• Johnny Rancid: Victims, meet my dog Wrex. Wrex, meet lunch.

  • Raven: So, you and your curtains had some sort of argument?
    Starfire: uhh ... yes! Today is ... Gorb-Gorb, the Tamaranean Festival of Berating Drapery. STUPID CURTAINS! [eyeblasts them and the wall]
    Raven: Aliens.

  • Cyborg: Gimme my foot so I can kick your butt!!

  • Johnny Rancid: [laughing] Smooth move, Bird-Boy! My dog is kicking your -
    [Beast Boy, as a donkey, kicks his chest]

  • Starfire: Here, Silkie, Silkie! Here, my sweet little mutant!
    Killer Moth: Um ... here, Larva M-319. Come to ... papa.
    Starfire: Oh, Silkie, Starfire has a big hug for you!
    Killer Moth: Hey, big fella! Did Killer Moth create you in a lab? Yes, he did. Yes, he did!

  • Killer Moth: [off-screen] Larva M3-19. Larva M3-19, I am your father. Join me, and together ... we shall go on a picnic ... of some sort.

  • Beast Boy: Okay. [continuing quickly] Remember when Killer Moth made an army of mutant moths and forced Robin to take his daughter to prom and he was like "Nah" and you were like "Rrrr" and Robin was like "Snnneh." But then we found Killer Moth, and I was like "Dude!" and Raven was like "zzzt" and Cyborg was like "Boo-yah!" and we kicked his butt, and the mutant moths turned back into these cute little wormy things?
    Starfire: Um...yes?

  • Johnny Rancid: Run for your lives!! Run from my doggie!!!!

  • Starfire: On my world, this would be considered playful.
    Raven: Then let's play.
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