? Tails, hide! Oh no! It's Ella! Quick Tails, hide!
Tails: Where? Huh? Wha?
Tails flops onto a beanbag, pretending he is a stuffed animal, just as Ella, the maid, opens the door. Chris then tries to act casual.
Ella: Oh Chris, there you are. I thought I'd find you up here, Christopher.
Chris: Hi. [casual] Oh... Hi there, Ella.
Ella begins to vacuum the room.
Ella: Mr. Thorndyke, please leave the room. It's going to take a while to get rid of the dust in this room. Hmm... Keeping this room dust-free is a losing battle. Not that I'm complaining, but it's like trying to vacuum a dirt road! I--
Ella then notices Tails, and her face brightens. Chuck and Chris become worried.
Chris: Oh no. Uh...
Ella bends down to Tails' level.
Ella: How cute. Is this yours, Chris? He's so precious! Is this your toy?
Chris: Yeah. Dad sent it to me. Uh... I'm taking care of it.
Ella: How kind of him, as always. Ah... It almost looks real to me.
She turns back to Tails, whose eyes glance in her direction. She looks surprised. Chris snatches Tails up.
Chris: I'm kind of hungry. I... think I'll go outside and play.
Chuck: Me too. Heheh, me too!
They leave the workshop and a confused Ella.
Thorndyke Mansion - Outside.
Chris and Chuck are running across the lawn.
Chris: I'm sure glad she didn't find out. Wow, Tails, that was a close call!
Chuck: You can say that again. But we sure fooled her!
Chris: OMIT Yeah!
Sonic is resting on the railing above them.
Sonic: What are they doing? Can I nap in peace?
Chris and Chuck bump right into Mr. Tanaka, the butler.
Tanaka: Chris, what seems to be the matter? Master Chris. What, may I ask, is going on?
Chris: Nothing really, Mr. Tanaka. Um, we, uh, we just playing catch with a stuffed animal.
He laughs to disguise his white lie.
Chris: See you... Bye.
He leaves with Tails, leaving Chuck to face the music with Tanaka.
Chuck: OMIT I think I'll--
Tanaka: Chuck! Take a break from research today and get a good night's sleep. I beg you. Sir. While I commend your desire to stay fit, I would stick to adult sports like bowling.
Chuck crosses his arms.
Chuck: I have no time to sleep. I still have research to do. You can't tell me what to do. I'll play ring-around-the-rosie if I--
Tanaka looks more stern than ever.
Tanaka: Today is Sunday. It's a day of rest. You need to take better care of yourself. Perhaps you should slow down. Rest is important, and I believe it's time for your nap.
Chuck: Fine. I'll do as you say, so stop rushing me! I don't need a nap!
Tanaka: OMIT You can play later.
Chuck: OMIT I have work to do!
Tanaka: OMIT Come along, Mr. Thorndyke.
Chuck: OMIT Forget it!
Tanaka: OMIT Off to bed.
Chuck: OMIT Take your hands off me!
Tanaka pushes Chuck past a surprised Chris. They are soon out sight. Only then does Tails quit the stuffed animal act. Chris breathes a sigh of relief. Just then Amy runs out and accidentally sends everyone sprawling onto the ground.
Amy: Ouch... Ow...
Chris: Amy! I told you not to walk around outside on your own! Amy! You know it's dangerous to go wandering around here by yourself!
Amy: This is no time to be worried about things like that. Another Chaos Emerald was found! I just saw a news report. It looks like they just found another Chaos Emerald!
Chris and Tails blink in surprise.
Thorndyke Mansion - Living room.
Chris, Tails, and Amy are watching the news report.
News Reporter: Near Silver Valley, not only has a large amount of energy been detected, but machines are also mysteriously malfunctioning. The police are investigating the connection between this event and the malfunctioning power shovel from the other day. The strange energy spikes, which seem to be coming from the Silver Valley area, have played havoc with computers and machinery across the entire region.Investigators are looking into...
Tails: It sure sounds like the Chaos Emerald. I bet it's a Chaos Emerald.
Chris: Silver Valley is not too far from here. Let's go check it out. You know, Silver Valley isn't very far from here. Let's check it out!
They head outside.
Amy: Hey Sonic, you heard, right? Hey, Sonic! You heard the news?
Sonic groans in response.
Amy: It seems to be a beautiful place, so I'd like to go on a picnic with you, Sonic. We're going to Silver Valley. Come along, and we'll have a picnic there.
Tails: We're not going on a picnic. But we're going for the Emerald.
Sonic: Yeah, it sure was beautiful. Nah. I've been there before.
Amy: How do you know? You already went there by yourself again. Huh? You went without me?! So you stopped there during one of your runs, huh?
Sonic: That's why I'm sitting this out. Yep. You guessed it.
Amy: Sonic, you idiot. Chris, let's go. Fine, Sonic! Come on. We'll have more fun without him anyhow!
Chris: But since Mr. Tanaka took Grandpa away, we can't use the car. How do we get there without a car? My grandpa's resting, and I can't ask Mr. Tanaka to drive.
Tails: He sure seemed strict. If I drive, we're gonna get spotted.
Chris: What should we do? What can we do?
Tails: I just had an idea! Hey, I know how we'll get there!
A train.
Soon, Chris, Tails, and Amy are on a train headed for Silver Valley. Tails and Amy are acting as stuffed animals, and Chris feels exasperated as several people are staring at him and them.
Person 1: Those stuffed animals are really big! Those stuffed animals are really cute!
Person 2: I wonder where they sell them. Isn't he a little old for those toys?
Chris: Everyone's staring. [whispering] Uh, they're all staring...
Tails: But we're doing a pretty good job tricking them. It's okay, Chris. We're almost at our stop.
Chris: Don't talk. Don't talk; they'll hear.
Amy: Um, my eyes are getting dry. Hey Chris, I need to blink. What do I do?
Just then a little girl grabs Amy's ear and turns to her sleeping mother.
Girl: How cute! I want one like this. I want this! I want this! Hey Mom, could I get one of these? Wake up, Mommy! Lookit! Oh please, can I have one please, Mommy, please? You said I could have a toy if I was good! I want it--
Amy: D*** kid! Don't touch me! The only one who gets to touch me is Sonic. OMIT
Amy then kicks the girl into the far wall. The mother, now awake, is shocked. The girl then bursts into tears.
Amy: [to herself] Talk about a kid with no manners! [to herself] Huh. Now if only I could blink, everything would be perfect.
Thorndyke Mansion - Balcony.
Sonic is still relaxing. Suddenly Eggman's messenger robot, Bokkun, lands on the railing and takes out a television from the pack he is carrying.
Bokkun: I'll put it here. Message for you.
He balances the TV on Sonic's foot, then activates it.
Bokkun: Can you see? Here you go!
The television shows an image of an angry Knuckles.
Knuckles: [on TV] Sonic! Let's settle things once and for all today! I'll beat you up until you change your selfish ways! I'll be waiting for you at Silver Valley. - Knuckles [on TV] Sonic, I'm sick of all your selfish stunts. This time, you've gone too far! I'm challenging you to a showdown! Meet me in Silver Valley in one hour. Don't be late.
Eggman: [on TV] After the message is delivered, this machine will automatically self-destruct. [on TV] This message was brought to you by the Eggman Empire, which is not responsible for its content, except this part!
The TV explodes, coating Sonic in ash. Bokkun flies away laughing.
Sonic: The only one who would do something like this is... Knuckles is gonna regret that!
Pause for commercial break.
Silver Valley.
Chris, Tails, and Amy are enjoying a picnic by the lake.
Tails: These sandwiches are super delicious! This picnic was a super idea, Amy! Mmm!
Chris: Ella's cooking is the best in the world. It was worth the trip, even if there is no Emerald.
Amy: It would be even more fun if Sonic was here. Shouldn't there be a lot of people here if they found a Chaos Emerald?
Tails: It doesn't feel like the Chaos Emerald was found. Maybe something else caused the energy spikes.
Chris: Maybe the machines just simply malfunctioned. I guess it must have been a mistake. We could still have some fun while we're here.
They do not see the water bubbling near them.
Tails: Perhaps we were impatient to rush out here. We have no other clues, so let's take our time looking for it. We could take a hike in the mountains, or go swimming in the lake.
Suddenly the water explodes upward in front of them, revealing Eggman's largest robot yet: E-47 Pumpty. Before Chris and friends can flee, Pumpty uses a large digging claw to grab them. It opens the door to its glass cage before depositing the heroes inside. Eggman flies down from above in his Eggmobile.
Eggman: They fell for the trap. OMIT
Chris: Eggman?! Eggman?!
Eggman grins in response.
Chris: I see. You're the one who leaked that news report. You rat! You tricked him into broadcasting that news story!
Eggman waves his forefingers at him.
Eggman: All I did was jam the local electronic signals. The press jumped to their own conclusions. Ah-ah-ah-ah! I generated artificial energy spikes just like the ones made by Chaos Emeralds. It isn't my fault that those hounds barked up the wrong tree.
Shots are shown of an off-the-air TV and a traffic jam.
Tails: Humans are so easily misled. I hate to admit it, but Eggman had even me outfoxed.
Chris: OMIT Huh?
A smirking Amy then draws her hammer.
Amy: All we have to do is break this thing. Well his plan fails 'cuz we're out of here!
Amy slams her hammer on the glass several times, but to no avail. She pants.
Eggman: You guys stay right there and watch Sonic get defeated. [laughs] You can't leave! I need you in case my first plan to beat Sonic fails.
Amy: What do you mean? Sonic isn't here!
Eggman: You'll see... He'll be here any second now! [chuckles]
He turns to Knuckles, who is sitting impatiently on a nearby cliff.
Knuckles: [to himself] He's late! What's taking Sonic so long? [to himself] Where's Sonic? He should've been here by now!
Sonic arrives.
Sonic: Sorry to keep you waiting. Hey there, Knuckles!
Knuckles stands up.
Knuckles: You're late, Sonic! You're late, slowpoke!
Sonic: Sorry, I was washing my face. [holds up a flower] Besides, it's such a nice day. What a nice scent. It makes me feel alive. Yeah, well, I stopped to enjoy the scenery! [holds up a flower] This planet is pretty cool! [sniffs flower] It's nice here! Yeah, you'd like this world too if you weren't such a party pooper.
Knuckles: Sonic, why you... Enough talk, let's go!
Sonic: Don't get so angry. Be more cool, partner. Oh, relax, will ya? We have all afternoon to duke it out, buddy boy!
Knuckles: Don't you dare call me "partner"! Come, Sonic! I'll settle things with you once and for all! I'm not your buddy and don't forget it, smart-aleck! Now put 'em up! I didn't come here to sniff the flowers!
Sonic: You really insist on fighting? I don't feel like it. That's your loss! You don't know what you're missing, but if you rather get clobbered by me-
Knuckles: Shut up! I won't give you the Chaos Emerald. Give it back to me! SHUT UP! Give the emerald you stole, or else!
Sonic briefly shows surprise.
Sonic: Don't tell me you've been tricked again. Your brain's even slower than your feet!
Knuckles becomes even madder. Knuckles charges toward Sonic as the latter tosses away the flower. Sonic dodges Knuckles' punch, and is able to keep just out of range of a volley of incoming blows. As Knuckles punches through a rock, he sees that Sonic is standing on top of another rock. He puts his hands on his hips.
Eyecatch card for Christopher Thorndyke is shown.
Eyecatch card for Miles "Tails" Prower is shown.
Knuckles charges toward Sonic, preparing a massive punch, but Sonic leaps out of the way.
Sonic: Whoa! OMIT
He spin-dashes at Knuckles, who dodges. Knuckles prepares a barrage of punches, which Sonic is easily able to keep out of range of.
Sonic: C'mon. OMIT
He flees from Knuckles, who gives chase. They run up a cliffside and up a tree. Sonic stands at the top.
Sonic: Oh, what a great view! Ah, not a bad view.
Suddenly Knuckles picks up the tree, uprooting it, before throwing it. Sonic lands on his feet on the ground below. He sees the tree falling toward him and leaps out of the way. More trees fall toward Sonic, who dodges, as Knuckles punches the trees at him. Sonic runs from the falling trees.
Sonic: C'mon, c'mon. OMIT
He makes a face at Knuckles, which enrages him.
Knuckles: Why you... OMIT
A whole line of trees go down as Knuckles punches through them. While traversing across one fallen tree, another one falls onto it, catapulting Sonic into the air. He rolls down a tree that Knuckles is punching down, and rolls right into Knuckles' arms. The hedgehog is able to push the echidna backward. They tumble down the cliffside, eventually landing in the lake. Sonic's fear of water kicks in.
Sonic: Water! Water! Someone help! Hey! Help me! Whaaah!
He then realizes he is in a shallow part of the lake. Knuckles is not impressed.
Sonic: Oh, it's shallow. It's lucky I fell in the kiddie pool.
He leaps out of the water.
Sonic: What's wrong? Are you done already? Get ready! You're goin' down!
Knuckles: I'll settle things with you. Hmph. Let's end this now!
Eggman, Chris, Tails, and Amy are watching the fight.
Eggman: All right, Knuckles! Beat that abominable hedgehog to a pulp! Go, Knuckles! Show Sonic he can't keep us stuck here! Our only hope is for you to trounce that tyrant!
Chris: Sonic. Sonic.
Amy: Sheesh, Knuckles is such a blockhead. He's being deceived by Eggman! Did they have to fight right now? Can't they free us first?
Tails is trying to access the robot's programming. He manages to open the panel.
Tails: There we go. There.
Chris: Tails, how did you do that? Good work! How'd you do it?
Tails holds up his screwdriver.
Tails: All I did was unscrew the screw. I... used my screwdriver.
Chris: You carry that around? You're really handy!
Tails: It's just a matter of habit. No big deal.
He turns back to the panel.
Tails: All that's left to do is match the wiring. Now I just have to figure out how this thing's wired.
Amy: How annoying! We don't have time for this, Tails!
Amy approaches Tails, her hammer drawn.
Amy: Will you please move out of the way? Step aside. I'll fix that robot!
Chris: OMIT No! Don't!
Tails: Don't do it! Amy!
But it is too late. Amy smashes the panel, which causes Pumpty to spark.
Pause for commercial break.
Part of Pumpty's glass casing is destroyed. Sonic notices the smoke rising in the distance, which gives Knuckles the distraction he needs to gain the upper hand. He punches Sonic into the air. As he soars, he catches sight of Eggman far below.
Eggman: Don't break it! Hey! Stop it! [shouting] Get him, Knuckles!
Sonic: Eggman! It's Eggman!
Sonic lands and dashes in the direction of his arch-nemesis.
Knuckles: Are you running away? Get back here!
He pursues after Sonic.
Knuckles: Fight me! You quitter!
Sonic: That blockhead... We'll settle this later.
He zips toward the smoke at sonic speed.
Meanwhile, Chris, Tails, and Amy are trying to escape the wreckage of Pumpty.
Amy: I can't get down. It's so smoky. Help, Sonic. Heeey! Get us down from here!
Eggman swoops in.
Eggman: How dare you destroy my robot! Take this! Look what you've done! You've wrecked my robot! And it isn't even insured...
Sonic zooms in, and his speed causes Pumpty to fall over. He stops.
Sonic: Hey guys! Hey! What's up?
The three brighten at the sight of their hero.
Chris: Sonic! Thanks, Sonic!
Eggman: How dare you, Sonic! E-47, transform! It's not over, Sonic! My robot may be down, but it certainly isn't out.
Using its shovel arms as spare legs, Pumpty stands right back up. Several cannons appear out of its bottom half, which is now its top half.
Eggman: Go! Attack.
Pumpty's cannons fire at Sonic, who hides behind a rock. The lasers reduce the rock to dust. Sonic flees as the cannons continue to fire. Suddenly Knuckles appears and kicks one of the cannons. Eggman gasps as Knuckles lands.
Knuckles: This is a battle between Sonic and me. Stay out of it! This is a battle between Sonic and me! I'll fight my way!
Sonic shrugs.
Eggman: What? It's your fault to begin with for failing to get rid of Sonic! Fight your way? If you're going to insist on fighting a clean fight, then I'm going to start playing dirty!
Using its new legs, Pumpty activates rocket engines and blasts into the air, carring a terrified Tails, Amy, and Chris with it. It lands on the other side of the lake.
Eggman: I have the kids as hostage. If you want them back, bring the Chaos Emerald. Plan A didn't work, so now we'll have to go on to Plan B. Bring me that Chaos Emerald, or you'll never see your friends again!
Knuckles: I thought Eggman just wanted to spend the rest of his days in peace and quiet. What is this? Eggman swore to me that all he wanted was to live in peace.
Sonic: No way. He's sure tricky, isn't he?
Knuckles: Which means I was... That swindler. He lied!
Sonic: Yes, you were. You're catchin' on, pal.
Eggman: Sonic. Sonic!
Sonic turns to Eggman.
Eggman: You're weak against water. You can't do anything about E-47 since it's on the other side of the lake.

We all know your weak spot is water. So I stuck your friends over there, where you can't save them without treading H2O.

Sonic: We'll see about that. Yeah, that's what you think.
He proceeds to run around the lake, much to Eggman's dismay. Sonic slices right through Pumpty's legs, causing it to fall. Sonic stops, a smug expression on his face.
Eggman: D***! Show-off...
Sonic pulls Chris from the wreckage.
Sonic: Are you okay? Are you all right?
Chris: Thank you. I'm okay.
A tearful Amy embraces Sonic.
Amy: Sonic! OMIT
Sonic: Stop it. Take it easy, Amy.
Amy: I just knew you'd come to save us. I just knew that you'd come here to save me!
The four are distracted by a movement from Pumpty.
Sonic: It's still moving. Get away from it! OMIT
The four flee as Pumpty uses its rockets to levitate in the air.
Eggman: In that case, I'll defeat Sonic with my own hands. Go, E-47. I'm not calling it quite yet, Sonic! You only had a preview of this robot's firepower. You and your friends are through!
Pumpty opens a hatch, and unleashes a huge swarm of rockets at the heroes.
Eggman: It's all or nothing! Get a load of E-47's power! I got you now!
Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Chris take cover behind a rock as the missiles explode around them. Suddenly Knuckles appears.
Knuckles: Let me end this. Let me take care of Eggman.
Sonic: Okay. Okay.
Knuckles charges toward Pumpty, avoiding its laser fire, before leaping into the air and punching several holes in Pumpty. From the top of Pumpty, he jumps to Eggman's level.
Eggman: OMIT You...
Knuckles: Be gone. You liar!
He punches the Eggmobile away.
Eggman: You'll pay for this! Aaaaaahhhhh!
The Eggmobile disappears in a twinkle. Knuckles then lands on top of Pumpty, punching its head. A crack runs right down the robot, and it explodes. As Sonic's friends shield themselves from the debris, Sonic runs forward toward Knuckles.
Sonic: Knuckles! OMIT
He grabs Knuckles' hand and clings to a tree while the explosion's wind whips through them. The wind finally dies down, and Tails, Amy, and Chris blink in surprise at the ruined scenery. Sonic and Knuckles leap down from the tree. Knuckles actually smiles at Sonic.
Amy: Sonic! Soooniiiic!
She, Tails, and Chris run up to the hedgehog.
Chris: Are you both okay? You both made it!
Amy embraces Sonic in a hug.
Sonic: Of course. Yeah.
Amy: Sonic, are you really all right? Sonic!
Sonic: Yeah, no big deal. I'm all right! Knuckles and I had it all under control.
Knuckles turns to leave.
Chris: Knuckles! Knuckles!
Knuckles waves at them. Amy runs after him.
Amy: You want to thank Sonic but you're too embarrassed to do so, aren't you. I bet you're thinking that you're stupid for being so easily deceived, right? I bet you want to apologize to Sonic for believing all the lies Eggman told about him, and you probably want to thank him too while you're too proud.
Knuckles suddenly turns on Amy.
Knuckles: Shut up! Zip it!
Amy is taken aback for a moment, but she smiles. Knuckles smirks at the rest of the group.
Knuckles: OMIT Later.
He waves and leaves. A shot of the sunset is shown.
Credits theme "Fu-tu-re" plays.
Next time...
A strange teacher came to my school. [A large robot enters Chris' classroom and bears down on Mr. Stewart.]
And now, a very moralistic robot has arrived! [The children are shocked.]
He's kind and responsible and suddenly takes over the class! [Mr. Stewart grins.]
However, there's a problem... [The robot stands in front of the children with a baseball bat. The children are cheering.]
The truth is, he's one of Dr. Eggman's machines! [The robot is ready to bat.]
[Bokkun yells at the robot.]
Because of him, we can't go home! [Chris' parents step down from a helicopter and meet Tanaka and Ella.]
Sonic! You have to save us! [Bokkun yells before sulking.]
Next time on Sonic X! [Eggman yells.]
"Fierce Battle! School Wars" [Sonic is running quickly.]
Don't miss it! [The robot picks up Chris by the shirt.]