Teen Titans
Car Trouble
Air Date
November 11th, 2003
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(Opening shot: a litter of auto parts and tools on a garage floor. The sound of mechanical work is heard from o.c., and the camera pans across the jumble and cuts to each of the following in turn. First a bit of spot welding is carried out. Sheet metal is cut to make a body panel, after which a shock absorber is set in place and a hubcap is bolted on. Next a taillight is installed; in this shot, we see Cyborg's hand holding the part-he is the one putting this vehicle together. An engine is lowered toward the camera on an overhead crane, blacking out the screen when it is close enough. From here, snap to a close-up of it in place; Cyborg reaches into view and torques a couple of bolts. Extreme close-up of the open hood, which he closes before smiling and removing a rag from his shoulder to wipe his forehead.)

(Cyborg climbs into the driver's seat and presses a button on the dashboard. No response.)

Cyborg: Huh?

(He hunches down over the steering wheel and starts grumbling to himself. A thought balloon appears over his head, with assorted components scrolling by as if on a stock ticker. After a few seconds, they are replaced by a glowing light bulb. Cyborg straightens up as the balloon evaporates-he has hit on something.)

Cyborg: Ha!

(He snaps his fingers and opens a panel on his chest. A circuit board pops out; he removes this and slips it into a slot on the dash. Rubbing his hands gleefully, he tries the starter button again. This time, the engine sputters as he grimaces nervously-and then it roars in full voice and brings an enormous smile to his face.)

(Dissolve to him standing by the vehicle, which is now covered with a tarp. His garage doubles as the storage area of Titans Tower seen in "Final Exam" and "Switched." The other Titans are gathered nearby.)

Cyborg: Drum roll, please!

(Beast Boy turns into a lemur and starts thumping his belly to fill the request.)

Cyborg: Ladies and gentlemen-and whatever Beast Boy is... (The latter returns to human form.) Beast Boy: (angrily) Hey, Cyborg. You want a drum roll or not?

(He drops out of sight, and the sound effect-the real thing this time-starts back up.)

Cyborg: Sorry. (with increasing fervor) It is my great pleasure to present, for the first time anywhere, the thing you've all been waiting for, my coolest, hottest, baddest creation- Raven: Just get on with it. Cyborg: I give you the future of Titans transportation, the one, the only...

(He whips the tarp away, backing o.c. as he does so. The car he built stands fully exposed for the first time: white body with blue trim along sides and front bumper that resembles the circuitry seen through the transparent coverings on Cyborg's body.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) ...T-CAR!!

(Cut to Robin, who stares wide-eyed in admiration. The other three onlookers peek out from behind him; Raven is considerably less enthused than the rest.)

Beast Boy: Dude!

Robin: Cool!

Starfire: Oooooh!

Cyborg: (patting it) Yep, she's my baby.

(Cut to a close-up of each part as he names it.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) One-hundred-thousand-horsepower plasma-turbine engine...all-terrain hoverjets...antilock air brakes...and an onboard computer that links with my systems-so I can literally feel the road.

(A small panel pops up in front of the array of processors to show his hugely grinning face. Starfire and the other two boys are still very much impressed, but Raven has fallen asleep on her feet.)

Beast Boy: Whoa! (Robin whistles.) Starfire: Amazing!

(Close-up of the driver's-side door. During the next line, the window rolls down to give a good view of the interior and the camera cuts to the sound system control panel, which promptly comes to life.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) And of course, leather seats, power windows, and a booming stereo are all standard.

(A heavy beat starts up. Now the Titans' silhouettes and the T-Car appear against a blue background. Sight gag: two enormous speakers pop out of the roof, cranking the line up so high that everyone but Cyborg is blown off their feet. The gag ends, and up come Beast Boy, Robin, and Starfire, all momentarily dazed and disheveled from the sonic onslaught.)

Beast Boy: Sweet! Robin: Nice! Starfire: It sings!

(Raven stands, close enough for the camera to frame her face in extreme close-up. She is still absolutely unaffected by the demonstration in any way.)

Raven: Can we go now? Cyborg: You bet, Raven. I'll take you anyplace you want to go. Beast Boy: The beach! Robin: The movies! Starfire: The swamp moons of Drenthax Four!

(The two boys are so floored by this that they keel over; she blushes in embarrassment.)

Starfire: He said anyplace.

(As they get up and Robin rubs his head, his communicator sounds off. He checks it.)

Robin: Trouble! (The engine revs up; Cyborg is already at the wheel.) Cyborg: I'll drive!

(Snap to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: the T-Car rolling on a winding mountain road. It is nighttime, and the Tower is visible in the distance. Inside, Raven peeks out from behind Cyborg's seat; Robin is next to her.)

Raven: Are we there yet?

(Cyborg grinds his teeth a bit.)

Cyborg: NO!!

(Close-up of the dashboard. Starfire's hands zip here and there, pressing every button within reach, as her giddy laughter is heard from o.c. Pull back; she is riding shotgun and completely freaking him out with her goofing off. The next two lines are spoken together.)

Starfire: So many fascinating buttons!...Your baby is most entertaining...Ooooh!

Cyborg: Stop!...Don't!...Careful with...Not the ejector seat!...Would you cut it...

(The windshield wipers start up; she gasps and laughs.)

Starfire: Look! They are dancing! (He is so stunned, he cannot speak for a moment.)

Cyborg: (looking in rear view mirror) Yo!

(Cut to just outside the rear door on the passenger side. The window is down, and Beast Boy-as a dog-is leaning out to savor the wind. Drool spatters everywhere from his lolling tongue.)

Cyborg: (angrily, leaning into view) I know you're not drooling on my paint job.

(He backs away; the green canine reverts to human form and laughs sheepishly. Saliva still dribbles down his cheek.)

Beast Boy: My bad.

(Up front, Starfire's eyes are still glued to those wipers. Cyborg shuts them off, deflating her mood considerably, and he smiles and lets off a relieved sigh at having gotten everything back under control.)

Cyborg: All right, y'all, hang on. Time to kick my baby into high gear and see what she can- (They reach Jump City.) Robin: (leaning forward, pointing) There! Stop the car! Cyborg: (disappointed) Oh, man...

(Cut to the exterior of Cook's Electronics. Lights blaze and pulse through the open front entrance as several screaming people run for cover. The T-Car skids across the parking lot and comes to a very neat stop at the curb. First out is Beast Boy, who stumbles dizzily to the pavement, then Robin, who has himself a bit more under control.)

Robin: Titans! Go!

(All but Cyborg charge toward the store. Cut to a close-up of the steering wheel; he fits a locking device into place to immobilize it. Now he is out and wiping the windshield lovingly; the T-Car has been moved to a proper parking space.)

Cyborg: Coming!

(Two teenage boys sidle up, one short, one tall and wearing sunglasses, with a toothpick in his mouth. Both fit the profile of the typical 1950s street gang member: T-shirt, jeans, leather jacket. The short one is Sammy, the tall one Cash.)

Sammy: Dude! That is phat! Cash: Sweet ride. She yours?

Cyborg: Built her with my own two hands, using the finest parts and cutting-edge techn-

(He trails off into a surprised yell as Raven reaches into view and seizes him by the ear to drag him into Cook's.)

Raven: (disgustedly) Boys.

Cyborg: Whoa! Almost forgot to switch on the alarm.

(He pulls out a keychain remote and hits a button; the headlights flash and a siren blips briefly to show that the alarm is now active. Cash and Sammy back up a step at this, but continue to gaze upon the home-built conveyance. After a second or two, they trade a knowing look.)

(Cut to inside the store. High-voltage arcs play among shelves of stereo speakers, which crumble into dust that is quickly sucked down. Televisions and VCRs receive the same treatment. Cut to the ceiling, awash in current, and tilt down to frame the far wall. Standing there is a large figure composed entirely of electricity save for a small dark patch at its center; the arms are outstretched, forming the source of the arcs. This is Overload.)

Overload: Mine! All mine!

(In close-up, we see that the dark patch is a circuit board whose pathways form a grinning one-eyed face. Pan to the five Titans at the entrance as he turns toward them.)

Robin: If you're going to take all that stuff... (They rush in.) ...you'd better be ready to pay for it. Overload: Foolish biologicals. Overload will destroy!

(He pounds the floor, sending a few thousand amperes straight at the team; they scatter to avoid the shock. Robin leaps high and has his fighting staff out and extended in a trice, and he twirls to block the shot and then flings a handful of discs. Overload deflects these easily and blasts Robin across the store; he passes Raven as he tumbles. She levitates several pieces of hardware.)

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

(The items rocket toward Overload and disappear into his body; instead of being hurt, though, he merely grows several feet and roars heartily. She retreats to where Beast Boy is crouched atop a display case.)

Beast Boy: Smooth.

(Turning into a rabbit, he hops down and Raven bugs out just before the case is blown apart. Now Starfire gets into the game with a pass over the walking spark plug's head and a string of starbolts without effect. His counterstrike sends her careening out of control to crash into the wall, not too far from Cyborg.)

Cyborg: Yo, Radiohead! (leaning to camera; extreme close-up) Listen to this!

(He backs up again, framing his right arm in sonic cannon mode, and lets off a huge beam and a mighty yell at the same time. This attack also does no visible damage. Overload pours himself into a handy stereo speaker, which grows large enough to reach the ceiling and puts out a thundering wall of sound. A second yell, this one of pain, comes from Cyborg as he is hurled the length of the showroom, slamming into a column and tumbling to the floor.)

Overload: (from o.c., grabbing him) Mine!

(Cut to the supercharged evildoer, holding the struggling Cyborg aloft.)

Cyborg: I'll bet you're not waterproof!

(He throws a devastating right jab that makes Overload drop him and skid across the floor toward a water cooler some distance away. The bottle flies overhead, and a fair amount of the contents splashes down on the electric figure; his face strains in discomfort as he gulps the water down.)

Robin: Good idea. Titans! Soak him!

(Raven exerts her powers over a water fountain and rips it from the wall, and the broken pipes start to gush. The cooler bottle is in the hands of the again-human Beast Boy; he chugs every drop, becomes an elephant, and uses his trunk as a fire hose. Next Starfire put a few shots on the ceiling-mounted sprinklers, knocking them all off to create one shower after another. Robin, meanwhile, has the actual fire hose in hand with the nozzle full open. The combined effect of the four assaults shrinks Overload and drives him groaning to the floor. Smiling triumphantly, the Titans stand over him; Beast Boy is back in human form.)

(Dissolve to the exterior of Cook's. Out come the heroes; cut to a close-up of Overload, who has been rolled in a thick blanket to protect them from his charge. Pull back to frame the entire entrance. Starfire is carrying the criminal, while Beast Boy has frozen in his tracks and is staring dumbstruck at something o.c. The other four head out.)

Cyborg: Soon as we hand Sparky over to the cops- (stopping, elbowing Beast Boy) -how 'bout we swing by the drive-thru? Beast Boy: (gesturing vaguely) Uh...dude?

(Cyborg looks ahead and lets off a huge, shocked gasp. Cut to an overhead view of the parking lot, with five Titans near the door and no T-Car anywhere in sight. Ground level; Cyborg runs across the blacktop in a panic.)

Cyborg: My wheel lock! My car alarm! My baby! (collapsing, sobbing) Somebody stole my baby!

(Close-up of the baby in question, speeding through the streets, with Cash and Sammy hanging out the front windows and whooping it up. The former is driving the now-hot car in this joyride.)

Cash: Yeah! Sammy: Make it go faster! Make it go faster!

(More shouting and laughter as the car speeds up and disappears over the hill. Fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: a close-up of Cyborg, still in the Cook's parking lot, with tears streaming down his face.)

Cyborg: Noooo!

(Pull back. The broken wheel lock and ripped-out car alarm are in his hands, and Starfire and Robin stand behind him. She has set Overload down.)

Cyborg: No, no, no, no, no...

(He hangs his head sadly; the movement exposes Beast Boy directly behind him. Starfire steps up and places a hand on his back to console him.)

Starfire: I understand your pain, Cyborg. When I was small, my favorite zarnik was eaten by a rampaging gloorg. Believe me, after your zarnik has been inside a gloorg, you do not want it back.

Cyborg: My car wasn't eaten. It was stolen!

Beast Boy: Hey, look on the bright side. At least it wasn't my fault.

Robin: Not helping. (Beast Boy laughs nervously; he addresses Cyborg.) We'll help you find your car, I promise. But right now, we've gotta take Overload to jail.

(The soggy villain grumbles wearily inside his blanket. Cut to all five Titans.)

Cyborg: No! We gotta go now! Every second we wait is a second she could get scratched or dinged or-

Raven: Calm down. It's just a car.

(Extreme close-up of the distressed owner, whose over-shoulder glare shows just what he thinks of this remark. He pivots to put his entire face in view, after which the camera pulls back and he gets in hers.)

Cyborg: She's not just a car, she's my car. (stalking away) And I'm gonna find her, whether you guys help me or not!

(Dissolve to a drive-in restaurant at the height of the evening rush. All the stalls are filled with customers chowing down. As a waitress fits a tray onto one driver's door, Cyborg marches resolutely up and gets funny stares from both of them. Cut to his perspective; he advances along the walk in front of the place as everybody stops whatever they are doing to stare. At the end of the path is a fellow who, seen from the back, looks very much like Cash. After a few seconds, close-up of him; he is talking to a friend, and his voice reveals that he is not the car thief.)

Boy: (gesturing) It had a tailpipe this big!

(Cyborg comes up behind him; the other youth gets spooked and runs off.)

Cyborg: (hauling boy up by jacket lapels) I'm looking for my car. Tricked-out hardtop with a growl that'll make your teeth shake. Ring any bells?

(The subject of this up-close interrogation sweats profusely during this line.)

Boy: Um-yeah, yeah, um-Sammy and Cash cruised by in a car like that. Looks really cool with those flames painted on it. Cyborg: (shaking him) They painted my baby?!? (setting him down) Where are they? Boy: Well, they were looking to race, so they headed to... (pointing) ...Crash Alley.

(Cyborg pushes him to the ground and gives the camera a long, stunned look. Cut to a billboard for the Crash Alley Raceway. The distinctive sound of racing engines is heard; pan to bring the track into view nearby. At the starting line, the T-Car pulls up in front of the packed grandstands. True to the boy's description, orange flames have been painted across the hood and front bumper, spilling back along the sides. Next to it, a tiny vehicle rolls up; it almost looks like a circus clown car, but with a normal paint job. An antenna sprouts from the rear end, marking it as an oversized radio-control car. Sammy rolls down his window so he and Cash can get a good look.)

Sammy: (laughing) Hey, Cash! Check out the cute little windup toy! Cash: Get out the butter and jam, Sammy, 'cause this dude is toast.

(Both engines rev up. The starting lights drop from red through yellow and finally to green, and they are off the line in a wailing screech of smoking rubber. The T-Car and the midget racer edge back and forth a few times before Cash and Sammy nudge the competition aside and speed ahead. They repeat the performance when it starts to pull even again, but the tiny auto drives up onto the banked outer wall of the track and zooms on. When it comes back down, it has taken the lead. The fans cheer wildly. Now Cash and Sammy find themselves stuck behind the swerving micro-car and unable to get out in front.)

Sammy: Dude, we're getting smoked! (Cash floors the accelerator and gets them ahead.) Cash: Then we'll smoke him right back.

(He presses a button labeled "Smoke," causing thick clouds of it to pour from the rear into the path of the other car. They soon part to reveal the vehicle charging on-with a small vacuum nozzle deployed under the front bumper, sucking up the fumes. Those tiny headlights begin to grow in Cash's side view mirror; now he goes for the "Oil Slick" control, and pipes pop out from the rear bumper and spew copious amounts of motor oil. The little car's axles extend to either side, putting the tires beyond the edges of the slick, and the body rises a few feet on the slender rods to avoid the hazard. It rolls neatly past-and over-the T-Car before reverting to its original configuration. Again the fans cheer.)

(Cash is still bent over the wheel. Sammy fixes a bemused stare straight ahead for a second or two before looking at the dash.)

Sammy: Hey, what's this one do?

(He presses a button and gets his answer after a short delay-the T-Car accelerates dramatically and tears ahead. It goes crazily up the wall and comes down in front before crossing the finish line to take the checkered flag. With the race over, Cash and Sammy do a sharp U-turn and come to a stop, then leap out.)

Sammy: Dude! That was the bomb! (The other car stops in front of them.) Cash: The fastest car in town, and she's totally ours. Gizmo: (from o.c.) Not anymore, pit-sniffers!

(Gizmo, you may recall, was one of the three HIVE Academy graduates hired by Slade to take on the Titans in "Final Exam." There is a brilliant flash; when it clears, the two juvenile delinquents are caught within a spherical force field projected by the little car's headlights. Slowly but surely, they are lifted into the air; the surprise leaves them unable to get a coherent word out for a moment.)

Sammy: Hey! Cash: Huh? Hey, dude, what's going on here, huh?

(The lights shut off, and the entire mini-auto rises into the air to expose Gizmo himself on all fours. It folds itself away into the central equipment pack on his back; he stands up.)

Gizmo: Check out Gizmo's bonzer new wheels. (He crosses to the T-Car.) Thanks, hogs. I've been needing a faster getaway car. Sammy: Wait! You can't take it, it's not ours! Cash: Yeah, we were just kind of borrowing it from the Titans. (Gizmo, in the driver's seat, laughs.) Gizmo: Even better.

(His perspective of the dash; he turns on a viewscreen, which shows the imprisoned pair and a set of crosshairs. Next to this are four buttons-"Ignition," "Oil Slick," "Proton Cannon," "Smoke." It goes without saying which of these has to do with those crosshairs.)

Gizmo: So long, snot-munchers!

(On the end of this, cut to a close-up of one screeching tire and pull back. He brings the T-Car around sharply and is off with a mighty roar of the engine. Tilt up from the track to Cash and Sammy, who can only watch helplessly from within the force field.)

Cash: This is all your fault. (They are yanked out; cut to Cyborg holding them.) Cash, Sammy: Hey! Cash: What's going on, buddy? Cyborg: (icily) I want my car. Sammy: Yeah, see, um, the thing is, we sort of lost it in a race. (Pause.) Cyborg: You lost my car?!? My car lost a race?!? Cash: No way! We beat him easy. She handled like a dream. Cyborg: (smiling, setting them down) She did? How'd she take the curves? 'Cause, you know, I've been working on the suspension for a-d-d-d-d-d-d... (angry again) ...don't try to distract me. Who has her now? (A big drop of sweat pops out on Cash's temple.) Sammy: Dude named Gizmo. Said something about a getaway car and headed downtown.

(They are both unceremoniously stuffed back into the force field. Cyborg heads off to continue tracking down his beloved T-Car.)

Cash: (as he and Sammy pound on field) Hey! Sammy: You can't just leave us like this! Cyborg: (now o.c.) You're right. (Shift to frame all three.) I'll make sure the cops come pick you up.

(They trade a very scared look and start crying. Dissolve to a bank, whose drive-up window is occupied by the idling stolen vehicle. Inside, the sunroof is open and a hose leading from the building is blowing cash into the back seat. Pan from the sizable accumulated pile to Gizmo at the wheel, waist-mounted control unit in hand to work the car's systems.)

Gizmo: This is too easy. (Cut to behind him; he has added fuzzy dice to the rear view mirror.) Wonder if there's a drive-thru jewelry store around here.

(Cyborg drops into view and lands on the hood. The boiling mad visage startles a yell out of Gizmo.)

Cyborg: Get your tiny butt outta my car!

(With another panicked cry, the owner of that tiny butt starts punching buttons furiously. The T-Car peels out backward.)

Cyborg: Whoa!

(Reaching the street, Gizmo puts it in drive and lays rubber.)

Cyborg: (staring at rear view mirror) Fuzzy dice? Aw, now that's just tacky. (A sharp turn into a car wash.) Whoa!

(Gizmo's laughter echoes from inside as the T-Car passes through the whirling brushes and jets of water. Cyborg yells in fright.)

Cyborg: No! Keep those nasty plastic brushes off my baby! She's hand-wash only!

(By this time, they have passed the scrubbing area. Suds pour down over a thoroughly peeved amateur mechanic; when they are rinsed off, he has bared all his teeth in a snarl accentuated by the hot air pouring from the drying nozzles to peel his lips back. Ever so slowly, the ride emerges from the car wash, sparkling clean-as is Cyborg, glaring through the windshield at Gizmo, who has stuck his tongue out. The flame paint job applied by Cash and Sammy has been scrubbed away. They barrel off past a "Construction Zone Ahead" sign.)

(Cyborg yells time and again as Gizmo swerves through a string of cones and the tires bounce on the broken road surface. The Titan is doing his best to hang on to that hood. Now he is carried up a steep incline; Cyborg groans loudly as the gears start to grind.)

Cyborg: The clutch! You gotta use the clutch! Gizmo: (grinning) I know, you stinking hood ornament! Cyborg: Are you even old enough to drive?

(He gets a tongue stuck out at him again. The T-Car reaches the top of the hill and goes airborne for a few seconds before slamming back onto the road. A too-close encounter with a telephone pole leaves a long gouge on the passenger-side panels; Cyborg gasps in fright, turns his left hand into a circular buffer, and starts working on it.)

Cyborg: That'll buff right out, that'll buff right out...

(He is swept too close to another pole, which knocks the buffer pad away to clatter on the pavement. Long shot of the hot auto, now paralleling a river; pan ahead to a drawbridge over the waterway. The two halves start to rise as a trash barge approaches, and the wheels tear toward the "Bridge Closed Ahead" sign, whose warning lights have begun flashing. Crash through a barricade, up the increasingly steeper slope, and Cyborg is on the verge of total meltdown.)

Cyborg: Hit the nitro! (Close-up of Gizmo, very scared; he continues o.c.) HIT THE NITRO!!

(The proper button is located and punched, a mighty blast pours from the exhaust-this was the button Sammy pushed earlier-and the T-Car picks up speed as it did during the race at Crash Alley. It sails off the end of the bridge, gaining altitude as the barge passes beneath and Cyborg finally loses his grip, and touches down on the far end. Cut to him in midair above the river; he yells all the way down to the barge and lands squarely amid its piled-up cargo, while seagulls circle overhead. As he picks a banana peel off his head, his facial expression shows that he has had about three times as much of this as he can take. The bridge lowers again.)

Cyborg: (wearily) Oh, man...

(Fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: the drive-in restaurant to which Cyborg tracked his wheels in

Act One. It is now framed in a long shot; he is sitting despondently on the curb, with several items scattered around him. A car pulls up, and in close-up these things are revealed to be empty milkshake cups. Raven comes around on the sidewalk behind him.)

Raven: Fourteen milkshakes. Not a good sign. (She sits down next to him.) Cyborg: What are you doing here? Raven: Looking for your car. Soon as we turned Overload in to the police, we all split up to search the city. Cyborg: Might as well stop looking. T-Car's probably halfway to Metropolis by now. (Pause.) From the day I designed her, I knew she was gonna be special. And I worked so hard, every fuel injector, every spark plug, I made her perfect. I put my heart, soul, and circuits into that car. And now she's gone forever. (Pause.) Maybe you were right. Maybe it was just a car. Raven: Maybe. Maybe not. (Zoom in slowly on both.) When I use my powers, I have to put a little of my soul into whatever I'm moving. I become a part of it, and it becomes a part of me. That's kinda what happened here. It wasn't just a car. It was...your baby. Cyborg: (brightening a bit) Yeah.

(Close-up of Raven; she gives him a small smile of her own.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Thanks, Rae. (Screech of tires.) Raven: And someone's eating onion rings in your baby.

(Pan to Cyborg, who turns to look in the direction of the noise. His eyes go wide; cut to the parking lot, where the T-Car is about to peel out with Gizmo still driving. A waitress rolls up on her skates.)

Waitress: Hey! You didn't pay! (He just laughs as he lays rubber away from the place.) Cyborg: HE'LL GET KETCHUP ON THE SEATS!!

(Raven looks in a different direction and taps his shoulder to draw his attention. Pointing o.c. at something, she moves off after it. Across the parking lot, standing by a black convertible with the top down, are Cash and Sammy; they are talking with another waitress.)

Cash: So we were stuck. Looked like we'd get busted for sure. Sammy: But then we totally escaped before the cops showed up.

(They suddenly find themselves on the receiving end of Raven's powers and are hoisted into the air as the waitress stares in total puzzlement.)

Raven: Escape from that before the cops show up! Cyborg: (looking at the car) Sweet ride. (holding up keys) Mind if we borrow it?

(The two young hoodlums have no response but a pair of very scared smiles. Cut to a stretch of road outside Jump City; the twice-stolen T-Car rockets around a curve. Inside, we see that Gizmo has connected his waist controller to the steering wheel and is operating it remotely. He now has both hands free to enjoy the meal he ripped off from the drive-in. The honk of a car horn causes him to spit out a mouthful of soda. Close-up of the rear view mirror; the borrowed convertible is gaining fast.)

Gizmo: (from o.c.) CRUD!!

(He speeds around a curve in the mountains, but the black roadster keeps pace easily. With a frustrated groan, Gizmo pulls the controller off the wheel to operate it himself. A cloud of exhaust and rubber smoke pours back toward the two Titans. Cyborg is driving.)

Cyborg: He may have a better car, but I'm a better driver!

(The chase continues through the serpentine bends of the two-lane blacktop. Pan ahead a bit to show more twists and turns ahead, then cut to the two cars. Cyborg and Raven start to close in.)

Gizmo: Eat crude, you stinking losers!

(He dumps an oil slick into the Titans' path. Cyborg gasps and cuts his wheels sharply, and the car flips up onto its passenger-side tires to keep from running through the hazard. It drops out of this side wheelie once the oil is past and zooms ahead. As the ultra-high-speed pursuit continues, Gizmo works his own control a bit before opening his eyes wide with surprise.)

Gizmo: Ooooh, cool!

(He leans forward; close-up of the "Proton Cannon" button, which he presses. Now the roof opens up and this particular weapon extends from within to point back along the road. It locks into place and warms up; Cyborg's eyes pop briefly, and the right one tears up.)

Cyborg: Boo-yah! Check out my baby's proton cannon.

(Raven gives him an odd look; he sobers up as a big drop of sweat rolls down his temple.)

Cyborg: Uh...I mean...oh, no.

(Gizmo opens fire, forcing Cyborg to swerve from side to side in order to avoid being annihilated. One shot hits the road just ahead of the car; he drives straight on through the resulting cloud of smoke. Just at Gizmo rode up on the racetrack wall, Cyborg now takes his car up the rock face a few feet, still dodging the cannon blasts. Gradually he eases higher and higher, finally settling on a stretch of road that is at an increased elevation. The two single-minded drivers continue their mad dash on now-parallel courses.)

Cyborg: (banging dashboard) Come on! Faster, faster! (Raven stands up in her seat.) Raven: Hang on. Azarath Metrion Zinthos! Cyborg: Yo, what are you-

(The car is flung ahead, forcing a terrified scream from his lungs. Pull back; the entire car, under Raven's influence, goes flying off the edge of a curve and starts to drop. Gizmo, on the lower part of the road, is still grinning and working his controller-but the sight of Cyborg and Raven smoothly descending to his right throws a real surprise his way. The car does not touch the road, but instead eases over to knock fenders.)

Cyborg: Pull over! Gizmo: (grinning again) Make me, Robo-Wimp!

(He swerves, pushing the convertible against the rock face, and does a quick 360-degree spin. Cyborg and Raven come up even again.)

Cyborg: I said, pull over!

(He reaches toward the T-Car and gets one hand hooked on the passenger-side front door, reaching for Gizmo with the other.)

Gizmo: Hey! Let me go, you barf-smelling hairball! (He turns in his seat to break wind in Cyborg's face.) Raven: Okay, making it really hard to concentrate.

(They continue on, trading paint as if this were the last NASCAR race of the season. A third vehicle pulls partly into view, ahead of them and approaching, and its headlights flare over the two Titans.)

Cyborg, Raven: Whoa!

(Cut to the source, an approaching prison transport van whose horn is blaring. Its lights wash out the entire view, which quickly snaps to a close-up of Gizmo. He has just enough time for one yell of sheer panic before the van is upon the group. Guards jump clear, leaving it to careen driverless toward Gizmo, Cyborg, and Raven. The convertible is levitated to a safe height, and the pipsqueak bails out thanks to the ejector seat Cyborg warned Starfire not to mess with.)

Cyborg: (half speed) NOOOOOOO!!

(Cut to a point above the road as he yells this, the camera aimed at the sky. The borrowed ragtop and Gizmo both rise into view, and a parachute deploys from the latter's seat. A colossal explosion occurs at ground level o.c.; cut to the crash site. The van has been knocked onto its side, while the smashed T-Car has fetched up against the undercarriage. Pan away a short distance to a clear patch of road. Raven brings the convertible down for a soft landing to the sound of the o.c. Gizmo's very nasty laughter; he drifts down into view as they jump out.)

Gizmo: Heh! Looks like your stupid car is-

(She hits the parachute with a burst of telekinesis and causes it to wrap him up in a very neat bundle.)

Cyborg: (running toward wreck) Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay...

(Sparks crackle over the side of the overturned van and form into a lightning bolt that pours itself into the not-even-close-to-okay T-Car-only Overload could do this. He was in that van.)

Overload: (from inside) Car is better than okay.

(It turns to face Cyborg; close-up of the villain at the wheel.)

Overload: Car is mine!

(The builder recoils in fear with a small gasp; Overload just laughs and pulls out the circuit board that had been put into the dash in the prologue. Throwing it out, he feeds himself intot he slot it had occupied and all the interior lights go red. Extreme close-up of a crack in the windshield, which repairs itself; pull back as the auto is quickly restored to mint condition. However, the white bodywork is now an angry gray, the blue circuit trim has turned red, and the windows and windshield are tinted black. The headlights, narrowed into fierce slits, blaze to life as the engine revs up.)

(Cyborg growls softly; the Overload/T-Car does likewise. They face each other down across the empty yards of asphalt.)

Overload/T-Car: Only way to stop Overload is to destroy your precious car!

(He/it surges forward with a horrid squeal of rubber. Cut to Cyborg and zoom in slowly; he does not move from his spot, but instead brings out his cannon and aims it straight ahead.)

Cyborg: (softly) It's not my car anymore.

(He fires a blast straight at the camera. Cut to the charging possessed vehicle, which takes the full force of it; the entire body is blown off, as are the tires, leaving the axles and undercarriage a mass of twisted, skidding metal. A piece of debris rolls across the ground, past Gizmo's fuzzy dice, and stops at Cyborg's foot. Overload's circuit-board face lies there, but the rest of his body has dissipated.)

Overload: (groaning wearily, losing steam) Overload...overloaded.

(He closes his eye. Dissolve to a second prison van and pan past its rear end to the sound of Gizmo's grumbling. It is now sunrise. Two guards have cuffed him and are hauling him toward the open doors. Inside, Cash and Sammy have also been apprehended. Sammy laughs.)

Cash: (to the o.c. Gizmo) You got busted. (He is put in.) Gizmo: So did you, you brainless stinkbombs!

(The core of Overload is tossed in after the three auto thieves, and the doors are closed. Cut to Cyborg and Raven, standing among the T-Car's remains, and zoom in slowly.)

Cyborg: She's gone. Gone forever. Raven: Maybe. Maybe not. These are just parts. (Cut to him; she continues o.c.) The thing you loved about that car-the thing that made her special- (Back to her.) -that came from inside you.

(She points ahead o.c. Pull back to ground level, a few feet from the two; lying among the junk is the original circuit board, intact. He gasps, picks it up, and smiles.)

(Dissolve to a litter of auto parts and tools on the floor of the Tower's garage, just as in the prologue, and pan across them to the sound of work in progress. From here, the same sequence of shots is seen, but with a dissolve from one to the next instead of a cut. Spot welding; body panel cut; shock absorber fitted; hubcap bolted on; taillight installed; engine lowered; engine secured; finally we see Cyborg working under the hood of the newly rebuilt T-Car. He passes a tool off, to the side hidden by the hood, and closes up to reveal Raven standing there; her grease-smeared face and the implement she took from him tell of the help she has been providing. A big, exuberant smile stretches beneath that bright red eye implant, and-for the first time, at least in the real world-she uncorks one of her own. Fade to black.)

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