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Cinderella Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Disney's Cinderella II Dreams Come True - iTunes Movie Poster
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Cinderella II: Dreams Come True is a 2002 animated film.

1 Come on, Gus-Gus. Faster! What's the hurry, Jaq-Jaq? | What's the hurry? Fairy Godmother's here. She's gonna | read us the Cinderelly story. Shh. Pom Pom. Come on, Gus! " Cinderella and the prince | lived happily ever after. The end. " - We missed it? | - Mm-hmm. - Maybe you could read another one. | - Oh, I'm sorry, Gus... but that's the only | Cinderella book there is. Yeah, Gus-Gus. You heard her. | " The end. " That's all. Uh, maybe we | could make another book. - We can tell the stories. | - And make the drawings! - Yeah! Yeah! | - Yeah! Yeah! | - Oh, what an excellent idea. No, no, wait a minute. | Who'd wanna read a book made by mice? Cinderella would read it. And if you made it, | I know that she'd love it. But we don't know | how to make a book. Oh, don't worry, dear. | I think I can help. Salagadoola menchihka boola | Bibbidi bobbidi boo Put 'em together and what have you got | Bibbidi bobbidi boo Now, what do we need | A pencil, indeed - And crayons | - And glitter | - And glue - We'll sew up the book | with a thread and a hook | - Bibbidi bobbidi boo Oh, very nice. Well done, little mice. | But something is missing it's true. Oh, look there. | The pages are bare. - We need a story from you. | - Who, us? No, no, we don't know | any good stories. Wait, wait! | How's about " First Day In Castle "? Oh, yeah. | That is a good one. I'd love to hear all about it. It was right after Cinderelly | and the prince got married. Mice-mice move to the big castle. We had it all to ourselves, and we | were having the time of our lives. Cinderelly's back! - Oh, dear, they're back! | - They're back! - They're back! | - They're back! - We're back! | - Welcome home. I still can't believe | I'm going to live in a castle. Are you sure | this isn't just a dream? You're a princess now. Princess Cinderella. She won't even know the first thing | about being a princess. She just got back from her honeymoon. It's going to be your duty | to prepare the girl. Your Majesty, I am honoured. Not you, ninny. Prudence! Of course not you. He wants | the job done right the first time. The royal banquet will be | Cinderella's responsibility now. The royal banquet? You'll teach her everything | she needs to know. But, Sire, she won't know anything | about planning a royal banquet. I don't know anything about | planning a royal banquet. Oh, well. At least I can | stay past midnight. Perfect! | And I'll be right by your side. I have to go? | Now? Father, I can't just | abandon my princess! Not with the royal banquet | only two days away. Nonsense! We have important | matters of state to attend to. Important matters of state! Eh, Father-- She hasn't had time to prepare. She's never been a princess before. I dare say, Majesty, | you do like your banquets just so, eh? - It's a great deal to ask | of the poor girl. | - Nonsense! Your Majesty, I can take care | of the preparations as I always do. Just show her what to do! We have a princess now. | It's her duty to plan the banquet. And the king's duty to endure it. Yes, Your Majesty. Now off we go! - Thank you. | - I'm sorry I have to rush off. Don't worry. I'll be fine. I know you're gonna surprise us | with an incredible feast. I just hope you're not | too surprised. - Cinderelly! | - Cinderelly! | - Cinderelly! Jaq! Gus! Mary! | Hello, old friends. Bruno! Look-look. Big chair | for Princess Cinderelly! Oh, my. Big castle too. Don't worry, Cinderelly. | Us mice here to help. Why, thank you, Jaq. We've got | a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Um, this way, fellas. Good morning, Your Highness. Your Highness! Ready for breakfast? | How does a cheese omelette sound? The princess is missing! You! You, girl! | Have you seen the princess? Good morning, Prudence. Oh, I thought you-- | But those awful clothes! Well, I-- I didn't recognize you, | Your Highness. Allow me to introduce | your ladies in waiting. - Beatrice and Daphne. | - Pleased to meet you. You're just in time for breakfast. Breakfast? Ooh, with toast and jam? Your Highness, a princess | never prepares her own meals. That is not how things are done. There are rules about breakfast? Of course there are rules, | Your Highness. But it's certainly not your fault... that you don't know | the traditions of the castle. That's what the king | expects me to teach you. I'm sure I can learn it in no time. Mm-hmm. Come along. | There's no time to dally. Just do as I say, | and everything will be fine. The king would be horrified... to find the hostess of the royal banquet | dressed like a scullery maid! A princess must be attired | like royalty. Do I have to wear this all the time? Oh, of course not, Your Highness. You'll need something | much more formal for dinner. Couldn't I just wear | one of my own dresses? Very amusing, Your Highness... but it simply isn't done. It's such a beautiful day. | Why don't we open the curtains? No, no, no! | These curtains are never opened. And certainly not | by a princess. It most definitely isn't done. Dukes and viscounts | sit nearest the king... unless there is a marquis present. Wouldn't it be nice if people | could just sit wherever they like? No. You must never seat a duke... above a marquis or below a baron. Which colour is correct, | Your Highness? Cream or ecru? Um, e-e-ecru? Goodness, no. Cream. But there isn't any difference. Oh, my. So much to learn. So little time. At the banquet, as always... the royal menu shall consist | of the rarest roast beef... French onion soup, tarragon mashed | potatoes, freshly baked baguettes... the finest truffles in the kingdom | and, for dessert... Norwegian stewed prunes. Prunes? | For dessert? The king expects it. | It is a tradition that is never broken. Besides, I like them. Your Highness shall pause here | to greet her noble guests. Remember. Curtsy to royalty, | wave to nobility. I know I can do this right. - Cinderella! | - Cinderella! Hi! My friends! Hello! Hello! How nice to see you. | Wait just a minute. - Open the gate! | - No, no, no! These gates are only opened | for royal visitors. You must remember the rules. Commoners are never | allowed in the palace. It simply isn't done. Bye-bye! At the very least, one must learn | to dance with poise and grace. I'm trying. | I-I-I just need more practise. It must be perfect. | It is the king's favourite dance. No, no, no, Your Highness. | It must be slower and more formal. Your Highness, eggshell or bone? - Eggshell? | - Bone. Now, who sits next to the count? - The duke? | - The marquis. - Gold or silver? | - For what? - Baron or viscount? | - Who? - Pekoe or Darjeeling? | - I don't know! - Braised or broiled? | - Fish or fowl? | - Stand or sit? - Mind the music! | - Hair up or down? | - Left or right? - One or two? | - Watch the chair! | - Your Highness! Your Highness, the dance | is best performed on one's feet. This is a disaster. Poor Cinderelly. | Please don't cry. Cinderelly not happy, | mice-mice not happy. Jaq, what am I going to do? I'm a complete failure | as a princess. Why can't I learn to do this right? Ah, look at me. Cinderelly not look like Cinderelly. It's true. | Something's just not right here. Like, uh, stewed prunes? Exactly, Gus. And why do they | have to keep the palace so dark? And that awful dance. - And those boring colours | that all look the same. | - And stewed prunes! Especially those rules about | keeping commoners out of the palace! Why, I was a dish maid when | the prince married me. And he loves me because I'm me. I've been trying to obey someone | else's rules about who I should be... and how I should dress. This hair! I know I can do this. I just have | to stop trying to be someone else. What's she gonna do, Jaq-Jaq? Gus, I'm going to plan | this banquet my way. Who's to say the rules | must stay the same forevermore Open the gates! Whoever made them had to change | the rules that came before So make your own way | Show the beauty within When you follow your heart | there's no heart you can't win Oh! Why, thank you! Your Highness, | the king would not approve. You're supposed to be inviting dukes | and counts and other aristocrats. - I am inviting them, along with | all my friends here in the village. | - Thank you. Your Highness, | I strongly advise against it. It's simply not the way | things are done. Perhaps the time has come | to try something new. So reach for the sky | It's not high as it seems Just follow your heart | Go as far as your dreams This party needs help, | starting with dessert. No prunes. Yuck! Jaq-Jaq love chocolate. Chocolate pudding! | Now that sounds good. We never get to dance like this. Dance if you want to | Don't fear you'll fall Take a chance, 'cause it's better | than never to chance it at all It simply isn't done. | It simply isn't done! " It simply isn't done! " It simply isn't done | It simply isn't done | It simply isn't done There's a world for the changing | and you've just begun Don't let them tell you | it's simply not done When you follow your heart | you'll shine bright as the sun - Your Highness, sand or buff? | - Which colour do you like? Hmm. Pink! Perfect. Hmm. Something's still missing. Now, that's more like it. - What will the king say? | - I know this is a big change. But I have to try this my way. Well, then, I certainly hope | you know what you're doing. They're here, Cinderelly! | They're here! Well, it's too late | to turn back now. Now, this dance is more like it. Oh, this dance is horrifying! The king has arrived. Pudding! What in blazes is going on here? Your Majesty! - Who opened those curtains? | - This is all | Princess Cinderella's doing! Oh, what a lovely moon. - I tried to teach her, Sire. | - Commoners in the palace? She simply refused to listen. - Oh, hello, Giuseppe! | - It's a scandal! Your Majesty, I can explain. What is this? Your dessert, Sire. No prunes for dessert? An absolute outrage! Mmm, chocolate. | My favourite! What happened to the music? | Everybody dance! I always said we needed | some new traditions around here. Go on, now, Prudence. | You're missing all the fun. - Did I miss something? | - Surprise! Splendid job. Splendid! It is the princess | who deserves your praise, Sire. And I am honoured to be | at Her Highness's service. I think we're going | to be great friends. I told my son | he had chosen well. You're a natural. Hooray! Hooray! Another dance! I'm glad you do things | your own way. Someday I'll get | this princess thing right. I think that day is today. Well, Cinderella certainly turned | things around, didn't she? Yeah, no more big hair. Or prunes. Can't get it. Oh, let me help with that. Whoa! Watch it. | I don't like that magic stuff. Remember what | happened last time. Oh, now there's a story | we should tell. Yeah, that's a good one! Oh, no. No, no, no. | Very, very boring story. We don't want to hear that one. - But, Jaq, it's my favourite. | - Okay, let's hear it. Well, it certainly was | an unusual wish, Jaq, dear. But things didn't turn out | quite the way you had planned. Duh, what are we doing | in the garden, Jaq-Jaq? Gus-Gus not had breakfast yet. Gus-Gus, we're going to pick | flowers for Cinderelly. - What for? | - Because we never get a chance | to do anything for Cinderelly now. Uh, sure we do. - Like what? | - Uh, well, uh, duh, uh, let's see. See? Oh, Cinderelly don't need mice-mice. | She got lots of people to help her. Well, I want to bring her | a big bunch of flowers. - That's enough! | - You've got to think big, Gus-Gus. P-P-P-P-Pom Pom! - Your flowers, Highness. | - Well, thank you. Oh, these are even prettier | than yesterday's. Here's the list of remaining | preparations for the festival tomorrow. Oh. We sure throw a lot of parties | around here, don't we? Oh, this is no mere party, Highness. This is the Spring Festival! Oh, good morning, fellas. | What do you have there? For you. | But they're too small. They're beautiful! | How very sweet. Thank you. Your Highness, | the festival committee is assembled... in the library | awaiting your instructions. And the bath is in the pantry | awaiting you. I'll see you later, boys. Good morning, Jaq. Hello, Mary. | Pretty coat! I made it for you. Want to try it on? Oh, very nice. Cinderelly forgot party list! Jaq can help. | Take list to Cinderelly! I-I-I-I-I got it! | No problem. I'll be right back. Very well, the prince and I will cut | the ribbon to begin the festival. Now, any other suggestions? I propose we move | the Spring Festival to summer. Genius! I wish I had | thought of it myself. Then I'm afraid it wouldn't be | a Spring Festival any more. - Yes, yes, quite so. Of course not, | I dare say, Your Highness. | - Yummy. Perhaps this year we should | not invite the children. - Can't open. | - They appear to be always underfoot. | No children. A brilliant idea. But the festival is for the children. And an even more brilliant rebuttal! Oh, I suppose. | But the lines are so long. No problem. We'll add more rides. Help! Oh, I can't stand mice! | Oh! Disgusting! Jaq, are you all right? No help to Cinderelly. | Just make a big mess. I'm sorry, Jaq. | Tell you what. I'm about to go out to the fairgrounds. | Why don't you come with me? - I could really use your help. | - Help? Zug-zug! Meet me at the stables | in ten minutes. No problem. Here we are. There, Charger. Wow. Not sure Cinderelly | can find me down here. Jaq? - Jaq? | - Hey, Cind-- - Jaq? | - Your Highness, your escort | is waiting for you outside. Thank you. Jaq? Cinderelly! Oh, well. | I guess he couldn't come. Oh, no! Cinderelly, wait! Cinderelly! Cinderelly? I never get to do anything any more. | I never get to help. Get left behind sitting in the dirt. | Used to help a lot. Now I'm too small to do this, | too small to do that, | too small to help Cinderelly. No good to anybody! Castle not like old house. Castle for | big people. No place for mice. No place! Everything's bigger than me. | Even flowers bigger! Don't like being small. | Don't like being a mouse. I wish I was big! There, there, dear. Tell me all-- Jaq? Uh, Jaq? Oh, there you are, dear. I heard your wish, Jaq. | Aren't you happy the way you are? Only big people help Cinderelly. | I want to be big! No, I want to be human. Human? Oh, good heavens! But, Jaq, you've always helped | Cinderella just the way you are. Cinderelly's a princess now. No time | for mice. Nobody likes mice anyway. So that's what you think. I get beat up by cat and-- | and horse and-- and big, scary lady! Humans are bigger. | Bigger better. If you really feel that way... perhaps it would be | for the best to grant your wish. Bibbidi bobbidi boo!

  1. The sun's up shining | Silver lining #
  2. It's gonna be a beautiful day #

Jaq. The human Jaq. | How do you do?

  1. Church bells ringing | Birds all singing #

Everything's going my way Zug-zug. I really am human. Climb the trees | Smell the breeze Laugh with all your might Blue skies showing | Everything's going right You'll never stop the raining | by sitting and complaining It all comes down to you You'll smile again | It happens when You change your point of view - I love the view from up here! | - When you're small, one inch tall And then you're six foot two You've hit the big time now | and the world is looking up to you There she is. | What am I going to say? Princess Cinderelly, | it's me. Jaq! Look, I'm human now. | I'm human now too! When you're small | One inch tall And then you're six foot two - You've hit the big time now | - Princess Cinderelly! - The world is looking up to you | - It's me! Yeah, you - My dear sir. | - Oh, you poor man! - Sir, um-- | - I'm hu-- | - Oh, Sir Hugh, is it? - Well, then. Pleased to know you. | - I, uh, " knows " to please you too! - Are you all right, Sir Hugh? | - Yes, yes, I-- | - Hugh, eh? - Would that be Belgian? | - What? Eh, no, no. No, no, no, of course not. | No accent. I'm so sorry about the mess. | Here, let me help you. No, no, that's why I'm here. | To-- To help you. I'm-- Aha! The committee sent you! Oh. You're here to help | with the Spring Festival? - You're Dutch! | - No. I mean yes. Uh, but I'm-- Late! Your Highness, it is late. | We're expected back at the palace. - Shall we ride back together? | - Ride? On horses? - Nice horsie! | - Sir Hugh? Have you ridden before? Sir Hugh? Sir Hugh? | Oh, there you are. Oh. Peach blossoms. Aren't you sweet? | They're beautiful. Thank you. Ah, Highness, there you are. The tailor is in an absolute dither. | The cook is having a crisis. The animal trainer is flummoxed! | And they're all asking for you. Could you please find a vase for these? | I'll be right back. Thank you, Sir Hugh. | You're a big help. Perfect. | Helping Cinderelly with flowers. Pom Pom! I shouldn't be afraid of cat! I am human now. | Bigger than cat. But I am still afraid of cat! Oh, good. | You found a vase. Happy to help. | Uh, what I want to s-- Your Highness, the Countess LeGrand | is awaiting you in the dining hall. Think you could keep | her company till I get there? A mouse! What am I doing? | I'm a man now. - A big, fat mouse! | - Oh, no. Gus-Gus! Get away! My hero. | Oh, you saved me. Well, I think we just found the couple | to lead the first dance. We better go get ready. | I'll send a valet for you, Sir Hugh. See you at the festival. Hey, Mary, where's Jaq-Jaq? I don't know, Gus. | I'm worried about him. Here I am. Wait! It's me. Jaq, is everything all right, dear? Uh, oh, yes. Great. | No problem. Well, I think you gave your friends | a bit of a fright. They ran away from me. | Even Mary. Oh, now surely you don't miss | being a mouse. No, I guess not. Aren't you happy being human? Yeah. Sure not as easy | as I thought. But I know I'll get it. Her Highness Cinderella | is asking for you. The evening's festivities | are upon us. - Zug-zug! | - Jaq? Zug-zug, eh? I don't believe | I'm familiar with that expression. Um, it-it means-- | It's French. Aha! French is it? | Well, that explains everything. Ladies and gentlemen, | let the Spring Festival begin. - Race you to the Ferris wheel! | - Look there. Hi. Oh, an elephant! | Come on! I just love elephants! - Your Majesty, uh-- | - Let's go! Around the world! Up and down. Up and down. | Around like a Ferris wheel. Uh, are you sure | Jaq-Jaq's here, Mary? He must be, Gus. | Let's find him. Sir Hugh, are you | enjoying yourself? Well, um, there's something-- You're not whispering | about me, are you? I believe I promised | you two the first dance. What a lovely dancer. | Oh, my! Oh! Sir Hugh! Is that your kitty? Oh! Isn't she precious? Oh! Ready for the next dance? Nice kitty. Oh, I hate elephants! This is all my fault! | I wish Fairy Godmother was here. Jaq, this is your chance to help. What can I do? Hmm, an elephant. | What do you think could stop him? - Stop in the name of the king! | - Don't know. Perhaps a mouse? Aren't all elephants | afraid of mice? Are you a man or a mouse? I'm a mouse! Oh, dear, now! How does it go again? Oh, yes! | Bibbidi bobbidi boo! Help! Oh! I can see my castle! I guess there are some things | only a mouse can do. I'm a mouse! Yes! I'm a mouse! I'm a mouse! I'm a mouse! | I'm so glad I'm a mouse! I'm a mouse! Jaq is back! | I'm a mouse! A mouse! M-O-U-S-E | I'm a mousie mousie Oh. Sir Hugh's kitty! Come, sweetums. | Let's go find your master. Oh, aren't you just the sweetest, | little, most precious baby? Jaq, that was so brave! Mary, I really missed you. You're a hero! Jaq, you saved the day! | I can always count on you. - You're right there when I need you. | - I am? Yes, you are. I'm so glad you're back! Me too! - Thank goodness that's over. | - Yeah. No more magic for Jaq-Jaq! - Not even a little? | - Whoa! Hey, magic make this | go a lot faster! Let's go to work. Huh? - Good gracious! | - Oh, no! - I'm trying to sew. | - I'm splattered! - How awful! | - It's tragic! - I feel a bit pale. | - Watch out! That's my tail! I think we've had | quite enough magic. - What a mess! | - Yeah, it's a mess, all right. | - A big, old, stinky mess. - Oh, we've seen worse! | - Yeah. - Remember when Anastasia fell in love? | - I sure do. | - Yeah! Cinderella's stepsister? | That Anastasia? - Yeah! | - Now that's a messy story. No. It's a love story. Lucifer! Stop hogging the mirror! - That's mine! | - No! It's mine! - No! Mine! | - Hey! That's mine! Oh, you're right. - It is yours. | - You did that on purpose! - Did not! | - Did too! | - Did not! | - Did too! Girls, stop all this | bickering at once! Cinderella's ball is tomorrow night, | so pay attention! Every noble bachelor in | the kingdom will be there. If you want to find a husband, you have | to make the most of this opportunity. I won't let you fail me again. - Yes, Mother. | - Yes, Mother. Drizella, pin back those curls. Anastasia, put more colour | in your cheeks! A perfect appearance | is the only way... to attract a proper gentleman. We shall find you | men of wealth and nobility. - Maybe a count. | - Or a duke. Precisely. Come along now. | We need new gowns for the both of you. - With new shoes. | - And jewellery. The fancier the better. | Lucifer, come. Lucifer! Morning, Cinderelly! | Why you dressed like that? I'm going to the market in disguise | so no one will recognize me. I want to surprise the prince | with a garland of flowers. - Want to come along? | - Oh, yeah. Let's go! | - Yes! Let's go! Gus-Gus come along. Remember the tradition. Give these to each other at the ball, | and you'll always be together. Don't you need a garland | of roses for the ball? Guaranteed to win you his heart. Anastasia, what are you doing? Oh! Nothing. Coming. Everything smells so good. Would you like one? | Oh, be careful. They're hot. Anastasia, I think not. Everything in this shop is | inferior. You can build a house | out of these bricks. Come along, Anastasia. You're not to say a word | to that shopkeeper. - I forbid it! | - Yes, Mother. He's got that look... and I know that look. Seasick? Oh, very funny. | I think they're in love. Anastasia's in love? | That's crazy, Cinderelly! Oh, come on, you two. | Anyone can fall in love. Anyone but Anastasia. - Maybe she just needs some help. | - Yeah, lots of help. Well, I had lots of help too, | remember? We have to figure out how | to get them together again. I know! We'll lure them into the | square, and here's how we'll do it. The birds will get her hat. | You get the baker's attention. Bring Anastasia back here. Get the baker | to come outside and they'll meet | right in front of the shop. That's right, Gus. | They'll never know what hit them. - Hey. | - Okay, fellas... get his attention, and remember, | keep it simple. Mice in my baguettes! Lucifey! Come back here! Oh! | Oh! Filthy creatures! Are you okay? Oh, no! Anastasia? What are you doing here | dressed like that? You look like a laundry maid. I'm not the one | with egg on my face. I saw you in the baker's shop. He must think I'm-- He saw it was an accident. | Don't give up so fast. What would you know? | You're beautiful. It's always been easy for you. Easy? That's not | how I remember it. Look, Anastasia, you just need | a little help, that's all. If I weren't | so clumsy and plain-- Listen, why don't you | come back to the castle? We'll clean you up and then | we'll get you two together. But Mother forbids it! | She thinks he's beneath me. And I think she's wrong. | The baker's terrific. And he cooks too. Yoo-hoo! Lucifey like Pom Pom, yes? Mice can help if Lucifey promise | to stop chasing mice! Deal? - There. Good as new. | - Don't stop now! Mother says that looks | count for everything. Well, of course you want to look | your best, but that's not | the most important thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. | What I need is a whole new look. Make me look good | make me look swell Make me look fine We're pourin' it on | you just sit back 'Cause, baby, you're mine You send me into a spin Make a splash | when you walk in Those eyes so rare | the lips, the hair You're a breath of fresh air Brushing the fur | comb the hair out Trim up the toes Give me the dress and the shoes And the jewellery and clothes You can judge your books | from how the cover looks Wear make-up by the ounce But didn't they tell you | it's what's inside that counts Make me a star | make me look great Make me look grand I got style and grace | but it's a painted-up face Gets you a man Snip, cut | when we are through You're gonna look so good | it's true The fur, the bows | the chin, the nose Oh, ah | Ooh-la-la Looks won't hide | It's what's inside that counts You wanna be a bride | It's what's inside that counts What about a necklace? - Lucifer! | - Stupid cat. Remember, you'll catch more flies | with honey than with vinegar. What does that mean? | Who'd want to catch flies? I mean the best way to impress | the baker is just to be nice to him. - How do I do that? | - You could start with a smile. Better get me | a bigger necklace. Come on. - I make babies cry too. | - Here. He'll never be able to resist. You think so? But what if Mother catches me? She told me never to speak | to the baker again! Maybe it's time to stop following | someone else's orders... and start following your heart. It's late! | I have to go! But what about the baker? I could walk you to his shop. Meet you in the market | at noon tomorrow? I can hardly wait! Mother, I have to run to town. | We're out of bread. Hey! Excuse me. Can I borrow this? | Thanks! Oh! I'll wait for you | by the apple cart. - Do you think she'll like them? | - They're beautiful! She's going to love them! What? What happened? Anastasia! Run for it! The deal is off! Don't look at me! | I look horrible! Wait! Please! Anastasia! How dare you defy me! You were forbidden | to speak to this man! Oh, look at her! | It's a disaster! We'll be the laughing stock | of the entire town. You've embarrassed yourself | quite enough with this foolishness. Dear child, you know I only have | your best interests at heart. You deserve better. | Come along. No, Mother! | You're wrong! - He's sweet. | - She's wonderful. He's romantic. And we are going | to the ball together. Drizella, come along. Drizella! Oh, thank you! | I never dreamed I could be this happy. You see? | Dreams do come true. Hmm, looks good! Hmm, needs something. Oh, Gus-Gus, where's your bow? Right here. - Ta-da! | - Perfect. - All finished! | - Are you ready to show Cinderella? Look! There she is. Let's go! Salagadoola menchichka boola | Bibbidi bobbidi boo Put 'em together and what have you got | Bibbidi bobbidi boo Salagadoola menchichka boola | Bibbidi bobbidi boo It'll do magic believe it or not | Bibbidi bobbidi boo Now salagadoola-mee | and menchichka boola-roo But the thingamabob that does the job | is Bibbidi bobbidi boo - Cinderelly! Yoo-hoo. | - Cinderelly. Cinderelly. - Look what we made! | - Whoa! Look out! - What's this? | - It's a book. We made it! - Do ya like it? | - I love it! What's it about? - Uh, it's about all of us. | - How wonderful! I don't suppose you'd want | to read this together, would you? - All right! | - Yes! | - Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, look! We're all in here. | And these are our stories. " Once upon a time | there was a big castle... and in this castle lived | a prince and a princess-- " It's magic. Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Mirror, mirror, on the wall | Can you picture me at all I can be whatever I want to be I can make my story change Just like in a picture frame Magic spells and fairy tales | Pennies in a wishing well To pick up the pieces You just look inside And when you put it together | it's magic Put it together | You go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo And when you put it together | it's magic Put it together 'cause all you | need is inside of you So put it together And go Bibbidi bobbidi boo Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Everybody has a dream | Sometimes it's like it never seems That your wish will change to reality When you feel you've had enough | don't you think of giving up There's no mountain you can't climb One step at a time All that you needed Was there all the time And when you put it together | it's magic Put it together | and go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo And when you put it together | it's magic Put it together 'cause all | you need is inside of you So put it together And go Bibbidi bobbidi boo Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi All that you needed Was there all the time And when you put it together | it's magic - It's magic | - Put it together | and go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo And when you put it together | it's magic - It's magic | - Put it together 'cause all | you need is inside of you And when you put it together | it's magic Put it together | and go ala-ka, ala-ka-zoo And when you put it together | it's magic Put it together 'cause all | you need is inside of you So put it together And go Bibbidi bobbidi boo Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi Salagadoola | Menchichka boola Bibbidi bobbidi Bibbidi bobbidi

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