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Opening Edit

Announcer: Greetings, citizens. And welcome to… hey, wait a minute… I’ve been so much. I’m actually (???) What’s Dexter working on then? Ooh, I think I remember this episode. It’s this the where Dexter building a travel machine? Ooh, no. Heh. Deffintely don’t remember this episode. Look out, Dexter! Hey, I was watching that! Who flip the channel? What’s this? The KND Sector V Tree House. Where’s Numbuh 1? This doesn’t look good. What a disaster. What’s happening to these worlds? [screen noise] Wait. That’s Vilgax. Ben 10’s enemy. What’s he doing in Chowder’s World? This is so messed up. (Ben Tennyson: Hmm.) Yes, Ben Tennyson. Finally a hero who can help.

Chowder’s World Edit

Announcer: All right! Ben’s in Chowder’s World! This ought to be like taking candy from a baby. Or food from a world whose whole economy is based on food.
Ben Tennyson: Hey. What the…? This looks like the place I saw Vilgax terrorizing on the Ultimatrix, but how did I get here? I need to stop Vilgax and figure out what’s going on.

Ben Tennyson: Vilgax has to be nearby! I won’t stop until I find him.
Announcer: Hey, it’s Chowder! Maybe he can help Ben… Hey, wait a minute. What’s wrong with him? Something’s not right here.
Ben Tennyson: Hey! I don’t know who or what you are, but I have a city to save. Either help me or get out of my way. Sorry, Little Guy. I hated fighting you, but I have to find Vilgax.

    [After corrupted Chowder’s defeat.]
Announcer: Chowder’s back to normal! Well, as normal as Chowder gets anyways. And teaming up with Ben!
Chowder: What happened to me? Oh no! The last thing I remember is some tentacle faced guy kidnapping Mung! Where is he? And why do I feel I was beaten up?
Ben Tennyson: His name is Vilgax and if we find him, we’ll probably find your friend too.

Chowder: I think I can hear Mung up ahead!
Ben Tennyson: Then that means Vilgax is nearby. Get ready!

    [Vilgax threatens Mung, Ben & Chowder arrive]
Ben Tennyson: Vilgax!
Chowder: Mung!
Vilgax: Ben Tennyson!
Mung: Chowder!
Announcer: OK, everyone met each other now? Are we through? Can we fight now?
Ben Tennyson: You’re through, Vilgax. I’m taking you off this planet!
Vilgax: Tennyson, you make me laugh. We’re not on a different planet. We’re in a different dimension. I’d explain more, but you have to save this old fool.
Mung: HELP ME!!

Announcer: Thing’s aren’t looking too good for Mung Daal! Defeat the Forever Knights before they knockout Mung!

    [After complete]
Mung: That was awful. I’ll never make calamari again. Thanks for saving me from, what did you say his name was?
Ben Tennyson: His name is Vilgax and Chowder and I will hunt him down until he’s captured.
Chowder: We will?
Mung: All right, you boys have fun. Chowder, get back in time to help me prepare for dinner.

Ben 10 Universe Edit

    [Vilgax & his robots vanish]
Ultmatrix: Ultrmatrix detected Dimensional disturbance.
Announcer: Aw, snap. Now, wait just a minute. We’re in Bellwood. Which doesn’t look pretty. Time to get to the bottom of this evil plot. Uh, Chowder, this is one Buttercup you don’t want to mess with. Buttercup vs. Ben 10?

Ben Tennyson: I was taught not to hit girls, but you’re not leaving me any choice. I can’t lose Vilgax’s trail!
Chowder: Uh, Ben? I’m pretty sure that this girl can more than take care of herself.

    [After corrupted Buttercup’s defeat.]
Ben Tennyson: Wow. You’re tough.
Buttercup: I’m more than tough. I’m Powerpuff!
Chowder: What’s a Powerpuff? It sounds delicious.

Buttercup: What happened to me?
Ben Tennyson: That’s what we’d like to know.
Buttercup: I’ll actually just like to know how to go home.
Ben Tennyson: I think we can find the answers we’re looking for when we catch Vilgax.
Announcer: Vilgax is one slippery customer. Which makes sense, given has a squid face.

Ben Tennyson: Breaking out the big guns! Sweet!
Chowder: Does anyone know how to use this thing?
Buttercup: Yeah, you just point it and shoot at anything in your way.
Chowder: I think I’m going to need to know more than that.

    [Heroes come to Vilgax]
Buttercup: Well, if it isn’t old tentacle lips.
Ben Tennyson: Vilgax! I knew you’d be here.
Chowder: Can we ride through the cave again? That was fun.

    [On Primus.]
Ben Tennyson: It’s time to end this, Vilgax!
Vilgax: I agree, Tennyson. So I brought a friend along with YOU.
Ben Tennyson: …Kevin?!
Vilgax: What will it be, Tennyson? Hurt your best friend or let him attack you? Either way you choose. I win.
Announcer: It’s Kevin Levin! And he looks like he fell from the ugly alien tree and hit every ugly alien branch on the way down. And landed in on ugly puddle. And then set in it for a while. What I’m saying is, he’s really ugly looking. I hope someone on Primus has paid up their property insurance. I know he’s hard to look at. So try to beat some pretty back into him.

    [After Mutant Kevin’s defeat.]
Kevin Levin: Ben? What happened?
Ben Tennyson: Relax. You’re on Princes. Vilgax did something to you to turn you against us.
Kevin Levin: What? Did green jeans did this to me? I can’t remember.
Chowder: Hey, I’m Chowder!
Kevin Levin: Whoa! What planet is that thing from?
Ben Tennyson: Chowder is a friend from another dimension.
Kevin Levin: Heh. Hello, purple dude. Wait? What’s happening?
Ben Tennyson: Kevin!!!!!

Announcer: Here comes again. Wonder where this train is headed to now? Wait. What’s this thing. Dexter. It’s Dexter. He’s done it. What is this thing? Ooh good idea, Dexter. Get Flapjack inside your capsule before something terrible happens. Something like being attack by pirates.

Flapjack’s World Edit

Dexter: Whatever you do, goofy-looking sailor boy… you must stop that villain from destroying your world… so that I can unite the power of many heroes and restore order to this unexplained inter-dimensional mix up! We will come back for you when you least expect it!
Flapjack: When I least expect it?
Dexter: That was unexpected. Uh… I will come back again. You might be expecting in this time.
Flapjack: I have to stop a villain? This sounds like… AN ADVENTURE! I need to go get Captain K’nuckles! Hmmm, where do I go from here? Maybe this weathervane can do something.

Flapjack: Captain K’nuckles!
Captain K’nuckles: What do you want, boy?
Flapjack: K’nuckles, a new pirate is destroying Stormalong Harbor, and a magic scientist to stop him!
Captain K’nuckles: A magic scientist? Don’t bother me with all of that ridiculousness, Flapjack.
Flapjack: Oh, and the pirate he wants us to fight has a candy head and leg.
Captain K’nuckles: A candy bearded pirate? Let’s go eat him, boy. Er, I mean beat him. Hey, look at this, Flapjack! I bet we can use it launch stuff at that annoying pirate ship.
Flapjack: Great idea, K’nuckles!

  • Captain K’nuckles: So, where’s this mysterious candy headed pirate, Flapjack?
  • Flapjack: I don’t know, Captain K’nuckles, but maybe these guys help us?
  • Vilgax: I’m here to conquer this bridge water dimension. Stay out of my way, pirates, or be conqured like so much pond steam.
  • Captain K’nuckles: What’s this squid-breath talking about? And who’s your football headed sidekick you brought with you?
  • Flapjack: We’re not pirates, we’re adventuures!
  • Vilgax: So you won’t stand down? You will live to regret that. But not for long. This isn’t over, yet!
  • Captain K’nuckles: Wow… we’re actually won! Now let’s find this new pirate you’re telling about while we’re hot!
  • Numbuh 1: The last thing I remember is chasing Stickybeard and then it’s all a blank until now. I take it you two actually pirates trying to steal kids’ candy?
  • Captain K’nuckles: Actually, except for the pirates part, that’s pretty accurate.
  • Flapjack: We’re looking for Candified Island!
  • Numbuh 1: I don’t know what came over me.
  • Stickybeard: Candifed Island, eh? Sounds sweet. I think I might just keep that for myself!
  • Bubby: I don’t think so.

  • Numbuh 1: It’s over, Stickybeard!
  • Flapjack: Whoa neat!
  • Announcer: Whoa. What’s happening?

  • Numbuh 1: Whoa. We’ve landed back in the KND Treehouse. let’s round up the rest of the Kinds Next Door. We’re going to need all the help we can get in order to stop Stickybeard and save our world.

  • Numbuh 1: We made it to the top of the treehouse. Good job, team.
  • Captain K’nuckles: Uh, I can feel me wooden knees splintering.
  • Announcer: Stickybeard’s pirates have overrun the treehouse. Wow. Pirates. Secret bases. Candy legs. This show has everything!
  • Numbuh 1: Repel the pirates at all costs! Battle stations!!!!! That was tough light, that I think we’re in for something even tougher…
  • Flapjack: Ooooh! Look at that giant ship headed our way! It’s pretty!
  • Numbuh 1: It’s not pretty, Flapjack. It’s Stickybeard! And he’s headed straight for us!
  • Captain K’nuckles: I bet that ship is loaded with candy! Hey Flap let’s help this kid take down that pirate, and by help. I mean let’s let him do the hard work so we can sneak on hard and five like kings!
  • Numbuh 1: Nice timing, Numbuh 2. Now let’s get Stickybeard. Stickybeard’s been driven off once more, thanks to the Kids Next Door and new two friends!
  • Numbuh 2: K’nuckles, I wanna check out all of your wooden pieces and corpare them to our 2x4 technology!
  • Captain K’nuckles: Lookin’s free foot hunchkin’ is gonna cost ya, so just go ahead and take us back.
  • Numbuh 2: We, uh, don’t know how to do that.
  • Flapjack: You mean we’re stuck here?! Away from Stormalong Harbor? Away from Bubbie? How are we going to get home?

Announcer: Hey, wait a minute. Father? What’s he doing here? But, if Father was in the lab with Dexter. Where did everyone else go? It’s the City of Townsville.

Anouncer: Uh, oh. Looks like Mojo Jojo causing a big no, no.

  • Annoucer: It’s the City of Townsville. Home to the most amazing kingdergaden superheroes, the Powerpuff Girls!
  • Bubbles: It’s Buttercup! She’s back!
  • Buttercup: Oh man! I’ve been on a crazy adventure!
  • Blossom: No time to talk about it right now, Buttercup. Mojo Jojo’s on a rampage and we need to save Townsville from being destroyed. Stay in a right formation. This place is like a maze. Feels good to be fighting together again!
  • Buttercup: You call that fighting? I’m just getting warmed up to pound Mojo Jojo next week.
  • Bubbles: Ugh, it’s Mojo Jojo’s latest dumb plan to wreck Townsville.
  • Ben Tennyson: Who’s Mojo Jojo?
  • Blossom: He’s a super villain monkey with a giant exposed brain.
  • Ben Tennyson: That… is not the weiredest thing I’ve seen today actually. I’ll take him out.
  • Bubbles: Not so fast, you big, bessy big boss. I think the toughest one of us needs to take Mojo on.
  • Ben Tennyson: All right, bring it.
  • Blossom: Oh, I brought it and any ready to serve it to you first first.
  • Ben Tennyson: Now, I just need to get inside this mechanical monkey’s head, and he’ll be defeated in no time. There’s no way I’m going to let you destroy Townsville, Mojo.
  • Mojo Jojo: You are a fool if you think you can stop my giant robot primative… For only a fool should where challenge the evil Mojo Jojo. Especially when I created huge mechanical monkey!

  • Bubbles: Where did Mojo go?
  • Buttercup: Man, Mojo always gets away. I’m ready to get that monkey off my back.
  • Ben Tennyson: It doesn’t matter. Townsville is safe. Let’s get back to the capsule. There’s more places that need our help.

  • Announcer: Poor Chowder has to explain what’s been happening so far to Mac and Bloo.
  • Chowder: We’re on a crazy mission to save all of the dimensions from a super evil threat that has us hopping through worlds and teaming up with super heroes and meeting super scientists and super evil monkeys! Do you want to join us?
  • Bloo: Are you an imaginary friend?
  • Chowder: uh… no?
  • Bubbles: Chowder, when someone asks you if you’re an imaginary friend, you say yes!
  • Ben Tennyson: These two look possessed. Let’s try to beat some sense into them. Well, I think we knocked the sense back into them.
  • Bubbles: Good… Maybe they can help us get rid of the bad guys attacking this palace!
  • Mac: Whoa. Sorry about that! The last thing I remembered was… oh no…
  • Blossom: What’s wrong…
  • Mac: It’s our friend Cheese! I just remembered these evil minions holding him captive at the top of the house! We have to save him!
  • Bloo: Ugh. Do we have to?
  • Mac: Come on, Bloo! It’s easy to get lost in this place. We have to show everyone the way!

  • Bloo: All this rolling around is going to make me sick.
  • Bubbles: Already…beating…you… to it. Gasp.
  • Ben Tennyson: What’s wrong? Let’s just roll through there without getting hurt.
  • Buttercup: This is one strange place.
  • Bloo: You get used to it after a while. I remember when I first got here…
  • Mac: No time for that, Bloo! Cheese needs our help!
  • Cheese: Yay!
  • Mac: Cheese! Are you ok?
  • Cheese: I like chocolate milk!
  • Mac: Are you ok, Cheese?
  • Cheese: I pooted.
  • Ben Tennyson: Wow. OK. I’m going to dodge the whole "rent the Cheese" joke… annd sat we should head back to the capsule!
  • Announcer: And so Mac and Bloo join up with our band of heroes.

Announcer: And our heroes heading back to Dexter’s Lab. Oh, yeah, right. The other team. I forgot. But, thank Dexter remembered. Because I think their going to need all the help they can get.

Announcer: Finally, our two teams have all come together inside of Dexter’s lab!

  • Dexter: You are back! Just in time!
  • Flapjack: Uh, are there never here!
  • Dexter: No time for that new! Someone is trying to destroy my laboratory! And if they succeed, our plan to repair our universes fail!
  • Bloo: Someone’s a nelodramatic.
  • Mac: Save it, Bloo. We have to pitch in to help!

  • Ben Tennyson: Well, we thought a super villain monkey already. May as well have a super hero monkey on our team. What’s your name?
  • Monkey: Screech!
  • Ben Tennyson: I’m just stick to calling you Monkey.
  • Dexter: Let us see ow the world looks frogy a tank’s perspective.

  • Dexter: The source of the disturbance in the lab is right over here. I just hope it’s not my stupid sister.
  • Ben Tennyson: It’s right behind you!
  • Bloo: And I’m right behind him. Who’s behind me!
  • Mac: Knock it off, Bloo!
  • Dexter: The lab is on fire! I guess that is what I get for having so many people inside my secret lab.
  • Numbuh 1: It’s Father! We have to stop him!
  • Father: I’m so very glad you could all be here at once.
  • Buttercup: Let’s take him down!
  • Numbuh 1: He’s gaining power from the fires! Try to put them out!
  • Dexter: This is not good. The fire has caused serious damage to my beloved lab.
  • Bloo: Uh, dude. The fire also caused serious damage to us!
  • Aku: Foolish warriors. Your quest has put you in the path of the future that is Aku.
  • Chowder: What are these things coring out the side of his heart? Horns?
  • Bubbles: No, I think that’s his hair. His pigails like me!
  • Captain K’nuckles: Maybe it’s some of decorative turning fork arrangement?
  • Aku: You dare to mock the one and only Aku?
  • Flapjack: Hey! That man has liery eyebrows! You’re funny, Akuon!
  • Aku: It will be a pleasure to destroy you.

  • Dexter: Did you hear that rumbling? The dimensions are growing unstable!
  • Buttercup: Are you sure that rumbling isn’t that Chowder’s stomach growing hammgizer?
  • Dexter: My very telekenitics, we only have a couple of universes left to save.

  • Announcer: Oh man! You know Endsville is a weird place when tearing up with the Grim Reaper seems like a good idea.
  • Flapjack: Hey, why aren’t your eyes glowing red like everyone else we’ve met?
  • Buttercup: Maybe because he doesn’t have any eyes, genius.
  • Blossom: Where is everybody?
  • Grim: All I know is that some bad dudes came and took my masters, Billy and Mandy.
  • Blossom: And you need our help yo get them back?
  • Grim: No, not exactly. I was kind of enjoying just being here by myself.
  • Ben Tennyson: It’s a pretty safe bet that whoever took them is also responsible for trying to destroy our worlds. Let’s go! You have got to be kidding me. Is that what I think it is?
  • Dexter: It looks like rotating colurum of air, whirling at highly destructive speeds!
  • Buttercup: It’s a tornado, genius. How do we fight it?
  • Grim: You can’t fight the weather. You can only run iron it. Let’s get a move on.

  • Announcer: Run, people, run! Don’t get swallowed up!
  • Ben Tennyson: That was too close.
  • Grim: Something’s not right. I’m getting a bad vibe.
  • Announcer: It’s an evil Billy and Mandy. Which is pretty scary… because it’s not like the normal Billy and Mandy were really all that good to begin with.
  • Grim: Come on, you two. Stop being evil now.
  • Numbuh 1: I’m sorry, Grim, but I think we’re going to have to fight them out of this spell.
  • Grim: Wait a minute… a leginmate reason to fight Billy and Mandy? This might be more than I thought.
  • Dexter: I’m not sure that Mandy is out of the spell. She looks angry and upset.
  • Grim: No, that’s just how Mandy always looks.
  • Billy: I knew if I wished hard enough with my wizard powers, some magical friends would come and join me at Toadbalt’s!
  • Mandy: Don’t be stupid, Billy. They’re obviously here to help with the dimensional problems.
  • Ben Tennyson: You know about the dimensions bleeding into each other?
  • Mandy: All I know is that some crazy things are happening; volcanos erupting, tornados spinning out of control, the dead are walking again…
  • Grim: The dead are walking? That’s just rude! I spent a lot of time making them not to walk in the first place!
  • Billy: We sure do make a good team, all of us. And that’s why all my new bestest friends!
  • Mandy: People are willingly spending time with Billy? The universe must be in greater danger than I thought.
  • Dexter: Mandy’s correct. We have to hurry on.
  • Grim: The cause of all this chaos can only be coming from the Underworld.
  • Buttercup: Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!
  • Mac: Are you sure it’s good idea to go to the Underworld?
  • Grim: Who said anything about this being a good idea?

  • Grim: It’s quite warm down here. Feels like good on the old bones.
  • Mandy: Can it, bonehead! We’re in for a nasty fight!
  • Dexter: We have to defeat these villains once and for all to save our universes!
  • Chowder: But we barely beat then before and that was before there were two of them!
  • Buttercup: Yeah, but that was before they made me angry. Let’s bring it to them!
  • Grim: We did it! Endsville is save!
  • Dexter: Yes, but we have one more universe to travel to travel to. We have to hurry!
  • Announcer: Oh, no. Chowder! Wow, this capsule is surprising fully on the inside. There’s only one universe left. Wonder what it is.

  • Announcer: Oh, no! Jack’s been trained by the greatest warriors the world ever know. This could get really bad. Or really entertaining for my perspective. Time to eat some jerky.
  • Samurai Jack: What kind of trickery is this?
  • Bubbles: Hello, Mr. Samurai Sword Man. I like your pony tail!
  • Samurai Jack: You mock me? Perhaps we should meet in another combat.
  • Ben Tennyson: Is everyone ok? He’s the firest warrior I’ve ever seen, and that’s before you throw in that super sharp sword.
  • Dexter: Perhaps with his help, we can finally stop the evil terrorising our dimensions. But you’re right… but does have a really cool sword!
  • Flapjack: I like his sandals!
  • Samurai Jack: Please forgive me. I don’t know what came over me. I did not realize you were on a noble mission.
  • Ben Tennyson: It’s ok. We’ve all been a little not ourselves. We’re trying to find the source of evil in this universe.
  • Samurai Jack: Then we must journey to the city. An army of unspeakable evil has been gathering there.
  • Vilgax: You looks like you followed me across every dimension I’ve been in, burst your journey has been pointless. I will not be deleated this time. I can’t be. Too much is at stale.
  • Samurai Jack: I would see in it that you are never allowed in threaten anyone again, fond creature.
  • Bloo: Ooh, tell him he looks like a walking Sushi Buffet.
  • Flapjack: No, tell him he has octopus lips! He hates that!
  • Samurai Jack: There is still a greater evil in this land that newest be stopped.
  • Announcer: Oh man, this is getting intense! Jack on a journey across the sounds to stop the Ultimate Evil! I hope my TV doesn’t flip right now!
  • Samurai Jack: There is no time to lose. We must get to the city and face down this evil immadiately.
  • Chowder: This is a lot more intense than one of my usual days. How did I get ropped into being a fighter? I should have just been the guy who large lacks and makes snacks for everyone else to take into battle.

  • Ben Tennyson: We made it.
  • Samurai Jack: Not yet. We have only made it to the battleground for a var with unspeakable evil. The real challenge lies ahead.
  • Announcer: Check out this army of evil. This ting has gotten epic! It looks like an all out war is about to begin.
  • Dexter: We want to save our universes, we’ll leave to stop this army.
  • Ben Tennyson: This is gonna be tough.
  • Blossom: Tell me about it. How come we always to face down arrives of big mean guys, and never an army of happy little squirrels and puppies?
  • Dexter: Now that Jack has joined us, we should have everything we need to fix the dimensions and set things right.
  • Bloo: I just wish that we knew the last dimension would have an awesome samurai warrior in it and that we went there first.
  • Announcer: This is it. This is the big one. Well, wonder that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Announcer: Hey, that’s my remote control! I’ve been looking for that darn thing everywhere. Well, that is an crummy ending. How our heroes have the fire? They had heart.

  • Ben Tennyson: This is it! The fight is for all the marbles.
  • Bubbles: There’s marbles?!?
  • Dexter: Send out over best fighters to subdone this remote control. At last, this mechanical wonder should provide the torpoment I need to restore our universes back to their normal status.
  • Chowder: Does that mean I get to go home, because I can’t tell you how hungry I am.
  • Dexter: Preciously! Each one of us will be instandly transported to our home worlds.
  • Bubbles: Awww, I’m going to miss you all.
  • Flapjack: This has been the best adventure of my life! Wait til I tell Bubble!
  • Mac: This whole thing has been super awesome! I can’t believe I got to hang out with a ton of super heroes and adventures!
  • Blossom: Yeah, it was pretty cool to compare with heroes from other dimensions.
  • Monkey: Screeech!
  • Ben Tennyson: Ha. Well, it’s definitely been unusual. And what’s coming from a guy who goes to different planets weekly.
  • Billy: Merry Christmas to all send to all a good night!
  • Mandy: Billy, it’s not Christmas. We just saved the… nevermind. Let’s just go home.
  • Bubbles: Bye everyone! We should all get together and do this again! Well, maybe not the fighting for our lives part and last minute saving of the universe. But the rest of it.
  • Announcer: So the heroes defeated the evil remote control and everything went back to normal.