Narrator: Daddy Pig is taking the family for a drive in the country.

Daddy Pig: Come on. Is everybody ready?

Peppa Pig: Ready.

Mummy Pig: Yes, Daddy Pig. We’re ready. (gasps) But the car isn’t ready. Look how messy it is.

Daddy Pig: Oh, it’s not too bad. You should see how messy it is inside.

Mummy Pig: (gasps) Naughty messy Daddy.

Peppa Pig: Naughty messy Daddy.

Mummy Pig: Look at all this rubbish. Newspapers.

Daddy Pig: They’re mine.

Mummy Pig: Sweets.

Peppa Pig: They’re mine.

Mummy Pig: Mr Dinosaur.

George: Dinosaur, grrr.

Mummy Pig: We must clean the car before we go for a drive.

Daddy Pig: Oh, right you are, Mummy Pig.

Peppa Pig: Mummy, can we help to clean the car?

Mummy Pig: Yes, if you want to.

Peppa Pig: Hurrah!

Narrator: Daddy Pig has some warm, soapy water to wash the car.

Narrator: Daddy Pig is washing the roof.

Narrator: Mummy Pig is washing the bonnet.

Narrator: Peppa is washing the doors.

Narrator: George wants to wash the windows, but he is too little.

(George Pig cries a bit.)

Mummy Pig: Poor George. Let me help you.

Narrator: Oh, dear. George has dropped his sponge in a muddy puddle.

Peppa Pig: George, you’re making the car all muddy again.

Peppa Pig: I will wash the mud off.

Daddy Pig: Peppa, don’t use the...muddy water.

Narrator: Oh, dear. Peppa has thrown the muddy water all over the car.

Peppa Pig: Oh.

Daddy Pig: Never mind. We can use the garden hose to clean it off.

Peppa Pig: Yes, yes. Can I hold the hose?

Narrator: Peppa holds the hose, and Daddy Pig turns on the water.

Peppa Pig: Where’s the water?

Mummy Pig: Stop. Peppa, stop!

Peppa Pig: Sorry, Mummy.

Peppa Pig: Oh.

Mummy Pig: Daddy Pig, please turn off the water.

Daddy Pig: Oh. No need to panic.

Narrator: Oh, dear. Everyone is wet.

Daddy Pig: At least the car has been washed.

Mummy Pig: We’ve all been washed.

Daddy Pig: You go and dry yourselves while I polish the car.

Peppa Pig: See you later.

Daddy Pig: See you later.

Narrator: Daddy Pig is polishing the car so well he can see his face in it.

Narrator: What a funny face.

Narrator: Oh, more funny faces. It’s Peppa and George.

Narrator: And Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig: What a lovely, shiny car.

Daddy Pig: Yes, I am a bit of an expert at these things.

Mummy Pig: Come on, I’ll drive today.

Daddy Pig: Is everybody ready?

Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig: Ready.

Daddy Pig: Then let’s go.

Mummy Pig: I hope we will all keep this car clean today.

Peppa Pig: Yes, Mummy Pig.

Daddy Pig: Yes, Mummy Pig.

Peppa Pig: Mummy, now you’ve made the car all muddy again.

Daddy Pig: Naughty Mummy.

Peppa Pig: Naughty messy Mummy.