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Season 1 (2007-08)

  1. The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin/Chowder's Girlfriend
  2. Burple Nurples/Shnitzel Makes a Deposit
  3. Grubble Gum/The Cinnamini Monster
  4. Certifrycation Class/The Sing Beans
  5. The Wrong Address/The Wrong Customer
  6. Mahjong Night/Stinky Love
  7. The Thrice Cream Man/The Fibber-Flabber Diet
  8. Gazpacho Stands Up/A Taste of Marzipan
  9. The Puckerberry Overlords/The Elemelons
  10. At Your Service/Chowder and Mr. Fugu
  11. The Vacation (Chowder)/The Sleep Eater
  12. Sniffleball/Mung on the Rocks
  13. The Heavy Sleeper/The Moldy Touch
  14. The Bruised Bluenana/Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel
  15. The Thousand Pound Cake/The Rat Sandwich
  16. Chowder Loses His Hat/Brain Grub
  17. Shnitzel Quits
  18. The Broken Part/The Meach Harvest
  19. Banned from the Stand/Creme Puff Hands
  20. The Apprentice Games

Season 2 (2008-09)

  1. The Arborians/The Garage Sale
  2. Panini for President/Chowder's Babysitter
  3. The Fire Breather/The Flying Flinger Lingons
  4. Hey, Hey It's Knishmas!
  5. Chowder's Catering Company/The Catch Phrase
  6. The Hot Date/Shopping Spree
  7. The Party Cruise/Won-Ton Bombs
  8. The Big Hat Buddies/The Deadly Maze
  9. Kid Shnitzel/Gazpacho Fights Back
  10. The B.L.T.'s/The Trouble with Truffles
  11. The Dinner Theater
  12. Big Ball/The Brain Freeze
  13. The Snail Car/The Lollistops
  14. Endive's Dirty Secret/Big Food
  15. Paint the Town/The Blackout
  16. The Dice Cycle/The Chain Recipe
  17. The Garden/Sheboodles
  18. Gazpacho Moves In/My Big Fat Stinky Wedding
  19. Apprentice Appreciation Day/The Grape Worm
  20. A Faire to Remember/Tofu-Town Showdown

Season 3 (2009-10)

  1. Hands on a Big Mixer/The Blast Raz
  2. The Spookiest House in Marzipan/The Poultry Geist
  3. The Apprentice Scouts/The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker
  4. A Little Bit of Pizzazz!/The Birthday Suits
  5. The Heist/The Prank (Chowder)
  6. Old Man Thyme/Chowder's Magazine
  7. Weekend at Shnitzel's/Taste Buds
  8. Gazpacho/The Toots
  9. Chowder Grows Up
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