Casper Meets Wendy is a 1998 live-action film.

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 Ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Ah, ha ha ha!
 Yee-ha ha ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha!
 Wowee, that ball is...
 out of here!
 A grand slam!
 In your face!
 Yowza! Yowza! Yowza!
 Show me something
 to top that!
 Did you see that?
 They're back.
 Quick, give me the camera.
 Oh, yeah.
 Your mother's
 never gonna believe this.
 Greetings, Earthling.
 Can you direct me to
 the Roswell Chili Cookoff?
 'Cause I'm a little low on gas!
 Ha ha ha ha!
 - Aah!
 - Aah!
 Ha ha ha!
 Yaaa ha ha ha!
 Wide load comin' through.
 Run for your lives!
 Ha ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha ha!
 Get away from me!
 Hey, batboy.
 Strike one.
 Strike two.
 3, 4, 5, 6!
 You're out!
 It looks like your bat's
 been to spring training.
 Ha ha ha!
 Hey, ain't it time
 for the seventh inning stretch?
 Aaahhh! Aah!
 It's raining dogs and dogs.
 Bombs away.
 Ha ha ha!
 Chill, folks.
 You don't have to be scared.
 See, I'm Casper, the Friendly...
 - Ghost! - Ghost! -Ghost!
 - Aah! - Aah! -Aah!
 Ha ha ha ha!
 Ha ha ha ha!
 Boys,we done good.
 I think it's time
 we had a long rest.
 Rest? You mean,
 like "in peace"?
 In the Catskills.
 Ooh, a vacation?
 Show me three ghosts
 who deserve it more.
 Uh, you mean four, right?
 Oh, right, of course,
 Can't leave you out.
 Otherwise, who'd
 carry our luggage?
 - Ha ha ha.
 - Ha ha ha.
 Ha ha ha, very funny.
 You've reached the home
 of Desmond Spellman.
 Hi, I'm calling from
 the International Children's Fund,
 and we're asking
 generous people like you
 to donate any --
 Aah! Ooh! Ooh!
 Oracle of the Mirror,
 show yourself.
 You summoned?
 Ha ha ha!
 Don't take that tone with me.
 You're a slave of the mirror,
 and the mirror belongs
 to the greatest witch of all --
 Yes, Master
 Command me as you will.
 Very well.
 Give me the stock quotes,
 the, uh, weather,
 and the witch rankings.
 Here is your news.
 The skies are blue,
 the Dow Industrials
 are up by two,
 you've been the greatest
 for year after year,
 but as of today
 you have something to fear.
 Who could be greater
 than Desmond Spellman?
 Wendy --Ooh--
 the good little witch.
 Good witch?
 There's no such animal.
 It is true, all the same,
 on this you can bank.
 Unless you act now,
 you will forfeit your rank.
 She's just a little child.
 What's so dangerous about her?
 Humble, yes, but in exile,
 she'll change,
 thanks to the help
 of an ally most strange.
 If witches and spirits
 unite as friends,
 she will be the greatest,
 and your power will end.
 Don't try to scare me,
 you cheap antique.
 Just, uh...
 tell me how to get rid
 of this little mall rat.
 There's no adios
 to compare with this --
 The dreaded Mystic Abyss.
 Human or witch
 or creature not mortal,
 all will be lost when
 they step through this portal
 Hey, you're lookin' good, Jules.
 Back at ya.
 I want you to go
 to this address
 and bring me this brat.
 She's living in the country
 with her aunts.
 Ah, must bean aunt farm.
 Ha ha ha!
 I don't want any slip ups.
 You think you can handle this?
 No sweat.
 Mornings would be better
 if they happened
 in the afternoon.
 He's coming.
 Where did I put it?
 Ch, right.
 Yikes, my pajamas!
 Uh, Wendy's outside.
 Don't bother me now.
 Just keep watching.
 OK, OK.
 I'm the original Spice Girl.
 Did you put in
 enough belladonna?
 Speaking of belladonna,
 I once knew one.
 A Donna, that is.
 She had two kids,
 so I guess that makes her
 a "Ma, Donna." You get it?
 Ooh, all right,
 I'll shut up.
 Fanny, status report.
 Shh! I'm looking
 for the paperboy.
 Well what?
 Is he coming?
 The paperboy!
 Good idea. Gert, I'm gonna
 go look for him right now.
 Ohh, God!
 What did I do
 to deserve sisters like this?
 Well, let's see.
 You invented mildew,
 morning breath...
 foot fungus.
 Ha ha ha.
 Ahoy, the paperboy.
 OK, let's get going.
 Oh! Hee hee hee!
 Aah! Stop it, stop it!
 Help me! Aaahhhh!
 Hey, how do you like
 them rotten apples?
 Aah! Go away!
 Now, that's "Hard Copy."
 Youre all weirdos.
 How could you do that?!
 No wonder I don't have any friends.
 Oh, really?
 Well, I don't like the way
 he flings our paper.
 Then just tell him.
 Please, talk to the hand,
 because the witches
 ain't listening.
 But --
 wake up and smell the potion.
 I mean, we're witches,
 for goodness'' sake.
 We don't explain.
 We get even.
 You mean, like this?
 Little smarty-bloomers, eh?
 Makes you love me
 all the more, huh?
 We dont have to love ya.
 Were family.
 Yeah,we're stuck with ya.
 Not to worry, ladies.
 Were gonna take her
 off your hands.
 Butt out, Bozo,
 before I turn you into a newt.
 Aww, and here I thought
 Desmond Spellman
 told me that you was
 gonna be so cooperative.
 De-Desmond Spellman?
 Do I look like
 a speech therapist to you?
 Then why are you stammering?
 Leave her alone,you big goon!
 Ahh! I'll take
 Mouthy Little Witches
 for 500.
 And you hit the Daily Double.
 - Aah!
 - Ohh!
 - Aah! - Aah! -Aah!
 Ohh, now, run, come on!
 Hurry up!
 We got ya now, kid.
 Gosh,where are my manners?
 Let me make you feel
 right at home.
 Of all the witches
 in the world,
 we had to get one
 with a sense of humor.
 Hurry up!
 Uh-oh. Someone's
 been working out.
 Get your things and let's go.
 Let's go.
 Get your broom.
 Hey you, come back here!
 Oh, yeah, let's not
 and say we did.
 I almost got her.
 Well, I got us out
 of that one, girls.
 Why are those guys after Wendy?
 Ask her.
 I don't even know who they are.
 You heard them.
 They were sent by
 Desmond Spellman.
 Who's he?
 He's trouble,
 and you got us into it.
 Yeah, Wendy
 and it's all your fault.
 Thanks a heap.
 Wow, check it out.
 Man, this place has everything
 but my reservation.
 Ahhh, I feel my ectoplasm
 relaxin' already.
 This is gonna be some vacation.
 They must've thought
 I was a pack mule
 in another life.
 Quit dawdling, Bulb Head.
 Oh, Honeycakes,
 this is gonna be
 just so ab-fab.
 Only the best
 for the Bradshaws.
 Hey, this cabin looks nice.
 Yeah, and it's empty, too.
 Hey, knock it off, you guys.
 There's already someone here.
 I don't see anyone.
 Do you?
 - Aah!
 - Aah!
 - Aah!
 - Aah!
 Thanks for your hospitality.
 See ya!
 Ha ha ha!
 - Ghosts!
 - Ghosts!
 Boy, I can't believe you guys.
 Do you have something
 to share, young Casper?
 Pray, do tell us.
 I just thought m-maybe
 you could -- Heh --
 try to be a little more...
 you know, friendly.
 Good advice, Casper.
 I thinkl speak for all of us
 when I say...
 drop dead!
 The only good fleshie
 is a scared fleshie.
 But why do you scare them?
 'Cause they can't scare back.
 Except for witches.
 What's wrong with witches?
 Wake up and smell the coffin.
 Witches are fleshies with power.
 Now go unpack the stuff,
 Jeez Louise.
 Whata bunch of grumps.
 Ahhh, this is the afterlife.
 - Aah! - Aah! -Aah!
 Hello, everybody,
 I'm Larry Tollby.
 I'm the social director
 here at Sunny Brite.
 How ya doin'?
 OK, great.
 Hey, did you hear the one
 about the roof?
 It's over your head.
 Hey, look out, Robin Hood.
 Archery 2:00.
 Were we followed?
 No, I think we're safe.
 Are you sure this is
 a good place to hide?
 Desmond will never
 find us in this place.
 Oh, ladies.
 Larry the Legend.
 No, thank you.
 Do you see?
 This place, this dump
 is disgustingly cheery.
 I mean, we're miles
 from nowhere.
 We're definitely
 all gonna blend in.
 Aren't you ladies a little old
 to be Trick-or-Treating?
 Excuse me?
 If it weren't for those hats,
 you'd be totally pointless.
 We're in hiding, remember?
 Hi, Sugar.
 Cabin for four.
 Maybe with a spare room
 in case I want to
 entertain some guests.
 I'm very sorry, ladies,
 but I just gave
 my last cabin
 to that woman.
 What, you mean, you don't
 have any more vagrancies--
 I mean, vagran-vagran-
 vacan-vancan --
 You don't have
 any rooms here?
 Not unless that woman
 decides to move out.
 Aunt Gert, don't --
 don't you dare.
 I've haaad
 a chaaange of mind
 We're not goatish.
 Bellbag, uh...
 Bellboy please.
 The bags to the top of the stairs.
 You know, girls,
 I think that old bag was right.
 We definitely don't blend in.
 Wardrobe change.
 I be witchin'!
 That out fit,
 you stick out
 like a sore thumb.
 Let's get inside.
 Hold up.
 Wait, wait.
 Hi, I'm Josh.
 You've probably heard of me.
 I'm Wendy.
 When'd you get here?
 About a week ago.
 Do you like it?
 Kinda boring.
 Until now.
 Now, listen, Niece.
 Desmond Spellman
 is after you.
 For some reason,
 we're caught up in this.
 Now, I don't want you
 talking to anybody
 until we figure out
 how to get out of this jam.
 But why are we running
 from this Desmond guy?
 Why don't we just
 all go confront him?
 Better to confront
 a nuclear missile.
 Now, listen, missy.
 This guy is trouble,
 and he's after us.
 No, Mirror Boy
 I'm not going to let
 some teen spell slinger
 upstage me.
 Tell me again
 about the hash part.
 It's minced corned beef
 and potatoes.
 You mix'em together, see?
 And then you cook it
 till it's nice --
 Where have you been?
 Uh, well, this diner
 had a breakfast special,
 see, and --
 Where is Wendy?
 Uh,she gave us the slip.
 I'm going to have to go to plan "B."
 Now, if those witless witches
 use any high-level magic,
 this little gizmo
 will pinpoint their location.
 Now, watch.
 What kind of potatoes?
 Well, usually
 you use the russets.
 Smells like something
 died around here.
 I thought you'd never notice.
 That wasn't very nice.
 Now hold this
 whilst I load you up
 with delectables.
 Great. Check out Casper,
 the phantom food felon.
 You want some cheese
 with that whine?
 Just clam up and carry
 the food, Bulb Head.
 It's too dang cheery in here.
 Yes, these floral prints
 are just killing my sinuses.
 Let's fix this place up.
 You gonna help, little
 Miss Goody-Two-Spells,
 or you just gonna
 type all day?
 I know, you cast the spells,
 and I'll run them through
 my spell checker!
 Ha ha. Get it?
 Spell checker.
 For your information,
 I'm looking up Desmond Spellman
 on the Internet.
 Maybe, just maybe,
 I can find some answers.
 Well, check out
 my new website.
 Ooh, that's great!
 That's great!
 So are we going
 to redecorate or what?
 All right. Witches one...
 Witches all...
 let's get that wall.
 Good, good.
 Now let's get that wall.
 All right.
 Now the back.
 Let's see, uh...
 Check it out!
 Yes! It's them!
 Quickly, write down
 the coordinates.
 Wait! Stop! Stop!
 Stop! Stop!
 Hey! What?!
 Stop it! Stop it!
 What? No!
 No, no! Come back!
 Shh! All right.
 I think we're safe.
 Right. Not if you're
 on the bottom.
 Yeah, what's the big idea?
 Big magic sends big static!
 You mean Desmond
 could have found us?
 Faster than a Lo-Jack.
 Now, from now on, we all
 have to be very, very careful.
 But I can't even tie
 my own shoelaces without magic,
 or do my algebra,
 or-or brush my teeth,
 or play the glockenspiel.
 Relax, all right.
 We can still do little stuff --
 pranks, rashes --
 we just can't do
 the big stuff anymore.
 Well, wait a minute.
 If we have to quit,
 so does she!
 Right, no more wand-y Wendy
 Give it over, come on.
 Cough it up.
 Come on.
 Fine. I'm wand-free.
 This is much
 too powerful for you.
 Good. Now, I think
 that we should go out
 and do a little scouting,
 in case Desmond
 sent some of his spies.
 We'll start at the pool.
 The pool!
 I'll get my swimsuit!
 No way, Red.
 You're not taking one step
 outside this cabin.
 Yeah! If Desmond finds you,
 he'll turn us all
 into pumpkin guts.
 Yes, and don't trust anyone.
 Man, I'm starting to feel
 like I'm in
 the Witches' Protection Program.
 You got it, squirt.
 Now stay!
 Hey, Fatso! Stretch! Wake up.
 We broughta snack.
 Aah. Snack! I'm there.
 Yeah, I'm starvin' to death...
 in a manner of speaking.
 Oh, yumbo!
 It's delightful.
 It's deluxe.
 It's the last you'll see of it!
 Uncle Fatso, what happened?
 Yeah, you look like
 a hot air balloon!
 Huh? Aah! A sun burn!
 Ehh, don't sweat it.
 We'll bleach you out after lunch.
 Now, let's eat.
 Wait. No napkins.
 Favorite Nephew,
 will you dothe honors?
 You scarfed everything.
 No, no, no, no, no, no.
 We left the wrappers.
 You three always do this.
 Do what?
 Ah, well...I mean, uh...
 Gee, I thinkwe hurt his feelings.
 Man,whycan't I stand up
 This vacation stinks.
 It isn't fair.
 It isn'tfair.
 Yo, Josh, catch.
 Hey, man, what's up?
 Josh! Hi there.
 Too bad! You lose!
 Crud! Thanks for messin' me up.
 Oh, hi. Got a quarter?
 No problem.
 Hey, jerk.
 This is my game!
 Excuse me.
 Quit it!
 Hey, that wasn't very nice.
 Watch me wipe out
 these commanders!
 Yeah, nuke'em, wax'em, fry'em!
 Josh, uh...
 I really needed
 to talk to someone
 and I thought --
 Eat hot laser, you wimps.
 And I thought
 maybe you could --
 Can't you see I'm going
 for a high score?
 Yeah, take a hike.
 You jerks.
 Aah! I just wanted
 someone to talk to!
 Join the club.
 A ghost!
 Don't you come any closer, you!
 No, no, wait!
 I won't hurt you.
 I'm warning you,
 I've got a wand,
 and I'm not afraid to use it.
 Aah! A witch!
 A witch!
 Are-Are you really
 a-a w-w-witch?
 Yeah. What of it?
 Nothing. I just didn't
 know witches were so...
 You think so?
 Well, you're a ghost.
 I was always told ghosts were...
 spooky and mean, you know?
 Most of us are, I guess.
 But not me!
 In fact, I'm friendly.
 My aunts say,
 "Never trust what you can't see."
 But you can see me.
 And I certainly can see you.
 I'm Wendy.
 I'm Casper.
 Can you sit?
 Do you have, like, horrific,
 ghostly super powers?
 Brace yourself...
 for terror!
 And what about you?
 Can you really do magic
 like David Copperfield?
 Are you kidding?
 He eats my pixie dust.
 Watch this. Ah, ha.
 Will you settle
 forsomething small?
 Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
 Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
 Ho! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
 Ho, ho, ho, ho.
 Ho, ho, ho.
 Ha ha. Sweet!
 I can't believe my uncles
 are so wrong
 about witches.
 There are other ghosts here?
 Yeah, but all they ever
 want to do
 is scare people
 and boss me around.
 Tell me about it.
 My aunts treat me
 like I'm a nobody.
 Guess we have a lot
 in common, huh?
 So, Wendy wanna do something?
 Well, I'm sorta grounded, but...
 let's have some fun!
 Casper, come on.
 Aah, aah, ooh!
 It's Desmond!
 Help! I'm melting!
 No, you're not.
 Oh, I'm not.
 I guess I'm not. Well...
 Having a bad airday?
 I know this is gonna sound
 really lame and all, but...
 Whoa! This has been
 the best day of my life.
 Me, too.
 Well, except for the life part.
 It doesn't make any sense!
 I have no friends, none.
 And my family treats me
 like I'm sludge.
 I hear that.
 And then you come along,
 and I finally feel like
 I'm somebody.
 But I'm supposed to hate you.
 Ch, it doesn't make any sense.
 But we still are friends, right?
 Wendy, friends doesn't come close
 to describing how I feel.
 Wait a second!
 If my aunts find out
 I'm friends with a ghost,
 they'll throw a witchy fit.
 I won't get to see you anymore.
 And my uncles say
 no self-respecting ghost
 would talk to a nasty,
 wart-ridden, hagged out --
 Oh, sorry.
 So what do we do?
 If we just got them
 together somehow,
 I just know that
 they'd get along.
 Sure, Wen, that'd work.
 All we have to do
 is turn your aunts into ghosts,
 or my uncles into humans.
 And I know just the way!
 Hey, hey, everybody!
 How's it going?
 Guess what time it is.
 It's limbo time!
 Now, remember
 only you can put the "Brite"
 in Sunny Brite.
 I'm going for a record here.
 Ha. Right here.
 Who thinks they can beat this?
 Beat him?
 My pleasure.
 Oh, cabana boy!
 Can we have three more
 big ones over here, please?
 Sure. Just a second.
 Would you like anything, honey?
 Yes, the cabana boy.
 Oh! Ha!
 Ch, oh, and cabin boy
 can you bring us back
 some of those nice,
 um, low-fat pretzels?
 In fact, bring us a whole case.
 A drink, please.
 Here you are.
 My chair. I'm thinking
 I'd like it much higher.
 Your chair?
 Massage here?
 Oh, fabulous.
 A towel, please.
 Take off my shoes.
 And while you're at it,
 find me some nail polish.
 I want you to do my toes.
 I'll be right back.
 Hey, sugar-shorts,
 how about a date?
 Uh, December 7th, 1941.
 I just love when
 they play hard to get.
 I win.
 Rock smashes paper.
 No, rock smashes scissors.
 When did they change the rules?
 It's always been that way,
 Potato Head.
 Anyways, paper covers rock.
 So I win.
 What are you two idiots doing?
 Come and watch the radar.
 Listen to me.
 Psst! Psst!
 Hey, did I spring a leak
 or something?
 You all call this
 scouting for danger?
 Yeah, dangerous Desmond.
 What are you doing here?
 Relax. I was really careful.
 I had to tell you something.
 What could possibly be
 so important
 that you'd risk our safety?
 There's a dance tonight.
 The Monkey.
 The Swim.
 The Electric Slide.
 The Funky Chicken.
 Did somebody say "fried chicken?"
 No, not chicken.
 Hey, it could be "hunk city."
 Oh, color us there.
 Let's color
 our little niece Wendy
 straight back to her room,
 solving this Desmond mess.
 Now goon, scoot.
 Hey, I'll hold onto this.
 Goon now.
 Impossible child.
 Hey, watch it.
 Oh, hi, doll face!
 Bye, dog face!
 Look, I forgive you
 about that video game thing.
 Get a clue.
 Hey you better be nice
 or l won't take you to the dance.
 Besides, I met someone else.
 Good-looking, too.
 Better than me?
 Yeah, very pale, no hair,
 and hangs out in cemeteries.
 Look, you're going
 to the dance with me,
 and that's that.
 Josh, you are way behind
 on 90s' dating rituals,
 and maybe you need to "catch up."
 Get off me!
 What do you think
 you're doing, you little twerp?
 Enjoy your bath, Joshy.
 Nobody makes Josh Jackman
 look like a geek!
 Hello, Karnak.
 Have you found her?
 Damn. Well, then, keep looking.
 Hello, Samantha.
 What have you got for me?
 Oh, too bad.
 Oh, dang.
 Mirror Boy, front and center.
 Ahh. Um...
 You howled?
 Are you sure you don't know
 where Wendy is?
 It's not my fault
 So don't get miffed
 Finding girls just ain't my gift
 But if there is one fact
 That I can boast
 Wendy has met
 a boo-boo-boo-boo-boo
 A Friendly Ghost
 A friendly ghost? Yes.
 Very good.
 Tell the laundry
 less starch this time.
 Hey, that was intense.
 You liked that?
 Yeah. Could you teach me
 some tricks like that?
 Casper the Friendly Ghost
 wants to scare fleshies?
 Somebody pinch me.
 So, uh, what'll it be, kid?
 Eerie groans?
 Ectoplasmic slimings?
 Round-trip pizza?
 Actually I was thinking...
 Then you've come
 to the right place,
 Bulb Head,
 'cause we're experts.
 In fact, we hold the time record
 for inhabiting fleshies.
 Yeah, I know.
 Except... Well...
 I just read in
 The Grimace Book of World Records
 that someone broke it.
 Boys, we gotta reclaim our title.
 How about
 at the big dance tonight?
 You're on.
 Come on, lads.
 We gotta find us
 some fleshies to invade.
 Let's get 'em. Come on.
 Let us slick back our pompadours
 and prepare ourselves
 for a little romance.
 Oh, yeah, these rich resort babes,
 you know, they melt
 like chocolate bars
 on a dashboard, am I right?
 Ch, baby
 Ch, yeah, oh yeah.
 Oh, man.
 What happened to my $20 tan?
 I look-- I look sick.
 Ch, haha.
 Why do I always get the fat guy?
 Comin' through, pal.
 Hey, it's dark in here.
 No wonder.
 I went in backwards.
 Wow! Oh, eeee.
 All set?
 Start the timer
 Welcome to
 the greatest place in town
 All you crazy swingers
 gather round
 It's like Grand Central Station
 Try to make you wade
 through this crowd
 All right
 Hey, babies.
 It is just wall-to-wall hunks.
 You know,
 I think it's gonna be OK
 if we take one night off
 from this warlock thing.
 If you wanna hear
 the fattest cats I know
 There is only one place you can go
 If your swing
 is working for you
 And you can give your girl
 a spin around
 All right
 And if you're gonna play it
 You gotta play it loose
 and play it loud
 Time to break
 some records, boys.
 Let's mix and mingle a little,
 shall we?
 Good, I'll cover the buffet area.
 Ha ha ha ha ha.
 Hello, ladies.
 Aggressive brute!
 All the girls are dressed
 in swing attire
 And all the dudes
 are trying to inquire
 The only thing they're missing
 The courage that they need
 to act, and how
 But if you're gonna play it
 You gotta play it loose
 and play it loud
 Let's go!
 Whoa, whoa!
 That's a mean guitar.
 You're late.
 My aunts locked me in.
 Ever crawled through
 a bathroom window?
 No need, remember?
 You better vanish.
 So how's the plan?
 Right on schedule.
 Good fun, good food.
 Good people.
 Excuse me.
 Uh, young man...
 Aah! It's me!
 I--I--I smell...pretty.
 Aah, must lose nice smell.
 Oh, you're disgusting!
 Sorry, lady.
 Didn't know.
 'Snot polite.
 Mmm. So...
 I says to him,
 "What do you mean,
 penguins can't fly?"
 And then Nanook,
 he hurls up a wad of blubber,
 and he says...
 "Oh, don't brush those off,
 'cause you never know
 when you're going to run
 out of food in this joint."
 That would be terrible.
 Come on, hunk,
 there's one of you.
 And three of us --
 So pick one and let's disco!
 Uh, I got to go,
 uh...kill some bugs.
 Some-some bugs?
 Wait a minute.
 Oh, I, um--
 Well, then call us.
 We got his jacket!
 We're listed.
 Time for phase two.
 Pardon me. Excuse me.
 Watch out behind you.
 Ahh, that's more like it.
 This joint is gonna blow
 the rest away
 I'm gonna say it once
 I'm gonna say it twice
 I'm gonna say it twice
 and say it proud
 Maybe it's just this body,
 but those chicks
 look extra crispy.
 Ooh, I second that emotion.
 Mm. Hurt me, baby!
 Would you like to dance, ma'am?
 Scram, loser.
 Can't you see
 a real man approaches?
 Hubba hubba! Grr!
 Hi ya, Babe.
 Oh, you sweet, skinny thing, you.
 Oh, well...
 Isn't he delicious?
 I never met anyone with
 such a fascinating...
 earthy quality.
 Oh, you take my breath away!
 Aw, shucks. Let's dance.
 Look, Casper,
 they're really getting along.
 I didn't know
 We done good.
 Come with me, Wendy.
 There she is.
 Let's see who this hunk is
 that she dumped me for.
 Ha ha! Whoa, Casper.
 What's wrong?
 I was just wondering if --
 Well, uh,
 would you like to dance?
 Really? Sure.
 Right here?
 Right now?
 No. Over there.
 Cool OK.
 Wait a sec.
 Let me change.
 You look...magical.
 To be alone
 Hold on.
 With you
 It is all l want
 The name's Boo. James Boo.
 Black tie.
 I'm impressed.
 Shall we?
 Well, here goes nothing.
 I -- I don't dance very good,
 especially when
 someone's looking.
 Hold on.
 Ahh, that's better.
 Don't wanna be with anyone
 Anyone but you
 You dance fine.
 Let's just say
 I'll never step on your feet.
 All to myself
 So you'd rather dance alone
 than with me, huh?
 Who's that?
 Nobody important.
 Sure sounds important.
 Oh! Don't mind if l do.
 What a fascinating aroma!
 I was just mixing up a potion.
 Moldy tree roots,
 sour bat milk, and...
 rancid garlic?
 Oh! A connoisseur!
 Hey, hey,
 get a load of this one, huh?
 Drinks are on me!
 Hey, what did the pigeon
 say to the statue?
 - What?
 - What?
 "Pardon me,
 but do you have any
 'Gray Poop On' you?"
 You're such a witty man.
 Hey, whoever thought
 fleshies could've been
 such fun, huh?
 Unh! Unh!
 Are you guys OK?
 Old football injury.
 Graah! It's the music!
 We can't get that beat
 out of our systems!
 Oh, goody.
 It's dance time!
 Ohh -- Unh!
 Hey, watch it!
 Come on, Stinky!
 Well, excuse me!
 Hey! OK, I'll move.
 Great steps.
 Look at that boogie.
 I can dig it.
 - Oh! - Huh? -Aah!
 Let's go.
 Man, I love the Twist, too!
 This guy inside me
 is really fighting!
 Mine, too!
 - Ohh...
 - Oh...
 Oh, no. It's been too long.
 They're losing control.
 Show us some
 of those wild moves.
 Oh, like this.
 Akk! Unh! Hyah!
 - Oh! - Aah! -Oh!
 Oh, no, Casper.
 Our plan just went down in flames.
 Like the Hindenberg.
 Oh, gee,
 we haven't had
 this much fun in centuries!
 Uh, decades.
 Excuse us, ladies.
 You know, gals,
 this is a match made in heaven.
 I think we have
 marriage material here.
 Let's go!
 Folks, uh, hold on here.
 I think we'll just take
 a little short break here,
 uh, so we don't break
 anything else.
 Is everything OK?
 Ew! Ear wax!
 - Aah! - Aah! -Aah!
 - Aah! - Aah! -Aah!
 - Yaah! - Ahh! -Aah!
 Uh, hi, girls.
 - Ghosts! - Ghosts! -Ghosts!
 - Witches! - Witches! -Witches!
 Uh, Wendy and I can explain.
 Yeah. See, Casper came up
 with this great idea.
 Do you mean to tell me
 that you have been
 hanging around with this --
 this floating roll
 of toilet paper?
 Yeah. Get away from her
 before she gives you warts.
 But we're friends!
 No. No way
 I will not let you
 associate with this --
 this puff of --
 of secondhand smoke!
 That's rich,
 coming from a disenchanter!
 Go rattle your chains!
 Go peddle your potions!
 Oh, make us,
 you big Dairy Queen butts!
 That's it!
 We're coming over
 and scaring
 the bloomers off of you!
 In the name
 of the great sorcerer Nogamo,
 I command:
 that you turn
 these spirits into bean bags!
 Hey! Hey!
 Now, now, just a second...
 - One.
 - Y-You wouldn't dare.
 - Two --
 - Bye.
 Run away!
 What was all that?
 It was a bluff.
 Now, what is in
 your brain, child?
 Don't you understand
 that ghosts are our enemies?
 But Casper isn't!
 He's jus --
 Look, girls, we can't
 hang around here anymore.
 We're going to have to go
 find another hiding place.
 No! I like it here,
 and I'm really, really sorry,
 and l'll find Casper,
 and l'll fix everything.
 Ay --
 No way, Red.
 Now, march yourself
 straight back into your room.
 Hey, Casper,
 meet me back here in five minutes.
 Ew! Witch germs!
 I can't believe
 I actually touched her.
 You touched.
 I mini-doughnuted!
 Oh, I think
 I'm going to blow ectoplasm.
 Vacation's over, boys.
 If we want to win back
 our self-respect,
 we got to scare
 those witches out of here!
 Easy on the pottery.
 Better go into stealth mode.
 Oh, boy.
 We messed up good.
 No fooling.
 We got to stick together, Casper.
 My uncles don' twant me
 near you.
 They say you witches have
 killer magic.
 Oh, we've got it,
 but I can't use it.
 Come again?
 OK, here's the deal.
 But you promise
 you cannot tell anyone.
 Got it?
 Cross my heart
 and hope to live.
 I downloaded this
 off the Internet.
 The Top 100 Warlocks.
 At the top of the list
 is this bad boy
 Desmond Spellman.
 He's super powerful,
 and he's after me.
 I haven't a clue,
 but if my aunts or I
 use any big magic,
 he'll find us
 and destroy us --
 Got it?
 Destroy you? How?
 This is the only sure way...
 besides dropping
 a house on us.
 It's called the Mystic Abyss,
 and whatever goes in
 No. He can't!
 Peaches and Cream,
 this party's over.
 Uh, Good dog. Sit up.
 - Uh, ruff-ruff!
 - Good boy.
 Now do you see why my aunts
 can't afford a fight right now?
 Wow. That's harsh.
 So will you talk
 to your uncles
 and keep them
 away from us?
 Then I won't have to leave.
 Well, sure, but --
 You see,
 I'm not very good
 at standing up to them.
 Casper, you've got to.
 This is life or death.
 Uh, sure, Wendy.
 Don't worry.
 I'll fix everything.
 And remember,
 don't say anything
 about the magic.
 I promise.
 This is no good.
 All right, listen up.
 I have something to say.
 There's the little traitor.
 Way to go, air bag.
 You almost got us killed --
 Aren't you jumping to conclusions?
 Wake up and smell
 the funeral roses.
 Witches are dangerous.
 So we got to attack them
 before they attack us.
 Now, just
 a doggone minute.
 I have some say in this family,
 and I'm telling you to layoff!
 Uh, please?
 Who do you think you are?
 We know more than you.
 Those witches mean business.
 Yeah. I'm not backing down.
 Let's get 'em.
 Right now.
 No, but -- but -- uh, listen!
 Why are you protecting them?
 What did you say?
 No powers?
 So the witches are helpless.
 Boys, it's time
 for a little revenge.
 For glory!
 For honor!
 Formerly known as Prince!
 No! Stop! I promised
 nothing would hap -- Whoah!
 Wait! Wait!
 Let me explain--
 Maybe he's sick.
 He looked a little
 flushed to me.
 - Ha ha! - Ha ha! - Ha ha!
 If it ain't the belle of the brawl.
 What do you want?
 Simple, newt-breath.
 This is our vacation spot, see?
 So make like Michael Jackson
 and beat it!
 Yeah! This place
 ain't big enough
 for the both of us.
 Huh! In fact,
 it's barely big enough for me.
 Never! And you guys
 better get out of here before --
 Well, before we turn you
 into a year's supply of diapers!
 We happen to know for a fact
 that you broom jockeys
 can't use magic.
 Oh, my gosh...
 Casper told you!
 Yeah! Put that in your cauldron
 and stir it!
 Listen, you don't scare us.
 We scare you!
 Get 'em, boys!
 Ha ha! Missed me!
 You leave my aunts alone!
 They were fast,
 but l was faster
 Paint these ghosts
 with a coat of plaster!
 Yo, Desmond, we got us a blip!
 I've got you,
 you little hex-hurler,
 and l'm going
 to destroy you.
 It's the de-witching hour!
 Heh heh heh!
 Me, ruined?
 By a little teen witch?
 I don't think so.
 Think again,
 you pompous prestidigitator --
 You get your phantom fannies
 out of here!
 Yeah. Yeah. We're going.
 What's that?
 Let's go check it out.
 - Wendy --
 - Yes! -Yay!
 You saved us!
 Well, of course.
 Nobody hurts my family.
 Except for me.
 Oh, you --
 Come on, let's go.
 All right!
 Wendy, Wendy, she's our lass.
 She kicked those ghosts
 right in the worst possible way!
 Haha! Wendy rules!
 Rules! Wendy rules! Yeah!
 La-la-la-la, all right!
 - Wendy!
 - Ah, ha!
 Wendy rules!
 Wendy rules!
 Um, excuse me, um...
 I'm really flattered,
 but I have to
 tell you something.
 Oh, come on, little Niece.
 No bad news tonight.
 This is your hero party.
 Well, in order
 to save you all,
 I had to use my...wand.
 And Desmond's probably
 on his way right now.
 Thanks a lot, loser.
 Start packing.
 Way to go, Wendy
 It's not a fruit
 or a vegetable.
 The tomato is a berry.
 Right, and
 your old man's E.T.,
 'cause you ain't
 from this planet.
 Go ahead.
 Ignore my wealth of knowledge.
 Shut up, you two.
 When I'm through
 with these witches,
 I'm going to
 turn the two of you
 into milkshakes.
 Ha ha!
 Wendy! Wendy, my uncles
 are on their way over--
 Thanks for the warning,
 but they've already
 paid their respects.
 Oh, no.
 Oh, yes.
 And how did they know
 that my aunts couldn't
 fight back, hmm?
 Wendy, I --
 Is this your idea of
 making things better,
 by breaking promises?
 By giving away secrets?
 How could you?
 I thought you were my friend.
 I am!
 Wendy just let me explain --
 No! And I never want
 to see you again!
 Now, beat it
 before I turn you
 into a bean bag chair!
 Wendy I --
 No! Just -- Just leave.
 Wow. Yeah! Cool!
 It's that kid again.
 So cool...
 Wendy never let me
 play with her wand
 She must like him
 more than me.
 Wait till I get my hands
 on that little shrimp.
 This is all his fault.
 I normally like
 to get plastered.
 Way to go, dish rag.
 You led us right into a trap.
 Those broomstick bimbos
 disgraced us.
 I messed up everything.
 You can say that again.
 I'm talking about the witches.
 This warlock's coming after them,
 and now they've got
 to run for their lives.
 These people are in big trouble,
 and they need our help.
 Us help witches?
 No way!
 No how!
 No shirt, no shoes, no service.
 You know,
 you three like to act nasty
 and talk big and be selfish,
 but tonight,
 you did something
 I'm never going
 to let you forget.
 You cared about those witches.
 Yeah, well...
 we was just pretending.
 and search the cabins.
 Come on, Red, we got
 to put some sky behind us.
 But I got to find my wand.
 I just had it right here.
 Look, forget about it, OK?
 Look, it's nothing but trouble.
 But I have to look --
 No, you don't have to look.
 But what about my powers?
 No buts, all right?
 Let's go.
 Witches, are we ready?
 But I have to --
 Here's your broom.
 Be quiet.
 Let's try that one over there.
 Yeah, that's a good idea.
 You get that TV
 you wanted?
 - It's them!
 - Oh!
 Let's fly out the window.
 No, we can't!
 They'll spot us.
 Well, what are
 we going to do?
 I have an idea!
 What do you want a TV for?
 I don't need a TV.
 I got the pictures
 in my brain -- Ow!
 We're walking here!
 Hey, you see
 any witches around here?
 - No habla lngles.
 - No. - No.
 Are they following?
 No. I think we made it.
 They went that way.
 Thank you.
 Wait a minute,
 wait a minute!
 Let's get rid
 of this garb, OK?
 1... 2... 3...
 OK, let's go.
 Come on.
 Leaving so soon?
 - Aah! - Aah! -Aah! -Aah!
 Move it, move it --
 Hurry. Oh.
 Oh, hurry.
 - Ohh --
 - Oh.
 Ch, no.
 La la la-la la
 - Aah!
 - Aah!
 Sit down.
 You're the big, bad Wendy, eh?
 And you're the geek
 who's been hounding me.
 What do you want,
 my lunch money?
 It's like this, kiddo.
 The Oracle said
 that you are
 a greater witch than I.
 - Her? - Her? - Her?
 That's what l said
 But then the Oracle
 is never wrong.
 Are you?
 No, sir.
 Never wrong.
 I had a devil
 of a time finding you.
 How did you live
 without magic so long?
 Well, we cut down
 on between-meal spells and --
 Stop it.
 It's none of his business.
 No matter.
 You'll soon be out of my hair.
 By the way,
 how does it look?
 Nary a one out of place.
 Thank you.
 Wait! If you're mad at me,
 why punish them?
 If l get rid of you,
 I can't very well
 leave relatives behind
 who'll want revenge,
 now, can I?
 Won't take a minute.
 Hold it right there, bucko!
 Casper, you came back.
 Yadda, yadda, yadda.
 - Help.
 - That's right.
 The Oracle mentioned a ghost.
 But never mentioned one so puny.
 You leave Wendy alone!
 A ghost defending a witch?
 Now I've seen everything.
 Aah! Omph!
 Stop hurting him!
 Oh, my.
 How very, very...
 If l hadn't lost my wand,
 I'd knock that smirk
 right off your face.
 Yes. Too bad, isn't it?
 Casper! No!
 - Ha ha ha.
 - No!
 Man, this is getting monotonous.
 Wendy's wand.
 Let's see how snotty
 you are without your stick,
 Miss I'm-Too-Good-For-You!
 Normally, it's against mypolicy
 to scare people.
 But this is an emergency.
 - Aah!
 - Aah!
 My, that was cleansing.
 From the halls of Kukaluma,
 to the shores of Xanadee,
 I call upon the dark forces
 of yadda, yadda, yadda.
 By the power vested in me
 etcetera, etcetera,
 open the Door of Dread.
 Behold, the Mystic Abyss.
 Once a victim enters,
 she never comes out;
 convenient, eh?
 - Wendy!
 - Casper!
 Stop him!
 You flying pillow case,
 come here!
 Casper, come on.
 Over here.
 This what you're looking for?
 That was not bad.
 But not nearly as powerful as me.
 Help! Help!
 Hang on, Little Red!
 Aah! Help me!
 Hold on, we're coming.
 Hang on, Little Red!
 No! Wait!
 Not so fast.
 Help me!
 My work's done here.
 You ain't going nowhere.
 They're gonna trap Wendy!
 Aah! Casper, please help!
 Casper, I'm so sorry
 I doubted you.
 Forget that. Just hang on!
 Keep pulling!
 Silly spice and everything nice...
 I'm a little tea pot,
 short and stout
 Here is my handle,
 here is my spout
 When I get all steamed up
 watch me shout
 Tip me over
 and pour me out
 Witches one,
 witches all,
 let's get Desmond after all.
 Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
 You mussed my hair
 I've been itching to show off.
 Ah, I'm a man.
 I'm a French dish.
 Ugh! I'm repulsive.
 Ha ha ha.
 Let's get out of this.
 Now you're going
 to be fertilizer.
 Have a nice trip.
 See you next fall.
 Give me that, you little witch.
 Wendy's still in there!
 So is Casper.
 Hang on, Wendy!
 We're coming to get you.
 We'll get the door,
 you grab the kids.
 Help me, Casper!
 Come on. Help me.
 Pull! Pull!
 Hold on,Wendy!
 Hang on.
 We're coming to get you.
 1, 2, 3...
 Wendy. Wendy. Little Red.
 Little Red, are you OK?
 Aw, come on, Little Wart.
 Wendy, are you OK?
 You can make it.
 Oh, Wendy.
 Give mea hug and I will be.
 I love you.
 Wendy, you're OK.
 I knew you wouldn't bail.
 Yeah, well, we figured
 we couldn't let you
 have all the fun.
 Let's go get some breakfast.
 French toast drowning in syrup.
 Do you know
 what they call
 French toast in Paris?
 Uh, toast?
 They call it Pain Perdu.
 Means lost bread
 Because, see, they use
 the old bread from yesterday --
 My sisters and I want to, um,
 thonk, um, thang,
 uh, think, uh...
 Thank. My sisters and I
 want to thank you...
 for everything
 you've done for us.
 Well, OK
 But don't expect it
 all the time.
 Yeah, yeah, don't rush me.
 And I wanted to say
 we sorta didn't mind
 getting to know you hags,
 uh, gals.
 Really? Thanks.
 Attention, please. Listen.
 Here is the latest.
 Desmond is now gone,
 and Wendy is greatest.
 She's the greatest witch?
 She did something
 no other can boast.
 This little witch
 befriended a ghost.
 So Wendy you're the greatest.
 It is her l select.
 Someday she'll be queen,
 so show some respect.
 Hail, Wendy.
 We always knew you had it in you.
 Yea! Wendy for president!
 Well, girls,
 I think it's time we get going.
 Let's take another shot
 at that paperboy.
 The judges won't accept
 that answer.
 Oh, sorry, Wendy.
 On your brooms.
 To the air.
 Wendy, wait.
 So, you're leaving, huh?
 Us, too.
 Guess this is good-bye.
 Yeah, I guess.
 Listen, I just wanted to say...
 I'm really gonna miss you.
 Next week
 you'll save some other girl
 from a swirling vortex of doom
 and you'll forget all about me.
 Hey we really shook
 things up, didn't we?
 From now on, people are going
 to treat us differently
 Don't worry, they will.
 Let's go.
 Good-bye, Ghost boy.
 1, 2, 3, away!
 No, no, no,
 Junior Counselors-In-Training,
 you've gotta hold
 the bar level
 so that guests
 can get under it.
 You two born yesterday?
 You know, after this guy,
 I'm beginning
 to miss Desmond.
 Ah, it's a living.
 You know, I really like
 doing Casper's chores,
 don't you? It's fun.
 It's helpful.
 It's been a hard day's night.
 So long,
 Sunny Brite Resort.
 It's been real...

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