[incomplete & too less]

-Always on the run-

(the cartoons cartoons from Dexter's laboratory to Courage the cowardly dog (except mike Lu and og) are in long jacket costumes with sunglasses with a hat, then a girl points, and all the kids looked at where the girl was pointing)

Girl: Baboon!

Double d (from Ed edd n eddy): how did she know

(zooms down to their feet where baboon's red butt is exposed)

Eustace (From courage the cowardly dog): ya rump baboon!

(various cartoon cartoons running (and hiding) from the kids.)

-summertime go promo-

Beast Boy: Tell your cousin sister papa or your bay,

-Every episode unlocked-

Beast boy: Every episode, every single episode on the cartoon network app is unlocked, all weekend long, for realizes, why? Because.

CN characters including Beast Boy: cartoon network has the greats friends in the world.

Beast boy: download the cartoon network app and watch every episode all weekend long, we're here for you mama. Available for free, messagng and data rates my apply, must be 18 years or older or ask a parent or guardian.

-Thanksgettin promo-

Narrator: Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy good food and the company of close friends,

(rock music plays)

Beast boy: Thanksgiving is the worst, bro!

Narrator: so the teen titans are making their own holiday

Titans: ThanksGettin! (CHERRING)

Narrator: but will an expected guest make a meal out of them?

Turkey, I'm here for vengeance, (gurgling with lightning in the background)

Narrator: find out in a all new teen titans go!, Friday at 6 (baby grizz yelling), all new episodes of your favorite shows are.

CN shows: new new new new

Narrator on your cartoon network